Séchoir beauty bar

Séchoir beauty bar

Séchoir beauty bar locationDunn Loring Woods, Virginia

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Séchoir beauty bar Reviews

Séchoir beauty bar Reviews

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Cindy Evangelista
4 28/06/2018 Cindy Evangelista

Great customer service and talented staff, especially Rania. I recently got eyelash extensions for the first time and love them and about a month ago I got micro bladed. Both services were completed by Rania. She is a true artist and works with you to achieve your style and look. She's a bit of perfectionist, which only works in her customer's favor. The staff is very accommodating and provide first class service. I will continue to use their service for my lashes and brows.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Paola Garcia
5 09/06/2018 Paola Garcia

Got hair and makeup done for an engagement photo shoot. I loved both my hair and makeup!!! The makeup artist, Elise, transformed me and the makeup lasted all day and night despite the dc humidity. The male hair stylist, apologies I didn’t get his name, was a joy to work with!! He made me smile and laugh and had a strong attention to detail and took his time giving me the curl waves I wanted. They both made me feel confident and beautiful and I can’t wait to share the engagement photos with them.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Takhmina Tursunbai kyzy
5 03/06/2018 Takhmina Tursunbai kyzy

Great salon, great people, great service! It's so cute inside, masters know what they doing even more than myself. You can find more than you thought, and they always have great deals! Service is amazing, the coffee is delicious, they also give nice massage when washing hair. The best part of it that is affordable! Totally recommend

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by lenore comuniello
2 22/05/2018 lenore comuniello

This location was super clean. I was greeted immediately and served immediately. I went to get my eyebrows threaded - $15. Overall, my eyebrows are just OK. Not worth $15. They’re a bit uneven ( i know they’re sisters not twins) but they don’t look matchy at all. I went home and felt like i had to fix them because the woman left little stragglers behind. If i was desperate i would return. I just moved here and honestly was just an OK experience.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by J. Chase
5 17/05/2018 J. Chase

Tony cut and colored my hair. I love it! I have grey hair. I wanted to add pink and purple but I don’t want to strip my hair to do it. He said he could just color the grey and it would look great. I was understandably nervous. I only wanted a little color. Boy did he come through. It looks fantastic. He gave me a super cute short cut also. When he cranks that music up he is amazing! He had several people come in for blow dry while I was waiting. Each one looked great when he was done. I recommend this place. Clean, nice people, easy parking, great haircut.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Sarah Curzon
5 05/05/2018 Sarah Curzon

I got my eyebrows threaded and a haircut. Rosy threaded my eyebrows and she was very precise and paid attention to detail, pointing out what I needed to do to let my eyebrows grow back in fully from a previous bad eyebrow threading (at a different place). Hirut cut and blow dried my hair. Again, she was very detailed oriented and walked me through everything she did. Everyone there was friendly and the atmosphere was stylish, yet comfortable. Will definitely be going back.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Shireen Abdelhaq
5 21/04/2018 Shireen Abdelhaq

I am amazed by the work Tony does he completely transformed my hair and I will never go anywhere else. I love Sechoir and the service here is beyond 5 stars. Everyone is extremely friendly and accommodating in every way. I have never been to a salon where everyone’s main goal is to provide 5 star service to everyone. I went in with jet black hair and wanted to go lighter. Tony did what was best for my hair and achieved a look that I didn’t even know was possible. furthermore, my hair was a process so I watched his entire day at the salon. He took care of everyone! The hair cuts, colors highlights and blowouts were done quick gracefully and to everyone’s liking. Every client walked out turning heads. Sechoir is so far the best beauty bar in the DC metropolitan area. If I could give it 10 stars I would!!!!!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Jackie Franchi
5 20/04/2018 Jackie Franchi

I love this salon. Yet another great experience today. The person who helped us make the appointment was supremely patient with multiple changes. Tony did my daughter’s hair for prom and it was stunning. Even better, he made her feel great about it. Highly recommend Sechoir.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by kerry ross
5 19/04/2018 kerry ross

Amazing place.. Tony is honest and truly gives sound advice for your hair. Mona washed my hair and as creepy ad it sounds has magic fingers. Paris greeted me with a huge smile and made me thankful for "me" time. Gem of a place...

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Melody Dunn
4 08/04/2018 Melody Dunn

Have been seeing Hirut for a basic trim. She gives me exactly what I ask for and does not cut off more. The shampoo chairs are very comfortable and it is a cute salon. I like that I get to watch a runway show on TV while I'm getting a cut but I would like to be in front of a mirror to see what is going on. I recommend Hirut. She's very sweet and listens.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by ella b
5 31/03/2018 ella b

First let me start off by saying that I am so glad I found this place! Got my eye brows threaded and also asked about other services. Sechoir beauty had the best ratings in my area. The front desk young lady was so sweet and answered all of my questions about the services. I will definitely be coming here for all of my beauty needs. They do anything from eyebrows to color and blow drys. Go here!!!!!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Sandee Kanemoto
5 16/03/2018 Sandee Kanemoto

I went in to have my haircut fixed that I had gotten at Haircuttery a few days prior to my appointment with Tony.
Let me tell you, he fixed my haircut and I left feeling GREAT!
I was so bummed out that the other hairdresser messed up my haircut so badly, but forgot all about it after Tony cut & styled my hair. Thank you so much!
I’ll say it again, go to Tony!!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Junior Jenda
5 02/02/2018 Junior Jenda

This place is amazing. The service I receive there is always beyond my expectation. Rania works on my Beard treatment and I noticed the results like after the first session. All the in-growing hair bumps GONE. They use the latest technology machine on the market. I couldn’t be anymore happier. I have a smooth chin and neck. I would definitely recommend them. They provide all kind of services for both men and women. It’s the BEST spa in town. Check them out.


Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Judy Anthony
5 21/01/2018 Judy Anthony

This was my first visit to the salon and I was fortunate to find Tony for color correction. I can honestly say this is the first time that I’ve spoken to a colorist who immediately knew what was wrong and what was needed and who elicited feedback throughout the process. After my color was finished he checked to make sure I was happy with the results and (sincerely) offered to adjust the color if needed. We just seemed to be on the same wavelength.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Jean DuBro
5 14/01/2018 Jean DuBro

Nice people across the board, comfortable, convenient and attractive space. Best part is that my husband LOVED the blowout style I got here - he raved about my hair. I'll be back!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Tania Tiff
5 13/01/2018 Tania Tiff

Really loved the whole experience, from shampoo to conditioner and the hot towel. The blow out was very nicely done as well. Sadly it was a rainy day so my hair frizzed but that not the salons fault. It would be my hair. Thank you Tony.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Alexandra Cuggy
5 02/11/2017 Alexandra Cuggy

Everyone here is so accommodating and make you feel special. From the front desk to the actual service providers, everyone is friendly and warm. I love my hair - Tony is the best and gets it right every single time! I can be in and out during my lunch break, which is the cherry on top. Love Sechoir!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Danny Mokbel
5 27/10/2017 Danny Mokbel

Was referred to Sechoir by a friend, called them and made appointment and they quickly placed me in the same day. Then apon arrival very nice and comfortable look to the salon. Well greeted and sat right away. Tony ask was great and did exactly what I wanted.
Very friendly atmosphere and great place to get a haircut and beard trim
Worth it

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Maureen Menjivar
5 Maureen Menjivar

Love Bree and Waleed! The owner is super awesome! The head massages during a shampoo...HEAVEN! Such a chic and sophisticated salon!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Nicole Dunn Marsh
5 Nicole Dunn Marsh

Walid is a premiere stylist & colorist, and the salon has a great atmosphere with a professional team.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Amal Meqdadi
5 Amal Meqdadi

I love this place. Great talent and customer service. I got my eyelashes extension, microblading, and hair color done. Amazing results. I'm in love.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Nimeh Abu Eid
5 Nimeh Abu Eid

I am so glad I chose Sechoir to get a haircut. Toni did a WONDERFUL job. The staff are nice and welcoming. I will definitely be going back even though I live two hours away!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Dana Mariano
5 Dana Mariano

Found a new place to get my hair done! Ask for Hirut! She made my grays disappear! �

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Mihret Zeleke
2 Mihret Zeleke

It’s a ripoff. $20 for eyebrow threading is ridiculous which I can get the SAME exact service anywhere with half the price. This is my first and last trip!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Nicky Oliver
5 Nicky Oliver

Coming from a blowout junkie this is by far the best blowout bar I have tried in the area. Better than DryBar, Cherry, and the rest hands down.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Shadia Nassar
5 Shadia Nassar

By far one of the best places to be to get all of your beauty needs! Exceptional service and friendly staff, leave feeling like a princess :)

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Sarah J Chowdhury
1 Sarah J Chowdhury

I wanted to like this place, I really did! But unfortunately after my horrendous hair color experience, I have to stay I will not be going back to this place, nor would I recommend it to anyone.
It started nicely, I was welcomed by Hiba and she was nice. I had a 2:30 pm appointment for full face threading but the girl was behind schedule so Hiba offered me tea/coffee and I got a teavana tea. So far so good. My threading appointment started 20 mins later with Mina. Mina is nice but she is SLOW. Usually my full face takes about 30 mins, she took an hour. Yes she was caring and all, but sitting in that chair with your head like that for an hour is not the most pleasant experience! It was still ok until then.
Then the nightmare started. I was introduced to Walid, my hairstylist. He had such an uninterested and reluctant attitude from the beginning. Not sure if he was annoyed that I was an hour late for his appointment but he should have known that I was late because his co worker started me late on threading and took awfully long. He also handed me a pamphlet for hair laser removal, not sure what he was implying but all that aside, he barely paid attention to what I wanted. If he had heard me right, he would have known that I wanted an ombré balayage. I told him I want lighter on the bottom. But he totally didn’t care. Then I showed him some pictures and we chose one color. I still had hope....
Then my coloring started. I have never met such an unfriendly hair dresser. He didn’t even attempt to be nice, just doing his thing. Which is fine by me, I don’t necessarily need to chit- chat with him. But if you had trusted someone with your hair, you would expect him to be warm and nice.
Finally, my hair is done, it’s AWFUL! It’s brassy and ugly. First he denies and tries to compare it to the picture. When I repeatedly said I didn’t want this color, he finally said ok, we can use another toner. Little did I know what is coming next. He did use another toner and made my hair close to my original hair color, you can barely see the highlights! After $400 + (with tip) this is what I get!! So utterly DISAPPOINTED. First, it’s not even a proper balayage (horrible job)and second you can barely see it. I could have spent one fourth of that money and got a better job done elsewhere. At this point, the salon is about to close, I have spent about 7 hrs in that place, I was done. I was ready to get out of there. But with a very heavy heart that I spent $400+ for highlights you can’t event see!!! I still paid tips to everyone including the girls who washed my hair. Also, I feel like they charged me for the second toner when it was not my fault. Hiba did say it was not, however, why would you charge toner separately and not include in the $200 balayage cost???!! Who gets highlights without a toner???!!!! That sounds shady!!
I wanted to go back for some appointments with Rania. She seemed very nice and has some services that I wanted to do, but looks like I will take my business elsewhere! REALLY UNHAPPY �

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by M'Shai S. Dash
5 M'Shai S. Dash

Quick service and great tea. The salon has a bubbly staff and offers a wide array of services. I highly recommend it.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Katie Rowley
5 Katie Rowley

Loved this place! I went in for a cut and style and absolutely loved my new do! I was beyond comfortable...and we all know how sometimes salons can be uncomfortable. My stylist was very sweet and polite and listened to what I wanted. The price for what I got was very reasonable and am happy to say I'll be going back! A+++

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Sara Baillie
5 Sara Baillie

I am incredibly happy with my experience here. I came for my engagement picture hair and make-up. Upon requesting an appointment I was offered a free consultation. During the consultation I showed the hair stylist and make-up artist pictures of what I was looking for.

The day of the event was flawless. The stylists and artists were able to meet my needs and give me exactly what I described. I tend to wear more natural make-up and have had too many experience where stylists typically cake it on. Not as Sechoir. They gave me the natural glam I was looking for. Also, they use quality make up which stayed for 8 hours and my face did not break out afterwards.

I will absolutely come back to this salon and recommend them to friends and family.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Laurie Brown
5 Laurie Brown

I feel gorgeous! They were so gracious, accommodating my changing schedule �

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Janice Turek
5 Janice Turek

What a wonderful experience from the latte, the shampoo with warm towels and the ambiance. I felt regal and Hirut Did a great job!

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Madeline Smart
5 Madeline Smart

I absolutely love this place. Luxury feels while getting glamorous hair. Heather Smith is my hair stylist and has been for years. I won't see anyone else. She is a master colorist and she absolutely saved my hair from critical condition when it was burnt off in a bleach bath a few years ago. It took a while to get my hair back to normal and because of Heather it is now healthy, soft, and growing. Everyone that works here treats you like royalty. The owner is so wonderfully humble and nice. It is clear that she cares not only for the salon but her employees as well as every single client. The manger Brie is very attentive, always offers you a coffee or tea, and they have a nice upscale coffee machine that makes lattes and cappuccinos. Brie is an incredible makeup artist. She did my makeup for a bachelorette party and I haven't felt that beautiful in a while. She is also very upbeat, fun in spirit, and full of information. Coming here is always a great experience.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Sandra Fahmy
5 Sandra Fahmy

I went to sechoir because I am a bridesmaid for a friends wedding. If I could give this place more than 5 stars I would.

My hair is naturally very curly and frizzy and most people struggle to deal with it. I booked with waleed the senior stylist who recommended that I do a glaze since my hair is so dry. I was anxious to see the results but honestly the blow out couldn't have left my hair more voluminous, silky and glamorous. Waleed was so professional, friendly and really made you feel like you were being pampered because he really took his time with you.

I also spoke to Heba the manager who has a great spirit and you can see how her unique vision has set the place apart. The whole salon has an incredible vibe, it looks luxurious without being pretentious and all the staff are warm and welcoming. The receptionist and waleed both asked if I wanted anything to drink and there were also French macaroons to eat! They use very high quality products and the music playlist adds a cool ambience to the place.

I paid $50 for the glaze and $45 for the blow dry but I got $10 off because I was a first time customer which in my opinion is excellent value from the service you get.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Elizabeth Hughes
5 Elizabeth Hughes

Tony did a fantastic job! I got partial balayage and extensions and the process was so easy! He was patient through my many questions during the consultation and the results were amazing! I will definitely be back �

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Allison Baker Shealy
5 Allison Baker Shealy

Great cut and color with Hirut! My hair looked like straw when I went in. Now it has dimension and looks so much healthier.

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Mariia Shevtsova
5 Mariia Shevtsova

I looove it! The staff is very friendly and caring! Place looks nice, clean and beautiful. And of course my fav hair stylist Tony is just the best! Highly recommend �

Review of Séchoir beauty bar by Frank Bispo
5 Frank Bispo

Best haircut I've had in a long time!! Tony is one of the BEST and the salon is a beautiful place that brings a sense of Zen. All of the staff are very attentive and will make you feel like Royalty! Thank you Salon Sechoir, Tony, and all of the staff! I'll be back soon!

Séchoir beauty bar

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