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Spa Haus Nashville

Berry Hill, Tennessee


Spa Haus Nashville

Berry Hill, Tennessee


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Ryan M.

17 July 2019

Do yourself a favor and get your next massage here.


Teisen L.

5 June 2019

I cannot say enough good things about this place.  Very clean and relaxing ambiance. This is my go-to spot for waxing. Angela is THE BEST, she always makes me feel so comfortable, answers any question I have and explains every choice she makes. She has helped me so much with managing my skin but never tries to peddle unnecessary products. I have been going here for almost a year now and wouldn't think of trying a new place. 10/5. More...


Tess L.

5 June 2019

If she isn't already booked out, make an appointment with Angela. She is so knowledgeable and incredibly professional. She dyed and curled my lashes and I could not be happier with the results. I have thrown all of my mascara away! Warning, on the past the dye would seep down into your eyes and it can burn but, with Angela, she was so attentive. She checked in throughout the process to ensure that I was comfortable. She then coached me through how I could get the most out of the curl and make it last. I definitely will be returning to Spa Haus! More...


Crystal S.

26 May 2019

I used to go to one of those chain spa places but this time I chose Spa Haus Nashville to support the local business :)The place is kept very clean.  People who work there are well-mannered, professional, and respect all kinds of customers. The place is literally meant for people who just want to relax. No hustle and bustle. The service may be bit pricey compared to other chain spa places but not by much, surprisingly. I made an appointment with Beth for 1 hour deep tissue massage and she was excellent!!!! She was very professional in explaining how body would respond during and after the massage. She knows what she is doing! More...


Joirre G.

25 May 2019

I went in one day to get dermaplaning done but KC took one look at my hormone ridden pregnant skin and decided it was best to do a facial.  I really appreciated that she took care of me and wasn't going to do anything to just get money. She seemed genuinely invested in doing what she could to get my skin back on track and that's so rare. I left with another facial booked. 5 star service. 5 star environment. 5 star overall experience. You won't regret booking a treatment here :) More...


Audrey Z.

24 May 2019

Always the most relaxing experience! The massage therapists and aestheticians customize everything to your needs and will make sure you leave relaxed and refreshed!!


Brittney M.

24 May 2019

I had a dermaplaning facial with Sydney Lane and I could feel/see a difference in my skin for weeks after. I've had quite a few facials at other spas and have always walked away feeling like I wasted my money. This is the first time I'm actually planning to return for the same service. UPDATE: Also highly recommend the CBD massage with Lisa and brows by Cassandra. More...


Johnny T.

20 May 2019

It had been much too long since I indulged in any self-care. While I am not outside digging ditches, I do work hard and a lot. I rarely find the time to do something just for me. So, after months (well, years) of putting it off, I decided I was going to be kind to myself and get a massage. Since it had been so long, I decided to go full out and opt for a 90 minute treatment. The next question was, 'where to go?'I've been lucky to have good experiences at many local businesses but I wanted to try some place new. A quick check of the Jelps and I was on my way to Berry Hill. Berry Hill is such an interesting neighborhood to me. It looks residential but appears to be (almost) completely commercial. Does anyone *live* in Berry Hill? True to form, Spa Haus is located in a converted home and it's quite comfortable. Not only is there ample parking (a Berry Hill concern), the space is immediately relaxing. I came early to my appointment to take advantage of the Relaxation Room. It's a unisex parlor with massage chairs, blackout curtains, tranquil sounds, and your choice of water, tea, wine, or whiskey. As much as I wanted the whiskey, I opted for wine... and a massage chair.I'd gotten through an entire cycle when my therapist, Carissa, came to get me. She led me to my room, engaged in some pre-massage talk about my needs, and excused herself so I could change. There's not a separate changing/shower room at Spa Haus. You'll change in your appointment room and put your clothes in a basket. It wasn't a big deal for me but expectations vary per customer. Now you know. Since it has been so long, I wanted to get a deep tissue massage, concentrating on my upper and lower back, neck, arms, and head. Through a series of hot towels, oils, relaxing sounds, and a lot of pressure, I was well attended to. I was so tense and knotted up that I think I wore Carissa out. Soon after she began, she joked that she was glad I was her first for the day. The appointment ended promptly at the 90 minute mark (so, given the pre-massage talk and change time, there was, probably, 80 minutes of work done; if that's a concern, now you know) and due to the heavy work, I was a bit disoriented. At other salons I've been to, the therapist has urged me to lie still for a bit while s/he got me water and advised how to best recover from the session. This wasn't exactly the case here. Carissa asked me how I felt ('relaxed'), informed me that the session was over and that she would meet me outside with water once I'd changed. I didn't feel as though I had the time/ability to relax at all or meet my newly loosed toxins with water. Wobbly, I got up, changed, got a glass of water, and walked out to the front to pay. My session began at 1 pm and I paid (receipt in hand) at 2:33 pm. I didn't even have time to finish my water or collect my equilibrium. It was an odd way to finish the session.My massage was good. I felt relaxed and much less tense than when I entered. The rushed end of the experience, however, left me a bit (and, literally) dizzy. At (nearly) $180, that's an unfortunate last impression to have as you walk out the door. Still, in total, a good massage. The service experience could have been better but the meat of the matter was on topic. More...


Jennifer M.

19 May 2019

I had such a great experience at this spa! When I walked in, I was immediately taken with the super-cute environment. Also, everyone was was really friendly.  Lisa handled my teeth whitening and facial-both were stellar! Scheduling was a breeze too. All-in-all, I'm a very satisfied customer and can't wait to return! More...


Kristin K.

6 April 2019

So, KC Van De Merkt is THE best esthetician I've ever had -- and I dare say the best in the Nashville area. I've become a waxing regular with her but absolutely HAD to leave a review after today's visit. Three wax services in UNDER an hour -- and ALL of them were as pain-free as is possible when snatching hair growing out of one's body.  Her bedside manner is phenomenal. I've seen a number of estheticians between Nashville and DC; KC's work takes the cake! More...


Jordyn F.

22 March 2019

Would 100% recommend this place. Did a lash lift and tint with Julia. The service was incredible. It was my first time getting it done so she walked me through the entire process. When I went, my left eye didn't lift quite as well as my right eye so they invited me back to do another treatment free of charge, which I thought was excellent customer service. Absolutely love the results! More...


Mary S.

20 March 2019

Was able to book a facial and massage the next day, which was great! I had a 30 minute massage with Juan, who did an excellent job! I had. A custom advance facial which was lovely as well. Very calming atmosphere. Missing one star for 2 reasons. 1) When I got to my appointment, there were no parking spots available. I was early so I drove around for 10 minutes and when I returned there was one spot open. A bit stressful to park. 2) My facial was great and I left with a sample cleanser the esthetician recommended. I used the cleanser a couple times and it completely dried out my face. Everyone's skin is different, and the esthetician couldn't have know how my skin would have reacted, but it has been 4 days since discontinuing the cleanser and sticking to my normal skin routine pre-facial and drinking lots of water, and my skin is still so dry and not back to normal. I feel like I need another facial to get the moisture back? Not opposed to going back, just may need to communicate my skin complexion better next time. More...


Emily F.

15 March 2019

If I could give Spa Haus more than 5 stars I would! I've had brow waxes and tints from several staff members (all of whom are amazing!) and have been so much happier with the results than other places I've gone in the past. KC is my jam and is so easy to talk to. After one facial and some skincare advice, my skin is looking healthier than ever! I want to rearrange my entire budget so that I can get one of her custom facials every month. Spa Haus is my fav! More...


Tabitha A.

7 March 2019

Hi everyone! This was my first time ever getting a massage, and I decided to try this place one because the photos on yelp looked so relaxing and two the reviews are so positive. Beth my massage therapist was amazing. Very professional and did a great job helping me get as comfortable and relaxed for my first time. Thank you Beth and Spa Haus for my first massage experience. More...


Simone S.

23 February 2019

I received a Dermaplaning Facial from KC and had a wonderful experience. KC made me feel immediately comfortable, and made my skin look absolutely beautiful. I've had many facials before, and KC is by far the best esthetician I've come across. On top of great service, the Spa Haus space is cleanly, beautiful and instantly calming. From the moment I stepped into Spa Haus, I knew I was in good hands. I've already booked my next facial with KC! More...


K H.

28 January 2019

I never really write reviews for anything but for this amazing place I had to. I've been struggling with acne for the past year now and have tried everything possible from high end to drug store and nothing has helped at all. Also went to a dermatologist and it did nothing but make it worse for me. I found this place from yelp and as a last attempt to try and fix what was going on I made an appointment and hoped for the best. I could not be happier with my first experience here. The place is really easy to find and had such a nice atmosphere. The staff is also super sweet and helpful. I had a custom facial with KC and could not recommend her enough. She was so incredibly sweet and had so much knowledge to share that I really needed. She went over what might be causing my problems and gave me more information to take home with me. It's only the second day after my facial and I'm already starting to see results and couldn't be happier and more excited to go to my next facial. Do yourself a favor and book a facial with KC, you will not regret it! More...


Karen L.

6 January 2019

Had a wonderful experience here on Saturday. Went in for my first visit to get a dermaplaning facial with Lydia. I've never had one before so it was a new treatment for me. It kinda of feels like you are getting a shave at the barber shop (I imagine lol) but my face feels amazing today! So soft and smooth. I also got my teeth whitened and they look great - def whiter and brighter but not like Ross on Friends haha! I will for sure go back to see Lydia, she was great and the place was clean and relaxing. I'd highly recommend! More...


Ruby S.

20 December 2018

SO MUCH LOVE! this place is incredible! the only spa in nashville ANYONE should ever be going to. i've been getting my lash extensions done for over 10 years & in several places i've lived... when i moved here, i tried a ton of different places to get my fills & they all sucked. finally i found spa haus (formerly loveskin) & they are better than anywhere else i've ever gone! all of them are the best at what they do. elyse is an amazing business owner, she's kind & smart & makes you feel comfortable because she really cares! all of the staff there have always made me feel so welcome, i consider some of them friends now, including elyse. i have a blast every time i have an appointment! they really make sure you have an amazing experience. i cant wait to try all of their services! LOVE LOVE LOVE More...


Linda T.

7 December 2018

We stumbled across this hidden gem on our first trip to Nashville. I surprised my husband for his birthday with a couple's massage and Carissa and Beth were phenomenal. They took care of all of our pain points. Annie at the front desk was the sweetest! We would highly recommend this treasure to anyone looking for relaxation and healing! More...


Amina F.

2 December 2018

I recently got eye lash extensions and eye brow tint/wax, and I am so happy with the results. Chelsey did a wonderful job providing professional recommendations without the feeling of being "up-sold"-which is a common occurrence. Aside from the wonderful results, she was so kind, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and so accommodating. The atmosphere is so relaxing and spotless-so much so, that I fell asleep, which I thought impossible to do during eyelash extension session:) I definitely recommend! (I forgot to have Chelsey send me the "before" and "after" pictures which were much better quality,  so unfortunately this is the best I have:) ... I went with the hybrid lashes) More...


Brittney M.

21 November 2018

I had a dermaplaning facial with Sydney Lane and I could feel/see a difference in my skin for weeks after. I've had quite a few facials at other spas and have always walked away feeling like I wasted my money. This is the first time I'm actually planning to return for the same service. Highly recommend! More...


Allison F.

20 November 2018

Got lash lift & tint and looked AMAZING! I use a lash growth product so I have long lashes- but they are stick straight. The lift & tint made me look like I just got fresh lash extensions (used to do extensions, but too much $ & upkeep).  With lift I could rub eyes, wipe away sweat, sleep on stomach, all the things that used to make my extensions fall out! I had that "Day 1 fresh lash extension look" for a solid 3 weeks (which is about 19 days longer than I was able to maintain look with actual extensions). The tint faded after a few weeks (you could opt to get just tint redone, but I was fine). The curl lasted for another 3 weeks (I easily maintained/reset/restyled the curl using spoolie & a quick blast using hair dryer). By about week 7 the effect was gone (previously curled lashes naturally fall out, new (stick straight) ones had grown in). If I really wanted to keep up, I would go every 6-7 weeks for touch up (way better than 2-3 for extensions).  Overall, super happy- definitely going back.  Spahaus was luxurious and esthetician (I saw Sydney Layne) did an amazing job. More...


Sneha U.

26 October 2018

One of the best spa experiences I had. We booked the whole spa for a bachelorette spa party. Everything was perfection. The people were so nice and friendly. Accommodated every request and exceeded in everything. Highly recommend for any one try this fancy place in Nashville. More...


kristina v.

18 October 2018

I love this amazing hidden gem! I was in town visiting, looking for very specific energy work to be done. I was recommended to check out Carissa for a Reiki session. My entire experience from start to finish was very professional and relaxing. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable with any questions had. My first impression of Carissa was very genuine healing vibes. She is a very gifted and talented young woman. I highly recommend both Carissa for any of your massage or Reiki healing needs, and Haus Spa for any of your spa needs. You will not be disappointed. They also carry a awesome array of therapeutic and healing products for the mind body and soul. More...


Emily N.

15 October 2018

I've had four different services here provided by three different estheticians, and all have been superb. I love that they offer natural products, and their intake process with the tea and dimmed lights and massage chairs is a really lovely precursor to a treatment. Their prices are very competitive and on par with equivalent treatments in other, larger markets, which can't be said of many Nashville salons. A lash lift & tint doesn't run $185 even in the Vegas casino salons! As a new arrival to Nashville, I was worried about finding a clean, competent spot. With Spa Haus, I've got that and SO much more! More...


Polly G.

14 October 2018

I get massages pretty regularly and my massage with Carissa this weekend was the best I've ever had. She listened to my requests and made my shoulder feel better than it has it weeks using oils and hot stones! Will definitely be going back!


Elisa D.

12 October 2018

I visited Spa House based on yelp reviews a few weeks ago. I used to go to massage envy, but the quality of massages wasn't reliable. I like firm to deep pressure to work out the knots I tend to get between my shoulder blades and back. I had an appointment for an hour massage with Carissa and I was SO PLEASED with my massage!! We debriefed for a few minutes before getting started so she could target my problem areas. She used an amazing mix of hot towels, stones, and just enough oil. I was a little sore the next day, in the best possible way, and can't wait to book another appointment! The spa is a very cute and serene little oasis in Berry Hill. Highly recommend! More...


Melissa R.

10 October 2018

I've gone to Spa Haus twice to get a lash lift and the results are always great! The staff is always very welcoming and nice. I love how there's a waiting room with massage chairs and tea to prepare you for your service. Sydney is very kind and professional and has done a great job giving my super long, straight lashes a curl! I will continue coming to Spa Haus and try out their other services. More...


Jen G.

1 October 2018

Excellent lash services with Julia! I've seen Julia for a lash lift and tint and am so pleased with the results. I was looking for an alternative to the upkeep of extensions for my stick-straight lashes, and the lift and tint is just the ticket. The results last for a solid eight weeks and make it possible for me to wear regular instead of waterproof mascara and have lashes with a beautiful curl. Incredibly pleased! More...


Claire C.

1 October 2018

I love Spa Haus. The staff is always welcoming and kind. There are massage chairs in the waiting room, which I think is great. :) I've seen Carrissa for Hot Stone and Aromatherapy massages. She is wonderful. She has a grounding and soothing presence, and I think she has a really intuitive sense in knowing the how to work with the body. More...


Richard L.

22 September 2018

I was led to this place simply because of the good reviews on yelp. In fact, this place was #1 on my yelp search for spa treatments in Nashville, TN and sure enough it was well deserving of their top ratings and reviews on yelp. Me and my wife booked our facial prior to  leaving Honolulu and our experience with the booking was painless and very pleasant as the staff that helped me set up the appointment was very nice and very pleasant on the phone. Fast forward to our arrival at the spa, we filled out/signed some forms electronically which was painless; prefer this way than manually filling out the form using pen.  After filling out the necessary forms we were then escorted into the relaxation room that was nice and cozy...had a little massage in the massage chair (3 in the room) and drank some water before our treatment...shading and music in the room made the experience relaxing. My men's facial treatment was awesome. I had a great time talking to Ms. Angela and she did a great job with my face. First time I didn't fall asleep while getting a facial because i was up taking to Ms. Angela. The setting in the room was very relaxing...the lighting, sounds, and the aroma immediately put me in that relaxation mode. My wife also shared her experience with Ms. Lydia who gave her her facial that she had a great experience and loved her facial. I told my wife after my treatment, I looked into the mirror in the room I was at and it was fairly dark and I could see my face glowing that's how good my facial was and it made me feel and look younger. Definitely would recommend this place if your in town and would come back if we ever get to come back to Nashville. After our treatment we went straight to the relaxation room and we both had a cup of hot tea. Man, their choices of hot tea is awesome. Loved the cinnamon and mint tea; put both flavor in my cup and it was a phenomenal combo. More...


Rekha A.

28 August 2018

The massage was wonderful! The masseuse was so well trained and performed possibly the best massage I've ever had. She knew the perfect amount of pressure and strength to apply. The ambiance of the place was lovely! The staff was so nice and the location was easy to find. I wasn't a fan of the facial which caused me to break out which is the only reason I dropped a star. More...


Chalker family Family

31 July 2018

Loved this spa. Very laid back and relaxed. My daughter got her first ever massage and she loved it! I had a wonderful facial! Arrive early to enjoy the massage chair and wine. More...


Corie K.

11 July 2018

This place is great! Very cute, clean set up. Warm and inviting staff. I've been multiple times and enjoyed each session. The prices are pretty standard for massages. They also offer evening and weekend massages which is a huge plus for me. More...


Olivia P.

2 July 2018

KC and Spa Haus are both incredible! The spa is so cozy, and has a relaxation room with massage chairs while you wait. I got to my appointment a little early, and now I think I always will just so I can sit in that room for a while. The customer service was great, and KC did a fantastic job. She's so knowledgeable and sweet, and I can already tell a difference in my skin after not even a week. I'm using everything she recommended and my skin issues have started improving. I had almost given up but she proved me wrong. I LOVE this place and am so happy I found it! More...


A S.

14 June 2018

I went to Spa Haus yesterday for the first time and had a great experience! It was easy to find and offers parking out front. There are about twelve spaces and when I arrived at 5:00pm I had a few to choose from. Nothing negates a relaxing spa experience than arriving frazzled because you've had to search for parking or walk three blocks to get there!I was greeted by the friendly receptionist and ushered into the relaxation room, where I was offered water, tea, or wine. In the relaxation room you can choose from massage chairs or regular chairs. I chose the massage chair as I had worked out pretty hard earlier in the day. The room is dimly lit, has music playing as well as a water sculpture. It's small, but you aren't in there long. Lydia was my aesthetician and she did a wonderful job! I had a custom facial, eyebrow wax, and eyelash lift and tint. She asked thorough questions while beginning my facial about what I was looking to gain by coming to get a facial, what my current skin care routine was, and any skin concerns. I was very relaxed after the facial!I asked for a simple eyebrow wax just to clean up my brows and Lydia did so quickly and relatively pain free. Now to the lash lift and tint. I had never had either before and Lydia was careful to explain the lift uses your current eyelashes only - it will not add volume. She wanted to make sure my expectations were fair and I appreciated that! I never felt discomfort throughout the lift or tint and Lydia made sure I understood the 24 hour after care instructions (no getting lashes wet, sweaty, no sleeping on your face, etc.) I like the results of the lift and tint. My eyes are brighter and as someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup, I feel like I can skip mascara for a few weeks unless I'm getting dressed up! I'll definitely be back to Spa Haus and would highly recommend Lydia! More...


Jaclyn H.

7 June 2018

This year I decided to get my own Mother's Day present instead of wishing for the spa day that was never going to come (ha!). A friend of mine raves about this place so I gave it a try. I booked a dermaplaning facial and a 90 minute massage. These are two (2) things I have wanted to do for years and Spa Haus knocked it out of the park. I adored my esthetician! She was every woman's dream if you have no clue about skin care. She was full of knowledge and gave me a ton of pointers. Not to mention, she had a wonderful personality. If you have never had dermaplaning, give it a try! I am blonde have a ton of peach fuzz so my face felt smoother than my toddlers bottom!Next, I waited in their relaxing wait room and loved the massage chairs, and how friendly the staff was. Then I got my 90 minute heavenily massage and may have dozed off a few times. It was so nice, and my masseuse was very friendly and provided a great service. So, after all my rambling I would highly recommend and cannot wait to go back! More...


Beth S.

1 June 2018

My first experience at Spa Haus was a hot stone massage from Juan. It was incredibly relaxing and Juan did an amazing job. I left feeling very calm, light and rejuvenated.I wanted to try a facial here, but I was hesitant because I had received a facial previously from a popular massage chain and it was absolutely terrible. However, I noticed my skin had been looking a little bit dull lately and I thought I'd give facials another shot with Spa Haus, so I emailed them to let them know about my fears. That same day, I received a lovely response from Sarah, the manager, letting me know which facial to choose and how they could best accommodate me.  I booked my appointment for a custom botanical facial with Sydney and it was wonderful! After looking at my skin and discussing my specific problem areas, she created a customized facial experience for me. She told me ahead of time everything she was going to do, which products she was going to use and how they were going to help my skin. Sydney was very gentle and the entire experience was extremely relaxing. I came out feeling refreshed and my skin was glowing!Afterward, she recommended a customized regimen of skincare products but was not at all pushy about selling them. She also told me about a treatment (dermaplaning) that would be perfect for my upcoming wedding this summer.Overall, my experiences here have been wonderful and Spa Haus is now my go-to spa! More...


Savannah C.

19 May 2018

I guess I wasn't clear, so I will further explain. Immediately after the lash lift, I noted my lashes appeared thinner and shorter. When I got home I noticed that there were 3-4 lashes on each of my cheeks: not a "normal" growth cycle. Also. They are curled too extensively, making them bend backwards and appear shorter. I posted this review because this is information I would have liked to know before paying for this service, as I'll be happy when my lashes are back to normal after a 4-6 week wait. Again, it was an overall good experience and the staff was friendly and professional. I can recommend the eyebrow tint. More...


Lesley A.

16 May 2018

I chose this place based on Yelp reviews (as I'm from out of town).  And it didn't disappoint!  Sydney (facial) and Juan (massage) were both fabulous.  Friendly staff, clean space.  I will definitely return on my next trip to Nashville. More...


ShelbyRae R.

8 May 2018

Had my first ever lash lift this afternoon with Lydia. She was an lash angel sent from above! Super relaxed and comfortable vibe and my lashes came out looking like what dreams are made of. The receptionist was super welcoming and helpful, even if I interrupted her taking out trash. (My bad). Recommended to all two of my friends after sending selfies to them in the parking lot. 10/10 would do again since I've decided on spending less money at Target and more on self-care~* More...


Rachel S.

9 April 2018

KC and everyone at Spa Haus are THE BEST! From start to finish, it is always a 5-star, fantastic experience. The new location is perfect as well, so if you haven't been since they moved, I highly suggest you go check it out. The relaxation room where you wait to be seen for your service is so tranquil and has comfortable chairs, drink options, calming noises and the like. It's pretty dim in there (which is great for kicking back but not for reading), so when I pulled out my book the sweet receptionist Jordan popped out a book lamp--it's the little stuff like that that really sets this place apart. Dare I say it's the influence of the south in a spa?As for the services--KC is so kind, compassionate, easy to talk to, and lets me ask all kinds of annoying questions. I don't feel like I have to lay there in silence with her, but I know you could if that's more your speed.  Perhaps even better than these personable qualities, she's all business when it comes to fixing up my face--it is so obvious that she truly does care about her clients and that she is not only passionate but also incredibly knowledgeable and well-versed in all things skin. She gives me the exact facials I need based on what's up with my skin, and has even recommended I switch what I scheduled myself for when she knew it would have totally broken my skin out. I like to know what is going on and what someone is putting on my face, and KC actually EDUCATES me on what she is using, what it does, and how to maintain results and follow up with home care (you'll learn that shes very passionate about that!) She even had Jordan email me "acne homework" which has been such a helpful and priceless document full of information on how to keep my skin clear. I have never walked out of Spa Haus red or irritated, and I've never had a post-facial breakout. It may just be my skin so I can't claim anything with that, but personally I think it's due to KC's expert touch.KC is now the only person I'll go see for facials--and to put that into perspective, I have a hookup that I can get free facials from but I choose to invest in a trip to Spa Haus. LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!! More...


Jen D.

22 March 2018

I had the best deep tissue massage by Juan this week. I will be back!! I knew I was in need of a massage as I work on my computer and sit on airplanes often. I never knew I needed it that bad. Seeing him will become a regular thing!The decor is really lovely and the receptionist is friendly and personable. I recommend checking this spa out! More...


Dominique C.

14 March 2018

This is a great location! Everyone is so pleasant and helpful. Its clean and peaceful as soon as you walk in. Come a few minutes early so you relax in the massage chairs while sipping on tea. Sydney and Angela are wonderful. You can't go wrong with any service here. You're not pressured to buy any additional services. Try spa haus and you won't be disappointed. More...


Jacob B.

9 March 2018

Update for late 2017-18: I love the new building and all the effort Elyse has put into it; I recently had a facial by K.C. For a le grande clasique + casmara mask, and it was everything I hoped for and more. She really looked me over and asked lots of questions regarding my concerns to make a treatment that was super relaxing, and very beneficial for my skin. (Also her shoulder massage while the mask sets is divine) I will definitely be returning to see K.C. and recommend her to everyone she rocks! More...


Amber T.

20 February 2018

Love this place!  Chelsey did my lash fill and was awesome!  So sweet and took her time since we were chatting and she didn't have a client after me.  My lashes look amazing and so far have stayed on well!  Sarah at the front desk was so kind and accommodating as well.  The ambiance was perfect.  Can't wait to go back for a facial+more!!! More...


Beth B.

16 February 2018

I had my first lash tint yesterday with Sydney, and it is amazing!  She's amazing!  I love the spa - my first time there.  It's clean, the surroundings are so pretty and relaxing, and my lash experience has made me a believer.  The prices are very reasonable, too.  I plan to go back to Sydney for an eyelash lift next time.  She did a wonderful job - took her time and was very careful with product and technique.  She's a pro.  I'm confident of the care given customer and the expertise as well.  I would give more than 5 stars if possible! More...


Tessa A.

7 January 2018

KC is hands down the best. I have seen so many estheticians over the years & I have never come out of an appointment feeling so knowledgeable & educated about how to take care of my skin. I'll admit I was hesitant at first since I typically gravitate toward med spas, but the regimen KC suggested for me was literally life changing & much more effective long term than any med spa treatment I've gotten. I never thought my acne and acne-scar ridden skin would ever look supple and clear, but miracles do happen! PCA is such an incredible skin care line that WORKS, but she doesn't push you to buy any products which is so wonderful. Unlike many estheticians I've seen over the years, KC really, really cares about your skin care journey & is there for you every step of the way. If you finally want to achieve the best skin of your life, book an appointment & I promise it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make! More...


Aubrey R.

16 November 2017

This is probably one of the few places you can get a GREAT facial in Nashville (or the South for that matter, lol). As i found out from professionals who live there, most people who come in for these services are looking more for pampering and relaxation than any actual results.  As much as I enjoy experience and relaxing, I'm getting these services for a reason. If i get a massage, I want DEEP tissue. I want the knots getting broken up. If I get a facial, I want extractions for whatever congestion may have built up, and maybe a peel too. I want me skin to stay young and beautiful and healthy as long as possible, so i take these things seriously. I take my body seriously. I had the deep pore detox treatment, which was nothing short of miraculous. I had some recent scarring and pore damage which completely healed and disappeared after this treatment. She also did a peel. I think my gals name was Alison, and she was FANTASTIC. I will definitely be going back there, and requesting her (once i make sure i have her name right - sorry, been a couple months). So, night and day experience from the Nurture Nook where we went a couple days before. They say you get what you pay for, in this case, so true.  Of course they have more relaxing facial options available if you just need a hydrating mask or something, but if you want to see aging and sun damage and acne reversed and see real improvements in your skin, this is the kind of place you want to be spending your money. More...


Dani R.

6 October 2017

I love this place! I came here for a "pamper" day to prepare for my upcoming wedding. Juan gave me an amazing massage and then Angela took over for a facial. She looked at my skin and recommended a different treatment than what I had booked based on my skin type and issues. I have had two pumpkin masks and then a Sensi peel with Angela and my skin is glowing! She is never pushy with the products and sat down and talked me through the peel because I was nervous. I'm planning on going back to them for waxing before my wedding because I'm sure they do an amazing job. Also, Sarah at the front desk is always hilarious and so welcoming. More...


Nicole T.

22 September 2017

I just moved to Nashville and this will definitely be my official lash extension location!!! Great location, friendly service, and booking an appointment is easy with so many lash technicians on staff. I believe they are expanding soon as well and moving to a different (and larger) location More...


Rachael P.

21 September 2017

I'm visiting Nashville for the week and thought I would try a lash lift since it isn't offered around my hometown. I looked on google and this was one of the first places that popped up. It was the best price so then I went on yelp and saw the amazing reviews and booked my appointment. I was a little nervous but new the moment I walked in the door I was going to like it there! The woman at the front desk was so kind and made an effort to get to know me. I loved the atmosphere and felt at ease. When I got into my appointment the woman doing my lashes walked me through each and every step and made sure I was comfortable. The appointment was quick but the results were amazing I can't believe what my lashes look like now. I will definitely go back when I am in town. They also made sure I felt comfortable to call them if I had any issues. Truly above and beyond. I would recommend this place to anyone who lives here or visiting. More...


Abbey C.

20 September 2017

Juan is hands-down the greatest massage therapist I've ever seen in my life. He's very calming, welcoming, and professional. Someone already said it, but he really does listen to you and your individual needs. He asked me where I was experiencing the most discomfort, if any, and he focused on that area. I was in pretty constant pain for over a week before I saw Juan, and today I woke up feeling better than I have felt in recent memory.If the complimentary pre-service whiskey doesn't win you over, Juan's skills will. Holy cow. More...


Eden L.

11 September 2017

I love this spa. It's clean, the prices are fair and the therapists do an amazing job. I always feel amazing after a treatment.


Kristen O.

8 September 2017

I had the best experience yesterday at Love Skin! I had my first facial with KC and she made me feel like I was getting the best care. She is so knowledgeable about how skin reacts to different products and she was so careful and attentive to my sensitive skin. I originally went in for the purify facial but she changed her approach for my sensitivity. I also got a deep tissue massage with Juan and it was honestly the first time I have felt like a massage therapist was truly listing to me about where I was experiencing the most pain. Some massages feel like I'm just another person, but Juan really addressed the areas where I needed it most.Great overall experience! The staff was so kind and the glass of wine when I arrived didn't hurt either. More...


Jenna B.

7 September 2017

This place is amazing!  They catered my need for a consultation, assessed the needs of my skin, allowed me to reschedule in a short timeframe due to work requirements, and left me feeling like a beautiful butterfly.  In addition, I had the best skin fixer ever with Sydney.  She talked me through every single thing and answered all of my obnoxious questions.  I rarely write reviews but I had to because I need the world to know and Sydney needs the proper recognition.  Love!  Love love love love!  Oh, and if you are early, FREE WINE! More...


Erin B.

29 August 2017

This is my new go-to for facials!  Everyone was welcoming & professional. KC was so friendly & knowledgable, helping me select the perfect facial + enzyme for my skin type and current skin issues. Will most definitely be back and make this a part of my skin maintenance routine!  My skin was much improved when I left, and continued to be more clear and vibrant in the following days. More...


K M.

16 August 2017

I went to Love Spa on a Saturday morning with a friend, we had matching services just as It was opening. I had an amazing hour with Sydney-a dermaplane and facial. The spa was quiet and so cute. I especially loved the relaxation room while we waited for our appointments. Both of us left noticeably calmer and with a definite glow. Sarah at the front desk was helpful with my product purchase, and she's super sweet and friendly. I'll go back every time I'm in Nashville!Best of all I've enjoyed the result of my hour there. Baby soft skin for days! More...


Rhiannon R.

1 August 2017

Lash lift, where have you been all my life? I had a lash lift and tint with Sydney today and I truly can't think of a better investment. I've tried Latisse, lash extensions, lash serums, prayers to the lash gods, and endless tubes of mascara, and nothing has given me such great results before. Sydney is just the sweetest and is so precise and careful. No discomfort, only results!She also gave me a dermaplaning facial which was fabulous too. Shout out to my girl Angela too, she's a rockstar of skincare and I have seen her multiple times since for custom facials and lash lifts. All in all, a great experience every time! Love it here. More...


Marissa P.

27 July 2017

So happy I found this place! I saw KC to get my brows done and she was not only super sweet but also really impressed me with her skincare knowledge and training. I just booked a facial with her and can't wait to get it done! More...


Neesha R.

26 July 2017

Ask for **KC** (!!) to get individualized treatment for your skin. Not only is she a skilled esthetician she has a warm personality -- and she's passionate about helping you get the great skin you want!


Noelle S.

12 July 2017

Sydney is amazing! If I could give her a million stars I would! She was so patient with me and explained the whole process of an eyelash lift. She went above and beyond to make sure I was relaxed. She made conversation the whole time and never got upset when I started getting anxious. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much Sydney! My eyebrows and eyelashes look AMAZING More...


Ashley H.

10 July 2017

I love this place and have gotten many facials here-far exceeded my expectations. Recently, I have seen KC Van De Merkt to get my skin on point for my up coming wedding and she has been amazing. I have had really bad skin and acne since my early teens and my skin has never been so clear. She is so knowledgeable about skin care and products and tailors everything to your needs. Plus she is just an awesome person, passionate about what she does, and goes above and beyond to make the best experience possible. I highly recommend Love Skin and KC Van De Merkt! You will not be disappointed! More...


Rachel G.

6 July 2017

Y'ALL this place is a must if you want true skincare services. I am the type that is constantly searching for a spa that I can go to get true results in my skin care, along with great customer service based spa environment. KC Van De Merit gave me my first dermaplane facial and it was amazing, not only does she love what she does the results were amazing. I truly was able to go over 6 weeks without getting another facial and booked another for today without even thinking about where to go. From the moment you walk in the door, to the moment you leave you feel truly welcome. Thank you LOVE Skin for bringing skincare that I used to get in California, straight to Nashville. More...


Leslie S.

30 June 2017

I've now had two facials (Le Grand Classique) at LoveSkin with KC and it's been a wonderful experience both times! LoveSkin has a very relaxing ambiance and everyone there is so friendly. KC is a very knowledgeable aesthetician, and she's been helping me to address my specific skin issues. I'm also planning to purchase some products through LoveSkin soon. Highly recommend! More...


Melissa A.

27 June 2017

Sydney is great!  I get my eyebrows waxed by her and she is always so nice and also does a great job.  I'll be trying some other services with her soon!   All of the staff is very friendly! More...


Anna P.

25 May 2017

Today I had the "purify" facial and it was excellent. I am experiencing a moderate breakout and the facial was a great solution. I enjoyed the relaxation room while I filled out paperwork. My esthetician was knowledgeable about skincare and went through my skincare routine with me. I appreciated that she recommended both drugstore and higher end products (sold in the spa) to add to my routine, because a lot of times estheticians only want to sell their spa's products to make commission.  I will be back! More...


Jenn T.

24 March 2017

Love Skin Nashville is my absolute favorite place to go for all of my skin care needs/concerns! I love it so much that I've actually visited on 2 separate occasions within the past month! First appointment was with Julia to take advantage of her March lash extension special! She did a fantastic job & I am thrilled with the results - which are still going strong into week 3! If you've had your lashes done before you know that the application process of 1.5-2 hours of laying still can seem daunting. Not a problem here! Every time I've had mine done at Love Skin (4 lash appointments in all) I've fallen asleep and/or been soooo relaxed the whole time -it's really just like any other spa treatment. My appointment this week was with KC for my first ever dermaplaning facial. Oh my goodness what a fabulous treatment by an amazing esthetician! Things have been pretty stressful lately - and my face was a reflection of that. KC did such a great job talking me through what was going on with my skin, telling me what to expect but making me feel very relaxed too. I also really appreciated that she had suggestions for products (at Love Skin) and future treatments but she did not try to "upsell" me at all - which she didn't have to because her work sold me into booking my next facial in about a month  - or pressure me into purchasing! I felt like she genuinely cared about my skin!You cannot go wrong with any of the lovely ladies at Love Skin...I've seen Elyse and Sydney, too! I highly recommend Love Skin to anyone who could use some pampering!! More...


Devyn R.

16 March 2017

I stumbled on LOVE Skin Nashville, and I couldn't be happier with their services. The energy is warm and inviting from the moment you walk in. A sunroom with tea and ice water serves as a waiting room, everything smells nice, and soft music sets the tone. The staff are incredibly friendly, accommodating, and professional, and the service is top-notch. I have only had excellent waxing appointments, and the staff go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. Most of my appointments were made same-day, and services are very reasonably priced. I could not recommend this establishment enough. More...



17 February 2017

I got a facial "le grand classique" with KC. She is amazing and took a pretty good care of me. She gave me a lot of recommendations about my skin and how to use correctly my products!!! I can see the difference now !!! It is a very nice spa and they provide you the perfect personalized treatment plan that you need !!! I already booked my next facial appointment with her!!! More...


Tara M.

27 January 2017

Had an amazing, super relaxing facial with Sydney.  Place is very cozy and quaint.  Will definitely be back for more treatments!


Jessie H.

10 January 2017

Elyse gives one of the best facials I have had anywhere in the world, and is a lovely person. Service is always friendly, professional, and excellent, and they carry great products that do wonders for your skin.


Alison H.

30 August 2016

Highly recommend LoveSkin! My coworker and I got treated to a spa day last Friday, we searched different places, decided on Love Skin Nashville and couldn't be happier with our choice. We both had the signature spa massage with Juan followed by the basic facials with Heather. It was such a relaxing day and the staff was absolutely wonderful. We definitely left feeling spoiled and relaxed. I definitely plan on returning! More...


Ali H.

17 August 2016

Absolutely the best place to go! Elyse, the owner, knows how to run a business and she's GREAT at it! The entire place is cozy and just what you want if you're looking to get pampered. You won't regret any service you decide upon here. Elyse and her staff have a standard of excellence that is met every single time!I recently had a 90 minute deep tissue massage done by Juan L. He was phenomenal!! I've never felt so relaxed. I cannot wait to book my next appointment with him.Go and treat yourself!!PS- they post great deals on Instagram too! @loveskinnashville More...


Evan D.

11 August 2016

This salon is honestly the best. Sarah was the most accommodating and sweetest person to talk to on the phone, and she even called a day beforehand to confirm the appointment! Jordan and Sydney were so professional and sweet. Very clean, professional, and wonderful people who work there! More...


Mckenna Fath F.

23 February 2016

Heather was amazing and did awesome work on my lashes. I am from California and I found her through Yelp and did my investigating, it's been two weeks and I've barely lost any lashes! She does her job very well and I WILL be back again! I HIGHLY recommend. More...


Matt H.

6 January 2016

So I'm from out of town and I needed a nice relaxing day to unwind from traveling. I saw this place on Yelp and decided to give it a try. Elyse is the owner and is the most accommodating spa manager I've ever had. After leaving, I've never felt so great. I can't wait to come back to Nashville just to visit this place again. Thanks Loveskin! More...


Tabby K.

10 September 2015

Beautiful space, so sparkling clean, calm and relaxing.  It smells amazing in there! The owners, Elyse and Ethan are bar none the best!!  They think of everthing and pamper you to your ultimate desire.  Herbal tea and a glass of wine don't hurt either!!They have incredible deals periodically too.  Not too long ago there were hour massages for $40!!  That's so cuckoo, and worth every penny you pay, times three!!Really love the new outdoor atrium and their extensive selection of locally made, environmentally conscientious products!Go ahead, indulge yourself, you won't be disappointed!! More...


Sheena T.

26 August 2015

During my "treat yo' self" week, I decided I needed a facial to handle the blackheads that I had noticed in a recent selfie. Honesty is the best policy folks. Anywho, this spa is located within a hair salon (that is gorgeous by the way) and I was offered water while I filled out the forms. I was taken back to a nice room with a relaxing atmosphere and was ready for some relaxation. The facial was  great and my skin felt wonderful afterwards. The only downside was that the salon was blasting 90's pop music that I could hear in the room during my facial. I understand that they share a space but it was a bit of a bummer to spend $80 for a treatment and hear Britney Spears singing "Baby One More Time" whilst getting my services. Overall it was a lovely experience, but it would be nice if the salon turned down the music if there was a customer getting a treatment. More...


Sandi B.

25 August 2015

Had a facial by Heather and she has the best touch! Firm but gentle! I hate getting facials where they barely touch you. Atmosphere was very serine and heather was delightful. Will absolutely go back Xox More...


Melissa B.

21 August 2015

This place is such a gem! Just had my brows done by Heather and she was fabulous! Very meticulous and gave me a wonderful shape! Between the awesome wax they use and Heather's expert touch it was practically painless. I'm going back next week for a lash tint and will be scheduling a facial soon! Their space is SO pretty and has such a relaxed and pampered vibe. I am such a fan! Plus, the prices are ridiculously affordable. Luxurious, phenomenal AND affordable?! I love that I can pamper myself more often now! The owner Elyse is sweet as she can be too! Love this place!!!! More...


Maria I.

13 February 2015

I never in my life had felt the need to get a facial done, but when I was looking for somewhere to get my eyebrows waxed, I stumbled upon LOVE Skin Nashville and decided to leave my comfort zone. I scheduled an appointment for an introductory facial (30 minutes) and an eyebrow/lip wax with Elyse on the same day.  I am so glad I did! I read the reviews and, to be fair, I thought she must have been paying people to write such great reviews. I'm so glad I was wrong-- she was the absolute sweetest person. I hadn't had such a relaxing moment since I moved here in October. We had fun conversation and she seemed so interested in my life that when I left I still felt that maybe she was just good at putting people at ease-- but again, I was wrong. She mailed me a handwritten thank you card that included details of our conversation (I hope this doesn't put pressure on her to do this more often if she's busy!!) and made me feel like my business mattered. I've already tried to convert my few Nashville friends to her, and I can promise that no one else will be doing my brows until I have to move away. Elyse, you make the world a better place! More...


Crystal M.

22 November 2014

I'm so thrilled with the facial I got from Elyse at Love Skin Nashville.  I have naturally dry skin, so you can imagine what winter does to my skin.  My skin hasn't felt this hydrated since I was 20.  And it hasn't looked this bright in a long time.  It's amazing.  I can't wait to go back.In addition to skin health, it was really nice just to sit back and relax in this sweet little CLEAN bohemian studio.  Such a rejuvenating experience for my mind and skin.  Elyse is awesome.I can't wait to go back. More...


Quyn D.

10 November 2014

Elyse is so passionate about her work! It was my first ever facial, and I was super nervous because I had no idea how my skin would react. She talked me through the entire process and answered all my questions. She even helped me determine my skin type and offered many helpful tips on taking care of MY skin. She didn't just give me generic tips! I can't wait until my next facial with her! More...


Hillary H.

5 November 2014

I heard about LOVE Skin Nashville from a friend, and decided to go there for my first facial. And WOW, what an awesome experience! Elyse was so personable, and the environment she creates provides for such a relaxing experience. My facial was about an hour long, and she used several high quality products, as well as incorporating steam, massage, and aromatherapy. It was the most relaxed I have been in a really long time, and I will definitely be back! I can't wait to return. Her prices are the best I've seen in the area, particularly for the quality of service that she offers. More...