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West Hollywood, CA 90038, USA

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RedKelly make-up & hair

West Hollywood, CA 90038, USA



Kelly, the owner of RedKelly Make-up has 20 years experience in the make-up industry.
Throughout those years she applied her expertise to beauty, fashion, wedding and film events.
Her outstanding knowledge in the area of make-up will provide you with the style make-up that will transform you.


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Charlotte W.

30 May 2019

I was so pleased with my experience. Emma was awesome. She did exactly how I wanted my lashes and they're so pretty.  She made me very comfortable and the salon room was very intimate and relaxing. She did them within the hour and I didn't have any eye burning or discomfort. My other experiences had been nightmares so I was so relieved and happy. I definitely recommend this place and Emma!!! More...


Caori S.

4 May 2019

I love the look of eyelash extensions, but prefer more of a natural look. My lashes are naturally long but incredibly straight and won't keep a curl. Even when I use a curler, they always go back to their straight form.1 month has past since I got an eyelash perm, but I still have a definite lift in my lashes. Even after I apply mascara (which usually flattens them back out again), my lashes stand at attention.Thanks to her knowledge and preciseness, she made my lashes look perfect. I am SO pleased with the results and she did an amazing job!!! And she was very experienced.Their prices are more than fair and the treatment was painless and relatively quick!! I don't have to use an eyelash curler anymore, which makes me save time during my morning routine! More...


Eva L.

15 April 2019

I have been going to Kelly for about two years now, and she is amazing. Lashes last long time, and she has a very gentle touch. I travel quite a bit and have gone done my lashes somewhere else, and they usually mess it up. Nobody is as good as she is. She's very professional, the prices are great. That being said, go to her! More...


Julia B.

26 October 2018

I love getting my lashes done by Kelly, she is super nice, very quick and lashes last for a long time! Highly recommend her for your beauty needs.


Miranda T.

13 October 2018

The best place to get your lashes done. She goes above and beyond each time I see her. My lashes never get damaged and I have been going to her for over a year. I've never had any irritation or issue with them ruining my natural lashes. I couldn't live without my lash extensions now. I am so obsessed. I don't live super close yet make the drive because she is so good. More...


Grace C.

22 April 2018

I had my share of really bad lash extensions experience, so I stopped getting them. I decided to get them again for the first time in about a decade and I love them!!I got the Natural Full Set because I have smaller eyes and I thought the full set would close close up my eyes...plus I'm 39 weeks pregnant so laying on my back for more than an hour is uncomfortable. She works fast and the result was natural. It doesn't feel like I have anything on my lashes. More...


Rebecca W.

21 February 2018

I've been going to Kelly for lash extensions since June and she is hands down the best. I've seen lashes done by other artists on friends but they just don't look as clean and natural as Kelly's! She is truly an expert and I've recommended her to everyone who asks. I'm always getting compliments on my extensions and it's all thanks to her amazing precision work! Her studio is so cozy and relaxing; she'll play music and sometimes turn on her essential oil diffuser and I literally fall asleep every single time. Definitely recommend! More...


Leila L.

28 September 2017

I've been getting my lash extensions from Kelly for a long time and I'll keep going for her. She just knows what she does and I always got compliments for the amazing work she's done. Recommend!


Delainy B.

8 May 2017

I started going to Kelly to do my eyelashes last year and loved her ever since!! She is very good at what she does and she will fix anything you aren't 100% happy with however I've never had a problem. I get the longest eyelash extensions and I've done both regular and extreme full set but she does the regular  set so well I only used the extreme full set for New Year's Eve when I wanted a super dramatic look. Also , I've gone 5 weeks before I went to my next appointment and they still look good although it's cheaper if u go more frequently. I refer everyone to her and refuse to go anywhere else. She is worth ur time and money!!! My mom tried another place and was so unhappy with the result she only goes to Kelly now too. I hope you come here for eyelash extensions!!! More...


Julie Y.

9 November 2016

I am very pleased with Kelly and her work.  I haven't had extensions in the long time but from what I remember they don't last too long.  With Kelly, mine lasted for a good 4 weeks and even up until then I still get compliments.  Make sure to schedule appointment as she gets booked More...


Wendy K.

9 November 2016

Kelly has been doing my lashes for about a year now. I got introduced to her from a co-worker and decided to just try it one time! That one time now has become a year.  I've gotten so many compliments that now I just can't stop! Very natural looking and comfortable.. Kelly is not only great at what she does, she is very caring and easy to get along with!!! More...