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Stacy Burk Productions brings 30 years of experience and creativity to the table. As a Country Music Artist in Nashville and L.A., Stacy has worked with some of the most talented and reputable producers and photographers. Since the standards are so high in the entertainment world, He has learned in this atmosphere.


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Kim S.

17 July 2019

Wow! I can't say enough great things about Stacy and Nitzia. They are great people with true talent. In Sedona, we are fortunate to have such world class photographers. They have a gift of not only creating a beautiful shot including the landscape and the person,  but in capturing the essence and the mood of the moment. Sometimes behind a camera, I can feel a little timid, but their demeanor really helped me feel relaxed and enjoy myself. They guided me through the right angles and even cared about the small details like my hair not sticking up where it shouldn't. So grateful to have found these two gems to capture great photos for my website. Love you guys! Thank you!!! More...


M V.

15 May 2019

We came to Sedona from Ft. Lauderdale to specifically commemorate our elopement with photos while on our honeymoon. Mr. Burke is an artist in every sense of the word and incredibly talented with the lens. You feel at ease even if being photographed is not your thing. Very happy we chose him. He will do what it takes to get that million dollar shot. I'm incredibly happy with his work and with our photos. More...


Theofilos S.

8 May 2019

Stacy and Nitzia took some engagement photos for us at Monument Valley. They came out gorgeous! They put so much soul into it, inspiring us and getting great poses out of us. We took photos at sunset and at sunrise. Another friend of Stacy's took us on his Jeep deep into Navajo country and we had a chance to enjoy it by ourselves. I would strongly recommend Stacy! More...


Katie O.

8 April 2019

My mom and I took Stacy's sunset hike and we really had a wonderful time. He took us to an amazing spot to see the sunset at the top of the mountain which was beautiful and our other guide Nitzia was just as knowledgeable and so kind! The hike was about 2 hours and along the way Stacy shared all of his recommendations on the best hikes in Sedona. We felt very safe and at ease and they provided water and did I mention that they do amazing photography! I handed my phone over and they were more than willing to take some really awesome photos like the one shown. Hands down I would do it again. Great people with great energy and experiences to share with us! More...


Sarah C.

2 April 2019

Stacy & Nitzia are super personable but also professional. They knew exactly where to take our pictures and helped us get into poses that captured exactly what we wanted! Our pictures turned out great and we couldn't be happier with our time with them. Thanks again for capturing beautiful pictures that we'll have to show our little one :) More...


RayNelle W.

1 February 2019

Stacy Burk delivers as promised.  My experience with him and his choreographer was very special.  He takes the time to get just the right shots on camera.  I am not the easiest subject to photograph because I'm very nervous when the lens is on me, yet I never felt any hint of impatience from him. We were in the majestic red rocks of Sedona's Village of Oak Creek, Stacy was efficient with time and had already plotted 4 distinct locations to take the photos. I will also need some Spring photos and I plan to call Stacy again. I came away with great memories and a fun experience.I highly recommend Stacy, he really cares about the quality of his products and as I said he delivers.!!! More...


Kinza S.

15 October 2018

Stacy is one of the most genuine, caring people you can come across. I wanted to do my maternity photo shoot with him while we were visiting AZ, but I wasn't able to make it work. Regardless, Stacy was kind and easy to work with. He wasn't pushy about me signing up with him. He really just seems passionate about his work and eager to serve God through it. I wish we got the chance to work with him. I would recommend that if anyone does get a chance to work with him, you should seize the opportunity! More...


Vivian B.

1 September 2018

Very professional, beautiful pictures, Although we had a cloudy day Stacy managed to get beautiful sunset and scenery. He was soft spoken, engaging, creative and open to input. 5 stars!! It was a real pleasure. :) More...


Shirley J.

12 May 2018

Stacy Burk's eye for colors, lighting and creativity truly shows emotion in his pictures. A simple pic from our iphone, a talented photographer  taught us about finding the best lighting.  Wished we had more time to have Stacy take our photos on this amazing  hiking trip.  Take a look at his pictures, it  tells a story so beautifully done! You won't be disappointed! More...


Judith S.

6 January 2018

We were in Sedona for a family get together over Xmas holiday and decided last minute to do some professional family photos. Stacy responded to my inquiry with a personal phone call and we set up a photo shoot for the 9 of us. Stacy selected a perfect location for us to meet where we could have the sun setting against the rocks and all of us would be high on an outcropping. He brought along his equipment, including lighting and we spent about an hour posing different combinations of our group. Couples, siblings, etc. A bonus was that Stacy's lovely  and vibrant wife came along and helped stage the 9 of us during the shoot. Afterwards Stacy provided a link where we we able to easily download all the photos and select the ones we wanted him to touch up. The photo shoot was super fun, affordable, and professional and I am now working on framing the best shots for all the family members. I highly recommend Stacy, you will have a great photos and a fun overall experience! More...


Gabriel B.

14 August 2017

I got married in Sedona on a beautiful mountain called Cathedral Rock.  Stacy and party took the most stunning choreographed images for my wedding and I believe The Mastery, talent, and cultivated character, displayed at our shoot age us the best images we could ever have.  I am extremely lucky to have had this being give us his gifts.  Professionalism, Expert Artisan Skills, Friendly and Down to Earth Demeanor, Passionate and Confident Photographer.  Highly recommended More...

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Unique true professional lighting used in outdoor and onsite shoots to give you the best results for your special occasion. With over 30 years of experience and the best modern technology, Stacy specializes in portrait, session, landscape, weddings, equine/pet, modeling and headshots.
Stacy is the Only Professional Photographer in the Sedona Region with True Professional Lighting. Out here in the West, the sun light is harsh. Brides should look young and beautiful on their wedding day. To capture the beautiful Sedona landscape and also make the bride's skin flawless requires soft light. To accomplish this, I overpower the harsh sun with High-tech professional soft lighting while capturing the beautiful landscape in the same moment.
Stacy Burk Productions is not your run-of-the-mill stuffy wedding photography service. We focus on cinematic portraiture, meaning that we incorporate movement and fashion-inspired posing and lighting into our work for a breathtaking experience and images like you’ve never seen before. Our creations are not mere photographs, but world-class art, blending traditional photography with creative photojournalism and modern fashion influences to create one-of-a-kind images that you and your loved ones will treasure.