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Nextgen Accounting provides tax planning, tax preparation, CFO and Controller services (as needed), financial statement preparation, and bookkeeping and payroll services. We utilize state of the art processes that result in a paperless accounting system and secure encrypted storage and exchange of your documents.


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11 October 2018

We hired Robert Smith’s firm for both tax and accounting services for both our companies and our personal taxes. Though he is knowledgeable, we found that the knowledge part of Robert’s client service is offset by the fact that he is extremely unresponsive to texts and e-mails. It took him so long to follow up on our correspondence with him that he would forget where he was in the tax return preparation process and fail to take into account information that we had given him in past meetings. We would then write to him with a reminder, and it would again take him several weeks to respond. When I wrote to him with information for a tax return and with questions about how something would be treated for tax purposes, he would prepare the tax return but not answer my questions, so I was unaware of how certain issues had been treated on our tax return. When we received IRS notices, Robert prepared letters to the IRS for us, but he never updated us on whether he had received a response. Robert seems to be way to busy to give good client service, so I would highly recommend that clients be cautious about choosing Robert for tax or accounting services. More...

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Nextgen Accounting provides tax planning, tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll for small and medium size businesses.

You need a great accountant to assist you in identifying and qualifying your business goals, developing a plan and the implementation to achieve them. Additionally, you need someone with expert tax experience to assist you in minimizing your taxes.

I love turning around a business that is losing money every year to very profitable business. For example one of my clients was losing $250,000 per year when I took them on as a client. Three years later, with careful planning, cost controls, and implementation, they doubled their sales and their net income was $1,500,000 per year.

I was a partner in a previous accounting firm and was stuck doing 90% audit work. I needed to start my own business to get back to assisting my clients achieve their goals without the audit distractions.

If you want to be highly successful in your business, increase income and grow your cash flows while minimizing taxes, you need to talk to me. I will be drawing on over 30 years experience to provide you with the best possible solution for your business.


Tax planning to assist you in minimizing your taxes and tax preparation of federal and state income taxes for individuals and business entities.