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Laura Spinu

29 November 2018

Amazing staff, convenient location, great choice of classes, clean, cozy, never overcrowded, highly professional and inspiring trainers, courteous members - it really feels like a big family! I couldn't ask for anything else in a fitness studio. I'm also very excited about their new gym, just visited and it's so spacious, bright, modern, and welcoming. It was quite difficult for me to get back into a fitness routine after a few years off, but they just have what it takes to get me there every time. In particular, I love how organized and well-paced the classes are, and the friendliness and enthusiasm of every instructor I've worked with (Lizette, Lisette, Julia, Delfina, and Anna Beth). Jessica also deserves special mention for being so helpful! They also take great attention to detail: pretty much everyone knew my name from the earliest days, and when I made a mistake with an online purchase, Janine fixed it for me immediately and followed up a week later to make sure all was well. One time I wasn't sure I could fit a class in my schedule and my husband said: "You must absolutely make time for it - you're always so happy when you return from the gym!" He was right - Park Fitness has made a difference not only to my health, but also my sense of belonging to the neighborhood and my overall well-being. They are the best! More...


Michael Connor

28 May 2018

Clean, convenient, companionable and competent, Park Fitness is a second floor facility that can be easily overlooked but was a true find for me. I literally bumped into its street sign board on Coney Island Avenue just before Christmas 2016 and have been there since. Park Fitness offers classes and top drawer personal training that makes a difference in my life week in and week out. More...


Molly Hartman

28 May 2018

I love Park Fitness BK!! I've done two beginner bootcamps and two regular bootcamps, as well as gone to group fitness classes and did a few personal training sessions. This is the first time in my life I've actually enjoyed going to the gym and look forward to waking up early and working out (?!) Park Fitness is an unpretentious gym with a great neighborhood vibe and excellent management and instructors. I never feel embarrassed about the shape I'm in, just inspired to work harder and get stronger. Check it out! More...


Kate Ladyzhensky

28 May 2018

I recently returned to the gym after about a two year long hiatus. I joined bootcamp at 630am three times a week. Janine (the owner/instructor) always comes in with a smile and pleasant attitude. She is really upbeat and positive. For me, vibe and motivation is really important as I am not a big fan of working out. I also really like the fact that there is a lot of personal attention, despite the fact that it's a group class. The workouts really count because Janine is amazing at teaching proper form. I've been doing some exercises for years and just realized now that I've been doing them improperly. I sometimes feel sore in muscles I didn't know I had. I also take spinning classes about twice a week. Lisette is a great instructor because she pushes you to the limit, but at the same time knows exactly when to slow down the pace for a breather. She definitely knows how to strike the right balance with timing and intensity. I really enjoy the class. Overall the instructors and atmosphere are amazing. Pricing is also very reasonable and they offer packages for unlimited classes. Very importantly, the place is super clean. Nothing is ever sticky or dusty like I've seen before in other gyms. When I first started, I couldn't even do a push-up. Now I'm able to do 15. In all, I've lost about 12 lbs and gained a lot muscle since joining about 2 months ago. I definitely recommend this place if you're looking to get in shape! More...


Maggie Connolly

28 May 2018

A great option for a variety of fitness classes in this neighborhood. The classes are challenging without being intimidating and the teachers are supportive and encouraging. A really welcoming environment!


Devrim Yavuz

28 May 2018

I have started going to Park Fitness a couple of months ago to try and get back into shape and address some hip/back pains I was having. My trainer Nick is very good at coming up with a varied exercise plan that both takes into account the pain that I had and challenges me to get more fit, without being too extreme. I feel great after the sessions. Everyone there, including the owner Janine, trainers and clients, are super chill and friendly people. Very good for personalized attention. More...


Jane Paley

28 May 2018

Janine and staff are great! Well-trained instructors; positive, welcoming vibe and well maintained space! Janine is always responsive to and eager to learn about the needs, interests and ideas of Park Fitness community members. I've been able to continue my yoga practice with wonderful teachers who work with a wide variety of levels and people of all ages. Thank you Janine! More...


Heather J. Chin

28 May 2018

Best fitness studio in the area for all levels and ages of students! Only two years old, small dedicated team who have built a supportive, unpretentious atmosphere where both men and women and kids and parents can feel comfortable! Affordable, too. I started with a group class here and there, then kept adding more until I tried their Mini Bootcamp, which helped me practice and feel more confident with my form. It also helped cement my loyalty to this space. No one is pushed beyond their limits, but are definitely pushed to challenge themselves, which is great. There's also personal training and harder classes, plus a regular Bootcamp series for more advanced folks. More...


aliya b

22 August 2017

My fiancé and I moved to the neighborhood a little over a year ago and were on the hunt for a good gym. We happened to walk by Park Fitness Brooklyn and signed up for the beginner bootcamp. What an amazing experience. Janine is the best, really patient and provides personal attention even in a group environment. I’ve done the beginner bootcamp twice and now go regularly to the Strength and Conditioning classes that Lizette teaches. Lizette is amazing too, a total badass, she’s definitely tough but will make you so strong. Lastly, the best part about this gym - super body positive. Women and men of all shapes, sizes and ages. Really a great community environment. More...


Nicole Avallone

28 May 2017

Amazing neighborhood gym! Encouraging staff, a range of fabulous class options, and the space is top-notch. I'm one of those folks who struggles to keep a really consistent workout routine, but the convenience and accountability I get from the supportive *community* of folks at Park Fitness has completely changed that for me. I've done their Bootcamp series a couple of times now, and literally LOVE working out here! More...


Sara Mogulescu

28 May 2017

Park Fitness BK is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood! The teachers are charismatic and dynamic--I always feel supported and challenged to do my personal best. The space has a community feel. I know that my fellow classmates are in it with me and will give me a high five when we finish something hard. Janine, the owner, is responsive and customer service focused. The facility is clean and there is a wide range of equipment. Including battle ropes! Which are super hard! But I am getting better at them all the time. I LOVE this place and I credit the Park Fitness team for helping me get back into a results-oriented fitness routine. More...


Eric Daniel Finegood

17 March 2017

I love Park Fitness BK! Been working out there weekly with personal trainer, Rich, for almost a year now and the changes I've seen in myself are amazing. I've gotten physically stronger and healthier. I'm also de-stressing and I've seen improvements in my work-life balance.

Park Fitness is a wonderful place to train. In addition to personal training, they also offer a TON of classes (lots of different and rotating types: bootcamps, yoga, etc.), which are also highly recommended. This gym/studio is extremely clean and the staff are very warm and welcoming. The prices are totally reasonable and worth every penny given the positive results you'll see.


Rob C

4 December 2016

I took the beginner boot camp at Park Fitness BK and it was amazing. Learned good form and broke a sweat to boot. It was a great way to start off the morning and I look forward to returning soon. Janine is the best personal trainer I have come across in a while. Fun, friendly, and encouraging. A welcome addition to my Brooklyn hood. More...

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