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We provide quality dry cleaning and laundry services. Pick up and delivery is available.

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Kaitlyn Hils

29 March 2019

This used to be my go-to cleaners as they do a great job and are friendly but after my last experience, I will not be going back. I dropped of a baptismal dress and was told it would be ready to pick up on Tuesday. When I went to pick it up it was not there and I was told I would get a call when it was ready. I waited until Thursday to call to check on it and they confirmed that it would be ready that day. I asked if there was anything they could to do to make up for the trouble of it not being ready when they originally said and that I would have to make a second trip (with a new baby). They said they would check with the man in charge. When I arrived to pick up the item they said they could not offer any discount or anything as it is only a suggested date of when the item would be ready. That's the first time I have heard that but fine. In my opinion it would have been a nice gesture if they had offered a simple 10% discount (which would have been less than $1 off the total) or offered their free delivery service. Really any little thing would have been appreciated but there are plenty of other dry cleaners in the area that will now get my business. Had they offered any type of compensation for the hassle, I would have continued my business here but due to poor customer service I have given them only 2 stars.EDIT: I have changed my initial review as Matthew has reached out to correct the situation. I appreciate the gesture. I honestly was not looking for such a significant compensation but it is appreciated. I appreciate he does value his customers and understands that more clear communication would have been helpful in my situation. More...


Steven V. Surawski

29 March 2019

Very happy with the service they offered


Bill Besecker

27 February 2019

Best laundry & dry cleaning services around. Always satisfied.


Jennifer Standish

27 February 2019

They are a great cleaners & they do alterations & repairs. Nice friendly staff.


Tim Kukulka

25 January 2019

Best dry cleaner's in Buffalo, hands down! Burt’s Odorless Dry Cleaning established 1925 - my great grandfather


Joe Diaz

29 November 2018

Wat Happen too Goblin cleaners


Tony Gasak

30 October 2018

Outstanding service. Prompt, nice quality repairs. Very good dry-cleaning.


Steven Meaney

2 July 2018

They do a great job..


Jarett Gardner

28 May 2018

Did a good job with my suits. Pretty quick service. They did snag my suit hangers but they were very accommodating and kind in getting some back to me.


Pattie Kassube

25 May 2018

They are friendly here

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