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My company offers a one-stop vendor for all website related services from the domain name, the hosting package, SSL certificates, requirements gathering, website design, website development, website testing and after sales.
We thoroughly examine each customer's case and approach each job with its own solution according to the client's specific objectives.


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Isabelle DeBono

28 May 2018

I recently had Orpyxis design a medical website for my company, as much as I thought the website would be complicated to use, Orpyxis has created a user friendly website- created what I wanted and thought of but made it better. Communication between my team and the web designer (Mr. Curmi) was excellent, and always clear. He worked with us completely and patiently (and let me tell you, we had called him several times a day and at night). The website is a dream to use, not just for us but also for our working partners. If you need a website you’ll be making a mistake if you don’t choose Orpyxis Technologies. Quality work, done on time, and communication was always amazing. Thank you Orpyxis Technologies, thank you Mr. Curmi for working with us and building our website from the ground up. More...


Sandy Henderson

28 May 2018

Great Work by Orpyxi! Eman is very quick to respond to all websites change requests. Our website traffic is increasing and his rates are very reasonable. This business comes highly recommended for all types of website work and SEO. More...

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