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South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center focuses on cosmetic services and clinical dermatology under the direction of Dr. Robin Levin, a board-certified dermatologist. Her team operates two offices — one in the Mt. Laurel area and one in Hammonton — to provide patients from New Jersey and beyond with access to top-notch care to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.


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Robert U.

7 September 2019

They were polite and very professional.  I was promptly seen at my appointment time.  I was provided with a treatment plan and information about what to expect, which turned out to be right on target.  I would definitely return if another problem arose requiring skin care and would recommend them without reservation. More...


Lindsay D.

16 July 2019

Everyone at the practice is so friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  They have the newest technologies to help with your skin concerns and are passionate about helping you stay looking your best.


John D. Goy

10 April 2019

Great place, caring staff, they know their stuff.


Sarah J.

19 March 2019

I have gone to SJ laser center for about 7+ months after being recommended for Microdermabrasion's by the SJ Skin care side of the business. The aesthetician, Kailyn did my 6 microdermabrasion's ( that were 6-8 weeks apart) was incredibly knowledgeable, very kind, smart, and taught me so much about my skin that I honestly never know about. Instead of it being a silent treatment she really tries to get you to understand what she is doing, why she is doing it, and how it will help.  Kailyn really educated me on skin care each visit and left me with zero doubt of a negative outcome every time I came for another treatment. She really transformed by skin and I'm so happy with the outcomes of the treatments. The negative part about this place is 1. the price of the microderms are very steep and you really have to commit to the microderms if you want to see results. When you're done the treatments you have to decide if you want to go as needed basis or not go anymore because of $$$.The reason I gave it 4 stars generously is before when I have gone to the skin care portion of the business a few times and I was very rushed. You can literally get an appointment on lunch time and be in and out within 15 minutes. I've only ever saw the PA ( very very rushed ) and they only use a third party for prescriptions in North Jersey that they mail you to the medicine. There's pros and cons- PRO- you save time by not waiting around to see a doctor and get a fast diagnosis and get medicine very quickly by the mail in service- almost next day service to your front door. CON- rushed service could possibly miss something cancer related on the body- not as thorough as it could be- not educating the patient on concerns. More...


Matthew Dopkin

7 March 2019

My family and I can't say enough about South Jersey Skin Care. Dr. Robin Levin & Dana Welsh are the best! They have helped us - especially my children - with a number of issues. I highly recommend the folks at South Jersey Skin Care to all my friends and family. Keep up the great work! More...


Teri P.

27 January 2019

Never had issues with phone service. No issues seeing the PA. Been going for the past 5 years for annual check ups. I did not have the best news on my last visit. Cynthia found the smallest mark on my back. Did a biopsy and it was malignant melanoma. Fortunately it never went below the surface of the skin. Dr Levin called me personally to schedule my procedure and put my mind at rest and made sure I had an immediate appointment. Melanoma was removed. Pathology report came back clean. I had prompt information on my issues at all times. My procedure was done with care and compassion. I had a question after the procedure and received perfect feedback on the phone. Without that trained eye I don't want to think about what the outcome would have been down the road. My visit  each year has been thorough and pleasant and I'm totally happy with the practice. Thank you to the practice!! More...


Steve R.

20 August 2018

I was referred to Dr. Levin from one of my friends. She was very knowledgeable and courteous. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time she spent with me during my visit. It was comforting to know that she totally cared about my issues and wanted to make sure that all of my questions were answered. Given my experience with Dr. Levin, I thought I would try their Esthetician, Tara. She too was knowledgeable and friendly. My experience with Tara was just as pleasurable and most of all.... she didn't try to sell me anything on my way out the door. Two thumbs up for that!I would highly recommend both Dr. Levin and Tara to my friends. More...


E S.

16 January 2018

First time visit today, my experience was great. I wasn't rushed, the appt was fast but the doc seemed to know what she was doing. I can follow up when I see if I get results. One great thing, I am a self pay patient and she went out of her way to find me the most inexpensive options to get my medication and gave me a discount card. Very nice location,so far so good. More...


Grace D.

11 January 2018

I have been coming here for almost a year now and Dana is an incredible PA. She is quick but very thorough. She gave me 3 treatment options and talked me through the pros and cons of each and let me decide. When I had to pay more for a prescription than she originally had told me, she was very proactive about getting it solved for me. I can see from the reviews people either love it or hate it-- I have never been here for the cosmetic side of things here but Dana has been A+ for me. More...


Jennifer P.

8 December 2017

I came to South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center to have a suspiciously ugly mole looked at by one of their dermatologist, Michelle. Upon arrival I was greeted by the front desk attendent and directed to where I could have a seat to wait for my appointment. The office was beautifully laid out with a very calm and elegant atmosphere. I had a very short wait time and was shown to the back where I would have my mole looked at and removed. Michelle was wonderful, she helped ease my nerves as this was my first time being to a dermatologist and made the visit at pleasant as possible. My results were back in about a week and I had a phone call directly from Michelle to let me know what the next steps would be as the mole came back malignant, she had already notified a cancer center to let them know what was going on and I was seen by this center within a week. I highly recommend coming here for all your dermatology needs as the staff is caring and respectful and so helpful in making sure your specific needs are taken care of. More...


Tracy Jenish

4 October 2017

Had my first visit here today and saw Dana who was amazing. I went in for just a yearly check-up but Dana spent so much time with me and explained everything. The front desk staff was friendly and helpful and made me feel welcome. There was no wait at all which was a welcome surprise. More...


Karlee M.

22 August 2017

I had a rash around my eyelids and on my neck. They were able to make me a same-day appointment, even with me being an new patient. I met with Dana Welsh and she was absolutely amazing. Recommended products and even gave plenty of samples. I will be a returning patient. More...


Cathy Norwood

18 August 2017

I was scared to death, they put me right at ease. I had to procedures done, didn't even need a bandage.�


M L.

21 July 2017

I've been there three times (first for an annual screening, then to have an excision done when some results came back atypical, and then for the stitches from the excision to be removed). All three times, I was seen by Michelle (and I believe a student she's supervising). And all three times, I couldn't have asked for better care. The front desk was very friendly - greeted me the second I walked in the door. Michelle and her student were extremely patient with me, took the time to answer my questions (even if I asked the same question twice out of being nervous), and made sure I was comfortable to leave (after getting a little light headed). Michelle was absolutely excellent - as was her student, who brought me water and sat with me until I felt better to walk out. More...


PenniesCutiePie S.

14 July 2017

I really liked the office and it is close by.  I have rosacea and this office knew exactly what to do with my skin care needs.   They didn't push new ways of treatment (all these new theories of what causes rosacea) with new fangled creams and medication onto me.   My old doctor (Dr. Booth) actually made me buy a $200 cream that didn't work at all.  I used it for 3 months and nothing happened.  South Jersey Skin Care treated the issue.  I moved to the area over 4 years ago and I have finally found a good dermatologist's office.  It's been hard.  My only warning is that I've seen the doctor's assistant (I never know what they are called) so the other reviews are true. You really don't see the doctor.  The receptionists are nice and so is the entry nurse.  The assistant, Cynthia, is great!  She knows her stuff. She talks fast but is open to any questions.  It has been over 6 months since my 1st appointment and my skin looks great. More...


Elizabeth L.

5 May 2017

I have been seeing Dr. Levin for approximately ten years on a regular basis for many different skin issues. She has been extremely knowledgeable, professional and timely in keeping to the set appointment time. I buy products through her Esthetician who is always accommodating. I would highly recommend this practice. More...


Manda Renee

6 December 2016

I just needed my skin cleaned up and Kaylynn did just that! Dermaplaning and hydrafacial left my skin as smoothe as a baby's butt and even the second day I'm still loving it. I continued my skincare regimen with serums and it keeps my skin so soft. The winter special they are offering is a good deal, especially to try for the first time. Thank you! More...


Roberta DiNicolantonio Boyle

12 August 2016

I struggled with cystic acne through most of my 30's and 40's, hormones & childbirth seemed to change my skin. Other derms in the area always wanted to sell me expensive product lines and perform expensive procedures. Not here....Dr Levin, Dana & Tara listened (not many other derms did) and formulated a plan for me. I'm 47 and I have been clear, with no breakouts, for more than a year. The awful bumps & cysts that would form around my jaw line are no more. Try them...and they are the friendliest staff around :) More...


Noelle Holly

26 March 2016

Dana is fantastic! I now have hope for healthy skin!


Lou V.

6 November 2015

I really couldn't be happier with my recent visit to this office.  I wish I could give them more stars!After being turned down by several other dermatologists in South Philadelphia and center city that are not accepting new patients, along with trying to fit into their very narrow scheduling, I decided to explore the option of going someplace new.  I'm very glad I did.  I was under the care of the same dermatologist for roughly 20 years.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that other options were far better until my appointment with South Jersey Skin Care in Mt. Laurel, NJ.Unlike many offices I know, South Jersey Skin Care has evening hours for people who work during the day.  Most people are working during the business day so it only makes sense to have options regarding evening hours.  South Jersey Skin Care's office and building were state-of-art and spotlessly clean.  It reminded me of a high-end spa that is both inviting and soothing when you arrive.  The check-in with Victoria was quick and pain-free.  She took very good care of me.  Dana Welsh was pretty amazing!  She made my first visit a pleasant one.  She was professional and polite along with a confidence level that made me believe she knew just what she was educated and trained to do.  She took such great care of me.I'll never go back to the old, smelly,stuffy dermatologist offices with limited appointments.  They're a thing of the past for me.  I appreciate this office and congratulate them for a great first experience. More...


Leeann Younglove Reider

24 August 2015

great office and wonderful, friendly office staff!


Diane Salvatore Boyer

1 June 2015

So happy I took advantage of $79 microdermabrasion special in Hammonton. Tara was professional and personable! Going back.


Rebecca Chambers

1 April 2015

I had the best experience here! Was in and out in less then 15 minutes. The front desk was great. Polite & very informative. I had Dana as my dermatologist. She was awesome! I had a mole removed on my back, simple & painless. I highly recommend this place to everyone! More...


Maria F.

25 March 2015

Beautiful office. Dr.Levin and her staff were very helpful and very informative. I had so many questions regarding the proper treatment for my skin condition. I had a chemical peel with an hour long facial. It was fantastic. The esthetician very professional and made me feel very comfortable, as this was my first type of esthetic service. I would definitely recommend this treatment. My skin looked like it was glowing 3 days after the treatment. Loved it! More...


Daneele DeeDee White

17 March 2015

Working here as an intern you meet wonderful people. The staff here are so friendly and the doctors really know what there doing. I would would totally recommended this to my friends :) More...


Tracy Gibbs Michener

12 February 2015

Highly recommended! Been going for there for the last 8 years. Tara is the best estetichan!! Tell them tracy sent you.


JaNaie Fort

8 January 2014

Great place! All staff is friendly and welcoming.


Danielle Reilly

8 January 2014

Love this place. They are always so friendly and helpful. My face looks and feels great.


Chrissy Lindsey

26 December 2013

South Jersey Skin Care is the best I love this place. You can get everything taken care of here. It's like a one stop shop they do it all from dermatology,botox,juvederm,facials, microdermabrasion and miradry for excessive underarm sweat. Come in for a facial and get some botox while your at it. More...


Chevon Thornton

26 December 2013

South Jersey Skin Care is warm, welcoming office to visit. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Although I wasn't able to see the doctor they have Physician Assistants that were able to see me right away, and I am glad I did, she knew exactly what she was talking about. I had been dealing with a rash for several weeks that wouldn't go away after being treated by my previous doctor and now I finally see a difference after my visit with her. Thanks South Jersey Skin Care for a wonderful experience. More...



22 January 2013

Dr. Levin is great! The staff is friendly and the services they provide are everything I need. I had an embarrassing sweat problem and they have this great new procedure. I think its called MiraDry. It worked great and wasn't painful at all! More...