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Roma D'Italia

Warrenhurst, Illinois


Roma D'Italia

Warrenhurst, Illinois


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Lynn M Gory

29 August 2019

Delicious Food. owner is the best.


Quincy H.

14 July 2019

Awesome pizza, friendly customer service, and bomb mozzarella sticks. Mostly take out and delivery pizza, but there are five tables inside for you to come in for casual dining. They also sell pizza by the slice, which is hard to find! More...


Omar K.

5 June 2019

Employees are very nice and hospitable! Food was very good! Would highly recommend!! Especially if you're looking for a quick bite to eat. Comfortable atmosphere as well! :)


Dawn R.

27 May 2019

WOW!! Best pizza I think I've ever had, it is still good microwaved! The cheese they use isn't greasy and they use A LOT, which is awesome!! The crust is the best and isn't mushy after you microwave. Wish we still lived close because I can't find it's equal, in our new neighborhood. More...


Christian H.

6 March 2019

I come in at least once a week for the lunch special of a slice and a drink. Great price for amazing food. Highly recommended!! I love this place.


Kim F.

16 February 2019

Delivery was right on time and the food decent. Pizza had lots of cheese without requesting extra, and sauce had nice flavor. Probably not my first choice for pizza in the area, but I would order again. More...


Thomas O'Horo

20 December 2018

great food, awesome pepole


Brian S.

7 December 2018

Love their Italian style buffalo wings!They use yummy marinated peppers and their bacon, pineapple and garlic pizza is on point!


Loren W.

30 November 2018

WOW what a pizza! We had the hand tossed crust. I think this is my new fav! We had the basic cheese and bacon 24 inch. We will have leftovers for a few days. The cheese was thick and sauce was perfectly sweet enough and a little tang. Great pizza! More...


Zach H.

27 September 2018

Atmosphere is easy going, One family was having sit down dinner with their kids. Pizza was excellent, was worth the dollars spent on the pizza we got. Have eaten from here on occasion in the past few months , I enjoy the pizza every time. I am not incredibly familiar with the rest of the menu yet. More...


Robert Taft

16 August 2018

Great pizza!! I stop in whenever I can!


Jackie U.

3 August 2018

Woah, we came by here accidentally and we are so happy we did.  I only wish we lived closer.  I had eggplant parmesan and the wife had a meatball sub.  The sauce is to die for.  The eggplant was cooked just right.  The kids had pizza and it was a large slice and delicious.  The price for 4 meals was ridiculously cheap. More...


Kimberly Wright

23 June 2018

My son and I are from St. Louis and we’re in town for a baseball game that got rained out! We found this place and had lunch… I only wish the place was bigger so we could’ve brought the whole baseball team in for dinner! We have lasagna, chicken Alfredo and a couple salads and let me Telya the food was amazing! Also, the staff could not of been any more friendly or helpful while we were trying to decide what we wanted. You can’t beat the value! Next time we’re around here – we will definitely try the pizza since we saw it come out and couldn’t believe the size of it! Everyone should support their local independent businesses and when you find a good one – shout it from the rooftops! More...


Eric O.

17 June 2018

We were having a church picnic at a nearby park, and we ordered pizza for the main fare. Everyone we spoke to was very friendly and helpful. The pizza was ready right when they promised. When we picked it up, the pizzas were hot and smelled delicious. Everyone at the picnic really enjoyed the pizza. We received many compliments on the choice of pizza. We would definitely order from them again. More...


Ed M.

19 February 2018

By far the best pizza around this area. And its not just the pizza, all the food is fantastic.


Eric B.

3 February 2018

My family and I have eaten here many times and the food has always been excellent. Staff is friendly and the wait time is reasonable. During the summer we love to swing by around lunch time to grab the individual pizza slices for the kids. More...


Christi-Lynne England Hill

2 January 2018

Just ordered my first Roma D pizza.....THE. BEST. HANDS. DOWN. (Better than my Texas pizza)


Beth D.

22 December 2017

Our new favorite in Warrenville... sooo good (hello gorgeous crust)  and GREAT for huge parties/groups/hungry teens... love their Ginormous 24"... great customer service and although we love having pizza delivered... if you want a quiet date night... there are several tables.  We've enjoyed that too!  Highly recommend! More...


Janae T.

9 September 2017

First time trying this place using Grubhub and it was great! Fast delivery, easy to place an order, and most importantly the pizza was amazing! This will definitely be a repeat for us! The cheese was plentiful, the sauce was just right and the crust was amazing. The pepperoni was flavorful and crispy. You won't regret this place. More...


Khalilah W.

3 August 2017

This is my favorite pizza place,it's darn near perfect. I love the fact that I never have to order extra cheese,they understand cheese lol. The sauce is great, it's not overly sweet like some places. The prices are great. My only complaint is the crust,It's never crispy enough for me so I always put it in a extra hot oven for a few minutes,then it's perfect.I've tried a few other things on the menu,but I never ordered them again so I can't remember if they were great.But,I've been eating the pizza for 5 years. More...


Shaz G.

25 February 2017

Awesome pizza, reasonable price, clean and tidy will defiantly be coming back for more


Liz Eichler

15 January 2017

I've lived in Warrenville for 6 years and I just tried this pizza tonight and I am so pissed at myself that I've been missing out. Got the Italian wings- incredible spice blend, baked perfectly. Hawaiian pizza too- husbands choice, don't judge me- freaking amazing. I cannot wait to try more items + spread the word. Keep on keeping on, guys. � More...


Amy H.

18 December 2016

Great pizza! Love their thin crust and the people who work there are always nice. It's our 'go to' pizza place now


Jennifer L.

4 December 2016

Great pizza every time! The owner recently went out of his way for me when I ordered 3 huge pizzas by helping me to my car. I highly recommend this business!


Shawn R.

30 June 2016

Very high quality restaurant. I got the Italian deep fried chicken meal. It came with 4 pieces of chicken, fries, garlic bread and a salad. It was delicious and less than 8 dollars. I will definitely be returning. 5 stars! More...


Paul L.

11 April 2016

Didn't know this place was here until we saw them on Chicago's Best, and it turns out they are. This has become our pizza place of choice. Their thin crust is amazing and their chicago style is even better. Dough and all the ingredients taste fresh. Our favorite has become the meatball. More...


Lucia O.

24 October 2015

Very delicious pizza . Crust is amazing a little thick and so yummy!!!! This was our first time to order pizza from this place ,but we weren't disappointed.


Leslie S.

8 June 2015

Ordered the Gyro pizza for delivery. It was so good. Piping hot, and so flavorful. It has a good supply of ingredients, and the sauce was awesome. Must try!!


Dema L.

13 February 2015

Love doing carry-outs. Since discovering (2 weeks ago), I've been there several times. The lasagna, veal parmagiano and subs are delicious as well as great deals.


Keri M.

14 July 2014

Love the white alfredo pizza and the white garlic pizza. The twisted crust is perfect for dunking too! And their sausage has just the right amount of spice.


Heidi K.

11 July 2014

Winner winner, chicken dinner! (Chicken Parmigiana or Vesuvio, take your pick).While you can come to Roma D'Italia and certainly get a chicken dinner, I must highly recommend their White Pizza. Said pizza uses your choice of either Alfredo, or garlic and virgin oil as a base (rather than traditional red sauce) and your choice of two toppings.In addition to the White Pizza, they have several other "designer pizzas", including gyro, S.O.B. (sausage, onion, and bacon), Western, Chicken Ranch, and more. Of course you can build your own with traditional toppings, or branch out and give your pizza some capicola, eggplant, salami, or artichokes. Other menu items include soups and salads, subs and sandwiches (including cheeseburgers, philly steak sandwich, gyros, pepper & egg), complete dinners that include fried chicken, bbq chicken, baby back ribs, jumbo shrimp; italian dinners like veal parmigiana, lasagna, calamari & clams, chicken vesuvio, pasta primaviera..... it goes on and on and ON. There's something for everyone. Oh, did I mention they cater, too? Many different options are available at reasonable prices.Inside the restaurant are about 4 (maybe 5) tables, and it looks like seating is available outside during the warmer months, however they were not set up today. The interior has a cozy yet casual feel. Red and white checkered tablecloths adorn the tables and soft lighting gives Roma a slight edge over most standard carryout places.I believe it was the owner, Greg who took my order today. I ordered my pizza on site and decided to wait around for it. When it was ready he brought the box to me, which I thought was a very nice gesture. The crust is unlike most pizza crusts; this stuff is flaky and well cooked. The rolled crust is unique; a slight crunch on the outside yet the inside is soft and chewy. I loved it!  The oil and garlic combination is so delicious and my toppings (pepperoni and black olive) were evenly proportioned, neither sparse nor abundant. I look forward to trying other menu items in the near future, and hope to try to make it for lunch during the week sometime. They have quite a few lunch specials, all at super affordable prices.  I also hope to try delivery as well. Great job, Roma, you've got yourself a new fan. More...


Martin L.

1 March 2014

Good stuff! Best around here that's for sure! Greg is a good guy too. Always a good experience.


Ashley A.

18 June 2013

MMM, this is one of my new favorite pizza places! The crust and sauce are so delicious. There are coupons in their menu so make sure to grab one before placing your take out order to save some $. I like how I can order 1/2 pizza of one specialty pizza, and another on the other 1/2. They don't charge you at all for this custom topping design. Other places will charge you extra for this.Every time we go, the pizza is always ready when they say it will be and the service has always been great. I would definitely recommend this place! More...


Rick R.

30 March 2013

The Best Pizza in Warrenville, IL Hands Down!!!!Rick Ramirez


Rita G.

5 March 2013

If you want great pizza, you need to get it here. I am a good cook, and a fussy eater. The staff is friendly, they deliver, and try to make a small strip mall store look homey too!  Roma D has the best sauce, crust and has many side dishes and everything you could want.And that is the best anywhere, in Chicago!!! More...


Lisa Ann W.

29 January 2013

I had an excellent large, 3-meatball sandwich with delish sauce, nice thin, wavy fries that were done perfectly and large root beer last week!  The place was not busy, but I was there around 2 p.m. - in between mealtimes. Owner Greg was very nice and told me all about his new ownership and redecorating the restaurant. They have a new, cleaned-up menu, including lunch specials, and do a lot of delivery business. There are 5 four-top tables, cute Italian scene paintings with handmade rustic frames and the ceiling is done up "industrial" style. He is working on removing the old can lights. The walls are repainted and veneer brick gives it a nice homey feeling. Have not had the pizza yet, but owner described the crust as hand-rolled and not thin. If the sauce is anything like the meatball sandwich sauce, I think the pizzas will be very popular. Did I mention I'm Sicilian I know what I'm talkin' about! Visit romadpizza.com for the entire menu. More...


Sarah V.

20 January 2013

I love this pizza!  Not a huge pizza lover, but I could eat this pizza every day!!!  Moved down the street a couple of weeks ago and have already had it three times!  The workers are very friendly and there is a large variety on the menu. Prices are very reasonable!  Definitely visit!!! More...


Lee D.

11 December 2012

This review is only for the pizza, and only for carryout:Having recently moved to Warrenville, we found Roma D'Italia by doing a Google search. Their prices were better than their competitors, so we thought we'd give it a try. The pizza is VERY good. The sauce is in that happy medium between not too sweet, and not too acidic. The crust is not too doughy, not too thin. The braided rim on the crust is fantastic...doughy but airy at the same time. The cheese has a nice tang to it too. Employees (think ownership changed hands very recently, around the time we moved here) have always been very helpful and personable, and the prices are good (we get the 18" extra-large and it comes out to $17 and some change with tax).I'm glad we discovered this place...and my son the pizza-addict is even happier! More...


Jen K.

19 November 2012

I love the sauce on the pizza, it is on the sweeter side and there was plenty of it without having to order extra. The toppings were also chunky. We also were surprised at how good the wings were! The were quick and friendly. Can't complain about that!This place always has coupons in Clipper Magazine!I also would recommend this place for catering, the prices are great and they have a ton of choices. More...


Larry V.

11 January 2011

A great pizza.   this was our first visit to this place.   Since we were new, we ordered a Pizza, traditional hand-tossed with rim, an order of garlic breadsticks and 2 pepsi's.    We paid and sat down.   We got up to ask for our drinks and we were pointed to a beverage area behind the counter.   Very tough to tell it was self serve, he could have been more helpful.   the breadsticks were ok,  Garlic Bread would have been much better.  It was only available with Pizza Bread on the menu.   The Pizza was very good.   we ate in.  The eating area wasn't as clean as I would have liked, but it was ok.    When we left though,   we watched them shake out the rugs inside the restaurant.    Not very sanitary.     Even if they were closing, I would shaken them outside.    worth the visit, just be prepared to go behind the counter for your drinks. More...


Halley B.

23 March 2010

Roma D's is pretty wonderful if you work in the suburbs.  They have some great lunch specials and sell huge slices of pie by the slice.  What I love about this place is that it's quick and easy with options.  They offer pizza, different pastas, and salad.  I appreciate it when a place offers a salad that isn't covered in cheese and fried whatever.  The pizza is very cheesy which is a quality that I love and hate in pizza all at the same time. More...


Shari F.

15 December 2008

The spaghetti with meat sauce here is awesome. I also like their lasagna. My family orders dinner from Roma D's on a weekly basis and it's always really good. Their garlic bread is a bit too crunchy for my tastes, but everything else is delicious! More...


Sally N.

21 June 2008

Best pizza crust anywhere.  Also a great deal, quick delivery... you can't beat it!  I love the eggplant parm as well.


Chelsea D.

20 April 2006

Yippee, a place that delivers in Warrenville!!!  We have ordered from Roma D's since they first opened.  They are a good Italian restaurant and mostly do business through carry-out and delivery.  They do have a small eat-in area and then a few tables out front for nice days.  Their pizza is good and so are many of the other items we have had off of their menu.  The owners used to work there alot and we really liked them but now that they have become established they have some younger employees that work and their service isn't as great as it was when the owners were there all the time.  They have changed things on the menu a couple times and when we got our food we were a bit surprised that their food tasted different.  I think that they were just trying things out in the beginning to see what worked best for them...they haven't changed the food in quite a while now, I think!We have also used them for several parties we have catered and they do a great job...not too expensive either (cheaper than Portillo's and pretty comparable food...Portillo's is a bit better on the catering).They do have special lunch specials and you can buy pizza by the slice during the lunch hour -- it may be all day on that, not sure. More...