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maria aguirre

3 August 2019

Brought my 5 yr old here and she had an awesome time! She looks forward to her dance classes and making new friends! The teachers are amazing, they’re professional and so sweet! Definitely recommend Pam Rossi Dance Ten. More...


Reagan Whited

20 July 2019

such a strong, loving atmosphere. amazing and supportive teachers/mentors. I loved being on the competition team here and spending countless hours here. PRDT shine!!


Hannah Yasenchok

10 April 2019

I have been dancing at Pam’s since I was around three and started on the competition team at four. I am now a junior in high school and have grown up at the studio. The studio has become my second home and all my teachers have been amazing role models my whole life. The atmosphere is always extremely positive, uplifting and inspiring. There are classes for all levels from beginning combo classes to advanced competitive classes. The studio trains in all styles: ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, tumbling, etc. The studio has allowed me the opportunity to become a well-rounded dancer, meet lifelong friends, have incredible mentors and even participate in some professional jobs! More...


Ashley B.

10 September 2018

Let's start by saying my new husband and I are not dancers at all. The thing I was most nervous about in anticipation of our wedding was, by far, our first dance. Pam choreographed a dance for us, with steps that we felt comfortable with, and we were SO glad we went to her! She was really invested and thorough in helping us learn and execute our dance properly. I was also very impressed with how quickly she was able to come up with choreography in her head that looked amazing! Because of Pam, we felt super comfortable doing our first dance on our wedding day! I was afraid of looking awkward, but with Pam's help, I felt elegant and confident doing our non-traditional first dance. Not only did we walk out there knowing we were fully capable, but we had a blast!! More...


Melissa Zawrotny

10 August 2018

Great place for dancers 3 through 18. Pam is a true professional and challenges the dancers on their level.


Darla Eden

10 August 2018

If your child wants to be a star, enroll now! Excellent teachers and the program includes professional-quality recitals.


Lars E.

13 July 2018

Had a wonderful time having Pam choreograph our first dance for our wedding. She has such a wonderful and caring personality. She is patient and goes over every detail. Highly recommend her if you are looking for a wedding dance choreographer for that special day! More...


Gabe B.

26 March 2018

Super profesional and very family oriented Studio. Pam is simply the best, such a kind person that uplifts and challenges dancers to be their best.


Melissa Z.

22 September 2017

Pam has an awesome philosophy with her teachers and her students, just SHINE! Encouraging to improve just a little bit every time, to challenge herself for herself and to enjoy all the moments are what Pam and her amazing teachers offer to my daughter each time she steps into the studio. Its a great place for boys to learn some excellent skills, too! The enthusiasm and positive vibes are palpable when one walks through its friendly and welcoming doors. Pam's extensive experience is clearly seen in the quality of the dances, classes, competitive teams and community support events. This is not a place that would be fit for a reality show. It's far superior. You won't be sorry to have your child try out a class or two. This studio is the BEST! More...


Coral B.

18 September 2017

I was attending Zumba classes here last year...  AMAZING workout and an AMAZING instructor!!  Thank you, Catrina!!!  You rock!  I wish the Monday night sessions would come back!  I loved the energy and the calorie burn... More...


Alli F.

18 September 2017

One of the best "treat myself" gifts I have ever given to myself was signing up for adult jazz classes with Catrina at DanceTen. I've been attending for over a year now and I consistently look forward to my Monday nights there! The class is informative, fun, and a good workout too. All this in a positive, uplifting environment that always feels like family. I always recommend Pam Rossi's Dance Ten to friends interested in dance for themselves or their kiddos. More...


Lucas R.

22 December 2016

The best dance studio in Ventura county! Highly recommend! If you looking for a studio that is not only professional but is extremely family oriented, look no further!


Dani Salinas

10 August 2016

Absolutely amazing dance studio!!! My daughter has been dancing here for four years now and have improved and learned so much. Instructors and staff are so kind hearted and professional. You child will love dancing here!!! More...


Keith Jan

10 August 2016

If you're looking for a place to dance, this is the place. My two daughters not only learn dance, Pam and her excellent teachers have helped them grow into fine young ladies. Nice family friendly place that nurtures all levels of dance. Supportive enough for the novice and challenging enough for the competitive. PRDT Shine! More...


Alessandra V.

4 February 2016

Pam Rossi's is unlike any other dance studio out there! This studio has always been family based and will always continue to be. The workers are so welcoming and care about every single student, and the relationships that are made are never broken! Out of all the other studios... There are none that meet the standards that Pam has set! So come on down and take class! You will love it! More...


Samantha P.

21 August 2014

Pam was hands down amazing! In only two lessons she came up with the most incredible first dance for my husband and I. We had tried another dance studio prior to her and left because we were so uncomfortable. She made us comfortable from the moment we walked in the door and she turned my husband into a dance pro! More...



26 November 2012

Awesome dance studio! I danced here for many years and loved it. They offer a wide variety of classes (ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, pointe, gymnastics, musical theatre, combo classes for toddlers, and more!). They have classes for all ages and skill levels. The instructors are all extremely talented. Occasionally, there are master classes taught by celebrities such as "So You Think You Can Dance" contestants. For ballet enthusiasts, they have a production of The Nutcracker, and a variety show for all classes in June. They also have performing and competing companies. I would definitely recommend Pam Rossi's to any dancer! More...



19 October 2012

As a parent you wish the best experiences for your children. My daughter's dance studio closed years ago and we had always heard about Pam Rossi's Dance Ten. When we went to see it, my daughter was extremely hesitant (new kids and it looked too hard) Well, she jumped in with both feet and never looked back. The staff was amazing to her and us as a family, always available to talk and listen. My daughter advanced in leaps and bounds and loved every minute of it. She met the most wonderful girls who opened up their hearts to her and became great friends. Pam is truly there to produce not only incredible dancers, but amazing young adults. I would highly, highly recommend Pam Rossi's Dance Ten to anyone. We are so lucky to have her and her staff as part of our lives. More...



8 October 2012

I grew up dancing at Pam Rossi's and received that best training that I could of ever asked for. The teachers and staff are just amazing!! Without my Pam Rossi Dance Ten family I would not be where I am today. Even after completion of my formal training there, the teachers and Pam herself have continued to help train and advise on my dance career helping me to make my college dance team and most recently a professional NBA dance team. Whether you or your child want to become a professional dancer or just a place to train, make friends, learn self control or develop a hard work ethic this is the place!!! More...


Tiana D.

29 March 2011

Top notch dance studio.  Pam and her staff are unbelievably kind and extremely talented.This is an excellent studio to go to for wedding dance lessons too!



25 August 2009

I've been dancing at PAM ROSSI'S DANCE TEN for about 4 years now and couldn't be happpier. Pam herself is an amazing individual and her staff are the most proffesional and friendly there is around. The studio environment couldn't be better. Very fun and family-oriented. The dancers are of all ages and levels of experience, but at PAM ROSSI'S, EVERYONE is a star! I believe their program not only offers the best instruction around, but it promotes self confidence and teamwork among the students. I would highly reccomend PAM ROSSI'S DANCE TEN for anyone who aspires to be the best dancer they can be, or to simply have a good time! =) More...



24 August 2009

A fantastic dance studio! The teachers and staff are exceptional, the choreography is impressive, and the atmosphere is very family-oriented. After training with Pam for over 14 years, I couldn't imagine dancing anywhere else! Whether you're looking to train for professional purposes or simply want a fun way to stay fit, Pam Rossi's Dance Ten has the perfect class for you. More...