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Eric From New York City

30 December 2018

I was into fitness long before the benefits were understood and I’m pretty tough to impress. I’m appalled at what passes off as “personal training” at most gyms; people paying big bucks to have someone babysit them while they do exercise routines they can easily find online.Jacques Devore forgot more than even the most experienced trainers will ever know. In addition to years of fitness experience, he understands the physiology of exercises and how one can complement the other. The results I’ve achieved from his programs in a short space of time is impressive; he got rid of my protruding gut within a month.As is typical of most guys, I prefer doing upper body exercises. The exercise routines Jacques designed for me are more focused on legs and core, which is what I needed but always avoided. I’m stronger than I’ve been in years and miscellaneous aches and pains have disappeared. I spend considerably less time in the gym than I used to yet I’m achieving considerably better results. I train with Jacques and Alfonso, who also is quite knowledgeable and attentive. You’d be hard pressed to find a more talented and experienced fitness advisory team. I can’t recommend this place enough for people who want to challenge themselves and get significant fitness results. More...


Lauren Winters

1 October 2018

I came to S&T after a competitive rower (and world record holder) friend recommended Jacques' training. I have a sports background and am an amateur coach in rowing. Jacques is gracious, intensely knowledgeable, and non dogmatic- three things that seem to be rare in the business of fitness. He spent almost 2.5 hours teaching me how to fish instead of handing me some easy program. I look forward to working with him and am only writing a review because I was so impressed by the expertise and attention to personal detail. Thank you Jacques!!! This is a value people! More...


maryam shabani dolama

29 May 2018

the best! staff and trainers are awesome.


Nancy Kummer

29 May 2018

This is an outstanding gem for anyone looking to reach their next level of fitness. They are incredibly knowledgeable; they have not only pinned down the science behind weight loss and achieving fitness goals, but they are also experts in the field of achieving maximum sustainable power in a variety of sports. Very friendly and attentive staff. Great synergy in their strength and versa climber classes. Incredible value and very effective for leaning down and getting fitter. More...


nicole starr

29 May 2018

I love this gym! Joined up about 1.5 years ago after swearing off gyms for 8 years. This place is different. I met Jacques through cycling and decided to give his elite training program a try. Jacques has taken my cycling fitness and strength to a new level. Every workout is created uniquely for me. And bonus: my abs haven’t been this strong since before I had kids! More...


J. Santiago

29 May 2018

Jacques, owner/head trainer, is trustworthy and runs a top notch training studio. He’s not there to take your money but to push you to reach new limits. You get an initial analysis of your body fat %, weight, current strength/conditioning level, etc. He will tell you the truth about your current habits, not what you want to hear. Don’t worry because you will get a workout plan tailored specifically for you! There are different price levels for your availability. Great for anyone from retired/65+ grandmas to all sports/professional athletes (and anything in between). If you believe that you can be better, give Jacques a call. He’s motivated, a self-learner, and most importantly lives it by staying active. God bless. More...


Aiden Duffy

29 May 2018

Great HIIT versaclimbing class


D Almo

6 October 2017

At Sirens and Titans you get personalized training from coaches who genuinely care about your well being. Before every session they will ask you how you are feeling so if they need to adjust your workout they will. Whether you are a person training to get fit enough to work out or you are a professional athlete you are treated with the same respect, care , and attention. More...


Marc Binenfeld

3 October 2017

S&TF has been a game changer for me. I can see the results in the pool and on the bike. They will custom design a program based on your fitness goals and willingness to commit the time. Expect pain and gain!


chris seh

29 May 2017

the best! staff and trainers are awesome.

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