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Residential and commercial land surveying services to Knox County and contiguous counties.

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22 August 2019

These guys are great.! Most of the other companies are only interested in large commercial jobs and don't put any priority on small residential surveys. I needed a one acre lot surveyed to avoid causing any friction with my neighbor when I installed a fence. Roth Land Surveying did a perimeter and corner marker survey, with a map that is so nice I could frame it. They did the work ahead of schedule and it was 1/3 of what I was quoted for just a corner marker survey from 2 other companies. When the work was done the surveyor came to my residence and explained all of the details on the map and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend them. More...

27 March 2019

Gary is very professional, prompt, and friendly. He handled a property line dispute for us and highly recommend him!!!

27 March 2019

Outstanding company, very easy to work with and they are very professional. If you need any land surveying Gary and Kylene are the ones to call, I highly recommend them.

27 March 2019

Absolutely great customer service and professionalism they found existing property pins that had been buried for over 20 years in a very short time. The plot drawing was fantastic and very easy to read. . Very pleased and would recommend them to all companies and private properties. Thank you Roth Land Surveying More...

27 March 2019

I’ve used Gary Roth for my surveying needs since 2008. They have performed many many jobs for me without delay or issue. Always reasonable in cost and professional. I highly recommend Roth. More...

7 June 2018

My neighbor used Roth to survey his property and highly recommended them. We hired them to survey our property, they were very polite, professional and on time. I also felt their pricing was reasonable. More...

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