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chetan shedjale

6 April 2019

SalonMayfair has staff which really cares .Great therapeutic massage professional's !!


Gabriela Rios

6 March 2019

Excellent service!!!


Aaron Davies

6 March 2019

Best place to go for threading! Cheap and quick. Always happy with the results.


adilene munoz-sanchez

6 February 2019

I went to get my nails done by Mari and loved them like always! Her boss then threaded my eyebrows and I left very happy!! They are so professional and very nice More...


holly mcclure-larson

6 September 2018

Honestly the best experience I’ve ever had at a salon. The staff here truly cares about their customers. It has such an amazing positive atmosphere, it’s super clean and maintained, and I truly felt special. I got a spafinder gift card for my birthday last weekend so I Went in today to get my nails done but got so much more out of it....I got a salon for life!! More...


claire peters

6 June 2018

So fast at threading.


Muralikrishna Govindu

6 June 2017

Hard working and attentive owner.


Natasha M.

20 March 2017

Brand New facility - very earthy and amazing service. Threading lady was very professional. They also offer Massage - and Facials - have to try it soon. Will be back for sure.


Raven J.

6 June 2016

3 weeks ago I found this salon by doing a Google search b/c where I normally go for my hair maintenance, they were booked. This was my first time getting my eyebrows threaded. I know many people who get theirs threaded and they all agreed it does last longer versus getting your eyebrows waxed; they also said it does hurt a little. HA! I honestly wanted to just laugh the whole time because it didn't hurt at all to me!! I told the lady, "This is it !! This is what they were talking about ! :-/ Hahaha but I know everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. I'm going back today!! More...


Zarah M.

20 February 2016

Just walked in today and was seen right away for threading. Had full face threaded, reasonably priced. Quick and well done. She is the only threader so I know it will consistent results when I come back. More...


Yogesh Khatri

6 June 2014

Convenient Location. Friendly Staff. Reasonably Priced. Interesting note - thread was not kept in the mouth. The Esthetician used hands only technique for threading. Very Smooth hands. Salon also offers Facial and Waxing Services More...

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