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South District Investigations is one of Southern California's most professional private investigation firms that provides a wide range of services to businesses and individuals in California.

We have been providing professional services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies and private citizens for over 10 years.


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Chet K.

14 January 2019

Thank you for saving me tons of money! Thank you for the fast work. Highly recommended! Great staff, very friendly. Thanks for doing what you do so well. Awesome job!!


Sal H.

2 January 2019

Great company that I recommend to those looking for general investigations. They have helped me on numerous cases that I needed additional support on. Greg is attentive to detail and responds fast. More...


Being able to work for both the plaintiff and defendant to assure fair results for our clients.

I don't like to be held back by business politics or "red tape" to get the job done. Being your own boss helps overcoming those obstacles.

We strive to offer the most professional service with focus on integrity, service, and trust.