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We believe that every woman should have access to a personal trainer, at an affordable price. Having a personal trainer check in on you If you miss a workout creates great accountability and will keep you on track! Voted best boot camp in N Texas in 2014, we are the leader in women's fitness, and have had the opportunity to train over 10,000 women in the state of Texas since 2009.


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Katie Ann Burgess

23 July 2018

Texas Fit Chicks rocks!! Fun workouts, energetic trainer, and making new friends! Best part is meeting goals and seeing results!


Chantelle Fish Abruzzo

23 July 2018

Neda is a great trainer! She's always upbeat and very motivating. She pushes you juuuust enough! I love the whole Fit Chicks program. It's non-judgemental. You get a different workout each time which always keeps things interesting and never boring! It's great for all fitness levels. More...


Danyelle Becker

23 July 2018

Awesome Trainer, amazing classes, wonderful results!!!


LeighAnne Gilbert Maloy

23 July 2018

SO MUCH FUN! These workouts rock! And this trainer is amazing! TFC is truly fantastic!


Holly Berry Beadle

23 July 2018

Fun workouts and a great trainer! I love Texas Fit Chicks!!


Chanel Brown

23 July 2018

Totally loving Fit Chicks! Im learning so much, getting in shape, and having a blast!


Erin Lafleur Larson

23 July 2018

Great workouts with alot of motivation. Awesome trainer.


Trina Pollock Warrick

23 July 2018

I love this class! So happy I found Texas Fit Chicks! Come try a free class with us!


Wendy Lau Lee

23 July 2018

When you come to Trainer Amanda's camp, you'll be inspired and surprised at what you can do! Great group of chicks, workouts that leave you a sweaty mess, and you'll keep coming back for more!.


C A.

18 February 2018

Neda is a great trainer!  The boot camp is very challenging, but a lot of fun too!  It's great for all fitness levels.  Come join us.  You will not be disappointed! More...


Heather G.

18 February 2018

I didnt really know what to expect when I decided to give it a try and I was feeling a little uneasy. After going once I was hooked. It is a very fast paced workout that gives you the feeling of accomplishment every time. Neda, our trainer, is fun positive and full of energy. She is always very supportive and helpfull of me acheving my goals. I would say to anyone who is bored with a traditional workout to try it out! More...


Denese O'Pry

14 September 2017

Best workout I've ever had and with an excellent trainer and great group of women. I really enjoy starting my days off here.


Jennifer Trejo Valdez

27 April 2016

Jessica is a great trainer. Motivates all, and will modify all exercises to help individuals who have a hard time. Highly recommended if you want to get in shape and have fun while doing it.


Aimee Enlow

18 February 2016

Jess is pretty much tha bomb! You won't regret it!


Serenity Kelton

7 September 2015

Fit chicks is hands down the best fitness program I've tried (and I've tried quite a few). Thanks Jessica Apodaca for keeping it fun but challenging!


Amy Vannett Hinds

17 January 2015

Jessica is an amazing trainer! She is a great motivator! Round Rock Texas Fit Chicks has changed my life. Thank you Jessica!


Lisa Martin Bonnell

23 September 2013

A fun and comfortable environment. Need a modification during the workout? No problem. Jessica is quick to show me modifications to fit my ability and still get results.

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Consistency is key! Once at class, put in your best effort. Take it rep by rep or second by second. Another very important known secret is diet. We provide a 30 day meal plan to help chick's out. Diet is not going on a crash diet. I'm using the word diet as in your life long nutrition intake.

Keeping my chick's motivated and watching them get stronger each class. It's not just a number on the scale. It's inches, body fat, confidence, strength, non-scale victories. The fit journey is so much more then what the scale tells you. Trust the process!