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magdaline brooktin

16 August 2019

Seagull Cleaning Services in my own opinion is the best cleaning service that delivers exceptional services! Easy to book and very flexible. Their estimate is very decent and am so glad i made the right decision. They do great work. My move out service was done exceptionally well and they completed the whole job with a smile! Our Condo in New Providence, NJ looks so amazing and i had no choice to give the crew a fat tip!I would book them again! More...


Sylvester Minuskel

16 August 2019

Finally listened to my wife and can't be so much happy on the choice we made. Seagull Cleaning Services did a fantastic job at our newly bought house in Somerset, NJ. Everywhere glows like brand new. Fell more in love with the Jacuzzi cleaning. wow! Very friendly, punctual and the prices are just what we expected. They even gave us a few tips on how to keep maintaining a clean home away from dust. So glad I had to sign up for their monthly services.Highly recommend for everyone who loves quality cleaning! More...


Avanika Patel

9 August 2019

Quality cleaning all the way! After reading several 5 star reviews about this firm, I decided to give Seagull Cleaning Services a call and they were so professional from the call, deposit made online services and them being so punctual. Have used other cleaning services in the past but this firm is something different. Paying attention to detail is what I noticed most with the crew and they totally exceeded my expectations.Our newly bought 9 bedroom and 5 bathroom family house in Livingston, NJ glows like the house was built at this moment. My husband is so proud of my choice hiring Seagull Cleaning Services. There are so many cleaning services out there but i strongly believe if you want quality cleaning you should go for one of the best! Money well spent I must say.Thanks once again Seagull Cleaning Services and we already signed up for monthly services for the upkeep of our house. More...


Serena Broxteen

2 August 2019

This just feels so good to me hiring this cleaning service everyone has been talking about. I got referred from a friend of mine who they turned their house so spotless I had to to come over to see how it turned out. i had no choice to hire Seagull Cleaning Services and I can't be more than happy.My residence sparkles from top to bottom. I really wish I had more than the tip I gave because they worth more and truly money well spent.Thanks so much Seagull Cleaning Services!!!!! More...


Mandy robinhood

23 July 2019

Seagull Cleaning Services really blew my minds off! I can't believe how they did it but they definitely know what they're doing when it comes to paying attention to details on how a deep cleaning service should look like.They exceeded my expectations and I can't be more glad to know quality cleaning exists. My Condo now sparkles and smells so fresh. Money well spent I should say and am glad i did gave them a huge tip too.Thanks Seagull Cleaning Services. Will refer you to all my colleagues and friends and whoever loves deep cleaning!!!! More...


tierra lonson

9 July 2019

An effortless experience in a city where scheduling things could be so difficult but thank God to this wonderful cleaning service. The website is well set up and I could easily make payment online with ease. Estimate is what i expected and well deserved. The team showed up on time, and got to work showing concerns to all nooks and crannies. My new townhouse in Summit, NJ smells so amazing and spotless! This is what I call a deep cleaning of all standards. I surely recommend Seagull Cleaning Service for everyone!!!! More...


Virginia Savandah

30 June 2019

The best cleaning service we have ever had in the past. They cleaned our 5 bedrooms and 4 bathroom townhouse and all i can say is they are extremely friendly, nice, responsible,paid attention to all details and professional. They bring every equipment you could ever imagine for cleaning. This is literally a worry-free experience. I highly recommend their service to everyone who is having a hard time doing cleaning by themselves. Just "Whoaa" when I saw the bathroom after he finished cleaning. 5/5 stars all day!!! More...


Nashaya Simpson

30 June 2019

I never write reviews! I had no choice to get this off my chest as this cleaning company blew my minds out with exceptional services. I have used a bunch of cleaning services and companies over the years and have yet to be fully satisfied with any of them. I had an awesome experience with Seagull Cleaning Services. Our new town house in Livingston, NJ should be called the sparkling home! From top to bottom, all nooks and crannies gleamed so beautifully. I and my husband can't be more happy for money well spent.Payment was done easy online too. I couldn't resist signing up for a bi-weekly cleaning service.Highly recommend!!! More...


dennis mcarthy

30 June 2019

Great Service!!! Great rates!!! Seagull Cleaning Services has been providing weekly cleaning at our dental office in Montclair, NJ for the past 9 months. They came highly recommended by a colleague who used them at a previous job site in Edison a few years back. After things began to go bad with our old maintenance company we decided to give Seagull Cleaning Services a try and we've been really happy and using them since. The guys are such hard workers who pay close attention to details, which I love and think is most important to maintaining the upkeep of an office space.Hire Seagull if you really need quality cleaning services!!! More...


Nicholas Nick

28 April 2019

I've been using Seagull Cleaning Services for almost a year, and I couldn't be happier. The team also clean my mom's medical office bi-weekly and their cleaning has always been thorough, the products used smell so wonderful and organic.Professionalism and level of standards this cleaning company has is up the peak! I have used other companies in the past with far less satisfactory results. I am pleased to recommend this cleaning company to all comers. More...


Bernard Craig

29 March 2019

My property Manager referred me to Seagull Cleaning Services to deep clean my newly bought townhouse in Queens, NY and the result was more than satisfying. I am so glad I contacted the owner and he actually took his time with his team to make sure all the nooks and crannies was detailed. I couldn't hesitate to call my friends to come over to see how my house looks like now. I already signed up for a bi weekly cleaning and am extremely satisfied with the flat rate and discount offered.I highly recommend Seagull Cleaning Services. They are one of a kind! More...


Anna Murray

27 February 2019

I really believe this is the best commercial cleaning company ever! Communication with the owner was so easy and smooth as he worked around our schedule and through the entire process.They cleaned up our dental office in Chatham, NJ and everywhere smell so refreshing! One of our clients came in and even asked if she could use their services.We will be using their services from time to time and won’t stop the referral to family and friends.Thanks Seagull! More...


Jeffery worthington

27 February 2019

Finally I and my wife could sign up for the right cleaning service after trying so many others in the past. Quality service at its best and also the best money ever spent!We hired Seagull Cleaning Service to do a deep cleaning of our newly bought house in Somerset, NJ and the results was amazing!We came back home and all we could say was WOW!My wife and kids are so happy! The whole house smells so fresh and you can definitely tell they used eco-friendly products.Thanks Seagull Cleaning Services and we highly recommend this company to family, friends and loved ones. More...


Kante George

30 October 2018

Seagull Cleaning Services was just awesome!. They cleaned my new apartment from top to bottom with amazing attention to detail. After six months of construction, I thought I'd never get the apartment clean and the dust was completely gone. They have a practice method of cleaning which amazes me compared to other cleaning services. I highly recommended them completely. They cleaned paint off windows, climbed ladders to get those out of reach places. Grease from kitchen all gone. Its like a miracle.They just cleaned the apartment like it belonged to them with so much dedication and motivation. I can't rate them highly enough and the good part was they scheduled the appointment on a Sunday to accommodate my rushed schedule. Bravo!!!!!. More...


Ben Richie

30 September 2018

This is hands down the best cleaning service I've used in NJ. I have an insane schedule, and the owner confirms my cleaning in less than 24 hours, gave me an insane promo for first time cleaning, and replies to my messages within 15 minutes. The way my Condo was organized without me asking still marvels me. A trial will convince you of what quality means hiring Seagull Cleaning Services. More...


Ben Feather

30 September 2018

Professionalism at its best! Seagull Cleaning Services provided the best of quality services and pricing was so reasonable compared to all other cleaning companies. i just had to make an easy deposit via their website and job was done as desired.There is value in what they know how to do best.I have a pretty busy schedule but they perfectly worked around my schedule and made my new condo sparkle more than ever before.I really recommend Seagull Cleaning Service for those who love quality cleaning at its best! More...


Nanda stevens

31 August 2018

This is one of the best cleaning services that really knows how to make a home spotless!We just bought our townhouse in West orange,NJ and Seagull Cleaning Services came to our rescue for a deep cleaning to deliver outstanding results.They handled the house like it was theirs with concentration and diligence. Automatically we signed up for a weekly service and feels so fresh being in a brand new house.Thanks Seagull Cleaning..You're the best! More...


markus lunversoft

1 August 2018

If you never tried a cleaning service that knows what they are about, kindly try this company Seagull Cleaning Services is just WOW! I tried them to clean my townhouse in Clark and they did an amazing job! I already signed up for a bi weekly service and the prices are so reasonable with easy access with payment just clicking on their website.I recommend Seagull Cleaning anytime! More...


pricilia norman

7 June 2018

Can't believe wasting so much time with other cleaning services but finally we found the right one!
Quality services speak not my words but actions! We signed up for Seagull Cleaning Services after they made our new house in Edgewater NJ, so spotless and also contracted them for our office cleaning too.
It's so amazing when you can have someone to rely on and you can also learn the principles of keeping a fresh and clean home spotless!

I recommend this cleaning company for anyone who loves quality and i mean"QUALITY" cleaning service. Prices are very reasonable and you will definitely get exactly what you paid for even not more!


Nicole Mandarin

28 May 2018

This experience with Seagull Cleaning has been very amazing! After hours of reading through reviews from different house cleaning companies, I came across Seagull Cleaning Services. So before my wedding anniversary , I urgently needed a house cleaning service because I was having a lot of family over on that occassion. I'm a very picky person and I hesitate a lot before hiring a housekeeper because I like to have my home spotless!I am so happy that I came across the Seagull Cleaning Services. Besides having exceptional customer service, they deep cleaned everything so well that I was astonished. I hadn't seen my house so clean in such a long time.They were so nice and it was just incredible work on their part.You can't beat that price for quality services they render only if you don't love spotless services. It was a totally different house when I came back from grocery shopping. I am definitely recommending this service to all of my friends that live in proximity to Seagull Cleaning Services. No wonder they get so many good ratings! Thank you so much! More...


Debra Suntra

23 May 2018

All I can say is thank you so much Seagull Cleaning Services! Quality service you guys provided was beyond my imagination and reasonable pricing too.
My Husband and I signed up for a recurring service and we sharing your services to everyone that cares to have their home look as radiant as ours!
We highly recommend!


bijal Shenvi

29 April 2018

The Best Cleaning Service! Our tenants left our rental apartment a total mess and we called Seagull Cleaning Services. Prices were reasonable and they arrived early and brought all of their own supplies! They made the hardwood floors shine and the bathroom sparkle; they not only made an old refrigerator look brand new, they pulled it out and spotlessly cleaned the floor underneath and the walls behind it. I thought we would have to replace the bathroom sink since it was so gross, but they some how made it look like we just pulled it from the box. Every speck of dusk from the unseen top of the cabinets and window sills, to the darkest corner of every closet was removed. They made the apartment look like it was just constructed. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job.


Martha Roberts

26 April 2018

So glad after doing much research, I chose Seagull Cleaning Services. Punctuality and professionalism which was so nice and appreciated. Prices was far reasonable compared to other quotes I received while searching and the best of all you can book and make payment online via their website.It's super easy to schedule our monthly cleaning.
When I came back to the apartment, it looked amazing!! Everything looked brand new! Thank you so much, Seagull Cleaning. I will definitely recommend you and look forward to using you guys again!!!

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