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Michael Drescher

Congrats young Lady, really a needed and smart service.

Very cool!!!


Deb Wolniak

Just wanted to send you a note of THANKS to you and your team’s incredible efforts to help our move be as smooth and efficient as possible. Here is a sample of the benefits:
· Pre-move prep and walk through – friendly staff and specific.
· Partner: Great referral to Mr. Mover who worked alongside your team before, during and after our move!
· My favorite phrase: “You can go to work, we will take care of your move and when you return, all will be completed!” – So true! The results were proof of that statement.
· Look out Martha! All drawers, linen closets, bathrooms, kitchen and closets were fully organized and ready to live in! “It’s a good thing!”~Martha Stewart
· Layout and Design: The Life Moves Team worked with Mr. Mover on the best layout as they brought our furniture in. I have kept each piece of furniture exactly where you put it. Your use of space created the perfect design and layout to our home.
· The Reveal: Both my husband and I were away on business. We came back the next day to a new home. My husband returned and had never even seen the place we were moving to. He walked in, stunned! “Everything is where I would have put it – even the bathroom drawers were organized.” We both settled in right away, not missing a beat on resting for the next day of work and enjoying our family. That has never happened before with any moving company we have hired!
· Five Star Service: If we could give you a rating, it would be 5 stars! Funny – can’t wait to move again, as it was so easy and in the budget!

Thank you so very much for your hard work and helping our lives move ahead with Life Moves.

For anyone considering a move, I would strongly suggest taking the worry out of it and making your next move an enjoyable one! Thanks, Peggy!
Please let me know if I can post the above on your Facebook Page.


Debra Wolniak
Senior Development Manager
March of Dimes
Milwaukee Office

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