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Nathans Investigations is a premier private investigation agency providing professional & confidential Private Investigation and related services to private clients, attorneys, small businesses and corporations across the nation for many years.


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Maria B Del

14 August 2019

professional, efficient and courteous.


Yasmin Khan

30 June 2019

Very professional company - great team. Although the circumstances in which their services were required were less than ideal, I was very happy with the level of professionalism, and continuous communication my investigator offered. This was a huge issue with a previous company I used, so being kept in the loop this time around, was not only reassuring but also produced meaningful results. Highly recommend! More...


Obiajulu Nwankwo

13 May 2019

Great company! They are professional, swift and will keep you updated during the entire investigation. Highly recommended PI company!


Rayshaye Scott

27 April 2019

Highly recommended company! They were very professional and updated me throughout the entire process. I received all of my videos and reports in a timely manner. Thank you for clearing my conscious! More...


Brenda Zacek

26 February 2019

Very Professional and really gave me piece of mind with the evidence they collected to help me make an informed decision.


Matt I.

26 February 2019

Nathan’s Investigations is by far the most thorough, compassionate and methodical PI Agency I have ever professionally interacted with. Eric and Ashley are truly masters of their craft, and have provided excellent, reliable customer service and tangible evidence for a variety of cases - time and time again.If you require anything, ranging from surveillance to evidence collection, from skip traces and missing persons investigations to advanced countersurveillance and anti-piracy countermeasures, this is the team you want on your case.I cannot recommend them highly enough! More...


kentroy richards

28 December 2018

Nathans Investigations is a great company thier work is professional and discreet ,I was dating someone and almost married then meanwhile they was being unfaithful,I’m happy that Nathans Investigations help me to find out the truth. Ashley really cared about my feeling and the situation and my situation. I’d highly recommend their services. More...


Annette Johnson

28 December 2018

This company is amazing! They really work hard to get to the truth and help people. Their communication is consistent throughout your case and their videos and photos are very clear and great quality. Highly recommended!


Dee Owen

29 October 2018

Nathan's investigations were very professional and went over and beyond in providing their services. I would like to thank Ashley for her hard work and dedication and for providing the much needed closure that I needed.


Todd Sanders

21 August 2018

Thank you for all your help!!


Erica Sanders

31 July 2018

“Nathans Investigations was definitely the best decision I’ve made when I needed help finding my brother. I can’t express the amount of relief and joy I felt once I was informed that he was found. Family is everything to me and I am so grateful for your help. Thank you!!” More...


Theresa J

26 July 2018

Nathans Investigations provided me with outstanding services from the open communication all the way to the results; from the beginning to the end. They genuinely cared about my situation as well as my feelings. I?d definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for fast and accurate results for a great price. More...


Karen S.

9 July 2018

I want to thank Nathan Investigations for their highly professional and immediate response to my request for information. I worked personally with Eric, the CEO. He is kind and thorough. Eric went above and beyond and helped me achieve my search for information very quickly. Moreover, Eric is very personable in his approach. I am grateful for his help and would recommend his services to anyone in need of information. More...



27 May 2018

I highly recommend Eric Nathan to do any private investigating! He is super friendly, focused and he truly cares about your needs. Within one hour he found my biological grandfather's address and information which led me to find my biological father! I'm so grateful for his help! Definitely higher this professional! More...


Victoria Fernandez

27 May 2018

VERY professional! Easy to contact! Quick turn around time! I have looked for a PI to help me for a while. Nathan's Investigations offered the best price! More importantly, HE CARES ABOUT YOUR CASE!! Not only did he give me the excellent pictures I wanted, he went above and beyond and included a video. The party he took pics of lied to him and he picked right up on it and knew how to handle it. I live out of town, but he was still able to help me. More...


Mike H

27 May 2018

Nathans Investigations handled my case with a professional eye and a thorough work ethic. I can confidently recommend this company if you need someone with a lot of experience, who is competitively priced and trustworthy. Eric instantly made me feel at ease through the process and I was highly satisfied with the results. I'll definitely be back if I need any of their services in the future. Thank you! More...


Maria D.

8 March 2018

Nathans Investigations was recommended to us by another company who uses their services. We find their services cost-effective and very efficient, performing background investigations on our potential employees and vendors. We have no hesitation in recommending Nathans Investigations to other organizations who require investigative work. More...



7 November 2017

I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer volume of data they sent me within 24 hours. Detailed, precise and accurate beyond expectations. I wasted ten years searching for what they found within a day!

I would definitely use Nathan's Investigations again, and I highly recommend them...


Paige A.

20 July 2017

I highly recommend Eric Nathan to do any private investigating! He is super friendly, focused and he truly cares about your needs. Within one hour he found my biological grandfather's address and information which led me to find my biological father! I'm so grateful for his help! Definitely higher this professional! More...


Michelle Jimenez

14 July 2017

Eric Nathan goes above and beyond for his clients! He is professional, thorough, and truly cares about each case he takes on. He helped me during one of the most difficult times in my life and I wouldn’t have made it without his help. More...


Harvey Dent

11 July 2017

Great company, great prices. He did a wonderful job!! Thanks again . A+


Myra Rossell

6 March 2017

I had honestly never used a private investigator before and I'm so happy that I was referred to such a wonderful, professional one as Eric (the owner of Nathans Investigations). He made it so easy and really calmed my nerves during the process. He was really impressive and went the extra mile. Defiantly amazing quality!! Thank you so much for all your hard work! More...


Denise T.

14 December 2016

Lawyers, use Nathans Investigations!Private investigation services for litigated family law case. Nathan found the information that I needed within 2 hours of my submitting the information to him. He was great, and I recommend him highly. More...


Kadir Gonzalez

8 December 2016

If you are looking for a Private Investigator who is genuine, always real, and will go way beyond his way to help you, then you are in the right place. Due to the seriousness of my case, I wanted to find the best person that can help me and advise me properly. After the initial consultation with the owner Eric, I was confident that he is the person I want in my corner.

He has a tremendous experience which he used to help me in all aspects of my case. He was able to dig up information that helped me get the Justice I deserve. Throughout the whole experience, Eric became more that just a Private Investigator, he is now a friend that has gained my trust and respect for a lifetime.

Keep up the good work!"


Katie C.

20 November 2016

Having never used a service like this before I didn't know what to expect, but everything was made very clear and I'd certainly recommend their services. I was surprised how easy going the gentlemen was that I spoke with. I believe he said he was the owner. I went into this thinking that I would be taken advantage of because I am a girl that doesn't know anything about this. I was explained what I could do and to my surprise it was affordable. I called my girlfriends that were curious to know about their husbands & boyfriends as well. This company helped all of them and even gave them a discount because they were referred by me. I wont date anyone again without calling this company first and making sure it's safe. More...


Florin Shore

15 November 2016

Having made a purchase on line I was very disappointed when I attempted to return the item. Instead I got the run-around until I took the advice of a trusted friend and turned to Nathans Investigations .In a relatively short time they resolved my problem. A happy (senior) client More...


Martin D.

3 November 2016

My wife and I have used another agency's Investigation services in Dade County and to be fair, they weren't that bad. It was suggested to us to call Nathans Investigations for a more personal approach to an issue we found ourselves in. The owner Eric is by far the most honest and accurate we've used so far. He is a pleasure to talk to and gives great advice as to any and all options we had. Eric knows his stuff, he's a well rounded professional and we were very pleased with our results. Since I cannot go into detail about our specific needs, I can say Eric is prompt in his response time and quotes a fair price for his services, I'll even go beyond that and say it's more than fair in many cases. More...


Jonathan Raffaele

8 September 2016

Excellent service!! Both professional and discreet. Does whatever it takes to get the job done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Tony Logan

8 September 2016

The work ethic of Eric Nathan is impeccable. I was able to achieve results fast and head ache free. Always answers his phone and will get the work done for you! Thank you so much Eric!


Hana Abdulla

8 September 2016

I used Nathan's Investigation a little while ago and I couldn't have been happier with the turn out. Nathan's Investigations worked diligently on my case and were able to provide me with all the information I asked for. They were extremely professional, they kept me well informed as the process took place. They were very down to earth which made it so much easier to work with, as a lot of other PIs seem to be more stand offish from my experience. Nathan's Investigations is a company of integrity and humility and it shows in their approach and work ethic. I would def recommend them to all those looking to work with a PI. More...


Naomi Barbosa Green

7 September 2016

After a friend of mine got robbed he offered his services and was very professional and courteous.

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Private Investigation rates vary depending on the experience of the Private Investigator and the location in which the case is being worked. Rates generally reflect the cost and time required to work the case. Fees may vary depending on the source of the information and the common expenses for an investigation agency to work the case. For example, driving records, background checks, tolls, parking, miles are driven, etc. Prices for information can vary depending on the type of information as well as logistics. Quotes from a Private Investigator are typically a combination of fees, costs, rates, and prices and will typically include all common expenses as well as a 5-10% rounding up for unanticipated expenses.

Nathans Investigations has developed a system that provides our clients with a predetermined price for the entire investigation. There is no combination of fees, hidden costs or a 5-10% rounding up rate for unanticipated expenses. During the initial free consultation, the price of an investigation will be determined based on the needs of the specific investigation and the needs of our clients. There are no hidden fees or charges that our clients will become aware of halfway through an investigation or at the end of an investigation. Please find below a list of investigation services we provide:

Prior to launching Nathans Investigations, Eric Nathan was employed with a national investigation agency as a surveillance investigator and with the Florida Bureau of Private Investigators as a lead investigator. He was also a field operations supervisor for King Intelligence Security Agency. Additionally, he was employed as a behavioral health counselor for the DJJ. Nathan served in the United States Army and earned a degree in private investigation services. As well as a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Eric Nathan holds Board Certifications as a Certified Social Media Intelligence Analyst (SMIA), and Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert (CSMIE); he also holds certificates in Online Classified Investigation & Intelligence Gathering and Interview & Interrogation Techniques from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates. Eric Nathan is a member of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, the United States Association of Professional Investigators and the Association of Investigative Specialists. He is also a member of the Miami Chamber of Commerce as well as Business Networking International.

Nathans Investigations personnel are the foundation of our reputation and our ability to provide consistently high quality and expedited results. Retaining the best Miami Private Investigator investigative personnel is our primary strength. We consistently perform to a higher standard due to our ongoing training, modern technology & proper tools given to our investigators to be successful.

Our agency is comprised of highly educated, trained, and experienced professional investigators who operate through specialized units to solve the most complex investigative cases. Our investigators are continually trained to the highest degree in a wide range of private, personal and corporate investigations.

Our Private Investigators are experienced, former and active Military, Law Enforcement & Risk Management personnel as well as licensed Private Investigators & Private Detectives dedicated to serving our clients.

Our Private Investigators are known for their experience, loyalty, confidentiality, discretion, and dedication to those that entrust us with their most private issues.