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Pasadena Weight Loss Center

Pasadena, California, San Gabriel

3 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Pasadena Weight Loss Center logo

Pasadena Weight Loss Center

Pasadena, California, San Gabriel

3 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We specialize in servicing men and women from ages 50 and above.
Your later years are supposed to be the time to enjoy your family and the life you've built for yourself.


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Warren L.

20 September 2019

Dr. Claude Matar changed my life.


star d.

30 July 2019

What a wonderful place!  I feel better than I've felt in a long time.  The coaches are very knowledgeable and friendly and keep me motivated to achieve my fitness goals.  I love it!


Susan N.

30 July 2019

I was scheduled for an introductory session and was really impressed with the personalized service, the beautiful facility, how organized everything was and most importantly, the overall experience I enjoyed. I met with Rawaa and she was delightful and patiently spoke with me to understand my lifestyle background, needs, and expectations. Afterwards, I had a very thorough assessment with Cali, the trainer, who discussed myself and my health goals at great length with me. I loved the technology she used to assess my current stats. She was very positive and knowledgeable which made me comfortable working with her. We did some various exercises and got my heart rate up which was something I badly needed. She coached me along the way and it was just what I needed. After my workout, I enjoyed the detox massage and decompressed. The whole experience was really fantastic. I found the facility to be inviting and spotless clean. The pricing I was quoted was surprisingly reasonable and I definitely look forward to returning and recommend others try it. Fitness and health are very intimidating to me but I feel confident that I will be successful in adopting a new, healthy lifestyle with the help of Pasadena Weight Loss Center and finally reach my weight loss goals! More...


Jennifer S.

11 July 2019

Truly wonderful coaches. All of them. I've never felt demoralized in the environment at PWLC. They really care and they care even more because their office is within a quadrant of fast food joints. After coming out of childhood chemotherapy for Lupus and receiving zero-to-poor advice about how to live after such an ordeal, the concept of "nutrition " was a maze in the dark with little results. I have hit 195/200 lbs. three times in my life because my parents ate nothing but salt, beef and corn syrup, throwing caution to the wind as if diabetes was phony bologna.Body dysmorphia and binge eating had gotten the best of me and I was about to be consumed by my own over-consumption and the lack of support ("Don't change! Love that doughy, immobile body the way it is. Here, have a soda.")That's until I committed to three months of nutritional coaching with PWLC. Through their awesome nutrition counseling, which helped me see food as an ally not an enemy, and a regular fitness program at my crossfit gym, I easily reached my goals and developed a great relationship with food. Little to no binge-eating these days, and I am proud to say it was done scientifically and naturally- a program built on success! More...


Mari M

30 June 2019

Pasadena Weight loss center has really helped get back on track with my health. The coaches and trainers are amazing and really take an interest in your health. Many thanks to the entire crew!


Maria W.

25 June 2019

Pasadena Weight Loss Center is the reason my 2019 New Year's Resolution to get healthy is still going strong!  From the moment I arrived for my consultation mid-January, I knew this was the place for me.  The food plan makes sense and is easy to follow.  The exercise program is short enough to not be overwhelming, yet it gets results.  Every coach and trainer is a ROCK STAR!!! Such a warm, friendly, welcoming environment..for the first time ever, I look forward to showing up for my workouts.  Whether I'm working with Lindsay, Aaron, Blaine, Brian, Sarah or Cali, it's always a fun time.  I coach once a week with Lindsay and always walk away with great information to help keep my program on track without feeling guilty about occasional cheat meals.  I've become mindful of how much water I drink, my sleep patterns and how stress affects my overall heath.  I'm down nearly 30 lbs and have been slowly building muscle. I feel so much better than I have in years!!  Thank you Dr. Matar and Rawaa Hadid for putting together and maintaining this warm and supportive community!!! More...


Jessica Y.

14 June 2019

I just stared this program. the people are so nice And personable. they have state of the art equipment and personal coaching and detox's therapy...Great pricing and the facility is so clean and modern.Thank u your kind More...


Lori B.

26 March 2019

Pasadena Weight Loss center is AWESOME!! The team creates a weight loss program tailored for your specific needs and it really works!! Lindsay and the staff are so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They make the process of losing weight fun!! I highly recommend PWL! More...


Sunita S.

10 March 2019

I owe big time to Pasadena Weight Loss Center as it has changed my life . This is the first time I have been to a gym and am so thrilled to be there. I have lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks and feel more energetic. My trainer Calli is amazing, she is so motivating and helps me every time to achieve my goal . She is such a pleasant person, always with a big smile and I know she always has my back on me for which I am so thankful . Kudos to her ! as I am not an easy person ! The other 2 trainers Sara and Blaine are also very good and I must say the management and Rawaa are so fortunate to have this wonderful team . It's them who makes this place a success, as I know I would not be there without their support and their never ending motivation. This place I think is a secret gem in Pasadena, (which I fortunately discovered ) so if anyone wants to be healthy and get in shape, put on your skates and head for Pasadena Weight Loss Center, you will be a happier person when you see the lbs drop off and you feel so good .Sunita aka choti More...


Sil S.

12 February 2019

The best thing about Pasadena Weightloss from my personal standpoint is the staff and personalized coaching. My program consisted of training, coaching and detox once a week and so far I lost 15 lbs with another 5lbs to go. I found when I didn't  stick to their program the weight slowly came back. What I liked was Dr. Matar who told me about the programs as being educational to what's causing you to gain the weight and using what you learned so that you won't need any special program. You will have already learned the tools and can manage your weight on your own. But if you do "trip up", they have a monitoring program to help you maintain what you have lost. Will update this review when my 5lbs are gone! More...


penny Katz

6 January 2019

I have had the most positive experience at Pasadena Weight Loss Center. In just a few months I’m down more than 30 pounds, feel great, look better and I’m sleeping really well. The exercise program is efficient and actually enjoyable. There is a ton of technology to engage my mind as well as my body. I am super grateful to the incredible staff for their guidance. More...


Heleo P.

7 December 2018

Just wanted to add that in four months I'm down nearly 30 pounds. I feel great, I'm sleeping better, my skin looks amazing, my blood pressure is way down, and I actually enjoy going to work out. Something I thought could never ever happen to me. I can't thank my coach Sarah enough for keeping me motivated and helping me along every step of the way and my trainers Cali and Blaine for their amazing attitude and encouraging words. Every time I thank them they say it's 100% you. Obviously if it was 100% me I would still be 30 pounds heavier!  This is hard work, but I feel very encouraged that I am in excellent professional hands while doing something really great for myself.  Thanks Pasadena weight Loss Center- I am sincerely grateful to all of you. More...


Evelyn Quinn

6 December 2018

It took me a while to find a place like this. I really wanted trainers who understand the particular challenges of people over 50. This is the place!I’ve been participating in their program for about 6 weeks and I’ve lost 13 lbs feel great. The workouts are intense but only 30 minutes long. And the coaches are fantastic. So knowledgeable, professional and supportive. More...


Christiane Emonin

6 December 2018

I like the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, the subtle push to do better, not crowded, no blaring music, only the corny TV (funny) games. Good equipment, clean rooms, cheerful decor and my favorite...30 minutes detox. Looking forward to my Friday sessions.Chris. E. More...


Gary W.

21 November 2018

There are many fitness centers or gyms, personal trainers,   medical weight loss centers, dieticians, nutritionists, and so on just here in Pasadena. To check them all out is time consuming and bewildering. So, what did I need to fix?  Being overweight is first. In my case about 90-100 lbs. Second I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Third I'm over 50. I thought maybe Forest Lawn was my only option.  Working out in a gym, maybe with a personal trainer. Pumping Iron and taking supplements might do the trick, but I might also blast myself to pieces if I don't have the right trainer or program. Who has the time and money to figure all this out? And what if I make a mistake? Partly by chance I came across Pasadena weight loss center. (PWLC). Their program for people over 50, and trainers experienced in working with this population was point number one. ( I must say at this time I'm an RN and nursing instructor). Point number two, staff knowledge on diabetes,nutrition, diet and psychological management of eating disorders is very competent. I am quite impressed, and pleased with my results so far. I started in mid August of this year (2018) and it is now November 23. I've reduced from 320 to 270lbs, and still going. But most importantly is the change to the quality of my life. I sleep all through the night, I have more endurance, I feel more lucid, and my diabetes, and high blood pressure are improving. Others have said this and I will too, they'll change your life. More...


Matthew Toledo

9 November 2018

If you serious about losing weight and feel you are ready and have the right mindset you will find success at the Pasadena Weight Loss Center.


Adam Chen

6 November 2018



Jim K.

23 October 2018

So, I can honestly say Pasadena Weight Loss Center changed my life.  No joke.I came to them in December 2017, 49 years old, weighing in at 296lbs, with a resting heart rate of 89, BP of 145/98, and a 40 inch waist.  I work in production, have weird hours, and have two small kids at home.  Due to work and hours, my diet was horrible.  After a health scare in 2017, I decided I needed help.  I had tried diets, but nothing stuck.   It's also harder for guys out there.  A lot of programs are not tailored to men.  And I think it's harder for guys to seek and get help with weight.  Mostly it's just "eat less and exercise".  Not so at PWL.  Between my coaches, Aaron and Sarah, and trainers, Connie and Callie, they put together a plan that works for me.  They helped plan and adjust an eating program that works with my life and hours.  It was a tough adjustment at first, but they helped with tweaks and created a plan that is easy to follow.  The training was immensely helpful.  Overall, it's a great team of people who continue to be there for me as I continue on this journey.  Had a checkup today.  I'm now 50, 216lbs, resting heart rate of 63, BP of 123/81 and a 34 inch waist.  I have more energy and sleep better.  Best part is a whole new wardrobe.  I still have 20lbs to go to hit my goal.  And this is the tough home stretch.  Will keep on the meal plan, and the coaching and training, until I get there.  It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. More...


Jamil S.

19 September 2018

I have used this clinic before and got excellent results. The service is customized and the staff is always friendly and ready to help. They have a new faculty with an in house gym which makes the program convenient and complete. Try it and you'll get guaranteed successI would like to share my results after 2.5 months. My cholesterol went down from 340 to 193. My A1c went down from 14.3 to 8.4. My Glucose went down from 346 to 91. My vision went back to normal.If you have any doubts about the impact of diet,just come in and get stared. A great facility and very pleasant st I just got my 2nd blood test report 6 months after I started at weight loss clinic and I'm no longer diabetic as my A1c is down to 6 from 14 More...


Verdeen J.

11 September 2018

Such a helpful enlightened team of people.  Helping with knowledge & accountability- never judgey- just success focused.  Your success is their primary focus And they go to great links to make sure that you achieve your goals


Katie Reines, MS, RD.

6 August 2018



Paul Daniel

23 July 2018

This is the very best technique the I have ever encountered for losing weight and I have years of experience. PWLC has enabled me to breakthrough and reach my goal. The most important thing is that one learns is how to maintain the loss. If there is a secret then it has to do with the knowledge that you are in control. Relearning the joy of food, simple and unprocessed. I have lost 36 pounds and still enjoy eating. My doctor is pleased with my new found incredible numbers. I am a big fan! More...


Jeff Bush

23 July 2018

I would like to thank all the wonderful people at Pasadena Weight Loss for helping me in my journey to lose 53 pounds over the past 47 weeks. Dr Matar designed an amazing program that was just right for me and Coach Aaron was their to give me positive reinforcement every week. This was all done from 3,000 miles away, as I am from Philadelphia. The methods they use are safe practical and effective. If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight Pasadena Weight Loss is the way to go More...


Laila Mansour Skaf

23 July 2018

هاي انا بدي اسئل عن طريئه تخفيف المعده والبطن ﻻنو جسمي كتير متناسب بس في المعده زاعجتني كتير ارجو الرد


Lidia Pena

23 July 2018

En mucho tiempo no me habia sentido tan bien como ahora despues de empesar con el programa


Rodrigo Delgadillo

23 July 2018

Thank you Pasadena Weight Loss center


Gladys Matar

23 July 2018

it is an awesome program. it works...it works for me 100%.


Mamdouh Sahyouni

23 July 2018

Thank you Pasadena Weight Loss CenterYour staff and customer service The best God bless you all


Pam Blankenzee

23 July 2018

Thank you Pasadena Weight Loss Center! So happy with my results :) Your staff and customer service are top notch!


Hurby Franks

23 July 2018

This place was a life-changing experience for me. I lost 100 pounds in 10 months! The people were nice and helpful, and Dr. Matar and Maureen were always spot on in their recommendations. No complaints here! More...


Phyllis Vance

23 July 2018

My husband and I was invited to the Dine & Learn with the Dr. I tell you it was an eye opening experience for us both. Although both my husband and I had lost weight due to life circumstances, it helped me by just seeing his concerns for my husband who suffered a stroke some years ago. I booked a massage the night of the Dine with Dr. I have had many but not 1 near as Good as this center. Love the Wonderful Staff and Atmosphere :-) :-) :-) More...


Danielle P.

20 July 2018

Pasadena Weight Loss Center is amazing. I've lost 13 pounds of my 15 lb. goal with 2 weeks left of my program. No shots, starvation, packaged and expensive (branded) diet, or other unhealthy gimmicks. Real food, coaching, and tech to measure fat, water, and muscle loss or gain. Education about how lack of sleep and stress lead to weight gain and/or a failure to lose weight and strategies on managing are also part of the program. Shout out to Aaron, my coach, and Rawaa and Lindsey at the Center. I'll recommend you guys all day long! More...


Aro O

6 July 2018

Dr. Matar is an outstanding and amazing person. He's not there for your money he's there for you. Great customer service. I highly recommend this place to anyone.


Rcm M.

19 June 2018

The staff at the Pasadena Weight Loss Center are all so professional.The flyer I received had a great promotional offer. It was my first time with a trainer, and Brian was the best. He explained all the exercises and kept great records on my progress. Rawaa, the owner always made sure I was receiving the best possible service, which I was! More...


Francis Daniels

14 June 2018

Expert advice on nutrition and how your body works. Lyme aware. Everything is tailored to your needs so there’s no cookie-cutter program.


Dillon I

6 June 2018

The employees are all very kind people who work really hard to ensure that they can improve the lives of anyone who wishes to sign up. I have been following their plan for a month and have lost 16lbs which was very difficult for me on my own. They are very flexible with your time and your food preferences and make a plan according to your specific needs. And it isn’t just a plan to make you lose weight, it’s also a guide on how to have a better life. I highly recommend that if you wish to lose weight and better your life overall then you should come here. More...


Mary L.

1 June 2018

I simply cannot say enough good things about the Pasadena weight loss center!!!!! Rawa, Lindsey, and the rest of the staff there are extraordinary in what they do. My client has special needs and I would not trust her in the hands of anyone else. You won't find a more professional and caring facility!!!! More...


Gss King

1 June 2018

The employees are all very kind people who work really hard to ensure that they can improve the lives of anyone who wishes to sign up. I have been following their plan for a month and have lost 16lbs which was very difficult for me on my own. They are very flexible with your time and your food preferences and make a plan according to your specific needs. And it isn’t just a plan to make you lose weight, it’s also a guide on how to have a better life. I highly recommend that if you wish to lose weight and better your life overall then you should come here. More...



27 May 2018

My husband has lost 25lbs and I have lost 20 in our first 13 weeks. The nutritional guidance is second to none and has spurred us on to completely change what we eat. We're both feeling much more energetic, sleeping better and even able to cope with the strenuous exercise. The staff are so helpful and understand that the over 50s can't always do what 20-somethings can. It's the first time I've trusted personal trainers to advise me and make sure I didn't get injured. Hats off to the excellent service at PWLC. We just signed up for 13 more weeks. More...


Anna K.

26 May 2018

My husband has lost 25lbs and I have lost 20 in our first 13 weeks. The nutritional guidance is second to none and has spurred us on to completely change what we eat. We're both feeling much more energetic, sleeping better and even able to cope with the strenuous exercise. The staff are so helpful and understand that the over 50s can't always do what 20-somethings can. It's the first time I've trusted personal trainers to advise me and make sure I didn't get injured, Hats off to the excellent service at PWLC. We've signed up for 13 more weeks. More...


Crystal L.

7 April 2018

I discovered Pasadena Weightloss Center at age of 51, a mom with twins, exhausted with brain fog, in a general mental & physical downhill state. Rahwa and her team of Certified Trainers and Nutrition Coaches really helped me turn things around. They are so Supportive, Enthusiastic, Non-judgmental and Informative when it comes to Exercise and Nutrition:  a team dedicated to getting you back to a Healthier and more Energetic you. Since I started at PWC 3 months ago, I have stopped the cycle of rapid weight gain, have a lot more energy and positive mood, and am on my way to steady weight loss. I can't thank PWC enough, especially Amazing Rahwa, Kallie, Lindsay, Brad, Brian and Aaron. More...



2 April 2018

This is the best place to lose weight! The trainers and coaches are educated in nutrition, provide you with your own customized plan, are extremely personable and offer excellent services. The staff is friendly and professional. Dr Matar has developed a weight loss plan that is guaranteed to work. I truly look forward to my work outs each week. If you want to get healthy and lose weight, look no further than PWLC! More...


Sara E.

2 April 2018

I have been going to the Pasadena Weight Loss Center for about 5 months now and I've lost 45 pounds. I've struggled with my weight at a very young age and went to countless gyms and regardless of the workout I wouldn't get the results I wanted. I love the program at this center because it's like a family environment but at the same time you are held accountable for your results. You can easily develop a relationship with everyone there, Brad, Lindsey, Cali, Aaron, Bryan, and Connie are a great to work with and will push you to want to reach your goal. The workouts are high intensity but very short which is what I love, they are about 30 minutes and you realize it is very manageable while also a great way to see results. It is true if you aren't completely ready to follow a reasonable diet plan (that will turn into a lifestyle) and show up for your sessions you won't see much of a result but the way the program is set up will make you want to follow the guidelines. If you feel helpless with your weight or just want to feel healthier you should try to see if it is right for you. Consistency and patience is key but it's well worth it. More...


Dana M.

22 February 2018

They always work around your schedule I'm totally grateful to fine their clinic. I've lost weight. I'm citified with service!!!!


Thomas B.

10 February 2018

I was at the end of my rope. My Doc wanted to increase my already wide supply of diabetic meds. I told him to hold off because I "think" I can get my numbers down. He said thats what I told him last time and time before. I begged give me time.I now had to seek help outside because I wasn't getting anywhere even with the classes and books my medical clinic was giving me.I saw a lot of clinics online but I was most interested in PWLC, they were close by and got a lot of good reviews from both Men and Women.After only 1 week with PWLC my glucose numbers went down significantly! After the 2nd week they were back to normal! I still cannot believe it! and its been almost 2 months. My numbers are normal now and I'm losing weight steady each week.This is the first Clinic I've been to (and I've been to many with NO success) Where they tell you WHY you need to eat the food you are directed to and how it helps the body to be healthy and fight against inflammation. I'm still learning thanks to PWLC and my new hobby iscooking healthy wholesome dished at home!!The Staff is totally awesome! More...


Blessed Y.

15 January 2018

Received a flyer, got my attention due to the detox and educational format.No pressure......no pressure.But very educational and you learn so much about self. This is the first step to self improvement.Staff was fantastic More...



20 November 2017

It is everything I have needed for so long. I am learning so much about health and exercise and my body in order to look great and feel great. The program is so personal. I love it. More...


Mike H.

9 October 2017

I've been through several diets and had initial success, including protein powder shakes, and diets where you buy the food each week (only good to keep as emergency food for an earthquake).  I could never sustain these diets over the long run, and many of them ruined my metabolism to where I gained all of the weight back and even more.I've lost 52 pounds in 3.5 months and feel wonderful.  I'm eating vegetables, fruits and healthy proteins.  I've had Brad as my counselor and Cali and Connie as my trainers.  The exercises with the trainers are quality over quantity and accomplish quite a bit over a relatively short period of time.  Brad, Cali, and Connie have almost become my second family and I appreciate all that they do.  This is a SUSTAINABLE DIET.  When you have special occasions coming up, your counselor will work with you on what you should order, so that you are still in the game.  I'm now starting to buy smaller clothes (and belts).  I told Brad that I'm only buying limited items of clothing in smaller sizes because I plan to pass through and head for even smaller sizes.I'm so happy I found this place and can't recommend it enough.[Update 12-5-17: I have now lost 69.5 pounds] More...


Carrie B.

16 August 2017

Thank you Pasadena Weight Loss Center! I couldn't for the life of me lose 11 pounds in 12 weeks, and I gained muscle, lost a lot of body fat (down from 29% to 26%), and am keeping it off! Great coaches, great program, great staff! It really worked. It's worth spending a little money to lose weight because it's a great natural way to get fit! More...


Evonne S.

11 August 2017

I've been coming to PWLC for a little over 2 years now. All of the staff are very friendly and supportive, and take the time to learn your name and your story. It is definitely hard work but the results have lasted--for me, it's been a lifestyle change and that alone was worth the money. More...


Silva B.

17 July 2017

I have been on the program since November 2016. This has been the best program that has worked for me from all the ones that I have tried since it's not a diet it's a lifestyle. I have already lost 30 lbs and don't feel deprived as I cook the same foods which is middle eastern with minimum changes. The support of the staff is amazing with the workouts and specially the detox sessions. I recommend to give a try you won't be disappointed. More...


Armen K.

20 April 2017

I've been with Pasadena Weight Loss Center for two months now. Down 16 pounds. Although I feel I could have lost more this system feels the most sustainable! I've tried everything from Beach Body, weight watchers, juicing, etc. Usually I see some good initial results then just give the program up. I committed and paid for 6 months upfront to Pasadena Weight Loss Center, prices were comparable to that of hiring a personal trainer. The difference maker for me is the staff and my team. Dr. Matar and his wife Rawaa are the nicest, most caring people. But I have to give my team the most thanks. Brad, Joe, and Lindsey you rock! Weekly coaching and diet adjustments, working around my schedule, and pushing me during my workouts will definitely continue to contribute to my success! More...


Scott Musselman

9 March 2017

I've been having a problem with my legs for the last 10 or more years. In the past I've loved running and for these last 10 years this has been something of the past. But now the future looks a whole lot brighter with going to Pasadena Weight Loss Center. They have a very unique way of doing a detox which I've never experienced and after the first treatment I could feel a massive difference. And now am doing this on a weekly basis. The staff here are very friendly and do want to help me achieve my goal of being able to run a marathon again this year. Thanks guys, you all are Great. More...


Olivia H.

19 November 2016

If I can do it, you can too! I am currently in my second year of law school, and I was worried that I would be able to make time to focus on fitness and weight loss. During my initial consultation with Dr. Matar, I could tell his mission was to truly transform peoples' lives. He saw so much potential in me, and I had come to him feeling completely dejected and discouraged. My self-confidence had hit an all-time low, but the kindness and support I felt at the Pasadena Weight Loss Center was overwhelming and has transformed my outlook and how I think about food, my health, and routines. Their easy-to-follow plans and weekly consultations helped me stay motivated and kept me accountable. Once I started my weight-loss coaching sessions, we set realistic-but challenging-goals, and I was given a plan that adapted to my lifestyle. Meeting every week helped to integrate my progress and the expertise of the Weight Loss Center staff and continuously assured that I felt comfortable with my routine. The best part was that it was flexible and accommodated my busy life as a student. I continue to see consistent weight loss and muscle gain. I cannot possibly express to you how empowering this program has been. My experiences here have been incredibly positive and I am so grateful that I walked through the door, and have been cared for every time I've crossed the threshold since! More...


Jacaueline W.

18 September 2016

Pasadena weight loss clinic is a great all natural appraoch to weight loss! Dr. Matar teaches you how to use food as medicine to heal your body and to lose the weight. He teaches you how to make weight loss a part of your lifestyle, not a diet.  I was NEVER hungry on his program as I was eating a lot more than I usually do. I lost 15 pounds in four months and have still been able to keep it off after 6 months. The program is kind of pricey but it's an investment in your health. The staff are very friendly and helpful and you feel very cared for at the clinic. More...


Susie P.

20 July 2016

I added 30 pounds after I quite smoking, I came to Pasaden Diet center as my last resort, as I tried so many different diets and not one worked.  I enjoyed all staff members, everyone is professional.  I love the weekly coaching, it keeps me on track.  Dr. Matar is knowledgeable.  He listens to my needs no designed my menu accordingly.  I not only lose most of the weight, the most important thing is I feel great.If you have weight problems and need guidance and support, this is the place for you. More...


Lidian C.

26 June 2016

This is a truly original program.  I doubt there is anything else like it out there.  Having my own  Nutritionist and fitness trainer keeps me motivated and on track.  Everyone on the staff is excellent at what they do.  They know your name and care about how you are doing.Sometimes I mess up and instead of giving up I know that the support is there to get going again.  Makes all the difference for me. More...


Nancy S.

24 March 2016

Like you, I've tried for many years to lose weight. My method of choice was exercise and whenever I would get injured or sick, I'd lose ground and gain the weight back. After almost two decades, I was even a little heavier than when I started. Then I decided to try PWLC, having seen the evidence from two of my friends. Dr. Matar showed me how my eating habits were sabotaging me and how I can exercise smarter. I've lost over 20 lbs (more than 10% of my body weight) in 7 months and I'm still losing. I expect to achieve my healthy goal before summer and to be able to keep the weight off, now that I've learned what my body truly needs. More...


David V.

17 February 2016

I recommend this plan only if you can answer yes to these three questions1. Do you really want to lose weight and become healthy?2. Do you want to learn how to make healthy food choices?3. Do you want to learn how to exercise safely and lose weight faster?If you said yes to these questions then you are ready to go all in and take control of your health.My story:  I visited my Doctor and I was told that I was 1 point away from being Diabetic.I needed to take action.  I learned about the Pasadena Weight Loss Clinic and I said yes and started the plan.Now four months on the plan and I have lost 30 pounds!  I even lost weight during the holidays!  Sure it has taken work, I log my food, exercise but I found it has been worth it.  I lost 5 inches on both my waist and hips and I get a lot of compliments for the thinner me!I have learned a lot about getting the right balance of protein, carbs and fat for each meal.  Dr. Matar has a great team to help support my weight loss with a nutritionist and exercise trainer.  I now know how to construct a meal that will work for me.  I learned I could make my time at the gym more efficient by using the adaptive training methods I was shown by my trainer.  I now have all of the tools I need to continue on and to keep my weight off.  And if I gain some back due to the holidays I know how to get back on track to lose it. More...


Gary D.

5 January 2016

I am upgrading my rating to 5 stars because this plan is so effective.  After years of being caught in the "yo you" cycle of losing a bit of weight only to regain it and a few extra pounds, Dr. Matar and his staff have shown me how to loss the weight and stop the cycle of regaining it.  The information is excellent and the process is easy once you take the step of being the owner of plan.  I am withing 5 pounds of my goal and have ended 2015 with a trip to the wine country, a trip back to my hometown, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Each of these events either had a weight loss or no significant weight gain.  The advise that I have received has been personalized for me and is a plan that I can gladly adopt.  When I saw my Internist and he reviewed my lab results he wanted to know how I had lost from 272 in July 2015 to 229 in January 2016.  43 pounds and I can send my thanks to the doctor and staff at PWLC.  Keep up the good work!! More...


Ken Merchant

22 December 2015

A very caring staff. They stay with you to create success. Highly recommend.


Warren L.

21 December 2015

I hope you read my review in search for a new positive and healthy direction for your life. I admit that in the beginning when my aunt gave me a flyer for Pasadena Weight Loss I was extremely skeptical. I did not believe the "promises" I saw on the flyer. I thought they just wanted me to be just another client who shows up and continue on a rigid and limited diet plan which only led me to slip back into my old eating patterns and life patterns.  After the first month of following my new lifestyle which includes sleep regimen, food protocol, exercise protocol, and hydration regimen I lost 10 lbs. I learned I suffered from inflammation and am constantly dehydrated which is why I suffer from constantly being tired.  Dr. Matar also helped me stop smoking cigarettes which is a miracle to me.  I hope you find my review in your search for a healthier life. More...


Doris F.

31 October 2015

I came to Pasadena Weight Loss to learn how to eat healthier, I had no energy and kept getting colds often.  Once I got on the Plan that Dr. Mattar recommended, I felt happier and more energetic.  Dr. Mattar is extremely helpful, he helped me so much emotionally co cope in other areas of my life not only weight loss.  If you cannot motivate yourself to lose weight or eat right, this is the place to go. The staff are very helpful and friendly and they truly care. More...


Mindy K.

5 September 2015

I have been a client of Pasadena Weight Loss for almost a year now. Working with Dr Matar and the rest of the staff has been a pleasure and one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr Matar is a knowledgeable and compassionate man who always listens. I have had great results with the plan that was created for me. The rest of the staff is also very supportive and professional. There is no way I could have achieved the results I have on my own. The improvement to my health and the way I look and feel is tremendous. They have changed the way I look at and deal with food. I am not on a diet, I now eat food that not only tastes good but nourishes my body. I highly recommend Dr Matar and his staff! More...


Laura W.

4 September 2015

Just finished my two month program and I feel amazing! I am no longer lethargic all the time, I got all my old energy back and I'm in a healthier place than I've ever been. It's hard with a smaller frame to lose weight but I lost ten pounds and inches all over! This program worked for me because it's more about education and nutrition than anything else. I enjoyed working with my coach she kept in touch regularly to keep me on track, and I like the workouts they taught me, definitely making a difference. Very glad I decided to step up and make a change in my life! More...


Melissa M.

3 June 2015

I have been coming to see for Dr. matar for 8 weeks and have lost 20lbs - the right/healthy way. I highly recommend this program to people who have struggled with weight gain. It teaches you how to lose weight the right way. You might want to lose weight fast, but it has to also be done right so you don't regain it again. I wouldn't call the program a diet, I would say it is a lifestyle change. You have to make a commitment to yourself and your health. It can be challenging to maintain in today's busy world, which is why the weekly coaching helps. More...


Dia J.

13 February 2015

My husband and I just had our initial intake visits with the team at Dr. Matar's office. So far, it has been an incredible experience. We've tried all of the fad diets, but are now looking to improve our overall health which should lead to weight loss.The plan he will prescribe doesn't promise miracles or weight loss overnight. We'll need to incorporate the changes into our incredibly busy lifestyles, but he LISTENED to our individual needs, and will create our plan based on those. I'm a clinical professional by profession, and always skeptical. Dr Matar didn't blow a lot of smoke up our butts (sorry for the expression), and I felt comfortable.I can't wait to see what happens and will check back in after awhile. More...


Stacey S.

17 November 2014

You are what you eat. And by following Dr. Matar's eating guidelines, you will be healthy, feel healthy, and look healthy. Dr. Matar offers an eating guideline for weight loss which is balanced in protein, carbs, and hydrating vegetables. You will not be hungry. As a matter of fact, I had to ask that I could cut back on the volume of food I was told to eat. So far, I have lost about 40 pounds and the compliments are pouring in. Not only do I fit into clothes I had forgotten about or given up on wearing again, but my skin looks fantastic. I move better. I feel better. If you wish you could feel young again, or wish you looked better, do yourself a favor and take a chance with this program. How well you succeed is up to you, but by following the program, you will give yourself the chance to succeed. More...


Gin S.

16 October 2014

I am so happy with my decision to join this program. I give it my highest recommendation. It's finally the solution to never having to "diet" again!First of all, the staff are all really caring good people; they always make me feel welcome.  Second, the place is clean.  And third, the program works....I am so happy! The best part, for me, is that it isn't based on pills or shakes or injections - no prepackaged meals; it's all natural, yet it's a surprisingly quick fix. You take a series of physical tests (Not hard) and then meet with Dr. Matar to learn what's going on in your body and stopping you from losing weight and/or causing you to gain it. Based on your results, he creates a program designed specifically for your needs. You then meet once a week with his nutritionist, Anni, who is extremely knowledgeable and kind. She guides you with meal planning and choices. So from the very beginning, you're preparing your meals and learning to nourish your body's particular needs.  It's Your program. I was a grab and go eater - anything prepackaged and fast.  So in the beginning, I had to grocery shop different and learn the importance of the nutritional balance in each meal, but wow did it pay off...I can honestly say for the first time, I don't crave sugar - at all. I don't have ANY cravings and that happened fast.  Within the first week I stopped craving soda. I've heard this could happen, but in all my dieting days, I have never experienced it.  I've always felt the "restriction" of whatever diet I was on, for as long as I was on it.  Not this time, there's no finishing the "diet" and then "learning to keep it off."  You are learning to "keep it off" from the very beginning.  I have consistently lost weight every week and have no doubt I will reach my goal. I know I have changed the way I look at food and how I will eat forever.  I can feel my body going to its "natural" state of being...no more swelling and joint pain, or stomach pain after eating...NONE.  I'm saving money at the grocery store and in restaurants.  I'm not afraid to say yes to an invitation, because getting dressed is no longer depressing. I have so much joy and excitement for what's ahead. I have honestly changed for the better. I cannot express properly my appreciation in finding this program so I will just say, thank you Dr. Matar, thank you to you and your wonderful staff...Thank you. More...


Brandice L.

27 June 2014

I struggled for over a year to lose wight after the birth of my second child.  Before having children I had never had a problem losing weight but afterwards, the typical diets and weight loss programs just weren't working for me anymore.  I embraced Dr. Matar's methodology and was finally able to lose the weight. After struggling for over a year and not being able to lose any weight, I was able to lose over 10 lbs in under two months.  On top of that, I was never hungry.  I feel better about what I eat and better about myself. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out how to actually eat what they wanted me to eat because I was not used to it and it is a lot of vegetables.  However, with some creativity and a food processor, I developed an easy way to incorporate the veggies into meals and not feel overwhelmed by the volume.  After I lost the first 10 lbs I did deviate from the plan a bit so my weight loss slowed. However, I know I can change that at any time if I just go back to following the plan more strictly.  What I like it that I'm still losing wight though and I feel as though I have adapted the plan to fit my lifestyle long term.  The one challenge I have is getting the recommended sleep.  Working full time and  having two small children makes this very challenging.  When I am able to get the sleep recommended or just more sleep than I normally get, I do notice my weight loss increasing. So while others might find this a challenge as well, if you can do it - get the sleep! It is the one main thing that I know slows my progress and it was eye opening to observe.The doctor and staff and very friendly and helpful and I like most of the additional options they give you to help in your weight loss and lifestyle change.  They could improve upon the transparency of information - costs of different pieces of programs and treatments, etc.  The organization of their materials also leaves something to be desired.  This doesn't bother me too much as I can and have easily translated and reformatted things so that they are easier to read and use but if they are going for a better customer experience I think that is an easy area to gain ground. More...


amanda montoya

17 June 2014

My husband and I started Dr. Matar's plan 11 weeks ago and it's been nothing but successful! Together, we have lost almost 70lbs and countless inches off our entire bodies. At first Dr. Maters plan can be challenging, but with time, effort, and perseverance you will find the challenges get easier and the results (ie, continuous weight loss, improved overall health stats, feeling healthier...) are rewarding! Also overtime, you will find that your desires for unhealthy food reduce significantly, but when you do have those cravings, Dr. Matar and his staff work with you to find a solution. Overall my husband and I are very pleased with our results and not only look forward in continuing to work with PWLC in achieving our ultimate goals, but also to living a longer and healthier life style! More...


Izzy I.

6 June 2014

Dr. Matar offers a healthy, life-long solution tailored to you. I started my program at the end of January and by early May I had reached my goal and lost 25 pounds in a healthy way. I continued with Dr. Matar through August to ensure I had the skills to maintain the weight and not fall back to old behaviors. In the process, I saw other friends start and stop one fad diet or another with no results, while I had a new-found control.Dr. Matar’s approach is holistic. He addresses sleep, exercise, nutrition, vitamin-deficiency and toxins in the body. For the program to work, you need to be committed, because it is challenging. I suspect everyone has different struggles, like difficulties getting enough sleep; but not only will you learn tangible skills for weight loss and management, you will uncover things about yourself that led up to the weight gain. In my case, I realized that I had put everything and everybody ahead of myself. Dr. Matar’s coaching sessions are priceless. I came in once a week and each week, try as I might to meet the rigor of the program, there were things I had trouble implementing. Dr. Matar would ask questions to understand what the issue was, and would find solutions to issues I didn’t even realize existed. He’d suggest a new approach, a new twist to make the program fit my lifestyle or help me realize that I could incorporate it into my busy life. Dr. Matar’s main focus is to help you think differently about the way you approach nutrition and incorporate these healthy practices into your life, not to make you follow a list of instructions blindly. It’s difficult at first, but once you start to see the results, you are hooked. It will continue to be difficult, because our society does not eat this way, but the things you learn, you can share with the people you love. Already my closest family has benefited.I would call the 8 months I dedicated to Dr. Matar’s Well, Fit, Slim program one of the turning points of my life. It has given me a new-found confidence that I am in control of my weight and my time. It showed me that I am capable of great change. If you have an urgency to lose weight and you want to do it in a healthful manner, this is the solution for you. More...


Cathy Adams

6 June 2014

I had recently recovered from foot surgery during which time I had gain a lot of weight that I loss during the prior year. While I have had a lot of temporary success throughout my life with weight loss, I was never able to keep it off. I saw a YouTube video regarding Dr. Matar's clinic and saw a few likes from my Facebook friends and decided to inquire. This has by far been the healthiest and easiest method of weight loss that I have experienced. The approach was to educate me on how to eat healthy foods that I enjoy and lose weight in the process. Dr. Matar and his staff knows the human body and how it reacts to food, stress etc. The focus was not to lose as much weight as quick as possible, but to eat healthly. However, the results was a significant amount of weight loss (about 40 lbs) in a relatively short period of time . I was amazed that I was losing this much weight and was never hungry and very little to no cravings for unhealthly fattening foods. If you are truly ready to lose the weight and keep it off the right way then I highly recommend the Pasadena Weight Loss Center. You will not be dissapointed. More...


Jill H.

2 May 2014

I have been a fitness instructor for 15 years yet struggle with weight gain trying to balance home, work, school, life.  I learned a lot from my visits and an important item  to me was the personal one on one advice on how to fit healthy eating into my hectic schedule. Most importantly I learned how to hear what my body really wants and needs and how to sustain a life long change. NOT A DIET and making the change was not fun, but the pay offs in energy, good sleep, good skin, feeling good and a hot body..... worth it to me. More...


Harold Q.

5 March 2014

I have had great success at the Pasadena Weight Loss Center! Down 39 pounds and going strong. Dr. Matar and his staff really know what they are doing and are a blast to work with. I learned why I was gaining weight and why it was difficult to lose it. It was hard to lose weight before but it is easy now! BTW this is my first post on yelp as I felt compelled to share this. More...


Izzy P.

27 October 2013

Dr. Matar offers a  healthy, life-long solution tailored to you.  I started my program at the end of January and by early May I had reached my goal and lost 25 pounds in a healthy way.  I continued with Dr. Matar through August to ensure I had the skills to maintain the weight and not fall back to old behaviors.  In the process, I saw other friends start and stop one fad diet or another with no results, while I had a new-found control.Dr. Matar's approach is holistic.  He addresses sleep, exercise, nutrition, vitamin-deficiency and toxins in the body.  For the program to work, you need to be committed, because it is challenging.  I suspect everyone has different struggles, like difficulties getting enough sleep; but not only will you learn tangible skills for weight loss and management, you will uncover things about yourself that led up to the weight gain.  In my case, I realized that I had put everything and everybody ahead of myself.  Dr. Matar's coaching sessions are priceless.  I came in once a week and each week, try as I might to meet the rigor of the program, there were things I had trouble implementing.  Dr. Matar would ask questions to understand what the issue was, and would find solutions to issues I didn't even realize existed.  He'd suggest a new approach, a new twist to make the program fit my lifestyle or help me realize that I could  incorporate it into my busy life.  Dr. Matar's main focus is to help you think differently about the way you approach nutrition and incorporate these healthy practices into your life, not to make you follow a list of instructions blindly.  It's difficult at first, but once you start to see the results, you are hooked.  It will continue to be difficult, because our society does not eat this way, but the things you learn, you can share with the people you love.  Already my closest family has benefited.I would call the 8 months I dedicated to Dr. Matar's Well, Fit, Slim program one of the turning points of my life.  It has given me a new-found confidence that I am in control of my weight and my time.  It showed me that I am capable of great change.  If you have an urgency to lose weight and you want to do it in a healthful manner, this is the solution for you. More...


Luis B.

26 September 2013

A year ago I went for a physical checkup, the results were certainly a wakeup call. Very high blood pressure, my body mass index was at 42 etc...basically I was a walking heart attack. The doctor told me that unless I got my weight under control, I needed to look into surgery for weight reduction.I knew that i needed to find a place that would help me lose weight naturally, so no pre-packaged food and they would monitor my progress closely. I was looking for a place that could give me a plan that I could manage on my own, so that I could follow for the rest of my life.  This is exactly what I found at the Pasadena Weight Loss Center.On my first visit they did a complete body analysis that included, my weight and how much of that was fat and muscle. They determined my hydration, as well as body measurements.A week later I met with the Dr. Matar and he went over the analysis with me, but the best part was that he gave me my eating plan and the amount of carbs and protein I needed to eat daily. He came up with these numbers from the analysis, that's why the same numbers do not work for everyone.  He also put together a exercise program as well.I have been able to lose over 50 lbs to date, and I'm still losing. This program has helped me understand how my body reacts to certain amounts of food, exercise and sleep. I can now lose weight maintain my weight, in a healthy way.I did have another physical done recently, my blood pressure was normal and my BMI was at 33. The benefits of losing weight have been tremendous, my energy level has gone thru the roof and I wake up very rested. If I would have known that this is all I needed to do to loose or maintain weight, I would have never had a weight problem because I would have done this years ago. More...


Meredith M.

25 September 2013

This is a terrific wellness center focusing on weight loss and weight management. It is NOT a diet center. Dr. Matar takes a holistic, integrated approach to helping you improve your health so you release that extra weight. As he says, when the body is healthy, it will naturally lose weight.I have been seeing Dr. Matar for four months and have let go of 30 pounds of fat. I'm sleeping better, my stress level is lower and I eat real food and do not feel deprived.I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life and have learned so much through this program - especially how inflammation interferes with weight loss.This program is not for everybody. To be successful, you've got to be committed to changing to a healthier lifestyle. It is also not inexpensive if you use all the tools: daily coaching, twice weekly intense exercise and weekly detox. That said, Dr. Matar is caring, his staff is friendly and helpful, and his office is very clean and comfortable.I suspect some of the reviewers here with negative comments were looking for a quick weight loss solution and were disappointed because they did not lose a lot of weight quickly. With Dr. Matar, you will lose weight slowly (1-2 lbs per week) but you will feel healthier and keep the weight off.This is a wonderful wellness weight management program for those who are committed to becoming healthy, fit and slim for life. More...


Donna B.

31 August 2013

Firstly, I have to say this is the very first time in my entire adult life of being overweight that I succeeded in a weight loss program.  Whether it was because of Dr. Matar's program or that my doctor advised me I was shortening my lifespan by becoming obese, it worked!  I got a Groupon for Dr. Matar's Pasadena Weight Loss Clinic for a six-week program.  Before I went, they emailed me a very thorough multi-page questionnaire asking about my eating habits, sleeping habits, foods I liked and didn't like, family history, and more.  My first visit was with the technician who weighed me and measured my body composition.  It was suggested I pay for an additional six-weeks because of the amount of weight I had to lose.  When I met with Dr. Matar on my next visit, he had developed a personalized food plan for me based on how I answered the questions.  It was a basic plan of low-fat, high protein meats, as many vegetables as I wanted, some daily fats, and an egg a day, along with brown rice at every meal.  It was strict as far as what I could not eat - caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy & grains (except brown rice).  I also had to take a mineral supplement, which was quite tasty in both chocolate and vanilla, along with other vitamins and dietary supplements that were extra. For some reason, this was the right plan for me.  I was never hungry, nor was I ever tempted to cheat and eat something not on the plan.  I did take a one-week vacation halfway through the program, and he told me I should 'be on vacation and enjoy myself," which I did.  But I got right back on it when I returned.  Each week I was weighed and measured, had my body comp taken, and met with Dr. Matar.  While most of the program was very do-able for me, my only complaint is that he wanted me to adjust my sleeping habits, which I never could do, and was a little too interested in my bathroom activities.  But all in all, whatever it was, I am now down to my goal weight, which I have never been able to do on any previous weight loss program.  Totally I have lost 78 pounds, 58 of which were through Dr. Matar's program.  It took me 7 months to lose that last 58 pounds.  I would highly recommend the Pasadena Weight Loss Center to anyone who is serious about their health.  In fact, I have already referred a friend, who is on a totally different food plan than I was because of her goal to lower her blood pressure.  She is also a fan!  I truly believe Dr. Matar customizes your plan to what you want to accomplish.  Try it!  You'll be glad you did. More...


Ned B.

28 June 2013

I've been seeing Dr. Matar for 17 months and I've lost 108 lbs. thus far. But the real benefit to the program has been the knowledge I've gained about nutrition at the cellular level and the coaching I get to stay focused on changing my lifestyle.


Edwin D.

27 June 2013

Great people. Super helpful as they truly care and are very knowledgeable. If you want a weight loss program that works, look no further.


Ned Beadel

6 June 2013

I was 59 years old and approaching 350 lbs. and I was about a month away from having weight loss surgery. I was convinced that it was my last option to loosing weight. One of my sons was not supportive at all with me having the surgery. I was going to have the "sleeve" surgery where they cut out half of your stomach. My son kept saying, "Dad, please don't have your stomach cut out!" My wife was being supportive of whatever decision I made but she had a friend who had been seeing Dr. Matar for some months and was impressed with the results she was seeing with her friend and the things she was telling my wife about Dr. Matar's approach to healthy living, eating and weight loss. Well, my wife kept asking me to go and see Dr. Matar for awhile and I just resisted thinking that weight loss surgery was my only answer. When she insisted that I just go for a consultation and that if I didn't like what I heard from Dr. Matar she would support me in the weight loss surgery. My son said, "Dad, if they're telling you that the weight loss surgery won't work unless you change your lifestyle, then change the lifestyle and keep your stomach." So I made the appointment and there was a fee for the consultation which didn't bother me because they had me fill out a questionnaire before I had my appointment and then on the day of the consultation they did a body analysis with some machine (very painless). Then I saw the Dr. afterwards. Based on my answers to the questionnaire and my body analysis he pegged a major problem I was having and that was lack of sleep. I was averaging 4 hours a night. I was drinking up to 6 cups of coffee a day and still finding myself dozing off at my desk at work and eating sugar throughout the day just to keep myself going. Now I'm averaging 6.5 hours a sleep a night and working on getting my sleep average to 8 hours a night. What I learned from Dr. Matar and later through other research how lack of sleep lends itself to weight gain and obesity. The thing Dr. Matar asked me on my first visit that got my attention was whether I was willing not to just loose weight but to change my lifestyle. He said if I changed my lifestyle of eating and exercise that my body would form to my lifestyle. I also realized after my first visit with Dr. Matar that the weight loss surgery would have put my health at serious risk - that I would essentially be starving myself for nutrition. To make a long story short, I have been in the program for 14 months and I have lost a total of 105 pounds to date, I've lost 12 inches in my waist and I'm fitting into extra large clothing vs. 3x clothing. At first Dr. Matar got me to walk just 10 minutes a day, then a week later 20 minutes a day, then a week later 30 minutes a day. Now I'm exercising 90 minutes a day on a treadmill, elliptical and weight training. To help in changing my lifestyle I set a goal to hike to the top of Mt. Whitney this August. I've been training for it for a year. In 2014 my goal is to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and in 2015 hike to top of Half-dome rock in Yosemite. The benefit I've received from Dr. Matar is the education to know what is happening to my body with proper nutrition and exercise, plus his staff is very supportive on your journey. I get helpful ideas and support from Dr. Matar and his staff throughout the week on email. I highly recommend Pasadena Weight Loss Center to you. More...


Valerie G.

4 April 2013

This program is not a quick fix weight loss program. This is nutrition and lifestyle education tailored to everyone's specific goals. You have to be open to learning about what foods best work for you and be willing to make the effort. I have read numerous books and studied nutrition for a Health Coaching certification. I know a good deal about nutrition but there were just a few things I couldn't quite figure out. My body type and weight would be considered normal, but I wanted to lose a little extra body fat and get leaner. I couldn't quit pin what factors were preventing me from losing the extra fat. I am only interested in natural weight loss which is why I decided to go with Dr. Matar.  Dr. Matar gave me a plan, I had supportive daily coaching, along with some other helpful tools. He helped me figure out the things that were keeping me from losing weight, and it was not ONLY food. The Metab Formula has helped me tremendously! I tend to be very hungry (I am pretty active and work out daily) and this helps to curb my excess hunger between meals. If you really want to lose weight, you need the right diet plan that will work for your body. Weight loss is not easy, it's work! There is no pill, injection, or surgery that will give you a lean healthy fit body. Eat clean, work-out, sleep, rest, and find balance.I was surprised by some of the reviews. I think many people just can't make the commitment to implement healthy lifestyle changes. More...


Anni T.

2 March 2013

I'm a patient of theirs and I've never had a problem with them. The office is in tip top shape, nice and clean at all times. @Janelle A. Your reviews don't make sense. I've read almost all the reviews and oddly enough, yours caught my eye. You made it clear to the public that you don't have the time or money for this program. I've never had a problem with my appointments. If you can't handle it then go elsewhere hunny More...


Eve G.

22 August 2012

This program is different from others because the goal is attaining good health not just weight loss. Being over weight is a result of bad health. Dr. Matar helps to identify the health issues that cause obesity and provides effective strategies to remedy them. I had all kinds of nutritional deficiencies contributing to my weight problem. Dr Matar helped me get rid of several maladies.My lifelong problem with constipation is over! My sleep has improved dramatically, I wake up feeling energetic and do not tire during the day. More...


Megan S.

21 May 2012

Great equipment, extremely friendly staff and an overall great experience!


Karen B.

13 May 2012

I have been fighting with my weight since third grade. I am now 54. I was tipping the scales at 300 pounds. I saw my future consisting of diabetes, early death and or gastric bypass surgery. None of these alternatives seemed good. I resolved to get the weight off by myself before I resorted to the knife. I went back to Weight Watchers and remembered why it had always failed in the long run for me. On WW, I could justify eating ANYTHING, even if it left me hungry or with cravings for more and even "worse" food.So I went searching for something that would help me sort out all the dieting advice I had absorbed over the years and figure out how to eat in a healthy manner, free of out-of-control binges, free of feeling hungry. I found Dr. Matar and his Pasadena Weight Loss Center from a Facebook ad. Intriguing. He promised exactly those things and more.I made an appointment for the free consultation. It's been over a year, so I don't remember all the details of the intake, but the scenario they presented sounded good enough for me to pay the $295 for full testing and analysis by Dr, Matar. It felt expensive, but I was feeling desperate about my spiraling weight and Lap-Band surgery was really scary and even more expensive. And I will mention here, that the whole program is pricey, but so are the costs of being fat.Needless to say, I am a client and have been for over a year. I have lost over 100 pounds. I feel fantastic. I am shopping at regular clothing stores. My energy has returned and I do not fear not being there to see my grandchildren.Dr Matar designs a personalized plan for each and every client. I am sure they all center around the same theme, but this is the gist of mine. I eat a large amount of lean protein (egg whites, tofu, Greek yogurt and other fat free dairy, poultry, fish, beef). I eat many and varied vegetables at every meal. I eat a small serving of complex carbohydrates with lunch (potato, sweet potato, beans, brown rice, lentils). Every day, I also get 8 servings of fats (olive oil and nut oils, egg yolk, nuts, olives, even butter). I am allowed fruit before a long aerobic exercise session or after a muscle building one.Between meals, I sip Dr Matar's mineral formula (a pleasant tasting powder I mix with water). My program calls for 12 glasses sipped throughout the day. I also take six supplements of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and probiotics. The program is holistic, in that it involves life changes that aid in the weight loss and in my general well-being.  In addition to the changes in my approach to food, I am now "early to bed, early to rise." I have also worked up my exercise to the point where I swim for 90 minutes every day, if I'm being perfect.I buy my food at the farmer's market and my meat from local vendors. I rarely visit a supermarket. I prepare most of my meals at home, avoiding the rich offerings at restaurants and the just plain unhealthy "food" offered at drive-troughs and dives. The money I save cooking at home helps compensate somewhat for the cost of this program.I still have more weight to lose, but I know that I will get there and stay there this time. I have been given valuable tools. More...


Rhonda S.

12 November 2011

Wellness is the key... weight-loss is the side effect.  That said I have to add my own review about Dr Matar and the staff at Pasadena Weight Loss Center.Yes, I'm one of those, like many others who have been on numerous diets, plans programs.  Some worked, some didn't.  I have to say that this one is not a DIET diet; it's a "put the good stuff in and take care of you and good things will happen" diet.  From the first contact with this office, it's been a positive experience.  Dr. Matar gave me insight into what my body needs to feel better and look better.  Sure, everything he told me could have been found on the internet IF I HAD HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS to find these things myself!  I don't, so I was glad he was able to put it all together in an easy to follow format.  I get it that some people can't loose weight or don't want to put effort into something to get a great result out of it.  But from personal experience, if you stop eating so much or stop eating foods that have no nutritional value, guess what, you'll never loose weight.  However, if you eat right, get rest, and exercise even moderately, you will FEEL BETTER, and as I stated in the first sentence, weigh-loss will be a wonderful side affect to that.  As far is hard selling, there was none.  And I mean NONE.  Rawaa didn't try to sell me a thing, nor did the Dr. nor did Wendy.  I did buy the Rapid Reduction Protocol Formula I Metabolism for the minerals which I was lacking.  That was probably the best purchase I've ever made!  Apparently my body was in dire need of minerals because it helped with a number of things I was already experiencing.  I have to take extra supplements of Iron.  Iron causes severe constipation.  After the first day of taking the Metabolism mineral powder I have not had constipation AT ALL, none! Another plus was hair and nails and skin all so much better with the extra minerals.  I can't say enough about that alone.  Not sure what all the negativity is about with some of the other reviewers but this program DOES work and the staff there are no where near the "up sellers" that has been mentioned.  I suggest you see for yourself, as we all know, diets and the like are relative to each individual but mostly, you get what you give.  Give your body good things and Get good things back from your body.  Aren't you worth it? More...


Lucin D.

30 October 2011

Dr. Matar's program is focused on achieving the weight you consider ideal in a health non preservative way. once you get used to it, the program is easy to follow and it is adaptable to any life style. He does offers supplements that are sold in the office, so there is no struggle or driving to different health stores. The office staff are ver courteous and the help one gets during coaching is timely.After being on so many weight loss programs, Pasadena Weigth Loss Center has been the one that had offered longer results.If you are doing this for the long run, I definitely recommend it. More...


Jackie R.

28 September 2011

As you can see I'm a highly regarded yelp elite member (unlike the other 2 reviewers) so I hope you'll take my review into consideration. I have no relation or affiliation with this business, I found them through a Living Social deal. I'm also the only reviewer thus far that was an ACTUAL client for more than a couple of visits. Also, there are about 5 filtered reviews that gave 5 stars and aren't "new yelp members" so if we even out PWLC's total score that would then come to 3.75 stars. Judge by that, and not the terrible rating they have been given. Pasadena Weight Loss is a coaching service, YOU still have to be willing to do the work yourself. The current price for a week of coaching is $99 and I'm paying week to week with no minimum. I work with Wendy, the Nutritionist. I think she's extraordinary, and really gets me. Dr. Matar is also spectacular. I took so many notes from our first consultation and I was immediately sharing my new knowledge with all of my friends! It turns out that I am dehydrated. Not only did PWLC look at my weight symptoms, they looked all all of the health/physical issues I'm having. I had a lot of UTI symptoms including fevers, and if not for the diagnosis I would be much more sick right now. The dehydration was causing the UTI's. Case in point, Dr. Matar cares about your overall health. In all 3 consultations I had with him he spoke with me at length about ALL of my health issues, not just my weight. Because he really cares, and that to me means a lot more than anything else.Dr. Matar formulates his own supplements. I'm taking the mineral supplement in water to hydrate which tastes pretty good. A month's supply is $50 which I don't think is too bad since I'm using 5 teaspoons a day. 5 months later I'm still taking it and my health has improved. I don't plan to stop anytime soon. You will learn how hydration helps weight loss, it's not just a gimmick. The supplement is concentrated milk minerals. I've looked around online and CANNOT find a comparable version, this is his formulation. As an actual client I'd like to say that this program is spectacular, and the staff is really professional and friendly. If you are ready to get serious about your health then this is a great option. If you aren't entirely willing to commit to cutting the sugar, caffeine, carbs, dairy , fast food, and start an exercise regimen, then this may not be for you. It is a very strict program. I have learned how to be healthier and how to cut out most of the bad cravings. For me, I had to learn healthy habits before I could concentrate on weight loss itself. And this program helped me to do that from the inside out, through knowledge and accountability. I'd also like to note that the person who mentioned they "went home took his advice and started eating only three meals excessively on the veggies, cut out all fruit except for apples and bananas and stopped the 2-3 small fruit/veggie snacks... and  stopped eating red meat and went back to chicken/fish." It sounds like you took Dr. Matar's advice, and as a result lost weight. As far as I know, that's success. This center doesn't give you magic wands, hormone therapy or prescription pills. It gives you good ole tools, a weight loss plan, and hopefully some incentive to stick with it.My suggestion to anyone considering PWLC is to go in and meet with them. They will not guilt you to pay for a program before you meet anyone. If after the first meeting you don't believe any of the hype then don't sign up. It's as easy at that. More...


Paulette G.

23 September 2011

Funny thing... I was reviewing my reviews on Yelp and noticed that for some reason my review was filtered?  All my other reviews appear with no problem.  I went down to where it says filtered reviews and saw 12 other reviews for Dr. Matar that had all been filtered... and all were great reviews.  I don't understand but here is the original review I posted for what it's worth:"With all due respect to the previous reviewer, I am guessing that they never actually had the consultation with Doctor Matar, much less had a personalized plan developed for them.  There was absolutely nothing that was unclear about my experience.  He is easily the most knowledgable doctor on the subject of health and weight loss that I have ever come across, and is a phenomenal listener as well which is where I believe a large part of the success of his program comes from.  After having gone through the personal program he set up for me I can tell you that it is the best thing I have ever done for my body and is extremely doable.  I met my goal quickly, with relatively little effort and more importantly kept it off.  Anyone who thinks this is the same as doing it yourself has no idea what they are talking about.  His clinic is filled with support and a passion to see you succeed in permanent weight loss and more importantly in getting healthy.  It was a bit of an investment, but it was worth every penny.  I feel great!  Thank you Dr. Matar and the entire staff... you guys really are the best!? More...


Jackie B.

29 April 2010

Dear Dr. Matar,

Today is the magical day when I stepped on the scale and I broke 200. Since I started your program on January 1 I have lost an amazing 54 pounds!

When I woke up on New Year's Day I looked in the mirror at my body and I didn't like what I saw. I stepped on the scale and it registered 253 pounds, an all time high!

I reflected on all the goals and dreams that I had and none of them involved me weighing 253 pounds. Two weeks earlier, my brother suffered a heart attack at age 54. My father died at age 50 from a heart attack. I was having trouble fitting into some of my clothes. I was taking a statin drug to control my cholesterol. I was wearing a breathing mask to control sleep apnea.

Something had to change.

My mind flashed back to an email I received from one of your clients, Bill Good. He praised your work and declared that he lost over 40 pounds following your program. I picked up the phone and scheduled my consultation with you. My amazing journey was about to begin.

We developed several keys to losing weight:

1. Proper Hydration - I start my day at 5:30 by drinking 32 oz of water. I drink another 112 oz throughout the day.
2. Proper exercise - 60 minutes of continuous exercise.
3. Carb Control - Carbs only consist of potatoes or beans and I only eat them at breakfast or lunch
4. Reducing Fat and Sugar

There are other strategies we used, but these are the main success factors.

I can't thank you enough for giving me the recipe to get this done. The side affects of my weigh loss include:

1. No more sleep apnea, no more breathing machine
2. I no longer take the statin drug to control cholesterol
3. My swimming times have improved to the point where my times are lower than they were 20 years ago. This is the fountain of youth!
4. I am wearing size 34 Jeans.
5. I feel better physically then I have felt my entire life.

I have struggled with this for a long time and I have tried many other programs that did not work for me.

Thank you for giving me the tools to help me succeed.


reeba s.

16 June 2009

I started the program 12 weeks ago and i have lost 28lbs . It was very easy to do. i got to eat every thing i want . Not only i lost weight but my overall health has improved. i sleep better, more energy, and my attitude is positive all the time . I am so thankful that i got to meet Dr Matar , he helped me through the program . It is very hard to find a doctor like him to give you the time , the knowledge , and the attention . Thank you DR MATAR, thank you PASADENA WEIGHT LOSS CENTER. More...


Michael K.

30 May 2009

They gave me a tailor-made diet just for me.  I don't get hungry during the day, I don't have cravings.  I feel great and I'm losing weight!  I have friends on other diets who are always looking forward to their "cheat" days, I really don't have a "cheat" day as I'm not craving or lacking anything nutritionally. More...


The Matar Method

Just like apples and oranges, my method for Wellness Weight Loss is nothing like any program you may have done before!You’ve exercised, counted calories, and cut out fat, then protein and now carbohydrates. You’ve probably even tried prescription drugs, over the counter meds or supplements – yet there it is: The same old 10 or even 100 lbs clinging to your anatomy like chewing gum sticking to the sidewalk on a hot, summer day. ...

“I dream of a health care system where everyone has access to simple, inexpensive and workable information and training on health promotion and disease prevention; where patients are looked at as participating students, and primary care doctors as teachers; and where man is unburdened by his physical complaints and instead is more engaged in the pursuit of spiritual freedom…”

BiographyDr. Claude Matar completed his MD in 1986, and became a board certified naturopathic physician and certified clinical nutritionist in 1998. The cause of his expanding practice? A general sense of dissatisfaction with trends in the medical system. Many doctors were over scheduled and understaffed, which left them treating superficial symptoms with medication, rather than educating their patients on how to treat the cause of their symptoms…



How a Weight Loss Plan is Personalized Our weight loss programs begin with comprehensive testing and an in-depth evaluation and consultation to explain the findings and to discuss a complete game plan. If you are ready to start, a fully tailored wellness plan will be created to achieve and maintain optimum weight loss. Plans typically address and seek to optimize food, hydration, sleep, energy, exercise, stress, deficiencies, aches, pain, stiffness. When necessary, we can cooperate with your treating physician to create a med-reduction plan to help you safely get off blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, insomnia, and other meds whenever possible. Once the plan is created and explained to the patient, program management is scheduled and implemented through professional weekly coaching sessions. Plans are shared with attending physician for optimum cooperation. Our plans are simple, basic and easily applied in real life. The food plan for example uses nothing but real foods that can be purchased at a regular grocery store. Once you are on the plan, your weight loss coach will monitor your progress, answer any questions you have about the program, give you weekly assignments to help you understand and acquire the necessary skills to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely. OUR PLANS ARE DESIGNED TO: Improve your overall health Evaluate & remove lifelong, or recent, weight loss blockers or barriers Repair & reset your “metabolism switch” OUR UNIQUE 3-TIER COACHING SYSTEM Coach: An expert practitioner in the principles of Hygienology coaching, who has been trained and apprenticed with demonstrated competence guiding Active Participants to stellar success. Hygienology Coaching Coordinator (HCC): A highly-trained administrator, who oversees the well-functioning of coaching, training, coaches and personal trainers through administrative, technical and compassion functions. Hygienology Coaching Supervisor (HCS): A coach’s coach, who closely supervises your coach, frequently reviews your programs and effectively instructs your coach in light of your progress and testing results, and modifies your program whenever necessary. The support you receive from your coach, personal trainer and all staff is world class and extremely effective – and is done with the knowledge and coordination of your doctor, which makes it even safer and more effective.

“The fastest working workout.” – O Magazine The 20-minute Peak Cardio Workout is a powerful way to fight weight gain, especially for women. How successful is this program? If you consider success a 31 percent drop in body fat in eight weeks without dieting, the program is successful. “The only way to get better results in body-fat loss is surgery,” says Dr. Jeff Ross, MD. “This program could potentially save Medicare millions by reducing obesity and reducing the need for cholesterol-lowering statin drugs (a $14 billion dollar class of drugs) and reducing the number of diabetics and metabolic syndrome patients on Medicare,” says Ross. “…It just might be one of the best workouts of your life.” – Dr. Mercola *

The computer-controlled ARX system, a highly effective 10-minute routine, automatically adapts to the strength of the major muscles groups throughout your body. Benefits: Perfect resistance based on your strength every moment of the workout. Tracking software that provides real-time results and gains of any workout. Maximum safety for users of over 50.

Our computer-controlled ROM Machine is the ultimate sustained-flexibility 4-minute workout, as it moves the body through a wider range of motion by requiring continual resistance throughout each movement. Benefits: Higher metabolism, wider range of motion, long-lasting flexibility, and better nourished and longer muscles.

Developed by Dr. Claude Matar over 20 years ago and has helped thousands of our patients. DWP is a gentle and gradual process designed to give the liver, the body’s only detoxification organ, a most needed healing break so that it can better wear its detoxification “hat” and help heal the body and bring it back to proper balance for long-term wellness and permanent weight loss goals. THE LIVER The liver has three main detoxification functions: Secretion of bile to help get rid of toxins and cholesterol Filtering of blood to get rid of toxins Breaking down chemicals, like pharmaceutical drugs and pesticides that lodge in the system.

DAT promotes natural healing, helps slim down and firm up the entire body producing the following health benefits: Reduction in body weight and body size Activation of metabolism. Reduction/reshaping of cellulite of the legs Improvement of bad venous circulation (varicose veins) Reduction of premenstrual bloating Improvement in skin oxygenation and tone Reduction of bags under the eyes

The Liver Flush Detoxification is an exclusive function of the liver. When chemicals accumulate in the body at a faster rate than its ability to eliminate them, the body becomes poisoned and detoxification critical for survival. If the liver fails to do so, ill health sets in. The Liver Flush is a tightly supervised and an utterly simple regimen of food-based liver rejuvenation. So simple that even wild animals practice it instinctively. However, man is so conditioned in his habits, that he has to strip himself of false complicated practices to be able to learn what he once, instinctively, knew thousands of years ago.

This evaluation helps establish a baseline for your body’s current toxic level and its ability to perform normal detoxification and elimination functions. This allows us to determine the best possible course of action to best help you achieve better detoxification (liver and lymph) and elimination (sweating, urination, exhaling and defecation). Once that is established, future assessments will be performed to help evaluate areas of progress and areas of lack thereof, so that proper change of strategy is enacted until optimum function is restored to the detox and elimination routes of your body.

Our life coaching focuses on helping those over 50 develop the lifelong skills necessary in 21 areas including nutrition, hydration, sleep, energy, exercise, stress, schedule etc. Once your personalized plan is created and delivered to you, a 3-tier coaching management system is put in place to get you winning with your new plan through professional weekly testing, training, and coaching sessions. Plans are then adjusted based on your response and input.

Using the most advanced wellness and fitness technology available, our fully computerized testing protocol includes 3-D Full Body Scan, Body Composition, and numerous Heart Rate Variability tests including an Inner-Balance Scan, Advanced Fitness, and Heart Recovery tests. All of these tests are done on a regular basis to ensure accurate and productive weight loss is achieved safely and effectively.

Inflammation Repair Plan: Experience dramatic relief from stubborn inflammatory symptoms (body aches, pain, and stiffness) and lose significant weight! Med Reduction Program: Reduce or eliminate medications safely through frequent testing, effective coaching, PCP coordination, and supervised training. Diabetes Relief Program: Establish a personalized food/exercise routine to help diabetes naturally.