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If you are being threatened by the IRS, it is a serious situation that requires quick action. We can provide you with the emergency assistance you need. Within 24 hours, we can stop the IRS from garnishing your wages, placing a levee on your bank accounts or taking other damaging actions.


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Jim K.

15 July 2019

This tax accounting firm has been fair in every way. Taxes is something you don't want to mess around with, so it was imperative for me to identify a go to tax firm that I could trust. I have heard many different horror stories regarding fraudulent tax filings and other dire consequences regarding delinquent taxes. I didn't want to take any risks, so I went with a company that already came highly recommended to me by my peers. Silver Tax Group certainly lived up to their reputation and my expectations. My taxes were filed in a professional and organized manner, where I was able to save a ton of money and wasn't under any scrutiny by the IRS. Thanks again! More...


Andrew W.

13 March 2019

Silver Tax Group helped save me during a period of extreme financial stress and worry. In 2018, I was audited by the IRS for 2016 back taxes and were requesting a lot of difficult to obtain information. They threatened to levee my bank accounts and garnish wages. I was so stressed because I had never had this kind of situation occur and I had just hired new employees for my business. To say I was scared ****less was an understatement. I met with the guys at Silver Tax Group and was thoroughly impressed throughout the whole process. First of all, they provided me with a free consultation during a period of deep financial stress. I instantly trusted their word and their plan of action and paid an initial retainer fee. They did all of the communication throughout the whole process and helped me know what paperwork I needed to retrieve and helped me resolve things in a simple manner. It took a whole heap of stress off my back and got my tax situation corrected within the timeframe they mentioned. I found out that I did nothing wrong after working through the whole process. I DO NOT believe I could have done this without the Silver Tax Group. They eased any stress and issues I had throughout the whole process. They were very trustworthy and fair with their pricing. I feel every dime spent with them was communicated to me and used to resolve my tax issues. Thank you a million Silver Tax Group! More...


jeffrey r

4 March 2019

The Silver Tax Group is by far very effective! The aplomb, respect, empathy & dignity that is always afforded to me is greatly appreciated! At no time have I ever felt that I was just a "customer". In fact, the gracious & concerned manner in which I was treated in the past by this firm, is the primary reason that I am once again retaining their professional services. A heartfelt shout out to Mr. Kory Waggoner, who as always is a complete gentleman & professional. Whether sick or well, he returned my calls. Mr. Silver is quite knowledgeable in his craft & is also to be commended for employing competent staff who also care about the clients. It's therefore from my most sincere wishes that the STG continues to prosper & bless others as they've been a blessing to me. Thank you again for going above & beyond when necessary Mr. Silver. Blessings to you all. Gratefully, Dr. Rogers More...


Nick M.

4 February 2019

Couldn't have been more happy with Chad and crew at Silver Tax Group.  We were in a very tight tax bind that I won't get into here for obvious reasons and these guys saved us.  After having one terrible tax experience after another, year after year, it was a God-send to find these guys.  I'm glad we ignored the poor reviews on here .. most of the people anyway who seem to have reviewed them poorly don't seem to be active reviewers.  Anyway, couldn't recommend these guys higher. More...


Mike N.

4 September 2018

In April of 2017, I was sent a notice from the IRS requesting a live audit for 2015, they also requested 2014, and they basically requesting everything,  at this particular my business was declining, my wife had a major back surgery and basically bed ridden,  I'm making meals, taking care of our 4 kids,  trying to work and have a positive outlook on things, basically my life was just a F$%#@$ mess,  my wife's bed ridden and I have to keep her downstairs as it's impossible to get her upstairs. The IRS wanted to come to my home,  and ive only heard horror stories on what's done to people. Did I feel I did anything wrong No but it's the government, and well they do as they wish. I contacted Silver Tax Group,  at 4:30 am PST, I couldn't sleep,  and again everything around me crumbling,  I needed help asap,  Korey Waggoner basically called me at 4:45 am, on a Sunday morning,  almost instantly once I hit the submit button. After an hour of QnA, I decided to hire Silver Tax Group,  I paid the initial retainer fee, and I felt really comfortable with my decision. Being a complete mess,  I had to send tons of paperwork for both years,  sort it , organize it,  send it,  took me months,  I'm not sure on what the IRS wanted so I just sent everything,  and I mean everything probably close to 10k in pages,  of ledgers,  receipts,  estimates. Invoices,  so on an so forth. The price to hire STG seemed fair in the sense that they took over all communications,  and handled everything in and out,  this made me feel comfortable.Being under audit for 2 years and you have no idea on why,  tends to make you go through the what ifs,  what if did this wrong,  what if I loose my house,  what's family going to think i'f me if I did something wrong that their lifes suffered for it. This no way to wake up feeling every day,  it's not good for your mind. Body,  or just overall well being. STG, worked with me on a payment plan,  and it was doable,  during the course of the audit,  I had so many questions,  between Korey,  Attorney Cowan, Julie... they all answered my questions,  never got angry by me asking so many,  just duis their best to make me feel comfortable.After almost a year,  IRS concluded my meals for both years were declined,  when you think you could possibly loose everything,  owe millions,  and you find out you didn't do anything wrong,  it's a great feeling,  I would certainly recommend STG  to anyone in the same situation. Thank you STG. More...


Karl K.

2 August 2018

They did tell me that the problem would not be solved overnight and I understand that it takes time to get this thing taken care of. I tried myself and was on hold for a few hours before being hung up on by the IRS. I talked with Korey first at Silver Tax Group and signed up, I spoke with the Owner of the Firm Attorney Silver a few days later. It was worth me knowing what I was into and how to get out of it. Everyone I spoke with at this Firm was knowledgeable about tax issues and I did look at other firms. I would recommend using them. They are not a huge Firm but not very small either. More...


Shelby L.

16 February 2017

It was great working with Chad! He's very knowledgeable and gives great advice. They were super professional and saved me a lot of time and money. Really happy with my results - I would definitely use them again. More...


Jesse A.

28 January 2013

Pleasant and nice. Chad was friendly and responsive. Super informative guy. Worked with my schedule. I'd recommend my friends here.

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