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John Kong

6 June 2017

Great training, excellent motivation day in and day out!


Cathy Morris

6 June 2017

When we workout, we want to see results..right? Training here, you will see them! I can't say enough about Martin Ochoa, I have be training with him for almost 3 years. My goal was to wear a sleeveless top by summer which was 6 months away, well it happened in 4 months. At that time, I was training with him for 3 hours a week. Martin is knowledgeable, encouraging and motivates me to give every set, every rep my best. Martin is constantly researching and learning new techniques to teach his clients. Every client is unique and I see him training each client differently so that they may meet their goals. Also the atmosphere is awesome, it feels like we are family, we vibe off one another which creates great energy. I encourage you to give him a try, I promise, you won't be disappointed!! More...