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Relentless Fitness

Chinatown, Pennsylvania

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Relentless Fitness

Chinatown, Pennsylvania


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Erin Mccallion

16 July 2019

Toni is amazing for private lessons. If your child needs a new skill or some help perfecting a routine she is the person to see.


Onehida Rodriguez

28 May 2018

My child love it


Rachel Penne

28 May 2017

I've been going to relentless for this year it's been so nice and amazing


Marissa Lauren

1 March 2017

Thank you for the warm welcome! I've enjoyed Ross' classes this week and look forward to getting to know everyone.


Kelly S.

15 December 2014

I came in for a class while I was on vacation in Philadelphia and loved it! I needed some cross training and weight training to break up the cardio I usually do. Everything was fun, challenging and do-able. The space is great, clean, doesn't smell like a gym. The staff is very friendly, welcoming and knowledgable. Even with a bigger class, i think we had 10 people, doing all different moves simultaneously, i never felt like my form and alignment wasn't being watched and corrected if needed.Plus - and it must be the environment created by the instructors here - every single person in that class was awesome! Totally welcoming and fun and personable. If I lived in Philly, this would be my gym. Hands down. I am taking the awesome spirit back to the west coast with me!Thank you Relentless Fitness! More...


Nelida Ruiz

29 May 2014

Took my 3yr old here for Shining Stars class on sunday and she did great. Small gym and the instructor Marissa was very patient with my girl. My daughter loved it so I signed her up for the 8 week session! More...


anne l.

15 April 2013

Relentless Fitness is a small facility, and the incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic staff really seem to care about each client's wellbeing.  I'm a reluctant exerciser, but I'm inspired by the idea of transforming our family's future, and Marissa is my number one supporter in this.  My children really respond to her coaching and enjoy exercising with her fun stations.  Very grateful to have this resource in my neighborhood! More...


Jake p.

5 October 2012

I can only get a taste of Roger's expertise through his podcast (Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor), but his skill in understanding clients shines through, even from the internet.  I wish I could find someone like him in my area. More...


M O.

16 February 2012

Relentless Kids is, by far, the best gymnastics and/or kids class I have been to in the city (and I have been to a lot). My 2.5 year old had a class with both Marissa and Jess and loved both of them I was amazed at how, right from the beginning, my daughter (who can be pretty reserved around new people) went right with them. By the third class, she was running into Marissa's arms. The staff are not just fun people who are good with kids, but trained athletes that choose activities that are both entertaining and purposeful. It was great that my daughter learned new skills, but I was really impressed to watch her become physically stronger and more confident in her ability to control her body.  That's what really set this place apart for me - the activities are fun but also are designed with the clear intent to advance the strength, skills, and confidence of the kids who participate. To see this done with a 2.5 year old was really incredible.The space was small, but that quickly became a non-issue. I was really impressed at how well the space was used and how engaged the kids remained.Marissa (who taught most of the classes I took) has a great demeanor with the kids as well. She was firm (didn't let kids skip past exercises, was very clear about safety rules), but really upbeat , silly at times, and clearly loved by the kids.It was the general capacity to balance structured skill and strength building, with fun, creativity, silliness, and genuine love that really impressed me. What an awesome asset to Philly! More...


Jennifer G.

2 January 2011

I owe my life to Relentless Fitness. I've lost over 85 lbs. with Marissa and Rogers' help and have gone from not being able to run errands to completing a 10k race. I am in the best physical shape I have ever been and Marissa and Roger continue to work with me to reach my goals. Next up- a half marathon!What sets Relentless apart from other studios is the personal relationship that develops between Marissa and Roger and their clients. They genuinely care about folks and are extremely supportive.Be sure to check out Jessica's Cardio Infused Pilates class on Wednesday morning- it's fantastic! More...


John M.

29 September 2010

I absolutely recommend trying it out.  The studio is run by two great people who just love what they do and they do it the right way! Whether you are beginner or pro of fitness you will find yourself extremely satisfied with their classes. Also if you have children and don't know what to do with them in evening hours, take them to Marissa! Not only will they learn gymnastics but they will use up all their extra energy and be ready for bed early! ha! It works:) More...


jennifer s.

8 June 2010

This is the center of my fitness universe! I have tried personal training, total body, core and boot camp classes as well as the Relentless Transformation. Everything Roger touches is blessed with his passion and enthusiasm. If you are looking for a local gym run by two passionate, professional experts where you will feel like you are part of a team, this is your place. bring the kids and check out Marissa's Relentless Kids programs too! More...

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