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Bruce Robb

6 May 2019

I had laminate flooring installed in 2/3 rd of the house. After 3 days of demolishing and sawing I had dust throughout the house. Team 4, Rosalva, Karina and Yanyra arrived and when they left 2.5 hrs later the house sparkled. They went beyond my expectations. Dust may not sound like much but it was thick throughout including the floor. As far I am concerned these ladies were cleaning Angels. More...


Karma Rose Zavita

26 February 2019

I had a wonderful team of Claudia and Lucia who turned my apartment into my own little palace. They took great time and care to make sure everything was spotless. It was nice to see my cobwebs gone, and my floors shinning! More...


Hector Reyes Jr

28 December 2018

Very happy with their service. Very friendly and they do great work. Would highly recommend!


Kira Adams

28 December 2018

Team 10 - Destinee and Jenny are a great pair! Super friendly and kind upon entering my house to show them around. They arrived between the quoted time frame and got my 2500sqm bottom floor done quickly. The house smelled fresh and looked amazing; they even folded the toilet paper in my half-bath into a triangle like at a hotel. Very classy! :) Highly recommended and would hire again. Thank you so much! More...


Bonnie F

28 December 2018

Team 8 is fantastic. They do a very thorough job, are friendly and I look forward to their visits. I have been extremely satisfied with their service and would recommend Molly Maids to anyone wanting a good cleaning service. I coulnd't ask for a better team of people. More...


Candice Nochez

28 November 2018

We've been with Molly Maid for about a year now and are pleased with the work our team does every single month. Many times, I notice they have done things I wouldn't have even thought to look for or ask, in addition to being prompt and consistent in their time. To be fair, we've only ever had Team 6 because once Evelia and Flor did their magic, we've insisted on them each month. More...


kathy christensen

28 November 2018

I love Molly Maid. They are prompt, reliable, and friendly but professional. I don't use them very often but when I do, they treat me as if I was a regular, weekly customer. I recommend them to everyone and will continue to do so. Thank you, Claudia and Lucia More...


Dan Weber

28 November 2018

The local Molly Maid ladies here in Vancouver are great---especially Veronica and Lucy! They are always prompt, reliable, friendly and professional. They come every 2 weeks like clockwork and leave the house clean and tidy and always make an effort to provide a nice personal touch. I would definitely recommend them. Thank you! More...


Shelby NC

28 November 2018

We had a very positive experience with Molly Maids. They arrived about 30 minutes after the appointment time we were given, but Claudia and Lucia did an excellent job and I was delighted with the work they did. The cleaning took a little longer than expected and we were informed of the change in price in order to finish. Overall I am very satisfied with Molly Maids and will keep them in mind the next time I need the help of a cleaning service. More...


Nancy Thompson

22 March 2018

Today I felt like I won the Lottery with Molly Maids being here. They are a God send for me. My two lovely daughters and husbands gave me this gift and it is the best thing ever. The two lovely gals that came here have done a wonderful job. They missed nothing! I feel like I will need sunglasses because of the way my house shines now. This is the best day ever for me and I thank you all for it. I will look forward to their every visit here from now on. I will also speak well of there services to many of my friends.
Thank you

Nancy Thompson


Penny Machinski

24 October 2017

very detailed, managed chaos in our house nicely...


Bill Black

11 October 2017

I used Molly Maid when I moved out of my old house (2 cleaners- 3 hours) and used them again when I moved into the new one to clean a clean house even more- This was a HUGE benefit to free up my time and reduced the stress out of the whole move.


Billy Marlowe

6 October 2017

The service is thorough and they often go beyond expectation. The employees are professional and kind. I trust them in my home.


Bryce Hamilton

26 April 2017

The reliability, friendliness, and flexibility of our crew. We have a home business that often invades our living space. Our crew is very flexible and friendly about working around the boxes. More...

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