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thomas gamble

6 November 2018

Excellent customer service, made our website look amazing!!!!! Thank you again Jason!!


Frank Awtrey

11 May 2018

The experience was 5 star. The people are friendly and very helpful at all times. I recommend them to everyone who wants it done right. I've been in the business a long time and know quality when I see it. More...


Glenn Henkel

1 August 2017

Wonderful experience and can do attitude! Helped me more than anyone! Jason was awesome.


wayne H

23 March 2017

Had the privilege of working with them and I was very satisfied with their level of professionalism. Highly recommended.


Deidra Myers

19 September 2016

Oh Ehm Gee! Can you say AMAZING?! Mr. Jason is my hero! I almost gave up the idea of being an entrepreneur altogether after all these (seemingly) insurmountable start up obstacles. I went from 3 jobs to laid off simultaneously within 3 weeks, which left me with my side hustle of selling flowers. I thought I was going to lose my mind, or even worse.. go broke before even giving my idea a try. My last attempt at trying, was a networking event, and when I saw Profit Now, I said I definitely need to see if they can help. He had a refreshing positive can do attitude, and inspired me to call. He scheduled a consultation, and it's been very productive for me: I now have strategy sessions, a goal road map, a PROFESSIONAL business plan, a DOPE logo, website AND he just offered me a loyalty reward upgrade to help with SEO marketing stuff for ALMOST HALF of what I was struggling to pay for with one ad campaign! I have no regrets now, other than not finding him earlier. Some companies are SO pushy and overpriced and tried to convince me to sign up for services I don't even need or asked for, but Profit Now took my direct need and got straight to the point! It's worth its weight in gold. I'd recommend PN to ANYONE serious about their business who may need some guidance; I went from having a "side hustle" in the neighborhood, to a legitimate business owner in a couple months. Looking forward to closing on my business loan and moving towards my goals for a grand opening for The Tipsy Flowerpot (florist for philanthropy) soon!

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