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We are an established fitness brand that started wit bootcamp training, weight loss assistance, obstacle course race training, endurance training, personal and small group specialty training. Since we own our own gym it has gotten a lot easier to be able to help more clients at once!

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Jenniffer Jimenez-Gonzalez

The dynamic duo known as Rock and Karma Fitness have and are continuing to help me reach my fitness goals.Through their guidance and support I have been able increase and build upon my fitness level. As a result I have been able to partake and complete two Spartan races. Their workout sessions are meant to challenge everyone from beginner to an elite athlete. After every workout session I'm left with a great feeling of accomplishment. You will work hard but at the same time you will see what you are capable of. More...


Geraldine Sadek

Rock and Karma are caring trainers that want to help you accomplish your fitness goals. Not only are they wonderful trainers, they genuinely want to get to know all their clients. They have great workouts which will definitely make you strong and help build your endurance. Highly recommend Rock and Karma fitness. More...


Heather Garrett

Rock and Karma are the most genuine, caring, hardworking, and inspiring trainers I've ever met. They are truly care about every person with care and respect. They meet everyone where they are at with their fitness levels and help us all to obtain our individual goals. Can't say enough good things about Rock & Karma fitness. More...


Junior Gabriel

What can I say about RockNKarma Fitness.. They took me in 5 months ago and it feels like I've been part of this FAMILY Forever! Because thats just the kind of people Raul & Karen are. It doesn't matter what fitness level you are at, they will modify any workout for you or push you harder so that you may reach your potential. Joining #CarpeDiem and #RKFitness has been the best decision I could have made. Always surrounded by great, positive, trash talking teammates who will NEVER let you quit and NEVER leave you behind!! Love you guys! If you're ready for a TEAM FIRST team mentality, this is the place for you. But be ready to put in that work!! #ChasingGreatness More...


Daniela Silva

What started off as a simple desire to become healthy and have a more active lifestyle, has known grown to be a passion for pushing my limits to the next fitness level. With the help of this duo power couple > Rock and Karma, they have helped me build so much endurance and strength that I never even imagined I had in me.

Tire Flips, Rope Climbs, Box Jumps, High Elevation Training, you name it ... these were things I never had done in my life and now to have successfully completed my first Spartan, I am so thankful for their inspiration to help everyone meet their fitness journey.

I'm ready to keep pushing my limits even further. Thank you to my RKfitness family. �


Marie Flores

Rock and Karma They are AWESOME! Always giving everyone courage, strength, and you will always feel so welcome. Their training is not only challenging but there so much fun as well. Getting treated like family. They can seriously take you to another level. Always encouraging, pushing and with lots of motivation. Not only them, but the rest of the team are always helpful and very respectful. More...


Tito TC Hernandez

Rock & Karma Fitness, what can I say. They are great motivators with their philosophy of nobody is left behind, it truly brings people together and elevates them. Raul & Karen provide such a great experience for those who are novices and are on the fence about Obstacle Course Races, that a month with them and you will get through any 5k OCR. The homework is great, because it holds you accountable for race day preparation and emphasizes the importance of cardio. They both provide such a great environment, that most people that train with them, usually come back over and over. During my Carpe Diem training with them I met some wonderful individuals. I will be back for more before my Spartan Beast race in October. As the Rock states "What doesn't challenge you, won't change you." More...


Sonja Robertson

Rock and Karma are two of my favorite people. I met them both on my fitness journey and I have to say I couldn't have gotten this far without their workouts, their spirit, their motivation and most of all their leadership. If you are looking for something more than just a workout and want to be a part of an awesome fit family send them message and hit one of their training sessions! Trust me, it will change your life!! More...


Angie Radillo

The trainers are awesome, the facility is welcoming / appealing, and the energy is positive and contagiously uplifting�


Karina Gutierrez

I recently joined Rock and Karma to up my workout game. I'm happy to say that I'm so glad I did. They are not your average personal trainers and the workouts can speak for themselves. The commitment to their craft is what drew me in. They will make you feel unstoppable while kicking your butt in the process. They will give you much needed support and treat everyone like family. Work hard because you definitely play hard with these two! More...


Falcon Velez Connie

Rock and Karma Fitness are the most amazing human beings I've ever met. They literally go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and valued. Their training is intense and beyond anything I ever thought I could possibly do. They not only train to get you physically stronger but also mentally. This team like mentality makes their training sessions like no other. In the short amount of time I've trained with them I've come to realize why their team is so huge. That can do attitude that they exude is what keeps me wanting to push myself even further!!
Thanks RockandKarma


El Mikey Veezee

By far on the best decision I've ever made. Awesome workouts filled with intensity and motivation. If you need that extra push and motivation to meet that fitness goal this is the place! Rock and Karma are the sweetest and toughest mutha effers you'll meet. Their no man/woman left behind attitude will help guide you and give you the confidence you need to accomplish any task!! Every workout was different and a surprise so we never knew what was in store for us!! If you're serious about your fitness goals just do it! Sign up and make that change!! More...


Henry Rodriguez

I recently started with team. Best decision I made in my fitness journey. Raul and Karen are knowledgeable in obstacle course race. They workout are targeting for obstacle course race. Both Raul and Karen have done plenty of races to design a good workout program from beginner to expert on how to strengthen for races. They also treat you like family and encourage you from day one. The team also treat you like family . We all hold each other accountable. Plus you know you can count a team member to workout with you. Being a former Marine love the workout. Remind of my good old days. Will be tackling Spartan race . Seize the day!!! Want a family environment that hold you accountable join Rock & Karma Fitness! More...


Cindy Martinez

If you're looking for something different and that extra push then R&K fitness is definitely the way to go. I met Karen and Raul during my fitness journey about a year ago and They have been nothing but amazing and inspiring. Being a part of the Carpe Diem family has been an amazing experience, I never would have thought that would be able to complete an obstacle course race but with Raul and Karen's guidance I've been able to do it alongside all my amazing teammates. They Create a "No one left behind" atmosphere during both, workouts and during a race. That's what makes them special. They will push you to your limits but will never make you do anything they wouldn't do themselves, also the workouts are a lot of fun. I always look forward to training with them and I wouldn't be where I am with my fitness goals if it wasn't for Rock & Karma Fitness. They're a caring, badass, encouraging and inspiring duo. Most importantly they are passionate about what they do. I'll be earning my first Spartan Trifecta with Rock & Karma Fitness. Love them both! #TeamCarpeDiem #SeizeTheDay More...


Marie Rueda

I have never met 2 trainers that loved so much what they do as much as Raul and Karen AKA Rock and Karma. They give their heart and soul to their clients, but soon you find out that to them you are not just a client, you become part of this awesome family. They both posses this amazing energy and positive vibe that is so contagious that you can't help but to love them even more. I remember the very first day I met Raul as a trainer for the Camp, he was full of energy and he kept us energized the whole time and at the very end he finished his workout making us dance to Nae Nae song. I thought to myself "WOW, now that was a workout!!!" But that was short lived because he announced that same day that he was moving to a different Camp in L.A, then he opened the elite training, I loved it so much that I didn't mind driving an hour on Thursdays to be there at 9pm and get home at 11pm just to have to wake up the next morning at 4am... His energy is what kept me going for more. Then he met Karen (Karma) and it was a match made in a heaven, the 2 of them together was twice the energy. The way they care for people (not just clients) shows in a way that you have to witness it to understand it. I am honored to have met two beautiful souls and to have become part of their growing family. If you are looking for a place to meet your goals, look no more because they will guide you, teach you, support you, encourage you and take you under their wings. More...


Veronica Davalos-Lopez

Rock and Karma Fitness has been an amazing experience with two most dedicated, hardworking, yet down to earth and lovable trainers. They are dedicated to every individual in the team and they meet everyone's needs. They will go above and beyond to provide the best trainings. Rock and Karma will train you beast mode but you will Love it. The best part is that they truly make you feel like family and they make sure everyone works together as a team. Their motto says it all, "No one is left behind" If you love hard work, fun outdoor trainings, teamwork, and a family environment this is the team to be a part of. Thank you Rock and Karma for your hard work and dedication. More...


Zrdl Mirna

Joined the Rock & Karma fitness family about a year ago seeking that extra push and I have made so many amazing memories and learned so much along the way, workouts, correct form etc. Best trainers I've ever met who are so kind, knowledgeable, energetic, and genuinely want to help you reach that next level! If you're the type of person as myself who gets bored of the same workout routine and constantly looking for that next exciting workout...you're in the right place! They always have something different on the plate for all different fitness levels. Workouts are so much fun every time but definitely challenging as well. What I love the most is the thought and hard work Rock & Karma put in every routine they prepare for us. They always kick ass! I thank them for introducing me and hubby to Spartan Races, we are always pumped for that next one! Never would have thought I could take it to that level without their support, hardwork and training. I definitely would recommend Rock & Karma fitness to anyone looking to change it up and challenge themselves!� More...


Jenny Lee

Rock & Karma Fitness isn't like any other gym or fitness group out there. Rock and Karma are two of the most genuine, honest, hard working people you would be so fortunate to meet. They create this family environment where everyone pushes each other and supports each other through their fitness journey. They welcome your family and include the kids at many events.
Workouts are high energy and never boring. I'm someone who gets bored of something pretty quickly like the regular gym workouts so I quit and fall off the wagon after 2-3 months. That is not the case here! Been with them almost a year and even feel guilty or like I've missed out when I don't go. Rock and Karma believe in every single member more than they believe in themselves. Never in a million years did I think I would ever do a Spartan race... here I am now with 3 under my belt and 4 more planned for the rest of 2017 to earn a double trifecta. They stick by you through the races leaving no one behind and never letting you quit. They push you to conquer your fears and push past the limits you set in your head. There is a lot of hard work, but also so much fun during the process. There just aren't enough words to express my appreciation and gratitude to them.


Leah Russell

Love this place! If you want to get the best workout with a great group of people look no further than Rock and Karma Fitness. #SettingTheStandardsInCustomerService More...


Ana Luis

What can I say? Rock and Karma Fitness will be a place where no one gets left behind and the trainers will push you to your limits. I love the atmosphere, trainers and their workouts! I’ve been doing OCR trainings with them and did their chasing greatness program and they keep you motivated. More...

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Hard work and genuine dedication to their goals. There is no magic pill or supplement that will do the work for you. The trick is finding something you enjoy doing and setting goals!

We both found comfort and peace in working out and helping others as qe learned to cope with Karma's personal loss, and Raul's PTSD after coming home from overseas. It has been a healthy outlet for us both and we plan on sharing it with everyone.

Our environment and training style is inviting, challenging and motivating. We pay attention!