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We are the home of the 6-Week 20 Pound Challenge! We specialize in helping people change their lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.

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Results Transformation Center Reviews


Review of Results Transformation Center by Hannah West
1 19/05/2018 Hannah West

Rude. I quit. Signed the paper to quit...there still billing me 100$ a mo. Its been 8 months

Review of Results Transformation Center by Elvira Anderson
1 22/03/2018 Elvira Anderson

Very bad experience trying to cancel membership! Read the fine print people! They verbal say one thing and then when you try to cancel they reference the "terms and conditions you signed"!! Now I am STILL being billed from a credit bureau!!! COMPLETE bait and switch!!! Very unethical! If you are considering, my recommendation is to request everything they say IN WRITING!!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Heidi Childs
5 02/01/2018 Heidi Childs

This is the best exercise program. I never thought I'd enjoy working out.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Deechy Peachy
5 16/12/2017 Deechy Peachy

When I walked into Results Transformation Sunrise I had no idea what to expect. I was greeted by Coach Will with a high five and a great, energetic attitude. That scared me even more! The first workout was HARD, as was every workout after that. However, as I went in each day, dreading it when I left work, when I walked in to workout I remembered I was with friends and the staff made it feel like home.

Coach Will, Coach Curtis, Coach Randy and Coach John kicked my butt every single day, but it was worth every second. I also knew they were doing something right because I felt like I was going to die. Results Transformation Sunrise it's hands down THE BEST gym I've ever been to. (I've gone to a lot) and this will be the ONLY gym I will ever go to again. This gym, and these people make me feel better than I've ever felt.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Kyla Hall
5 16/12/2017 Kyla Hall

The atmosphere of the gym is unlike anything I have experienced in the past. The coaches, Will, Curtis, Stacey, John and Randy are the best! I took a 6 week challenge and was able to lose 26lbs in that time and honestly love going to the gym and seeing all of the positive and upbeat members each day. The results are real. You just have to put in the work.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Tara Dunn
5 26/11/2017 Tara Dunn

I come here with my boyfriend, who is a member, and everytime this place challenges me to push my best. So no matter where you are in your fitness, they will inspire you to do your best!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Nadine Abdeen
4 17/09/2017 Nadine Abdeen

Awesome gym.. I did the 6 week challenge and lost 21.2 lbs. So happy with my results. All the coaches are great but my favorite is coach Curtis. No excuses is his approach and I'm doing moves I never thought I would be able to do.
This is where they failed.
After my challenge I was given an option to become a member which I would love to become, but It wasn't the offer that my sister was given after her challenge she had just completed. I was told that if I lost 20 lbs my payment would roll over to pay the monthly installments of 99 per month. Hopefully they will be able to offer me the same as my sister received.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Kathi
5 30/05/2017 Kathi

The name "Results" says it all. That is precisely what you will get! If you are looking for a fun and supportive way to lose weight and/or get healthy this is it. The workouts are challenging but the coaches provide a lot of instruction and do so in a way to makes the time go by quickly. Every day you can feel yourself getting stronger, more mobile and able. With Results you are not doing this alone, the coaches and staff are always happy to answer questions and work through any difficulties you are having. If you are struggling with a movement they always have a modification. Other members share their journeys and challenges and that helps you pull through the tough days. I lost 22.8 lbs in my first challenge, now I am on to the next challenge and look to forward to losing another 20 lbs with the help of my Fit Family at Results!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Naomy Garibay
5 Naomy Garibay

After talking to a friend who because a member I decided on the 6 week, 20lb challenge and honestly it was the best decision I could have made. I am the type of person who need a little motivation. The coaches do just that. There where moments when I needed help in the food prep area and they offered help and even gave me a couple of recipes. I officially became a member and there is no looking back! I am so thankful this fit family. They came at the most needed time for me.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Miguel Macias
4 Miguel Macias

I took the six week transformation challenge, and my experience was great. I lost 24 pounds in the six weeks I was in. It definitely works all it takes is hard work and commitment. The coaching staff is very helpful, by providing a great workout program side by side, great dieting advise, and they help you stay motivated!

I really do recommend this program, but please read the fine print before you sign up. Only reason I didn't give them a 5 stars is because I was in hard spot and need my money back, but couldn't get it back because I did not meet the "BMI" requirements, although I did lose the 20 lbs and met my 30 days. Now I'm taking it day by day and signed up for the year.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Justin Howell
5 Justin Howell

There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and make a change to your life. Getting back to being healthy and in shape is one of those changes that can be so difficult and stressful. I discovered results a little over two years ago and can only praise this program for what it has done for me. After the last two challenges I did,I fell off and gained all the weight back plus 40 more. Stupid me. It happens to so many. It's easier to put it on then it is to take it off. Finally I decided to come back after a lot of thought and it was the best choice I could have made. They welcomed me back and it felt great to see everyone again. All the coaches and staff where always so helpful and encouraging. Could not recommend this program enough. It will kick your ass but it's the best ass kicking!! Now...on to round 2!!!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Misty Williams
5 Misty Williams

6 weeks ago I took control of my health. It was challenging. Over 120 meal preps, 84 protein shakes, supplements, 21 day detox, strict diet plan, 1 gallon of water daily, 34 scheduled workouts, I also worked out at home when I wasn't able to go to the gym. It became addicting, I started to see results, not just my body transforming, But my stress level is way down and I have so much energy. It doesn't just stop now that I have lost 20 pounds. My 6 weeks maybe over, but I am now a member and will continue making new goals for myself. Every coach had a huge impact on my life. Thank you for all your support.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Karla Gonzalez
5 Karla Gonzalez

It has been a big journey buy I am getting an close to my goal .. I feel so proud of myself. . I couldn't have a better support than my husband .. you have motivated me to this.. I could have not done this with out my girl.. @lovely207 you and I have come so far and I am so happy you didn't give up on me and girl I won't give up on you .. I love you and I'm glad we did this together .. and of course I definitely could have not gone this far with out my fit fam.. I love you all..
Thank you for not giving up on me. They definitely don't care just about the money they are there for you and your results.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Andy Kadell
5 Andy Kadell

So I started my 6 week 20lb challenge after seeing what it did for my now stunning wife Amber Kadell. Got me motivated to try and see how well it worked for me. First week was killer. Giving up foods, the workouts destroyed my core and I was having IT band issues. I stuck with it. Kept eating the right foods; kept pushing myself at every workout. The coaches are all awesome at demonstrating the proper techniques and motivating you to the next step or station. I wouldn't say they make it easy but without them it would've been a hell of a lot harder if not impossible to keep focused on my goals. I lost a total of 34lbs and I feel better than I have in a long time. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks they're too far gone to get back into shape. I plan on going another 6 weeks with this amazing team hoping to lose down to my target weight. This place works. It's fun and invigorating. It will make you believe in yourself. Don't just sit around waiting for a hero become your own. #results20

Okay! So I finally figured out how to work this 2nd review! I finished my 2nd challenge and lost a total of 60+ lbs doing so. The diet works. The workouts work. You show up. You get things done. You feel great about yourself. Not just for the rest of the day but the whole week. After this challenge I became a member and still continue to transform my body. Stronger, faster, and slimmer! I dropped 6 inches from my waist! I bought a new belt in the middle of this 2nd challenge and I'm already on the last notch! You lose what you give. Come in give it all you got every time don't cheat yourselves on this wonderful gym. I plan to stay on as a member even after I reach my fitness goals. You meet some great people. Coaches, members, and other challengers. They really built a family for success here and I'm glad to be a part of It! #results20

Review of Results Transformation Center by Jason Casey
5 Jason Casey

So I had high hopes going into this and they were pretty well met. Believe it or not though, when you are on a fat loss journey I never take the "you did it" approach. Let us be honest. I don't think I would have got as far as I did without the direction of the plan, the incredible help of the coaches, and the family that you are with. All of these combined encouraged me to work hard and stay on track. You have to make the effort and want to change, but once you do you are not alone in your journey!
I am down 21.8 pounds in Round 1, but I almost didn't make it. If it were not for two members (not even coaches) who kicked my butt in working out that last time I would have gone home disappointed. Rock on fitfam! Thank you for the help!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Joe Silva
5 Joe Silva

Having gotten off track I decided to do the Alumni 5 week 15 pound weight loss challenge. Reapplying my knowledge in the kitchen and the gym enabled me to lose 18 pounds in 5 weeks. The support from the coaches, staff, members and challengers in unparalleled. The workouts are never the same so it prevents me from hitting the dreaded plateau. The biggest thing I always take from these challenges is that no matter how far you stray from your fitness program it is always possible to get back on track by sticking to the food plan and exercising consistently. This place is my second home and as long as I live in the Reno area, Results will always be the place I work out at.

Review of Results Transformation Center by McKenna Kathleen Graham
5 McKenna Kathleen Graham

Update! I finished my second challenge and I am so proud to say that I successfully lost my twenty pounds again. The challenge was definitely harder the second time around but to say I am now half way to my goal weight is unbelievable. In a very short 12 weeks I have lost a total of 42.8 pounds and it was so worth joining this gym. I have wanted to lose my weight for awhile but I just didn't have the tools I needed, with this program it takes the guess work out and if you stick to the plan you will succeed. I can't wait to start the next 6 weeks 20 pound challenge.

Joining NV Transformations has been one of the best choices I have ever made. I decided to take the challenge because I had just had a baby and ever since I have been unable to lose the weight on my own. I tried all my usually tricks but nothing worked until I found this gym. The coaches are always motivating and helping me with my form and the people that go there are always positive and inspiring. I have successfully completed my first challenge and can't wait to go onto my second! I can truly say now that I love working out and that following the diet was the hardest part but to be here 6 weeks later and twenty pounds lighter it was all worth it. The program definitely taught me that I am stronger then I know and that I can push myself to new limits all the time.This last six weeks has changed my life forever for the good.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Wyatt Hammond
5 Wyatt Hammond

So at first I was skeptical of the gym and the workouts but that’s my nature. I learned though that if you do stick to the food plan and do the workouts you will lose the weight. I myself lost 26 lbs. There are however a few things to consider before you begin this journey. It is hard, very hard. I was lucky enough to have my significant other doing the challenge with me. The food plan sucks. What I mean by that is that yes, it is healthy, you do get sick of eating this way especially at first. I have now grown accustomed to the natural flavors in vegetables and meats. So stick with it! I do think the diet is also not a maintainable diet, once you are past the 6 weeks or past the challenges that you are doing it may be worth while to do an internet search of healthy diets so you don’t fall back off the track you have started. Lastly the workouts, there are a few coaches who I think are better at motivating then others, however if you just show up to the gym and do the workouts to the best of your ability each time it doesn’t matter who is coaching. Just get yourself sweating! Drink water!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Candice Rae
5 Candice Rae

I am completing my first round as a challenger and I am proud to say I will be starting my second round as a challenger shortly after final weigh-ins. It has taken years of me trying to motivate myself through diets, home exercising, gym memberships and a plethora of other false starts to find something that has truly worked for me and this has truly worked for me. It was not always easy but it was always worth it. I have found that I am happier, more relaxed, a better employee and a better person in my relationships. The coaches are very supportive and motivating and it is such a relief to have a safe environment where I can be myself and not worry how I look or who is watching. This has been a great experience and I highly recommend to anyone looking to make a change!!!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Laura Metlenko
5 Laura Metlenko

My experience at Nevada transformation center has been and remarkably amazing! I am so glad that my friend talked me into doing the 28 day challenge with her! That was the beginning of my journey I said a go for the 28 days to become stronger since I tore my ACL back ‘02 I was impressed with myself by losing 6 pounds!

I was so impressed with all of the staff and coaches for encouraging and pushing me to my limits that inspired me to do the 6week 20lb challenge!!!

Now I don’t only have a new routine of going to the gym 5 to 6 days a week but I have a whole entire fit Fam by my side every single day �

This journey has not only changed my life that has also helped me change the life of my whole family we now look at eating in a whole new way!

Today February 22, 2017 I cried this morning when I was able to put on a pair pants that I have not worn in 15 years!!!

I am excited, inspired & determined to continue my journey to a better me!!!

Thank you!!!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Mitch Harris
5 Mitch Harris

Well I can surely say the name speaks for it self, my life has changed mentally, physically, and emotionally I am doing things that I was never able to do in the past I came to this gym with a open mind and passion to change and it has been a life changing experience I am starting to see results in my first 6 week challenge I can not wait to continue this journey. BRING ON THE NEXT 6 WEEKS!!!! Well update after final weigh in I am down 30 lbs and more to go can’t wait. Gonna keep on crushing them pounds!!!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Barbie Parsley
5 Barbie Parsley

I made the challenge, down 20.2 lbs yahoo! The 6 week 20 lb challenge is the best decision I have ever made for my health. I found it here on FB and thought to myself, I need to change up what I'm doing. I started my weight loss journey in Jan 2017 and by Jan 2018 I had lost 80 lbs on my own. I was stuck on a plateau for 6 months when I decided to take on the challenge. The food plan has been easy for me to STTFP, which surprised me. I feel 100% healthier, both mentally and physically. I am so happy to be a part of the fit fam at Sparks Transformations. The coaches are fabulous in supporting my efforts and I actually am addicted to workingout now! BRING ON ROUND 2!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Kayla Standen
5 Kayla Standen

Today was the last day of my 6 week 20lb challenge at the Results Transformation center, and I feel like I have accomplished an amazing goal! I will not lie it was hard work and there were times I wanted to give up. However, with the support from the amazing coaches and my fellow workout team I was able to push through those insecurities. I have never had a workout experience that contained so much positivity and support. Plus who could dislike working out with awesome music and strobe lights! Sounds silly but until you experience it you don't know what you are missing! I admit I am addicted and I plan to either do another challenge or become a full-fledged member. Especially since, after weighing in today at the gym, I showed that I hit my 20lbs in 6 weeks! This is a wonderful program and if anyone feels like they need a jump start into healthy living I highly recommend it! #results20

Review of Results Transformation Center by Blanca Gonzalez Lundin
5 Blanca Gonzalez Lundin

In December of 2017 I completed the Finish Strong 28 day challenge. I started workouts and followed the suggested diet plan to get the best results. I did 18 works outs in the 28 days and lost 12lbs. I became a member after the challenge was over and continued to workout regularly about 4-5 days week. Although I was consistently working out, my healthy eating was not as consistent. In June I decided to do the Summer Slim Down member challenge to help me be consistent with my healthy eating. I just finished the challenge and I am down 16.4 lbs since the challenge started. Total down since December is 24.4 lbs. It hasn't been easy but it has definitely been worth it. I feel great, I sleep better, I fit into clothes that I have not fit into for several years now, I have gone down 2 pants sizes, and most importantly, I am loving myself. I love this place! The people are awesome, the coaches are awesome, and the journey is priceless.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Kerry Skinner
5 Kerry Skinner

Kerry Skinner
July 23 at 8:28 AM ·
Boy, it's unreal how age creeps up on us and how fast the time now goes. The one thing that I realized was that I could stand to lose a few pounds and get back into somewhat of a good shape. I saw a before and after picture of a friend Glen Fannon, his pictures are a great motivation. He guided me to the 6 week 20 lb Challenge from the Results Transformation Center. This program is the greatest at getting you back into shape. The classes are 1 hr of cardio and are always different. You think you've hit on every muscle you have and bingo, the next class you walk out a little sore due to those muscles you didn't know were there. This program has helped me in not waking up to old age soreness. I have a lot more energy and feel much better now. I have completed the first round and lost 21.4 lbs. Getting set to go for round 2. Oh Boy

Review of Results Transformation Center by Haley Youngblood
5 Haley Youngblood

I signed up for the challenge because I wanted to get a healthy routine started and to make fitness a bigger part of my life. The results center has definitely helped me achieve this! I lost a total of 4.7% body fat in 6 weeks and I don’t think I could have done that without the help of the results center. The coaches are always there to answer questions when you need them and they’re also always encouraging you and pushing you in order for you to reach your goals. I’ve learned I’m more capable than I thought before and my body can always be pushed harder. I overcame my uncomfortable feelings of working out in front of people and to just focus on my goals. I hope to stay at results for as long as I can and I 100% recommend it to anybody looking to either make a change or are just looking for a gym. I know I’m missing people to tag but thanks to everyone who has helped me during these 6 weeks. Thank you results! — with Cedric Kirby and 6 others.

Review of Results Transformation Center by Troy Muransky
5 Troy Muransky

I love my fitfam and all the coaches who push me every class to be a better me. Exactly a year ago I completed my first 20 lb challenge, followed by a detox challenge in January 2018. And as of 7/22/18, have officially completed the hard body challenge, smashing the goal of 5%. My personal goal was to get to 15% body fat (8.2%) and I hit that one too. Down 9.8 lbs overall with a total body fat loss of 16.95 lbs and a total muscle gain of 8 lbs to finish at 15% body fat.

To me there are 3 great things that make this better than other gyms. 1. The coaches, 2. the accountability, 3. The support system of the fitness family. Every class people and coaches are encouraging and helping you be a better you. Now in just 4.5 weeks, I will be competing for my first world championship in Brazilian Jiujitsu at the age of 36 and I am in the best shape of my life. Highly recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to make a drastic improvement to their health and life!!!!

Review of Results Transformation Center by Sarah Lizette Perez-Duran
5 Sarah Lizette Perez-Duran

NV transformation has changed my life more than once. I love this place it’s so addicting. The coaches are great, your goal is their goal as well. Everyone is so positive and supportive. I know what I need to do, since I have done more than one challenge, but often the accountability that results has helps you achieve your goal faster and more effective. I have recommended this place to many friends and they have all walked out happy. It’s totally worth it if you are ready to make a lifestyle change.

Results Transformation Center

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