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Esther L.

15 April 2018

Had some issues when I first switched from my first dispensary mainly for distance reasons. Then I had a really big issue with them contacted them They called back the very next day and fixed the situation. They once made a mistake with my order too and compensated me greatly. They're growing on me a lot and close to my home. They've owned up to everything and I'm really happy. If you want some great prices and great customer service this just might be the dispensary for you! More...


Rob S.

14 December 2017

Good product great customer service overall a very good experience. I have been to many dispensaries around the US and this one is one of my favorites.


Patrick U.

10 March 2017

My first visit overall to Midway Dispensary was after my doctors appointment one day for the Application Assistance they offer (highly recommended seeing them for assistance!). My mother and I both needed to file applications so we made our way over. That was about a month ago and I wanted to save my review until my first visit as an actual patient. This place is amazing, and beautiful, and awesome. There is a great big sign so it's easy to see. 'Big' parking lot allows plenty of cars and you don't have to worry about a meter, or crossing the street. Very friendly atmosphere and clean as well. Very willing to help based on symptoms, or what you're in the mood for. Just their ability to make you feel comfortable and share their time is continually impressive. They have an very nice selection to choose from and a good variety of flower to vape pens and concentrates. Definitely recommend. Definitely will be back. More...


Jilly Pop S.

26 November 2016

Such a wonderful place to go for much needed help. I could not ask for a better experience. The team is quite knowledgeable and they are all about helping people. I got a very good vibe from all the people I met and talked to. If you need guidance in your pursuit of relief, this is the place to go. More...

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