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Tom Braun

21 May 2019

They really are great!!! The accupuncture is excellent and they are so good about maintaining cleanliness. The chiropractor is very good and helped my back out very well.


Owen Chen

28 April 2019

Effective treatment and friendly staff


Arnold C.

16 February 2019

Found this chiropractor near my home to help with my herniated disc and that accepted Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. The chiro did wonders for me and progressively my discomfort improved after each visit. From the beginning we discussed and implemented a holistic approach for me to apply at home. I also completed some back to back chiro-accupuncture appointments that together contributed to my healing including improved blood pressure. The 20min accupuncture was pleasantly followed by a brief therapeutic cupping technique and a massage. They have 2 other branches, but at this midtown location, the experience with Dr. Masorti, Dr. Kim and all the staff from answering phones to the front desk interaction has always been positive, friendly and can be a genuine solution for a better you. More...


Monica C.

1 February 2019

Loved this place.Super friendly and efficient staff and I feel better after just one visit.Found this place on Zocdoc and so glad that I did!I have had an annoying pain in my back and neck for the last 5 days that just wasn't letting up.They did a bit of acupuncture, let me relax for 15-20 minutes and then did a bit of cupping and massage to finish.Will absolutely visit again to solve my issue. More...


Pedro J M.

29 January 2019

Great place to get your Physical Therapy, Acupuncture or Chiropractic sessions. Staff are friendly and courteous. You can dictate how much pressure is desired. Definitely recommend a visit.


Darryl W.

23 November 2018

I am extremely satisfied, with all of myvisits. Staff is always friendly and prepared for me. I have recommended their services to family  and friends.


Michael T. Akakpo

18 September 2018

Best treatment I've ever had. Nice people, great service.


German Ruano

28 May 2018

Very friendly people



28 May 2018

This works for me


Keer Jiang

28 May 2018

Great doctors and wonderful services. They accepted my insurance and they helped with my headache and knee pain!


Juan Collado

28 May 2018

Great service!!


Pam Y.

12 June 2017

My treatment here was awesome! I luckily found this place through my insurance, and came in for a sprained back due to a rough gym session. After my acupuncture treatment, I received cupping and massage, which was amazing and super relaxing! The therapist really worked out the knots on my shoulders and my tight back. The best part is that my back already feels better after only one treatment, but I'm definitely going to go a few more times to make sure it heals properly.Everyone was nice and friendly too, including the front desk staff- which isn't usually the case at most doctors' offices. I even heard my acupuncturist laughing with another patient, so you can tell she loves her job More...


Guillermo Montes de Oca

28 May 2017

Friendly staff and effective treatment


Sarah C.

23 July 2013

I have been having acupuncture here for the past three months.  The service is wonderful and the acupuncture has truly helped my ailments.  The staff is courteous, professional and timely.  No complaints here. More...


Katherina S.

18 June 2013

Hi there,I actually had a very good experience at Dr Chen Office. To be honest I wasn't sure if acupuncture was the right treatment for me to try. I suffered from alopecia aerate which I noticed 2 months ago, the bold spot on my head just freaked me out. After 4 weeks of acupuncture in Dr Chen office my hair started to grow. I will continue the treatment because I got great results. More...


Spring U.

1 August 2011

I tried so many places for Acupuncture, Finally I found Dr. Chen Acupuncture Office. I work hard and I always have shoulder pain, stress and hair loss. Dr Chen's doctors are very professional, skillful, patient and kind. Only three months cured my  2 years shoulder pain. Needle+relax Chinese music make me release the tension, release the stress. Even now every month I go there to relax and improve my energy. It seems that recently they have more and more patients. Office became crowded. I hope they may expand their office. Because it is always a great experience to go there. Also they supply good Chinese medicine and herbs, which help me a lot in my hair loss. More...

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