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Spartan Investigations Inc.

Norfolk, Virginia, Hampton Roads

10 hires on Bark
Spartan Investigations Inc. logo

Spartan Investigations Inc.

Norfolk, Virginia, Hampton Roads

10 hires on Bark


At Spartan Investigations, we provide all investigative services through our dedicated investigators who will ensure we deliver on our commitment to quality, client-centered communications, and continuous improvement. As a result, we increase our effectiveness in providing our services to our customers.


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16 September 2019

Spartan Investigations were excellent to work with. They communicated effectively, and worked efficiently. Their fee was reasonable, and they work with integrity. Outstanding overall.



22 June 2019

Honestly, I was afraid to try to do business with people I never seen or never heard of their company, however upon conversations with the team they are very knowledgeable and passionate about their work. I would recommend these great people to anybody who needs to Shed light to their situation. Thank you Spartan Team for your assistance. More...



8 June 2019

Spartan Investigations are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are serious about their business and are willing to go above and beyond!


Rodger Hopkins

27 May 2019

Calling Spartan Investigations was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. They have recently captured numerous fugitives that my bail bonding company bonded out. Dealing with Patrick Collis is always a pleasure. He and his staff have always been very professional. More...


Melissa Cooper

10 May 2019

Patrick and Craig were a pleasure to work with. They always answered my phone calls and text messages. Extremely caring and professional. They made a very difficult time in my life a lot easier and they quickly got the evidence and facts needed so that I could move on with my life. More...


3 May 2019

From the moment I spoke to Patrick, I knew that I had contacted the right company. There was no need to speak to anyone else in this same industry. I am confident that Spartan Investigations Inc. will conquer any obstacle thrown their way & achieve the results that I fell short to deliver. I would highly recommend Spartan Investigations Inc. to anyone seeking assistance & expertise in this professional industry. More...


Chance Cooper

29 April 2019

I can't believe how quick Spartan figured it out, thanks for your help!


Nanjean Swoope

22 April 2019

its Important to pay attention


Harry C.

21 April 2019

I was very happy with the prompt and reasonably priced professional service I received from Spartan.


Adrion M!

17 April 2019

i talked Spartan Investigations Inc. with finding a long lost military buddy. they found him in a short time and the cost was very reasonable!

From one military family to another, it more than honor to help you find your battle buddy!! Pat Collis Director of Investigations


Svetlana Adamovsky

17 April 2019

I hade such a pleasure working with them. They made a promise to me and they kept there word. They was working 24/7 non stop to make sure that we will get our dog back. And we did. Thank you from my heart! More...

Thank you!!! It was an honor to represent you in finding Stormy! Ace Ventura watch out! The real Pet Detectives are at work!!



17 April 2019

The guys at Spartan investigations are awesome! Men of honor and conviction, wholeheartedly invested in truth , justice, and the American way. A veteran owned small business capable of handling, thoroughly, your investigative needs. They will tail cars, sit on houses, run background checks, transcribe audio, sift through hours of video footage and so much more. The price is beyond fair for the service provided, and the customer experience. 12/10 experience, these guys treat you like family, and fight for you like Spartans. More...

thank you for the kind words. When the reviews were sent out to our clients, I never expected such a great response so quickly all in the same day. We will continue to advocate for you and your needs. -Respectfully, Pat Collis, Director of Investigations


Kerry Webb

5 March 2019

Modern day Robin Hood’s. This is what we need more of in our community. Selfless dudes trying to better every life they come in contact with.

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Being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves. Being able to connect with the community providing services that are ethically and morally to their needs.

My Lord and Savior inspired me to start on my own business so I can spread the good news to my clients while perfecting my professional abilities to the service of others.

My clients should choose me and my company to represent them for their needs if what I have to offer and what I stand for is what’s best for them.



Serving Legal Documents in a timely manner, while maintaining professional and courteous demeanor.

Locating and Apprehending wanted fugitives from justice and returning them into the proper custody.

Working with local rescue networks and private citizens in order to locate and recover stolen pets.

Agent(s) provide close protection from bodily harm to any person.

A private investigator is an average citizen who is hired by an individual to investigate matters. Private investigators are not restricted to criminal investigations like police officers; as a private investigator, you will commonly be investigating civil issues as well. These matters include but are not limited to infidelity investigations, background investigations, asset location investigations, or fraudulent insurance claims. Private investigators may uncover criminal violations but work at the behest of their clients, not a law enforcement agency or body. As investigators, we are in the information business; in relentless pursuit of the truth. Clients, of course, may not always want to hear the truth, but as a private investigator it is your essential job function to collect the facts, not withholding any of those facts (good or bad), use sound reasoning and judgment and develop a factual account or conclusion from the information you have collected. The end result of your investigation should always explain the fundamentals: what happened, who was involved, when and where it occurred and most importantly, why it happened. As an investigator, you will be required to “think outside of the box”, make quick decisions, be creative, and deal with a very wide variety of people in the process. A private investigator must be detailed; someone who is an excellent note-taker, a researcher, a great communicator, and someone who takes great care to remain within the law. Keep in mind that many investigators spend time away from their offices, maintain irregular hours, and conduct assignments that can sometimes be arduous and mundane. In addition, some of your work may be confrontational, stressful, and even dangerous. Ultimately, regardless of the complexity or nature of the investigation, private investigators essentially perform only a few basic functions in developing the evidence upon which our final report to the client rests (though the varying level of difficulty of each is what makes the job interesting): We talk to people. (Interviewing and Taking Statements) We find people. (Skip Tracing) We watch people. (Surveillance) We ask about people. (Background Investigations)