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Helping Small to Medium Sized Businesses Operate Better and Grow by Providing Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax at Reasonable Prices.

Providing the highest level of personalized service possible, taking care of each and every one of our clients and helping them succeed.


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We provide the complete cycle of accounting services. From entering transactions to making adjustment entries and providing financial reports. Some of the services included in our package are:
- Quickbooks Online Access
- Balance Sheet reports
- Income Statement Reports
- Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
- Year-end Closing & Journal Entries
- Sales Tax (Month, Quarter, Year)

- To make sure you have the right business structure

- To give you peace of mind knowing that your accounting and taxes are done correctly

- To plan tax saving strategies

- To analyze and advise on your business’s financials

- To provide your business with the necessary tools to improve operations and increase NET profits

Finding tax saving strategies for my clients and using my accounting and tax planning knowledge along with my experience in operations to help business increase net income by restructuring pricing, reducing expenses and strategizing new income sources.

The need of guidance to small to medium size business in the accounting and tax planning area. I see too many small business not operating effectively and paying too much in taxes because of no guidance from their accountants and tax planners.

I listen to your particular situation and make sure I understand your goals before recommending and implementing a plan to improve your situation.

- Personalized Services: Pardo CPA was founded with the guiding principle of providing the highest level of personalized client service possible. We care about each and every one of our client’s success.

- Experience: We are an accounting company with over 15 years of senior-level accounting, taxes, finance and operations experience for established and start-up companies.

- Unlimited Client Consultation: We provide answers and stand side-by-side with each one of our clients. We provide unlimited discussions of your accounting, taxes, and related topics.

- Entrepreneur Focused: We look beyond numbers, search undiscovered opportunities, find recognizable solutions and help our clients save money and grow their business.



We will take care of all of your accounting and provide accurate information to manage your business. We will run periodic internal analyses to identify and resolve discrepancies (e.g., double billings, unrecorded payments) to ensure that you have a complete and accurate picture of your financial position.

We will prepare all of the appropriate forms and record all figures and calculations accurately to make sure that you receive all of the deductions and credits to which you are entitled.

We want to help you and your business develop strategies to reduce your tax liability in a successful and legitimate way. Our experience and customized service are oriented to find opportunities for improvement and bring you a detailed tax savings plan to be implemented and followed.