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My name is Shannon and I am a professional photographer. I offer a wide variety of options from digital images to film and large format. I have a BFA in photography and it has always been my goal to make my clients happy, and have their photographs really stand out.


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Michel Amado Carpio

25 July 2018

Great prints, great service, for sure we will keep collaborating. Thanks guys!


Ray Jeffrey

25 July 2018

Friendly service..great location...experienced and professional staff.....what more can you ask


Shane Srogi

25 July 2018

Digital or Film Panda has always set the bar for quality standards!


Alan Smith

25 July 2018

Panda's the best lab in town. I've used a bunch of higher-end mail order labs as well but Panda consistently does as well or better. Develop locally!


Jeem Cooley

25 July 2018

I lucked out with the darkroom gal (Mary) not knowing where to go in Seattle. I'd made some crude printouts with some instructions as to alignment and cropping and dodging, but she implicitly understood what I was after and the B&W print came out beautifully from a 25 year-old negative.


Adam Boender

25 July 2018

Five star staff! Always helpful and willing to teach me new things about developing film. On top of being great people they turnaround development quickly and the results are dependable.


Paco Jones

25 July 2018

Just started shooting film after 12 years of just digital. Everyone at Panda has been so helpful and kind. They have talked me through my seemingly endless questions with patience. Their darkroom and printing skills are as equally impressive as their customer service skills. I'm fortunate to live close enough to walk in. It's a great business all the way around. More...


Jay Anderson

8 March 2018

Always use these guys, they do an amazing job for a good price. Thanks panda lab!



8 February 2018

Working with Shannon was an absolute joy. She was very professional and took some really great photos for us. We also got a bunch of prints at a good price.


Jamie and Brittany

8 February 2018

We absolutely loved the pictures Shannon took! Prior to the wedding day, we went over the pitures we wanted, and she nailed it. She was an absolute doll and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone! More...



7 February 2018

Very sweet and professional. I felt comfortable working with her and she really understood what I wanted to capture. Thank you, Shannon!


Ben C

11 January 2018

I've worked with Panda Lab for years, taking all of my film there for everything from just messing around to big, important projects. They consistently do excellent work, and they're very accommodating for whatever request you may have. I trust them 100% with my film. Great folks running this place.

As far as I know, it's the only place left in the entire Seattle area that will develop film on-site. We're fortunate that it also happens to be a great shop. If you shoot film around Seattle, keep it local and give them your business.


Captain Chambers

30 October 2017

This place isn't a rip-off. After reading other reviews, I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. I have been having film developed here for years, and I have not had any issue with either the service or the staff. It is a great feeling to support local, but it is more than that. They do good work! If you have concerns, talk to them. I have never found them anything other than knowledgeable and accommodating. I feel sorry for small business owners having to deal with the public. As an avid photographer, I am constantly shooting Ektar 100 and any variety of b/w stocks, mostly Kodak. I know I can count on this local lab to deliver, and I will continue to support them and sing their praises. Going online is lazy and unwarranted when you have an outstanding lab right in your own backyard. And I live on the Eastside, and I don't believe in that "invisible wall" that everyone sees when they think Seattle is "too far". I stand with Panda Lab. More...


Ray Jeffrey

21 October 2017

Panda has done great work for me for 10 years now..
I shoot mostly color negative film in the 35mm and 120 formats, but sometimes color positive and black and white films.
They do a great job of processing, scanning and burning to disc or any memory device I want.
I've had a few large prints done at the lab. No problems to report in their printing. Always cheerful service.
Thanks Panda Lab.


kuu pottery

9 September 2017

Brought in a photo slide from 1960s, clerk recognized photo type instantly and had my photo ready the next day! They even color corrected as much as they could. So happy with the results.


Alicia Fowler

12 August 2017

Super nice store! My film got stuck in my camera and they took it out without any charge. Plus they've got a cute dog named Ducky.


Brittanie Pendleton

12 June 2017

Experience has been consistently good. They offer plenty of services, and fast turn around. Prices are good for film development.


Jim Cooley

21 April 2017

I lucked out with the darkroom gal (Mary), not knowing where to go in Seattle. I'd made some crude printouts with some instructions as to alignment and cropping and dodging, but she implicitly understood what I was after and the wedding print from a 25 yo B&W negative came out beautifully. That kind of expertise has reignited my interest in photography. More...



19 April 2017

I have done mostly 120 B&W with the lab and I am very happy with how the processed film looks. 5 stars. I have the equipment at home, but no matter how careful I am I always get spots on my negs. Panda's processing is spotless. I now have a scanner and my darkroom equipment has sat idle for a long time. Will most likely put it up for sale. I was never a good printer anyway and I get great results by digitizing my negatives. More...


Rob French

1 April 2017

Brought my son, who is just taking an interest in photography, to show him what a pro lab can do to transform a print. Jackson was fantastic, took the time to show him around the lab, let him watch the whole process and explained what he was doing. Great service.


Stephanie Cristalli

23 December 2016

Best lab in Seattle! The work is high quality and archival. I have been a customer for over 20 years.


Always be ready, life and the little things never wait.

I want to make sure that I know what you are looking for, is there a certain style or photograph that you hope to have taken. I am always willing to help or answer questions. I would also like to know the level of post-production you are looking for such as retouching or other photoshop editing.

I love meeting new people and having the chance to make memories last. I'm so happy that I get to pick up my camera and go out and shoot.

I have always been very passionate about photography and I strive to make it fun for my clients. I like being able to set the prices so clients can afford professional work. This has always been my dream.

I go above and beyond. I want to make sure that at the end of the day you’re happy with the work I've provided. I think it’s also important to note that I offer all of the services from planning your photo shoot to printing the final images,


I shoot on a Nikon D800

I have multiple film cameras in different film formats, from 135 to 8x10 sheet film.

Skilled in Adobe software to edit and produce your final images.

from darkroom prints to large Giclee printing,