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I have been in practice since 1994. I offer Coaching, Leadership, Life & Mindfulness training, and Counseling. I also do Strategic Goal Clarity, Planning and Implementation Coaching for individuals and Business. Please look at www.spiritherapy .com and www.minedful.com for more information.


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I love helping people because I knew when I was 16 years old that this was my calling. I intuitively identify strengths in people help them see the best in themselves, learn new ways of coping, develop practices in behavior and thinking that help them become more happy and have a clear mind to be more successful in their person and profession lives. I believe that leading from within with passion and compassion for oneself creates sustained growth.

I wanted to do what I loved doing from home in a space that was calm, and nurturing. This profession is about the relationship between client and helper . I found that being in an office could not truly bring the calm energy to my clients. I am very clear that my role is to help my clients but I also believe clients connect better when they connect with you at the personal level and know a little bit about you. Working at home was also a way for me to balance raising my children with my career and keeping myself healthy.

You will choose me because you want to work with someone who genuinely cares about helping people find their best selves and change in a way that lasts for the rest of their lives. I tell my friends that I "love" my clients and when I say "love" it means I truly care bout their growth and it lights me up to see people . The true reward for my work is seeing how strong the human spirit is and how people are able to heal themselves with the right help. I believe I am a guided by something greater than me to help people. I am not a psychic etc. but I do believe that apart from my education which I have quite a bit of whew!! and experience sometimes something greater guides me to ask questions or say something that transforms people.


Leadership & Life Coaching - Coaching involves setting goals, having the tools to accomplish the goals and implementing these tools on a consistent basis so as to see a transformation on both ones life and in their leadership capabilities, whether it is leading oneself in life, leading a business or leading a team. I believe in a more holistic approach to coaching even if the goals may be related to just work performance because transformation from within is more effective in sustain long-term change. I believe in solving the deeper problem versus putting a band-aid. Every research study shows that happier and healthier people are better leaders and employees and I aim to and have been successful in accomplishing this with my clients consistently.

See my website www.spiritherapy,com

See my website www,minedful.com