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Residential House cleaning, Auto detail, windows and carpet shampooing.
Detailed cleaning with specialty products, doing the job in a fraction of the time.
Established in 1990, with previous experience and former janitorial and detail cleaning instructor in Denver CO.
"It's All In The Details"
Certified, Insured and Bonded

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Patricia Roose Barber

23 April 2019

Karen arrived with her team and went straight to work. Brought everything she needed to do a great job...complete with the expertise of how to be efficient, professional, and pleasant. Focused on best use of time and best satisfaction of the client...great experience. More...


Christy Michelle

23 April 2019

Karen at Ms Clean services was amazing!!! The crew was on time, professional and extremely thorough! Highly recommended!!


Chris Farley Spanier

23 April 2019

Karen and her crew showed promptly (early!) and worked diligently to clean my much neglected windows, taking pains to remove storm windows and doors to clean every nook and cranny. When one storm window went overlooked, they eagerly returned the next day to fix the oversight. Very polite bunch! More...


D Buxcel

16 June 2018

Hands down the best cleaning service in Rapid city! These girls exceeded my expectation and some! True professionals, and very good at what they do! Thank you Nicole!


Tyler Olson

8 June 2018

Great team!! Great services!


Jamie Smith

22 April 2018

Awesome work from hard working ladies! I hear they do auto detailing as well, may be my next purchase


Brandy Rodriguez

29 March 2018

Great overall service. Very professional and my place has never been cleaner! Money well spent! Thank you Karen!


Latoya Roan Eagle

26 March 2018

Ms. Clean has great quotes and I love the team she hires to get the job done. Very detail and on time.


Amelia Ford

17 January 2018

Karen was such a wonderful lady to work with. She was very kind and flexible with our schedule. Received detailed cleaning for the price of surface cleaning! Their specialty products made such a noticable difference and I will gladly return to Karen’s Ms. Clean services. More...


Amelia J.

17 January 2018

Great service. She was very professional but still welcoming and kind in a personal way as well. She does amazing work with high end products that make the difference! She’s flexible with your hours and needs and offers so much. More...


Brooke T.

6 December 2016

Ms. Clean provides excellent service and gets the job done quickly! House cleaning at it's best and very reasonable prices. The staff is very friendly as well and provide very thorough cleaning. Highly recommend this cleaning service over any others! More...


Julie R.

17 October 2016

We had Ms. Clean Services clean our Explorer. She is prompt, does a great job and was even able to complete the job the day we called. I would highly recommend Ms. Clean Services. More...


Former Detail instructor in Denver, CO. - Certified

Specialty products that clean in the fraction of the time. Products to restore and products to protect.
Call for details

Before and after Results, you will see the difference between surface cleaning and detail cleaning with specialty products.

Cleaning companies were not cleaning my home thorough- complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial.

Complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial.


Detail cleaning- complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial.