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Rancho del Rey, California


Private Life Coach

Rancho del Rey, California


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Dana Haslett-Miller

17 August 2019

Great Dr and the staff is the best! I highly recommend this dentist office. I was very nervous because I was used to my dentist in GA but no need here. They are friendly and very thorough in their job. More...


A V.

2 July 2019

Dr. Safarian and his staff are always accommodating and provide service with a smile.  I really appreciate Dr. Safarian, who values quality and professionalism.  He sets the bar high in his industry!  I love the smile he's given me and the continued care he's provided me over the years. More...


Sarah Seaton

6 February 2019

This office was amazing and took great care of me during my root canals! I was so worried about the pain but the doctors made it easy and my teeth have never felt better!


Kristy Brehm

6 February 2019

I needed to see Dr. Safarian for an emergency. He was completely flexible with the scheduling, saw me the same day in his Chula Vista Office. I left an hour later, free of pain and completely satisfied with his incredible treatment and kindness. I have never been to a dentist before who is so caring and genuinely concerned about a patient's comfort and provided me with such clear details of the procedures. More...


Dana F.

27 January 2019

Dr. Safarian and his team have been great. I've needed a lot of work that has taken over a year and couldn't be happier.


Sada Felix

6 July 2018

Dr. Safarian is amazing! All the staff at Irresistible Smiles is caring and passionate. They are so great that my 7 and 9 yr old love going for cleanings and orthodontic care.


Maritza Rodriguez

6 July 2018

Dr.Safarian and staff are very efficient and friendly


Rose Taglinao

6 July 2018

I visit Irrestible Smiles every quarter for cleaning and bi-annual evaluation. I’m always impressed by the front desk, Ms. Giorgette, friendly welcome and service. I also love the professional and excellent service provided by Dr. Safarian and we’ll experienced hygienists! I have been to numerous dental offices but this office is the first one I fully trust. I highly recommend this office for their reasonable charges, genuine, and caring service❤️. I’m always looking forward to coming and taking my family members. More...


Tessa P.

4 July 2018

Fantastic staff and experience! Loving having Kat greet me with her beautiful smile and fantastic personality on every visit! You couldn't ask for a better team of Paola and Dr. Safarian! Very professional and make the situation fun, which is very hard at a doctors office. Scheduling was very accommodating and easy. I ended up having to have a lot of work done and the whole experience was made incredibly easy and pain free which I'm immensely greatful for! Will definitely recommend Dr. Safarian to friends and family and I'm so glad I found this incredible clinic! More...


Monica Huerta

6 June 2018

I like the staff they're all so friendly. melody help us a lot today Thanks a lot guys! Keep up the good work!


Glenn Peet

6 June 2018

These guys are Always there for me... Amazing staff and a Great Dentist its hard to find such a terrific combination. If you want to go with a winning team these are the folks you want to work with.


Enrique Gallo Dds

15 January 2018

Great doctor, great staff, beautiful office, best value for your money.


Jessica P.

28 December 2017

Dr. Safarian is the best dentist in San Diego with out a doubt. I have suffered with TMJ for 6 years and have never found a dentist that really tried to fix the problem, untill I went to Safarian. I have been coming to him for 3 years now and my jaw is the best it has ever been. He is brilliant at what he does. My whole family goes to him now!I recommend Dr. Safarian to anybody that wants the most knowledgeable and kind dentist in all of San Diego. More...


Toussaint M.

1 December 2017

Excellent service. Quality DDS. Excellent Staff. My entire family gets great care here. Love this dentist.


David McGue

6 June 2017

Dr Safarian and his staff are excellent, always professional, no pain with the shots and things. Got tv's to distract you from the dental process. Recommend 100%


Mathieu A.

15 December 2016

Let's just say that, like many of us, I've always disliked going to the dentist but Doctor Safarian made me so comfortable that I'm not anxious about it anymore. He's nice, careful and very professional. Also the atmosphere at his office is quite relaxing and everybody is so nice. I had a lot of work that I needed done on my teeth when I first came in, Dr Safarian took care of everything and, though I was initially anxious, everything went very smoothly and my teeth never felt this healthy. I'm going back twice a year for check-ups. I highly recommend this dentist office. More...


Vanessa C.

26 September 2016

Doctor Safarian is the best dentist I have ever meet!   My husband and I has been there for several treatments so far, and we feel more confident about our teeth and less fear when dental appointment comes. Mayya of the front desk is very helpful for the insurance thing, and patient if you need to reschedule. The hygienist Debby has done wonderful job for the deep cleaning and regular clean! Doctor Safarian did me two crown treatments and I did not feel any pain during the process! And a big thank to the hygienist who helped a lot! All the staff are very friendly and welcoming, I highly recommend this place for anybody who needs a dental treatment! More...


Oscar F.

8 August 2016

It is so hard to find a good dentist and I am so glad I found Dr. Safarian! The staff is wonderful, they are so nice and helpful in explaining dental benefits and assisting with referrals. The hygeniest is awesome and meets your individual needs. Dr. Safarian is great, he takes a very personal approach to his practice and even gives you a personal phone call to follow up and make sure you are doing ok. More...


James B.

9 June 2016

Dr. Safarian and his staff are great! They present you with all the information and choices available to you without any pressure at all. A previous dentist made me feel like I was at risk to something potentially bad by not getting my wisdom teeth out ASAP, but Dr. Safarian showed me all the X-rays and went over everything thoroughly to show me everything I needed. More...


Juliya Z.

9 May 2016

I recently moved from the East Coast and was recommended to go to Dr. Safarian by my doctor in Pittsburgh (whose patient I was during 15 years). And I really glad I I got this referral!!Dr. Safarian, Dr. O'Brien and all the stuff, including front desk, hygienists and nurses, are highly knowledgeable, professional and caring. Doctors always explain what needs to be done and why, they are approachable and considerable. The front desk receptionist  Maya is very cooperative, she always make you feel like you obtain a special personal care.Office is very nice and very well maintained, and what is most important - equipped with the modern technology used with knowledge. I am grateful for your work and definitely will recommend Dr.Safarian's practice to everyone! More...


Jen V.

10 March 2016

We we moved to San Diego on 2006 one of the things I was dreading the most was finding a new dentist.  I have had a lot of dental work done due to a childhood tooth injury and I get very anxious when I am having work done on my teeth.  Even normal cleaning visits can cause me stress.From the start Dr. Safarian has been highly professional and yet personal, he truly cares.  He always explains what needs to be done so that I can make an informed decision on dental care.  He will explain what my options are and has even said that doing nothing can be an option, if I want to wait it out.  What dentist ever says that!  I trust his knowledge and advice.He has also been very understanding about my anxiety, he is very gentle and will take breaks when I need them.  I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Safarian and his work! More...


Erica B.

24 February 2016

I originally met Dr Safarian years ago when I bought the groupon to get my teeth cleaned , x rays and whitening. He is and has been my dentist since then! Poor dental hygiene runs in my family and I am cavity prone. The Doc helped me with all my cavities and got me on a dental plan that has helped me have a healthy mouth since then and almost cavity free! All the Hygenists are great and I feel like they really take care of each and every one of my teeth! Super nice staff, clean and modern facility. More...


Stovel N.

7 August 2015

The customer service and treatment I got here was very professional! I had four root canals, a crown, and deep cleaning which turned out way better than I could of imagined.... All very well handled in timely manner headed my Dr. Safarian and his staff were all very nice and felt at home more importantly comfortable the whole time! I highly recommend Irresistible Smiles for any of your dental needs... :) More...


Julie P.

15 July 2015

Dr. Safarian and his staff are terrific!  I'm always a big chicken when it's time to go to the dentist, but I feel at ease when I visit this office.  Dr. Safarian is great at explaining the work that needs to be done, and showing you digital images of your teeth so you can see if for yourself.  No confusion there - I can see the cavity or issue.I've had procedures ranging from a simple cavity fill to a crown lengthening, and have come through with ease.  No pain at all, and great results.  The Dr. and his staff have also worked with my insurance to make sure the maximum amount of coverage is applied.On top of that, he's just a nice guy and it's an overall pleasant experience.  I highly recommend this office! More...


Sherri N.

25 June 2015

Highly recommend!   Dr. Safarian takes calls personally and has called me back without delay to answer questions on several occasions -- even those which don't produce any revenue for his office.  He spends time to explain my options so that I can make an informed decision and is upfront about costs and careful to try to ensure that insurance will cover any work to be done.  He and Dr. Rastogi have both saved me thousands by being honest about services I didn't need but which my last dentists recommended.  I've noticed that the entire office is very focused on providing the best possible customer service and is always working to earn my business.  Truly pleased with how honest, friendly and capable they are.  Definitely the best health care provider I have ever encountered. More...


Misael Alas

4 May 2015

Lo que megusta que es a súper hermosa es número uno para mi by


Justin K.

12 January 2015

By far one of the nicest dentist I have found in San Diego County. Office is clean and staff is very friendly. I even had an issue with my billing and they were able to resolve it for me. I would highly recommend them.


Sarah L.

3 December 2014

Dr.  Safarian and his staff eased  my dental anxieties in many ways.  I have never had a dentist explain and show me the entire process like he did. I liked being able to see all the before and after pictures.  I am in the process of getting a lot of work done with root canals, crowns, and repairing old damaged dental work.   Dr. Safarian is a true professional. Highly recommended! More...


Jean Scally

19 September 2014

I'm not a big fan of dentist (sorry!) because there are a lot of bad ones out there... but I AM A BIG FAN OF IRRESISTIBLE SMILES! From the comfortable (doesn't feel like a dental office) waiting room, to the friendly team working there, this place is more like... HEAVEN. I was afraid to go to another dentist -- but I know I needed to. What I felt from the moment I stepped in was relief. And leaving with the start of a treatment plan (delivered without any high pressure) makes me as happy as my teeth must be! I've already recommended Dr. Safarian to several friends and I'm psyched to be over my fear of dentist! :) More...


Susan P.

17 September 2014

I've been going to Dr. Safarian for years now, first due to TMJ issues, of which he promptly addressed.   (While going to at least 5 other dentists prior to him who recommended a complete mouth restoration, Dr. Safarian addressed the immediate issue within two visits).   Since then, I've gone to Dr. Safarian for corrective issues.  Dr. Safarian has a unique blend of perfectionism in regards to his work and compassion.    He takes the time to talk his patients through the procedure, make recommendations, and communicates with warmth and precision.   He has great respect for his patients, and is also sensitive to what it's like to have work done from the patient's perspective. More...


April W.

17 September 2014

In the past,  I hated dentists.   I think everyone generally does.  You often spend more time with the hygienist,  and when you ask questions,  they tell you the dentist will go over it with you.  And when they do, they spend 5 minutes in the room with a vague answer.This is not the case with Dr. Safarian.I was reccomended by a dear friend of mine,  who always knew I was self conscious of my teeth.  And I am extremely thankful for this referral,  as this is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.Dr. Safarian spent a lot of time explaining the conditions of my teeth,  how it affects me, what causes the issues,  how to treat them,  the tools he uses and what they do, and preventative measures.  He was patient to answer ALL my questions.  I've spent more time talking to him then I ever had with all my different dentists combined. (I moved a lot.)His team consists of very caring and passionate people; they are all very sweet - and they all seem to take pride in what they do.  They aren't mean nor rude, but they also won't sugarcoat details about your teeth- because that leads to negligence and cavities...figuratively and literally.  The hygienist took the time to share with me how I can improve on my upkeep, pointing out certain areas to focus on.I feel each and everyone of them has my best interest at heart for strong and healthy teeth to come.  I have a clear roadmap of what needs to be done, and strong evidence and explanation after sitting down with him.  I absolutely am excited to have recently met this team, and for once I look forward going into my visits.  For the first time in many years, I'm confident in my dentist- I trust him, I'm confident in my appearance and health, and I'm finally confident to wear a smile and laugh without covering my mouth with my hands.Thanks Dr. Safarian and team.  I can't wait for my next appointment. More...


Karen Villagomez

12 September 2014

Such a great experience! the Staff and the Doctor were incredibly professional and kind. :D


Meh H.

1 September 2014

I have gone to a lot of dentists over the years.  Irresistible smiles provides a combination that I haven't seen in any other office or heard about from other people for that matter:1.  Skill level of Dr. Safarian, which is unmatched2.  Fun and relaxing office experience3.  Non-pushy, so you don't feel like you're paying for services that you don't need4.  State-of-the-art equipment, techniques and comfort toolsI highly recommend Dr. Safarian and his team to anyone who is considering dental services and/or looking for a new dentist!! More...


Carolein T.

17 July 2014

Beautiful office, friendly staff and a great doctor with a lot of experience! I gave doctor safarian a two month deadline to transform my smile with ten veneers as I wanted my smile to be perfect for our wedding pictures. The whole process was smooth and painless. I'm usually a nervous wreck at the dentist but dr safarian and his staff are great at helping you relax. It also helps that they have TVs installed on the roof of each room, helps you to keep your mind off what's going on. I'm thankful to dr safarian as I love my smile! My husband and I will be seeing dr safarian for any dental needs and will definitely recommend him to friends and family. Thanks team, keep up the great work! More...


Mauricio D.

27 June 2014

Dr Safarin is the best dentist I've seen. He took as much time as needed to answer all my concerns and best of all did a great work on my teeth.


Marie Brown

6 June 2014

Amazing! Best dentist I have ever had. I have a very hard time at the dentist due to anxiety, and Dr. Safarian is more than understanding. He talks you through the whole process and frequently asks how you are doing while reassuring you. He works at your pace and makes sure you are comfortable. Dr. Safarian also makes sure that you understand just what exactly is going on in your mouth, including showing you up close pictures of your own teeth (which is actually pretty awesome). He does amazing work while also making sure you are educated about your teeth and gums and the process it takes to achieve a healthy mouth. The office is extremely clean and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. I couldn't be happier with the work I've received from Dr. Safarian and his wonderful team :) More...


Aileen Yaomoto

20 May 2014

Great staff, superb service and thorough explanation!! Couldn't have found a better Dentist


Dave W.

19 March 2014

Best dentist ever. The office is very nice with friendly staff.  I had major dental work done like root canals, crown lengthening sugery and there is NO comparison to my previous dentists. Totally patient focused and Dr. Safarian is an exceptionally skilled dentist. He explains everything.Believe it or not I actually look forward to going to my appointments....so relaxing.  This must like the spa my wife goes to...no facials here just dental. More...


Tam B.

18 February 2014

Came in for a root canal, the procedure was painless and the dental office was one of the nicest I've ever been in. I will def. return.


mike d.

14 February 2014

Went to Dr. Safarian for teeth cleaning. Staff was professional and thorough.  Nice and clean office... I guess the easiest way to say it.. it that it was as pleasant as a "trip to the dentist" can be. More...


Mann F.

11 February 2014

I found Dr. Safarian using yelp while searching for a top dentist.  He is conveniently located in Chula Vista (one of his offices).  He has professional dental assistants and a great administrative assistant named Jennifer.  They were all very welcoming and knowledgeable. State of the art technology is a nice change from what I am used to in the past.  In my last visit Dr Safarian discovered a cavity, which posed a major problem, that my previous dentist overlooked.  He brought in Dr. Obrien, another dentist for my root canal procedure.  It went smoothly as predicted and has validated the confidence that I have in Irresistible Smiles.I am grateful that I found  Dr. Safarian. The quality of his work, technology and the materials he uses is more than I could ask for!  He will be my dentist long term and I will recommend his office to all of my family and friends More...


Matt F.

17 January 2014

Finished the Invisalign treatment and I have straight teeth for the first time in over a decade. This was a smooth process and highly recommended!


Chris S.

28 December 2013

Dr. Safarian is a pleasant man.  He is very straightforward, makes you feel comfortable and welcome.  I experienced great service while I was here.  Initially, I found him through yelp, as his office pops up on the top category when you search for an all-around dentist.  You will also notice as you enter office, the many accolades he has achieved - all hanging on his wall in his up-scale feeling receiving area.  His dental assistant is equally delightful, along with his admin secretary Jennifer, all a very great team who make you feel at home and welcome.  His office is very technologically advanced, he utilizes the state of the art technology with examples like dental scopes that lively show you a zoomed picture of the condition of your teeth, before and after the procedures, digital x-rays so you don't have to wait for the curing time of old-fashioned film, and dental software that organizes your file very well.  I had 2-root canals and upgraded porcelain in-lays of which he had an auxiliary dentist come in during my scheduled visit-Dr. Obrien, who was also very professional and pleasing to have as an aux dentist for my root canal procedure.The thing I like about Dr. Safarian is he truly strives for the best.  I can definitely say this isn't the cheapest place to go, but the quality of his work and the materials he use to for the corrections in the flaws of your teeth seem to somehow balance it.  If you expect a cheap dentist or mediocre work, I suggest you look for someone else because he is the type of dentist to straight-out refuse to use inferior materials such as silver and proudly claims the same.   He does explain to you why and the benefits of the same. I can say this is a good thing for the people who can afford it.  I guess you can say you get what you pay for. I'm looking forwarded to my upgraded porcelain inlays to last for a very long time. (hopefully).Dr. Safarian is also very understanding and has worked with me for my financial needs regarding the total treatment.  Unfortunately I have had years and years of bad dentistry and much money paid for such bad work prior to- so I'm glad I finally have someone who knows what they are doing and one of the best.  Thank you Dr. Safarian. More...


Seth C.

29 November 2013

Dr. Safarian is truly a dentist who cares. He is accessible, dependable, and goes above and beyond for his patients. He is very patient with his time, and is committed to your satisfaction.


Realtor Karl B.

29 October 2013

Dr. Safarian was really nice and easy-going.They use high technology with TV's on the wall and ceiling - you even to get to choose your own TV show to watch.I used a $75 for $50 yelp deal for zoom whitening.The only problem was that this whitening is the worst pain you can imagine.I only did 2 of 3 (15 minute) procedures because the pain was so bad, and it didn't go away for another 24 hours. More...


Hakan L.

24 July 2013

Went back for some minor work today. You're always treated very well here, had to do some drilling and everything was completely painless. This is due to Dr. Safarian's experience and attention to detail. If you have to go to the dentist, you should see Dr. Safarian! More...


Tanya S.

24 July 2013

I visited Irresistible Smiles about a year ago, via a Groupon, for Zoom Whitening. The staff was so very friendly and kind. It was my first time having my teeth whitened and I have very sensitive teeth.  The staff took time to fully explain everything and check on me to make sure that I was doing okay. Even now twelve months later, my teeth are still whiter that when I went in. I recommend Irresistible Smiles and Dr. Safarian to those that are looking for a genuine dentist and a wonderful facility to have their teeth worked on. More...


Briana G.

15 July 2013

I had not been to the dentist in a little while when I went to see Dr. Safarian for the first time.  We came up with a plan for the work that I needed and set out a timeline that worked with my budget.  His team is always friendly and I have never felt rushed.  I also love that I get emailed reminders that it's time for a cleaning!  One less thing I have to think about.  :) More...


Monica G.

17 June 2013

I recently had the opportunity to visit Irresistible Smile's North County office for an at home Zoom whitening treatment kit. The office staff as well as Dr. Safarian were ALL so help, sweet, and went above and beyond to make me feel at home and answering any questions that I had.  It has been a while since I have been to a dentist at all, due to dentist nightmares as a child, and Dr. Safarian was very professional and kind about addressing the issue and let me know about the options I had to improve my dental health and easing any fears that I had.  I will definitely be back to address those needs as well.  Can't say enough wonderful things about him and his staff.  Thank you Dr. Safarian! More...


Rachel V.

13 May 2013

I had no problem redeeming my yelp discount . I have used the $5.00 offer when you check in as well and had no problem with it either. Can't stop saying enough good things about Dr. Safarian and his staff. More...


Christopher E.

29 April 2013

I have always had a very positive and fulfilling experience at Irresistible Smiles. Dr. Safarian is very honest, professional, and one of the most talented dental practitioners in San Diego. He is also an honorary LVI Graduate with advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, TMJ, dental implants, and orthodontic treatments. There is no one else that I would trust when it comes to my dental health.Dr. Safarian does an excellent job addressing his patients' questions and concerns. He genuinely cares about his patients and goes the extra mile to ensure that they have a very positive experience. I cannot say enough good things about my overall experience at Irresistible Smiles. Dr. Safarian is highly experienced and uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat his patients. He is able to deliver a very accurate diagnosis and develop the best possible treatment plan. Dr. Safarian does an excellent job answering my questions and addressing my concerns.  Without a doubt, I trust his professional opinion and dental expertise.The staff at Irresistible Smiles is always friendly and attentive.  They have always gone the extra mile to answer my questions and address anything that may come up. I highly recommend Dr. Safarian as a dental practitioner who you can trust and count on. More...


Naveid S.

30 March 2013

I can't write enough good things about my experience with Irresistible Smiles. The staff was very attentive to making sure I was sat when my appointment was made and they made me feel very comfortable throughout my whole appointment, which is usually not the case at most dentist offices. The office is very clean and up to date on all the newest technology. Most experiences I've had with the dentists is that they just come in at the very end and hurriedly rush through the examination, but this was not the case here! Dr. Safarian really took his time with me and made me feel like he really cared. Like I said before, I can't say enough good things about my experience here, highly recommended! More...


Neil M.

11 February 2013

Dr. Safarian is a fantastic dentist.  The office is clean, the assistants are all friendly and courteous, and the experiences I have gone through have been nothing but first class.  Irresistible Smiles is a great dental practice for everything from routine cleaning to major dental overhauls.  Dr. Safarian took time with me to explain the services he offers and how he can benefit my overall dental health. His state of the art office includes the latest technology in X-Ray displays, the most up to date products used for whitening, metal filling replacement and the television in the ceiling is a wonderful addition to the experience! I highly recommend Irresistible Smiles for your whole families dental care. Dr. Safarian is gentle and highly professional in his approach to caring for your teeth and gums. Sincerely,Neil Mallinson More...


Paul G.

10 February 2013

I was one of Dr. Safarian's first patients at his North County office in Vista and Sorrento Valley and his people always treated me nice and Dr. Safarian performed nice work.  I recommend him as a dentist. More...


Adrianna A.

6 January 2013

After years of struggling to get a hold of my hometown dentist (they never even returned my phone calls), I decided to see a dentist in San Diego, where I had been in school for years. Dr. Safarian and his staff were personable and very knowledgeable; and I was surprised with their amazing technology. Dr. Safarian showed me and talked me through everything that he was doing, which made me feel very comfortable with not only his quality of dentistry, but also his commitment to his patient on a more personal level. Dr. Safarian and his hygienist were both gentle, yet extremely effective. Louisa broke down the billing and estimated the costs with my insurance. She explained everything in detail, and was so helpful when my insurance company decided to be difficult (for reasons unrelated to Irresistible Smiles). The office is easy to get a hold of, and actually returns my phone calls, unlike my other crappy dentist.I have since moved back up to northern California, but I do not want to switch dentists because I like Dr. Safarian's office so much. I definitely recommend Irresistible Smiles to anyone looking for a dentist, especially those who dread dentist visits because they are so gentle, friendly, AND effective! More...


fred c.

6 January 2013

not only a great dentist, but a great guy as well.  I had a very complicated issue; messed up by another dentist, and nobody would touch me due to the fear of liability.  Dr. Safarian took the job on without hesitation and treated me fairly and expertly.  He has also helped out with both of my daughters.  I highly recommend him. More...


Brennen B.

6 January 2013

After living in San Diego for over 2 years and going from dentist to dentist I finally found a great one!  Dr. Safarian and his team are awesome!  I've never had a problem getting an appointment working around my ever-changing work schedule.  They are very gentle and caring when working on your teeth!  So anyone who is scared going to the dentist I highly recommend coming here for a better experience. More...


Megan J.

29 December 2012

I dread going to the dentist, more than the average person!! But I've been really happy with Dr. Safarian and his team. They make me feel relaxed and comfortable and are up to date on the latest and the office is nice and clean. Doc does a great job of explaining treatment options with no pressure and his team does a great job of explaining the costs prior to start of treatment. To top it off they take my insurance as well! I've found my dentist!! More...


Sam V.

9 October 2012

Dr Safarian has been taking care of my family for the past three years.  He is very professional and well trained.  He takes the time to explain several treatment plans and allows me to make up my own mind.  He is also well read in the latest dental techniques.  My children look forward to going to see Dr Safarian as he has a very friendly way with children.  I highly recommend Dr Safarian to anyone that is searching for a great dentist who provides a comfortable experience. More...


Michael W.

4 September 2012

I highly recommend Dr. Safarian to my friends and family. My Irresistible Smiles experience has been first rate throughout. I sincerely appreciated Dr. Safarian taking his time to explain as to why my teeth are in the condition that they are in (the state-of-the-art equipment doesn't lie). Priding myself in my oral hygiene, I was surprised to see, from the laser, that there was a underlying issue underneath my fillings. That being said, with a proper treatment plan outlined by Dr. Safarian, I will avoid an unnecessary emergency room trip for a broken crown or a root canal. I'm a fan for sure! More...


Patrick G.

27 July 2012

It is hard to really get a read on a Dentist...it is a tough measure of tolerance to pain and price that brings in all kinds of issues for people.  For me, I went to this Dentist because he was willing to work with me when I had no insurance, money is tight and had only been to a dentist once in 10 years because of this.  Rating a Dentist is like rating a former significant other...can we be honest first with ourself?  Well I am going to try...because this was a good relationship and it is now over...until I need my next work done.  This office was great in all ways for my definitions.  They worked around my schedule.  They set up reminders via text messages and email to be sure I was reminded of an appointment that very few of us would want to keep.  This was not just a cleaning but and expected 3 root canals and crowns to be done too.  Who wants to sit in that chair?  The office is set up unlike any other entrance I have been too.  It is comfortable.  Staff is all friendly and greeting.  They began with an evaluation of my mouth and gave me all the scenarios of need and set a plan that was discussed and understood by me fully.  I had some serious pain in the lower part of my mouth after going to another good Dentist to do an emergency Root Canal and crown (unrelated to the pain).  The issue was there was a need for more work and I was not the perfect patient.  I have no INSURANCE.  This place would work with me and understood the situation.  They are not cheap but they are fair.  The other place was fair but not able to match what this place was willing to do to help me out in this situation.  He listened to what i could do and took me on as a patient.  Some dentists would tell me to beat it.    Every time they went into my mouth they told me exactly what they were doing.  "Squirting water." "Cleaning out tooth". May sound obvious but never have I been given such detail to being sure I was comfortable and aware of every step before they did it.  I did not "need" it but for anyone feeling sensitive to having things stuck in your mouth and prepared for something awful, this would be a great way to have comfort.  Dr Safarian talks to you throughout to ensure you are comfortable and aware.  He is also very sure to show you what he is doing and why he feels it should be done; before, during and after.  He welcomed me to other opinions if I felt I needed them first.  He did all the things leading up to and throughout the work that made me feel "this may still be expensive but it is feels right...and I HAVE to get it done"  The Dentist also was able to save all three teeth and avoid doing any root canals.  Saving me thousands of dollars and lots of pain.  The support staff assisting in my procedures were good too.  I was there for 3 different days and each time the person helping was just as good as Dr Safarian.  I cannot remember all the names of those doing their jobs but no one let me down.    After the work was done in each step, I was followed up with personally.  Calling after hours to be sure I was not in pain and felt good about all things.  It was truly first class.  When has a dentist called you after each appointment to be sure you do not need anything?  I would never expect this to happen after a cleaning but I did have a lot of banging going on in there and he wanted to just be sure all was good.  I appreciated it.  Again, your dental experience has as much to do with you as it does them in many ways BUT this dentist does care.  He does want people leaving feeling good about his work.  He knows his work is a reflection of his ability when you leave the chair.  He did go above and beyond for me.  I appreciated it.  He does have VERY grand plans for what I can do to really get my mouth into proper shape but I considered that a service and awareness.  I cannot afford $30,000 in work on my mouth but if I could I would not hesitate to go here.  Yes, my mouth could use some work and no, I have never been a meth user.  It is amazing how quick $30K in dental work can add up.  I just have soft teeth and a lot of very old filings and such.  He identified for me what "could" be done but did not have to be done.  In the end, he is a cosmetic specialist and wants people to get as much as they can out of their chompers.  I respect that.  He also wants your mouth to be in as good of shape as it is and in the right steps.  I cannot afford the "BIG SHOW" but he did not force me to.  He just let me know what we can do when and if the time is right.  To him and his staff, thank you.  The extra efforts, circumstances and communication were a big difference from the countless other times I have been in a chair. More...


Tracy M.

7 July 2012

I would defiantly recommend this place to anybody looking for a dentist.  Dr. Safarian is very professional and honest. He gave me a complete evaluation and came up with a plan to get my dental health back on track. He made me feel comfortable and the atmosphere is really relaxing. I had a great experience and I highly recommend!!! More...


Sheldon G.

7 March 2012

Probably the best dentist team in San Diego. I've had my teeth worked on, usually two at a time, and never felt anything... That's great as far as I am concerned. If you need a dentist, this is your first stop and go from there... More...


Rick M.

9 February 2012

Great, great work by Dr. Safarian and his entire staff.  I can attest as I have been going here for a number of years now.  I have had cleanings, crowns, cavities, gum work, etc.  Dr. Safarian is a very competent, thorough dentist who understands his profession and it shows in his work.  He informs me about the ongoing and continuing learning that he participates in to enrich his knowledge and skills.  I highly recommend utilizing his services.  A satisfied client, R.M. More...


Todd B.

1 February 2012

I had such a great experience at this office.....Doctor Safarian is very nice, constantly checking on me during the process of getting a filling.....He was very gentle with the shot, which usually freaks me out and I never felt ANY pain the entire time....Definitely an A+ experience and I would recommend Dr. Safarian to anyone!!  Also, this may seem silly, but I really liked the fancy t.v.'s on the ceiling and how nice the place was decorated....Thanks for making this trip to the dentist much better than usual as I have not had the best of luck in the past with other offices!! More...


Brooke S.

3 January 2012

omg! i just bought a zoom whitening treatment on group on - i love my teeth!!! everyone keeps commenting on how beautiful my teeth are! this is awesome!!! Dr. Safarian is so nice! Normally dentist make me nervous but this was a great experience! More...


Sarah W.

3 June 2011

I bought the Zoom Whitening Groupon a while back from this office. On their site they mentioned they had over 1500 responses so I wasn't surprised when my appointment was set for 6/3/11. I filled out the paperwork that they sent ahead of time and was able to show up and go right back to a room. They were extremely polite and explained everything carefully. I felt like I understood the process and the risks.Now, I am NOT going to review Zoom because this is a place to review their office, not a product that is sold all over the country.If you're looking for friendly and professional dental services, this is a good place to go. I will be making a future appointment for a cleaning and some x-rays. More...


Tom V.

25 April 2011

I have to say that I was very impressed with the whole operation.  They were timely, polite and professional.  It was great to watch TV while my teeth were being worked on as well.  I finally found my dentist!


Arlene A.

21 April 2011

I bought the zoom whitening through Groupon and went in today for my teeth whitening. The office is very clean and very nice- It's in a part of Carmel Valley that i had never been in located in a very nice medical center. I was greeted promptly and with a smile as soon as i walked through the door- and yes they don't have a front desk but must have some sort of indicator when someone walks in. Dr.S came in to talk to me and find out if I had any questions. He was super professional and has a  very easy demeanor. I had already done alot of my own research about the zoom process prior to my visit so had no questions for him. I thought that this was going to be the extent of his hands on with me and figured for sure a tech would come in and do all the prep. Wow was i surprised and very pleased to see that he himself was going to do the prep work and he did the follow up! Major plus points for him being so hands on (hello i bought a groupon and got a great deal so i figured there has to be some sort of trade off) I am very pleased to say that this wasn't the case! He treated me as though i was one of his regular patients. The procedure itself went fantastic and he stopped in to check on me every few minutes to make sure i was comfortable. I was- especially in the crazy comfy chairs you relax in while having the procedure done. All in all a great experience. My teeth look FANTASTIC! I feel like i should be in an Orbitz commercial! And i'm ready to flash my pearly whites at everyone i meet. More...


Kelly J.

17 December 2009

I took my 13-year-old nephew here. The staff is really fantastic, I can't stress that enough. It's not just that they are professional, but also friendly and warm. They made us feel comfortable and welcome immediately. There isn't a formal reception area, but believe me, you won't care. The office is clean, well decorated and seems new. The exam room is exceptional. My nephew was thrilled when a staff person handed him a remote to the big screen TV in front of the examination chair. But then she pointed out the television in the ceiling and he truly thought he was in heaven. Dr. Safarian was very pleasant, humorous, and professional. No up-selling. Just told me what needed to be done (braces) and that was it. You want to know how great this place really was? After we got home, my nephew said to me, "So, when are we going back to the dentist." More...

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