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Sit Stay Play

Tucson, Arizona


Sit Stay Play

Tucson, Arizona


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Susan McLeod

28 June 2019

Amazing service and great people! Unfortunately we moved but Sit Stay Play has set our expectations high for any other Dog Day Care! They know what they are doing and our dogs will miss it. Thank you! More...


Kathryn Boatwright

22 May 2019

Excellent day care for your four legged children. Staff are great.


Leila B.

28 March 2019

We LOVE this daycare for our dog!!!! 100% A+! We can tell that the team knows their stuff... in fact, we learned that the staff are trained for hours before they are even allowed to interact with the dogs. They have plenty of people for the number of dogs in the facility (especially compared to other places where the dog-to-person ratio is not great -- we've seen it). The dogs have SO much fun... We especially love that we can watch our dog on live cameras throughout the day to keep track of what he's up to. They also post fun pictures on social media. We can see everyone who works there loves the dogs. Whether he's playing in the doggie pool, with bubbles, or just bouncing around, we know our dog is having a fun (and also very safe) time at this daycare. Thank you to the team! You all rock. More...


Judy Hurley

20 December 2018

The staff are the best. The dogs have such fun, playing with each other and the obstacles that are set up.


Nancy Radden Avery

3 November 2018

Truly love our Mack!!! Such a great service & second family for our loved ones. �


Cynthi Johnson Knight

3 September 2018

Pumpkin loves going to Sit Stay and Play! She comes home happy and exhausted. We love it that she has is safe and having so much fun when we are away.


Kayla B.

9 August 2018

I love this place, but, more importantly, my dog LOVES this place. They are very concerned with safety and with keeping all of their dogs healthy. My dog is much better behaved at home after spending a day of exercise and mental stimulation at doggie day camp. Not sure? Just check out the doggie cam and watch how the staff interact with the dogs when no one is around. More...


Steven S.

27 July 2018

Sit stay play is a godsend. My dogs love it there and they can stay overnight when we have to travel without them. The staff is incredibly caring and professional. I simply cannot recommend this organization more highly. More...


Stephen P.

24 July 2018

Bella and Jaxson love it at Sit! Stay! Play! They have spent single days and also stayed overnight while we were out of town. Janet, Emily and the crew take great care and are always professional. They love your pups as much as you do! More...


Jay Smith

4 July 2018



Rick P.

21 June 2018

Worried about a place to leave your dog? Heading to Phoenix for the day? Worry no more! Your pup will have fun and be in good hands at Sit Stay Play. Also, they have excellent training courses to help your dog become a good canine citizen. More...


Lynn Davis

3 May 2018

I love the friendly and creative staff. Luther is always tired at the end of the day so I know he has had a fun time. I'm always amazed that he wants to come home.


Dave Best

18 April 2018

Sit, Stay, and play is amazing!! Every one that works their truly cares about Riley! I’ve never seen a dog so excited as he is when he’s going there for the day. He has become a much better dog. He will be going there as long as we live here More...


Nancy A.

9 April 2018

Sit,stay& Play is like family. The staff is warm & professional & loves my dog like their own. They teach manners & socialization so dogs respect rules & enjoy their time together. Mack loves "school " and is running to the truck to go. The price is very reasonable & if any issues or concerns, the staff have our pets at the highest priority. Safe, loving & fun place for your dog. More...


Cynthi K.

19 March 2018

Sit Stay and Play has been a great place for our family. Our dog has a blast with her friends and comes home exhausted. The next day when she's home she's more relaxed and content. Then she's back at Sit Stay and Play for more fun. It is convenient for us when we travel and leave her for boarding at a place she loves and is well cared for. They are very creative with activities and always have special themed events that we enjoy for our dog. More...


Susie Hesseldenz

14 March 2018

Sit Stay Play is an amazing place with amazing people who truly care about your dog. My dog Sammi absolutely loves it there! Everyone there is so knowledgable and happy to help in any way. I feel lucky that I found them! More...


Patty Helmig

9 March 2018

Awesome place to take your dog for a fun filled day with other dogs! My 5 month Keeshond has just started doggie day care at Sit Stay Play and he LOVES it! He comes home happy and exhausted. The staff at Sit Stay Play is truly wonderful! Also, you can buy an app to watch the doggie cam to see what your pup is up to! Highly recommended for dogs of all ages! More...


Michele Green Sarullo

1 March 2018

Janet and her staff are absolutely wonderful! Our Rex just adores them and has so much fun on his daycare days!


David L.

19 February 2018

We love Sit! Stay! Play! Our dog Shaina comes home very happy and tried! With the interaction with other dogs and humans, Shaina is getting enrichment every day she's there. Thank you Sit! Stay! Play!!!!


Kim L Seely

23 January 2018

My Rocky loves it here! I love the staff. Good combination!


Lindsay Marie

9 January 2018

One word- AMAZING! Sit! Stay! Play! has been a godsend for our extremely active and exceedingly social nine month old Australian Shepard, Dakota. Dakota comes home happy, exhausted, and well loved after her doggy daycare sessions. The attention, time, and energy the staff members put into caring for your pet is apparent. From tuning into the webcam feature to the adorable social media posts of my pet, I'm able to see first hand the blast Dakota is having and feel the genuine love the staff puts into each pup. When I pick up Dakota at the end of the day, I look forward to hearing tales from the staff about what my dog did that day or who became her new best friend. We would bring Dakota to Sit! Stay! Play! every single day if we could. If you are thinking about trying out Sit! Stay! Play! for your four legged family member, my advice - DO IT NOW (truly this is a no brainer)! More...


Sara Heitshu

5 December 2017

My dog has become more outgoing and confident since he began going to SitStay Play. He seems to thrive on the group activity and I know he is safe and happy whether for just the day or when I am out of town.


Susie N.

30 November 2017

I can't begin to express how much I love Sit Stay and Play and the people that work there! They truly care about your dog! My dog, Sammi loves it there so much and sometimes she doesn't want to come home lol It's the best place in town!! More...


Joyce K.

26 November 2017

Professional, efficient, caring.Their long hours accommodate my occasional work in Phoenix, long days and early mornings. My 8 yr old pup has  visited Sit, Stay, Play for over 6 yrs. 1-2 days a week. There is very low staff turnover and these folks feel like friends. They are so conscientious I never worry about the boy when he's there. I particularly admired how the Owner handled the arrival of Leptospirosis in Tucson. She was right on top of it and organized an onsite clinic for vaccinations after verifying the minimal risk. I feel lucky to have a place like this for weekly dog care. More...


Nicki Fox Adler

7 November 2017

Toky loves Sit!Stay!Play! Every time we arrive he (gently) pushes me out of the car, pulls me to the door, and shrieks with joy until he is invited in to play. Bliss.


Bea M.

3 November 2017

My dog loves to go!!!  When I have really long days at work, Sugar is able to sleep over.  I don't have to worry.  She is pooped from playing all day.I can travel and she stays for a week and doesn't mind a bit.  Fabulous staff that knows and cares about my dog.  It couldn't be better.It isn't cheap but it is so worth it!!! More...


Nicole Sincavage

27 October 2017

Wonderful business with an owner who truly cares about staying educated and current with what's happening in the animal care industry! Highly recommend!


Tracy Hanson Skylstad

26 October 2017

I love a business that loves dogs as much as me !!


Alex Keir

26 October 2017

Such great care and attention to detail! Happy dogs!


Mandy Lucille Capone

26 October 2017

Love the environment great customer service my three dogs love this place!


Cheryl Dunning

17 September 2017

So happy that we found Sit Stay Play, great staff, my girl loves it!!!!!!!


Kathryn T.

15 September 2017

This is my dog's second home. She was a frightened rescue four years ago and now she is a confident sassy husky. My work requires me to travel a lot and I could not even have a dog without the competent caring staff of Sit Stay Play.


Cynthia F.

12 September 2017

Wonderful, safe, caring and fun place to leave your furry friends. Staff is awesome. Pets have a great time with activities and they can get a bath, nail clipping, etc before they come home. They celebrate holidays with your pets. A AWESOME. More...


Gina Perri

8 September 2017

Janet and Emily - you and your staff are the best !! Thank you for taking such good care of Bella & Jaxson. They always enjoy a day with their friends at SS& P!


Estefanía Palma

31 August 2017

Our pup Zuzu loooves to come play. She's so much happier socializing with other dogs at Sit Stay Play than she would be at home alone or at a kennel. And she's picking up great habits from the counselors and the other dogs! More...


Claudia B.

28 August 2017

Best place for the fur babies to stay while you're away! The staff is very attentive to your dog's needs and they do their best to make sure your dog enjoys a fun, and stress-free environment. Highly recommend this place to everyone! More...


Joyce Judson Kelly

26 August 2017

This is how a Professional organizes daycare for dogs. - Extensive hours with consideration given for special issues - Loyal, caring, attentive staff with low turnover - Focus on vaccination records and cleanliness - Interviews to assess dogs (and owners) temperaments Sit Stay Play does dog care right.


Lauren H.

17 August 2017

I have been taking my 1-1/2 year old boxer here since she was 4 months old!! I can't say enough about how wonderful and accommodating Janet and the whole staff have been to me and my dog. My dog still goes here at least 4 times a week, I am so thankful for such a clean, safe and knowledgeable place to take her while I am at work. I would highly recommend Sit! Stay! Play! .. You won't regret it one bit!!! More...


Susan Stillman

10 August 2017

We are so happy to have found SitStayPlay. Tasha is so thrilled to be there and makes new friends every time she goes, both dogs and staff. She comes home tired and falls asleep dreaming of the fun she just had there. More...


Sharon Irvine

8 August 2017

The only place you can leave your dog and they are not ready to leave when you pick them up. She loves it.


Kara Richey

7 June 2017

Sit Stay Play has made my pups time in Tucson the absolute best. Billy went from being anxious every time I left for work to literally running in the door at full speed without looking back when he came here. Janet and the staff are all the greatest, so knowledgeable, helpful, and fun. We wish we could take SSP! With us everywhere we move! Absolutely the best doggy daycare!!!! More...


Audrey Zatarian

24 May 2017

Janet and the staff make Sit Stay Play the best daycare and training facility in all of Tucson! I am impressed with the depth of compassion, care and consideration that is given to each dog and owner. The extra activities are creative and make memories to last a lifetime. More...


Jill Koyama

23 May 2017

Janet and the staff at Sit Stay Play are smart, thoughtful, conscientious, and generous in the care and guidance they offer our puppy, Lulu Blu, who has been attending several times a week since she turned 41/2 months old. Not only has Lulu, who is now 7 months old, benefited from their consistent training and guided play, she has also developed socially and now seeks out the company of other dogs (and cats and lizards). We have also learned how to better work with, and enjoy, Lulu. We would be at a loss without Sit Stay Play. More...


Patte Caraway

11 May 2017

The BEST staff, owner and facility in Tucson for your pups. My Max was one of the first clients at SSP 15 or so years ago...it was GREAT then and is even better now! Aunt Janet Galante... THANK YOU ♡♡ ~patte More...


Arolynn Francis

27 April 2017

Bexley LOVES his days at Sit, Stay and Play. Clean, safe and organized. Staff is caring and professional, my day hours should be so good!!


Barbara Bennett

5 January 2017

Sitstayplay is a favorite place for my dogs. The staff is friendly and conscientious and have helped to grow my dogs into happy, socialized, and confident dogs. Janet and her staff are great and I know my pups are always in great hands when I drop them off for the day or for overnight stays. Thank you to the team. Hanna and Jake (and I) will miss you when we move out of town. More...


Dee Belle-Oudry

13 December 2016

This is the BEST place to take your dog for day care! All 5 of my dogs love it here! I've been taking my dogs here since they opened 14 years ago. The staff are amazing, they love dogs and are all very knowledgable about dogs. I would not take my pups anywhere else! More...


Simon Rosenblatt

9 November 2016

It's Yofee's home away from home. She loves playing with all of her friends.


Juliet GC

14 October 2016

I can't say enough great things about Janet and the wonderful team at Sit, Stay, Play. I know that Emilee received excellent care and had an absolute blast. I also gained more confidence as her dog mom through Janet's thoughtful advice and training techniques. I can guarantee you will be hard pressed to find a dog daycare of this caliber with such knowledgeable staff and great hours for working folks. Having recently moved from Tucson, we will greatly miss our friends at SSP and hope to see them again one day! More...


Annie W.

20 September 2016

*Love* Sit Stay Play! Janet and her staff are wonderful and very knowledgable - definitely "dog people"!!! I took my dog Jack and his little siblings Bert and Sammy there for years. My dogs were my kids ... I wouldn't have taken them anywhere else but SSP!! More...


Scott Plate

24 May 2016

I'm a professor who spent four months in Tucson on sabbatical with my dog. After a few weeks, I realized I needed to find a place where he could be with other dogs, since watching me read and write all day couldn't have been very exciting. I found SitStayPlay, and it was a godsend. Seamus pulled my arm off to get in there on the mornings I brought him, and was thrilled to see me at the end of the day when I picked him up. The staff is a committed group of caring, intelligent, experienced animal advocates who genuinely want to make their charges' lives better. Two thumbs up. More...


Lauren Hoffman

22 April 2016

Best decision ever to enroll my boxer puppy with Sit Stay Play!!! I highly recommend!!


Kay D.

15 April 2016

Kudos to Janet, the owner, for her vision and superb implementation of daycare facilities. I cannot recommend them highly enough! The rooms are cheerfully appointed in bright colors, the animals are closely supervised and I know many families whose dogs have been helped tremendously by Janet's training and behavior knowledge and practices! More...


Lisa Shubitz

19 October 2015

My dog Surf loves to go play with friends at SitStayPlay. They know how to keep her over-the-top enthusiasm directed to good social play and she has a great time. They also require that she mind her manners and the staff, so her training is only enhanced by going to SitStayPlay. Staff is great and Janet is awesome. We love SitStayPlay! More...


Louise Greenfield

17 October 2015

Thank you to whoever was just holding Yofee and letting her kiss you! We saw it on the doggie cam! You made Yofee very happy! Louise and Simon


Mike Miller

22 September 2015

Ari has been going to Sit Stay Play for a year now. She loves it and we love the staff. We know she is getting the best care possible and we couldn't be happier!


Molly McIntyre

14 September 2015

We're very picky with where we leave our dog Waldo so we feel fortunate to have found Sit! Stay! Play! As an obsessive puppy parent, I appreciate that I can watch him on the Webcam and get picture updates. Plus, he always seems to have so much fun. The staff is attentive and interactive. More...


Mary Helen Allen

3 September 2015

My dogs LOVE going to Sit Stay Play. They are happy and healthy. The staff could not be better


Pat Cagle

24 August 2015

We bring our dog, Booker, here for daycare and boarding. We love it! I know he is safe and is having fun with his dog buddies and the counsellors.


Chantel Taylor

14 August 2015

My pups love this day camp, they can't wait to get out of the truck and head in to play all day.


Courtney M.

5 August 2015

I don't know how there aren't more reviews for this place?!? It is the BEST! The owner, Janet, is SUPER knowledgeable, as is her entire staff... Everything about this place is in keeping with whats in the best interest of the dogs. The place is brightly painted, CLEAN, and has several obstacles/toys/playhouses for the dogs to play in/on... In the summer months, kiddie pools are put out for the dogs to play in and there are always several games/activities going on to keep the pups engaged. As an extra special bonus for us pet parents - pups who come regularly will get handmade, er "paw-made" cards from their furkids for Mothers Day and Fathers Day - these are true treasures in the hearts of any pet parent :)In order for your pup to attend, they must be fully vaccinated and even a fecal sample is required to ensure the health and safety of your pup as well as all the others. In addition, both you and your dog will need to attend an interview with the owner to be sure this is a good fit for everyone. I appreciate these precautions more than you know as it ensures a happy, safe, clean and healthy outlet for the pups to burn some energy and keep up their doggy social skills :-) For people like me, animals are "children" and I don't trust them to just anyone... But I do trust ALL the folks at Sit!Stay!Play! They even have several webcams set up around the place, so you can easily check on your pup at all times to keep your mind at ease... Oh and their hours cannot be beat - 365 days a year from 6 in the morning until 8:30 pm... They also do overnight boarding for dogs that regularly attend, in the event you need to go out of town... What more could you ask for And if all that isn't enough, my pups excitement when turning onto 14th street speaks for itself...  For a pup who used to have separation anxiety, she sure doesn't mind leaving me to go play with her "friends" - in fact, she doesn't even turn to say goodbye when she gets dropped off - she just bolts into the playroom without even stopping to look back :) More...


Samantha Bankston

21 July 2015

The easiest place for my dog to say "bye mom!" I know he will have a fun day with safe and organized play and I appreciate the learning opportunities sprinkled in! My dog has anxiety on leash and the wonderful staff helps me make him feel comfortable going in and out of the play area. I enjoy watching my dog on the live streaming camera when I get a chance. I also get love seeing his picture posted on their Facebook page. Capturing his fun moments is really important to me. They are the nicest people ever! Love Sit Stay Play. More...


David S. Livingston

23 April 2015

We are so happy for an enriching environment to take Shaina to. The socialization with other dogs' and people is priceless! Being self employed, I'm not always able to play when Shaina wants to. At Sit Stay Play, she plays and comes home exhausted. Thank you Sit Stay Play for helping us and Shaina go through the puppy times. D & D Livingston More...


Phyllis Brodsky

29 March 2015

Maya would not be the wonderful and well balanced dog that she is if not for the love, fun and exercise she gets at Sit! Stay! Play!


Kendra McLean

27 February 2015

Excellent place to safely wear out your dog when you have a busy day. Our dog loved visiting Janet and the rest of the Sit Stay Play group. Now that we moved to Washington, we miss them terribly and wish they would move north! More...


Robin Brande

25 February 2015

The staff at Sit Stay Play are the most loving, caring--and FUN--people for my dogs to be around. I couldn't be happier with the affection and training they provide. I'd give them 10 stars if I could!


Kevin Sarullo

22 November 2013

The best!


Corrine S.

16 July 2013

I took my Airedales, O'Reilly, Nigel and Sophia for many years and would recommend Sit Stay Play to everybody who truly loves their dogs.  It has been the best experience for my 'dales for socializing and getting great exercise at their daycare instead of being left at home bored for hours.  The screening to be accepted was very impressive and  made me feel comfortable knowing my dogs were safe and happy.  The owner, Janet, only hirers the best personnel and that made me happy too!  If anybody claims any problems, well maybe they're working for the other side and I wouldn't give their opinion the time of day.  If you need a daycare for your beloved dog, Sit Stay Play is your answer.  You will not be disappointed. More...


Mindy M.

21 May 2012

My dogs love it at Sit Stay Play.  I am so pleased with all the staff and the owner, Janet, is so caring and thoughtful.  I have 2 pugs that get excited when I even mention going to daycare.  This is a great place.


Carol G.

17 November 2011

This place has been a wonderful find. My dogs have been going for about 8 plus years, and have been well socialized as a result. Close to UA and downtown, owned by a woman who loves and knows dogs, the facility is clean and the dogs are happy. The staff clearly love dogs, play with them, throw balls, play with ice and baby pools when it's hot, have nap time with them midday and they stay open at regular rates until 730pm...they open at 615 which is great for those of us with early hours. My dogs love to attend, they get excited when I drive down Broadway. I know my dogs are well cared for when I leave them there, and I pick them up happy, tired and ready to rest when I am too. I love this doggy day care where, like their sign says "you work, they play". More...