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Michael Helms has been a successful photographer in Los Angeles for 35 years. He has photographed some of Hollywood's most notable celebrities, including Kate Hudson, Tim Curry and Angelina Jolie. From shooting documentaries on the orphanage of Katmandu, Nepal to photographing the cannibals of Papua, New Guinea, to hang gliding in the high Sierra, and even to the depths of the ocean taking photos of sea life in Bonaire. Michael's work and range of experience are extensive.

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Sugano Svetlana

25 July 2018

......Michael Helms is Da Royal of Photogs. Very efficient, expedient and Fun to work with. Sending best Wishes for a speedy recovery and hoping to see him soon.


Michelle Castillo

25 July 2018

I've been going to Michael for years! What a blessing to find a diamond like him in such a rough business. Keep up the good work Michael!


Brian Drawer-man

25 July 2018

From the Way-Back time machine... 1994! I'm not all that photogenic, but every image Michael captured of me during our session was a winner! 5 stars for sure!!!


Pamela Maloney

27 May 2018

Absolutely the best!!


Michael Wilborn

27 February 2018

Great place


Richard Perkins

27 May 2017

Michael is a serious pro with very reasonable rates, a bargain at twice the price!