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At Naples Family Fitness, it is our job and PASSION to help you get RESULTS. Goals vary from person to person based on many factors. For a better understanding of how to achieve your goals.

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Rico Daniella

8 August 2019

clean facilities. awesome group fitness classes. friendly staff


Kevin Taylor

6 July 2019

Naples Family Fitness has everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. It's clean, has almost every machine imaginable. Brands include: Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Free Motion, Star Trac, and Precor. The staff and customers are also very friendly. More...


Kevin T.

5 July 2019

Updated review after one month.I am surprised by all of the negative reviews.  I would rather not provide a star rating because everyone has a different need for a gym.  For example, one gym might be 5 stars for a bodybuilder but only be a 2 star to a power lifter.  So please disregard my star rating.  I have worked out for 30 years so I am familiar with equipment.I was reluctant to go to this gym because of the abundance of negative online reviews but was surprised to see the amount of quality equipment at Naples Family Fitness.  I am estimating the numbers but they have approximately 25 - 30 treadmills, 20 - 30 elliptical machines and several bikes.  They have Hammer Strength machines (HSMs) for every body part.  Some use a stack and some are plated loaded. I think they have six different HSMs for chest.  Two are for incline but there is one incline that is not at this location.  There were at least three plate loaded HSMs for back.  I did not count the machines but I think they have approximately 40 HSMs.  They have machines by a few other manufactures such as Life Fitness, Free Motion, Star Trac and Precor.  I think the dumbbells go up to 140 or 150? Two leg presses, two hack squats, one squat rack, one power rack, two smith mashines, one 3D smith machine (allows the lifter to move the bar vertically and horizontally), thick rubber mat and bumper plates for deadlifts.Additionally, they have an area for core exercises that includes exercise balls, two roman chairs, two inclines for sit-ups, and a few machines for your core.They have every piece of equipment that you need to stay or get into shape or body build.I have been to two other gyms in Naples and Naples Family Fitness has the equipment to meet my needs.Someone was cleaning for the entire 2 1/2 hours that I was at the gym on my first day.  The exercise balls are filled with air and the paper towel dispensers were full!  The staff and memers have also been very friendly. More...


Nick V.

29 June 2019

I'm very confused what people are complaining about.  Maybe it's just the normal Naples arrogance and entitled attitude that so many people in the area seem to have, but NFF has been the best "traditional" gym I have found in the area.  Since this is Naples, people are probably expecting a gym employee to walk behind them with a hot towel and mojito as they workout and since that doesn't happen they they throw around 1 star ratings.  The equipment is rarely down and if something breaks it is quickly fixed.  Members are great about wiping down and not hogging the equipment.  The only complaint I have is the internet is horribly slow and is practically useless even for streaming music.  This gym has a relatively low membership costs and doesn't require a contract.  I have been very happy since joining and recommend you at least try it out before judging. More...


Cindi Jones Magliozzi

27 April 2019

Wonderful place and it's not a chain. I always try to support our local business's and this one is worth it


Julie Reidy Granese

16 April 2019

I love this place I came for Les Mills body pump classes they are everything I expected and then some. the kids corner is amazing the girls in their wonderful. I would recommend trying a class and if you have children trying out the kids corner you don't know what you're missing More...


Kathryn Leftwich

13 February 2019

The Best gym I have ever been to. Very clean, large, very friendly.


Danny Swoles

12 January 2019

great gym nice machines lots of free weights


David Clark

1 December 2018

Great gym..... very clean and very professional staff. Awesome equipment and classes. 5 Stars.


Krisztián Práder

16 November 2018

Good place to work out ;)


Ritch Weldy

4 September 2018

I came to Naples Family Fitness from the Naples YMCA and so far it is so much better. Hours, friendly and lots of machines and free weights. Basically they have everything you need to get an awesome work experience. Half the cost from the YMCA as well. More...


Nes Ojeda

3 September 2018

Great gym! Great people and trainers, the only thing I would ask them to improve is their hours! If you’re in retail or any service based industry, you won’t be able to work out after 7pm on the weekends, which is a bummer! Other than that, great place!


Beverly V.

3 August 2018

Immaculate, easy parking during high season in Naples unlike LA Fitness and the women's locker room are so clean and well set up they look like a five star hotel. The staff is young and friendly, the managers helpful and the equipment is perfect. I wrote this review because I'm shocked that anyone had anything negative to say about this wonderful local gym. The one to stay away from is LA Fitness which is filthy (the one on Vanderbilt), the staff is aggressive and unpleasant and you can sometimes look for a parking spot for ten minutes due to it's proximity to a cinema complex. More...


Karyn Suriani

11 July 2018

I currently manage a gym in New York & am traveling back and forth to Naples looking to move down here permanently & have been using Naples Family Fitness during my stays here. I absolutely love it. It is extremely well-maintained. They have a ton of equipment. The locker rooms are always neat and clean. As soon as I purchase my home this will be where I join!! More...


Lauren Stone

9 June 2018

Continually impressed with my "home" gym. The staff are super-friendly, the gym is spacious and impeccably clean. Love!


Jay S.

23 April 2018

Outstanding Fitness Center and Customer Service ~ We needed a place to workout for a couple weeks and visited several gyms. PJ at Naples Fitness was not only a welcome phone conversation,  but upon our arrival he fully explained our options and was a true pleasure to work with!! The gym is well equipped, clean and a full service facility. We both work out regularly and have seen many gyms in our travels. Naples ranks near the top! More...


Deborah Speer McCarty

11 February 2018

Naples Famiky Fitness is the best gym in Naples ! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful The selection of classes is excellent and the instructors are well trained. The personal trainers are the best and price for personal training is very reasonable. NFF is by far the cleanest gym I have ever joined. The equipment is up to date and working! The childcare is excellent. All of this indicates that Edgar is doing a great job as manager. Edgar is always available to speak to members about any concerns they may have about the Gym. My husband and I have always found him to be courteous and proactive! More...


Melissa Frederick

10 February 2018

Amazing and friendly but most important it has everything you want all the classes and help for a lower price!!


David Withrow

23 November 2017

Awesome gym great staff! Looking forward to another year. #keto����


Kimberly Sandherr

28 August 2017

Incredibly clean and well laid out gym. Very happy to have joined.


Bill Cunningham

14 August 2017

Friendly staff and nice equipment. Highly recommended checking it out...


Karen Dolbec Enciso

16 July 2017

This gym was clean and well run. The Body Pump instructor, Kevin was excellent and very instructional. There was no pressure to join as a member which I appreciated as a visitor from another state. I'll be back!


Loren Russo

23 June 2017

Monique is amazing ! So is SUe and Amber - awesome!


Michelle Becker Rogers

30 May 2017

So glad our family joined Naples Family Fitness! Love the classes, especially Body Combat and eager to expand into learning the practice of yoga.


Nonon Lms

20 May 2017

Beautiful place. Super clean and very friendly staff. My favorite gym �


Jay C Sarcone

12 April 2017

Beautiful place. Super clean and very friendly staff.


Nicholas Terzick

8 April 2017

This was my first workout since the club has become Naples Family Fitness. I was impressed in the machines all in working order. The cleaning staff keeping the club floors looking perfect as always ( no dust or dirt) The staff is helpful and know your name. Edgar has been great running the ship and keeping the younger STAFF MOTIVATED... More...


Gary Zera

4 April 2017

This is a wonderful large friendly gym that has kindly opened it's doors for Pelican Isle Yacht Club members at no charge during our construction project. The staff could not be friendlier.


Sylvia Kovaleski

16 February 2017

Every machine is always working.... but if it isn't it doesn't take them weeks to fix it. That's what's most important and of course having stair mills that work!


Nancy Wolter

5 January 2017

I love NFF. Staff is wonderful! Plenty of equipment, and the gym is quiet, unlike the national gyms. Freeze policy is acceptable, no complaints. Recommend Naples Family Fitness!


Nancy W.

27 December 2016

I love this gym since it's not crowded, being a local gym. People are willing to help a person out with the machines, and timely advice on their use. Even a trainer, Chris, came over to show me a few things I could do for my arms. Good monthly price and no cancellation fee. More...


Brad Kitchen

26 December 2016

They have great classes and it is a very easy Gym to get in and out, never too crowded and everyone is very helpful. Plenty of equipment too. They should open more of these around the country and especially in my commercial real estate retail centers. Great job! More...


Jorge Luis Diez

23 December 2016



Madison Clare

26 November 2016

As a previous employee, I loved working there, it's a great atmosphere and I was able to meet so many different people there. I've made some great friends at NFF and with my previous move out of Naples NFF is what I miss the most! More...


Jenny Parrish Plocinski

17 November 2016

I love this gym !! People are very friendly! The equipment is way to use . The locker room is amazing and roomy . I look forward to coming every morning!


Raymond Charles

28 September 2016

This gym rules, everyone that works here is nice and helpful!!!


Thomas Gaimari

3 August 2016

best gym in naples. hands down. staff is friendly and awesome. personal trainers know there stuff and will help you get where you need to be. been at this gym for a while now and i will not leave. it really is a big family there. More...


Karen H.

12 July 2016

Love this gym!  Great friendly staff always greets me.  Plenty of equipment so I never have to wait.  I work out with Sarah, one of the personal trainers, and she is awesome!  I'm really reaching my goals. I highly recommend this gym. More...


Paul Wechsler

25 June 2016

Friendly people , state of the art equipment , spacious , clean facility in a great location.


Samuel Lietzke

15 November 2015

The most amazing gym environment, Fantastic people, Amazing workers, Quick service, and extremely family friendly can't beat the motivation and dedication you see day in and day out in this gym.


Deborah J.

5 October 2015

LOVE this facility and the staff! I workout with a trainer named Jay, he's awesome, he tries to kill me every single time (hahaha) and he's become a good friend. Clean, new equipment and nice people. The Combat classes are killer but worth it. Lots of other classes too.Lots of lockers, hair dryers, dressing rooms and extra outlets. Child care is available. More...


Samuel P.

18 March 2015

This place has a great atmosphere and a lot of machines to work on. It is always clean and the staff has been great. Had a few issues with cancellation, but mostly due to miscommunication. A gentleman named Paul helped me out rather simply. Would definitely consider joining back up if I ever move back into the area. More...


Trey Espinoza

26 February 2015

i love Naples Family fitness it just is awsome they have awsome machines that are easy to work ouit with thats why you should work out at Naples Family fitness


Debby Harris

6 January 2015

Joining NFF is the best decision made since moving here. The staff is great; friendly but not intrusive and super helpful. I don't feel out of place or uncomfortable at all. I adore Jared who has helped me lose more weight than I thought I could while getting stronger. Brittany and Holly seem to go out of their way to make members feel special, noticing even small accomplishments. The facility is super clean with tons of room and equipment. More...


Dick F.

1 January 2015

Great gym, good hours, more professional crowd, hopefully it will stay that way....


Tara W.

28 December 2014

I've been a member of this gym for over a year now. Super clean, nice staff, always equipment available. Haven't been to classes so I can't comment on that. I've had zero billing issues. My recommendation is to read your contract so there are no surprises:) If you don't like it don't sign it or ask questions. The billing practices and contracts here are no different and frankly, better, than the larger chain gyms, that's why I joined. Happy member, no complaints. I have a family package for a touch less than $80 a month- pretty good deal! More...


Dan Lammers

29 July 2014

Great gym. Very clean. Professional staff. Ive pretty much worked out at every gym in Naples and NFF is the best imo.


Natoushka Hayet Makhzani

17 February 2014

Love it , clean and a pleasure to see all these kind people will working out !:)


Tami Balavage

10 August 2013

Best place to work out!! The staff is super friendly, the classes are awesome, the gym is clean, the equiptment is the best I have ever used. Love this place!!


Kelly Fogel

9 August 2013

Love this place! Best group fitness schedule in town

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