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Yury M.

12 September 2018

"Your complete source for restoration "And Iron work. Violation repairs , home improvement, and property management available.


Heidi L.

24 October 2013

It's not so much about the interesting pieces he has in the front of the store, it's about what he does in the back 2/3 of his space. To say Yury is some kind of craftsman genius is an understatement.  I had a pair of huge and very heavy turn-of-the-century iron gates that needed work so they could be put on my deck in lieu of lattice.  This required attaching 2 finials that had fallen off, RECREATING a missing finial from scratch to match the others, taking off 2 posts to straighten and re-attach, take the moss off, clean them, and re-paint and protect them to look aged.  They turned out perfectly.  I'm so happy to have stumbled upon Yury.  He is an amazing craftsman and can do anything to refurbish or make new.  When I was there he was re-creating an intricate wood design on a chair that was missing to match the other furniture pieces.  I also drove by some amazing wrought iron fences and gates he made from scratch -- amazing talent. More...