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Shana O'Brien is a top-producing real estate agent and managing broker with Realty ONE Group. She is licensed in both Washington and Oregon. She has a passion for seeing others succeed in this field that she loves. In addition to being an active volunteer within her local real estate community, she also provides coaching and mentoring for real estate agents in various phases of their careers.


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Daniela Matza

22 December 2018

To go ahead and sum up the body of text below: Without Shana I don’t believe my wife and I would have found a home. We were first time buyers without much purchasing power trying to compete in the Portland area market. Our buying process began over two years ago. We had multiples failed “relationships” with other agents. It boiled down to not feeling like they were working with us or for us to find a home that fit. I’m still blown away by the lack of effort on their part and even more in awe of how much Shana did for us. Shana was the fifth or sixth agent we talked to/worked with and she is the only one that really got after the market to find something that worked. If you’re even thinking of using someone other than Shana, you’re going about this home buying thing all wrong. Shana goes above and beyond. Throughout our process and the several homes we viewed, Shana was always getting us the info we needed along with her professional guidance. She educated us along the way and was always willing to take a step back and ensure our comprehension of any aspect of the transaction. Her years of experience make her an asset beyond compare. She’s incredibly responsive through any form of communication. Shana is an all around hardworking, personable, passionate and great person. She made us feel like we had a place in a market that would indicate otherwise and ultimately she closed an amazing deal to secure a home for me and my family. More...


Tucker Staab

3 October 2018

honesty is a great thing!


Amanda C Goff

27 June 2018

Shana is not only an amazingly caring and down to earth person, she also is super pro-active with her clients as she helps them find the perfect upgrade or downsized home. Shana is incredibly knowledgeable and has a passion for education and sharing her expertise in order to make the buying and selling process easier. More...


Ramona Locken

24 June 2018

If you are looking for an agent who will pick up their phone, be excited that you called, and know what they are talking about look no further than Shana O'Brien. She is educational based and helps her clients understand the process, she is also a fierce negotiator and will do what it takes to get you into the home of your dreams. More...


Connie M Lamb

29 December 2016

Shana just helped us sell our home in Vancouver while we were purchasing out of state. Needless to say, there are lots of stressors involved in moving state to state, and Shana's help navigating through all of it was amazing!! She had helped our son purchase his first home several months ago, so we were confident in choosing her for our deal, but she exceeded our expectations!! I think her number one strength is responding so quickly. When going through this the questions make you lose sleep and her knowledge and quick help was just what we needed!! Thank you Shana, you're the best!! More...

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Raised by broker parents, I have always enjoyed being a part of the home buying journey and helping clients make that "American dream" come true. But after earning a degree in education, I realized that my true calling is to help other agents and brokers find their success in this industry.

I think I was born with the entrepreneurial mindset and have always been a self-starter.

Bark clients that are looking for guidance in their real estate careers should choose to work with me if they are looking for "real talk," not just a cheerleader. I love helping my coaching clients take a hard look at what they're doing and how it's working for them, and making the needed changes to reach their goals.