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I provide health-focused life coaching for men and women seeking to improve their lives through optimal wellness and developing habit patterns that will help them maintain a positive direction in life.

The reason I put wellness first is that no matter your frustration, everything gets better when we are full of energy, out of pain and feel like our mind and body connection is strong.


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Claire Louise Taylor

22 September 2019

Its amazing what confidence can do to you and thanks to scott laidler online personal training i feel so much confident and happy in myself, still got a lot to go but looking forward to doing another 6 weeks at it Thanks!!


Katie. S

15 December 2018

Cool Coach! I worked with Scott through a rough patch in my personal life. Really helped me get some perspective and see things from my partner's point of view. I salvaged the relationship but was also able to define/communicate my needs and actually value myself beyond my role in the relationship. Thank you! More...


Juan Carlos

9 December 2018

I was wasn't sure if I could afford Scott's service when he first quoted me on bark, actually he was about $25 dollars more expensive than my second choice coach, so I was really in two minds, I wanted to do the sessions, but I was worried that It was going to be unsustainable to for me. Scott called me to chat after I posted my request and we spoke for at least 45 mins, I was quite impressed that he didn't seem rushed or too worried about charging me, he seemed to just want to know if he could help. whats funny is that after about 15 mins i kind of felt like I was trying to convince him that I would be a good student! I was in need of some help with establishing a self employed career, I was just fed up with my corporate job and I wanted to make my portrait art work. We figured a few things I could do to earn a bit more and I actually didn't get back in touch with Scott for about a month after our call. I'd put some of his tips in place and started to earn a little from my drawings. I figured this was money I wouldn't have had anyway so I just invested it in Scott's sessions. We now speak about once every two weeks to focus on my personal development and now that my business is going ok, I really want to focus on the serious stuff and find a partner, which Scott is helping me with mindset wise. I particularly liked that Scott checks in with me all the time to make sure I'm doing what we've agreed the plan is. His service at the moment is online only, I would like to have some sessions in person but for now I'm getting a lot out of the Skype calls that it's a good fit for me. I would recommend Scott to anyone simply wanting to be a better version of themselves. More...


Sandra Miller

29 November 2018

I first sought out Scott's services when I was going through a really tough time trying to determine a clear career path in my life and get through a period of stress. My initial hesitation was that Scott has an extensive health background so I didn't know how well his skills would translate to my issues, I was happily surprised by Scott's understanding of psychology and actually I now realize that health and mental health really can't be separated. As a result of working together I now have a clear idea of what i want to achieve and actual goals to aim toward. I now also eat much better and even workout ha! it helps me weather the storm when I get stressed. Actually I feel great and admittedly I'll never be a 'gym bunny' but I do enjoy being active.

The sessions were really insightful. There were times where we laid out strategies and other times where we went quite deep and I discovered things about myself that I don't think I'd ever have articulated alone.

I like the fact that we can just jump on a Skype call for our sessions, it feels more efficient than having to travel somewhere. Overall I would recommend Scott to anyone looking for clarity and a plan to move forward with in life!


Ravi Rughani

7 November 2018

Scott helped me achieve my fitness and aesthetic goals in double-quick time, as well as taking the time to check on my diet / lifestyle during regular intervals. I highly recommend Scott!


Annabel Wray

5 November 2018

Having worked with Scott on numerous occasions, it is clear that his dedication and experience in personal training is impressive. He has a wealth of knowledge in training alongside nutrition and mind set. It is always a pleasure to work with Scott! More...


David Higgins

4 November 2018

Scott is one of the leading experts in the health and fitness industry. We have successfully worked together on multiple projects and I couldn’t recommend him enough. He is a true master of his craft and a good old fashion gentleman to boot! More...

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I love watching people gain a new understanding of what is possible for their lives. This can be in the form of getting in amazing physical shape, getting past a fear, starting a new business or finding their ideal partner. It means a great deal to me to provide as much value as I can to my clients and help them constantly edge closer to becoming their ideal version of themselves.

I have operated my own business since I was 23 years old. I knew during my university degree that if I wanted to impact the most amount of people I needed to be able to control my time as best as possible, that way I could take periods of study and singular focus whenever I came across a new area of health or psychology that I wanted to deep dive into. I'm really glad I made this decision I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have a proven track record at delivering for my clients and adding maximum value at the highest level. You can find out much more about my career history at www.scottlaidler.com/online-life-coach



The majority of my clients speak to me on a semi-regular basis to benefit from accountability and insight. My life coaching service has helped many people achieve goals in their lives across many different areas including: - Improving career prospects +starting a new self-employed business - Setting goals and creating a solid plan for achievement - Working through relationship issues, helping to improve communication in existing relationships, analyzing patterns that have caused failed relationships or creating a plan to attract an ideal partner - Working to establish productive & positive habits that will help enhance the overall trajectory of your life - Delving inside to discover and replace thought processes that are holding you back - Creating a plan for improving one's health, establishing a healthy weight and eating in a healthy way Because I am based between Los Angeles & London, generally speaking, Skype or phone coaching is most appropriate.