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I specialize in providing men and women with a long-term approach to their training and nutrition; one that is easy to learn, challenging enough to get results, diverse enough to remain interesting, and adaptable enough to work with any situation.

I have a pretty simple philosophy:

If you want to get in great shape and stay in great shape long-term, the most reasonable approach is to treat your training and nutrition the same way you would treat any investment...only this is an investment of time and effort. Think of every session, every meal, every night of sleep, every glass of water...everything you do every minute of the day as a small investment into who you will be tomorrow and beyond.

I am not one of those weirdos that loves exercise (sorry weirdos), and I have no interest in measuring out every one of my meals.
If I could eat pizza and ice cream every night and not get fat or be concerned about my health, I might do that.
If I didn't have to sleep, I wouldn't.

I have struggled with these things as much as most people have, which is why I have put so much effort into learning how to get the most out of doing them. I know I need to do it to have the body I want, so instead of finding ways to enjoy it, I find ways to consistently get better at the things I know I will be doing forever. That is what I coach.

Exercise is should be. Eating well is probably shouldn't be, but it is...especially today. Wanting something more for yourself, and not doing it, is worse.

I can't promise to make it easy or fun (maybe fun...sometimes), but I can promise to make everything you do here meaningful and rewarding.

Max-imum Fitness and Health Reviews


Review of Max-imum Fitness and Health by Kuba Bednarz
5 22/01/2017 Kuba Bednarz

Best personal trainer around! Not only helps with exercises, but also guides through nutrition and other life aspects. Highly recommended

Review of Max-imum Fitness and Health by Erica Burns
5 Erica Burns

I've been training with Max for a little over 3 months now. Max is knowledgable, informative, and encouraging. He stays up to date on the newest health and fitness news and provides great guidance and recommendations about nutrition. Max strives to create community within the gym and always has an enthusiastic attitude!!! He also makes himself available to his clients, I have never felt alone in this journey. It is clear that he truly cares about each person and loves what he does.

Review of Max-imum Fitness and Health by Rebecca Michelle Olvera
5 Rebecca Michelle Olvera

I have been with Max fit health for about 5 months let me just say I have NOT one regrets I've learned so much in such a short of a time frame nutrition and fitness max is amazing trainer motivator I was one of those clients that would never think in a million years that could be able to be active I made so many excuses not trying start working out max was very persistent on contacted me but I finally had the courage to go one day and I've never look back since he's the biggest support system I have and the best motivator I could ever ask for I've lost about 58 pounds I've reach PR's that I've never thought I could ever reach I've never been a person to ever want to work out with others and he helped me so much to break out of my shell and be active with others I couldn't really ask for anything better he's a wonderful leader.

Review of Max-imum Fitness and Health by Jordan Leason
5 Jordan Leason

Max is a very knowledgeable trainer and coach and it was a pleasure to work alongside him for the time that we did. I am certain he can help you achieve your goals in an efficient, safe manner!

Review of Max-imum Fitness and Health by Barrett Sides
5 Barrett Sides

Trust this guy. Max is the most engaged and personal trainer I have ever worked with. He was interested in my goals, my routines, my life and habits outside of the gym, all in the interest of tailoring a program that was specific to me. And it worked; we both noted improvements in core strength, limb strength, balance and endurance. We never defaulted to the same boring routine; each workout had a purpose. Because of this, I looked forward to our sessions; with other trainers I have sometimes shown up less enthusiastically. Max is great conversation, thoughtful and very sincere. His focus on goals is the most fundamentally sound way to make progress. It's all there.

Review of Max-imum Fitness and Health by Donald Foster
5 Donald Foster

I have worked with Max for almost a year. I have had a great experience, and great results. His passion for long term health and nutrition is evident with each session. Max is very encouraging, but also knows how to push effectively without being overbearing. He is generally very flexible, and able to work with schedules. I highly recommend working with Max, and experiencing the positive experience I have.

Max-imum Fitness and Health

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Max-imum Fitness and Health Q&A

Company Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

For over a decade, I have been on a personal mission to understand how my body works, why it works the way it does, and what I can do to make it better. Specifically, I've wanted to know how to build a body that works better and lasts longer. In 2013, I started Max-imum Fitness and Health and now I get to help other people do the same.
My coaching method combines a technical understanding of human movement and nutrition, with a theoretical understanding of human behavior. Over the years, however, I have shifted my focus heavily towards the behavior side, as it has become increasingly obvious to me that “what” we do in the gym (and life for that matter) is far less important than “how” we do it and “why” we do it in the first place. 
I am not a cheerleader, a drill sergeant, a motivational speaker, or a therapist; I am a coach. A coach that helps growth-minded humans, develop the skills they need to get the most out of their time. I am also a student. I don’t think I have all the answers, but I do believe I have a solid toolkit, which I use to continue my personal and professional development.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

One way to lose weight and look great is to spend two hours a day in the gym and follow a strict meal plan; but that is also a good way to start hating your life, ruin your relationship with food and movement, and set yourself up for future failure.
Another way to build a body that looks great--but also works great and feels great--is to spend a moderate amount of focused time in the gym (not machine bouncing between social interactions) and follow a reasonable nutrition plan (one that you can stick to long-term). Potentially more important that the training and nutrition alone, however, is making sure the rest of your life is aligning with your goals. Getting enough sleep, setting up your kitchen to encourage healthier eating, spending time with people that support your objectives, and spending more time outside doing things you enjoy, are just a few of the ways you can optimize your time to get the most out of your hard work. This is the method we use here at Max-imum Fitness and Health.

What do you love most about your job?

There's not much I don't like about what I do, that's why I do it. If I had to pick one thing though, it would be that I have the freedom to spend all of my time learning how to help other people to things that are hard but necessary. Seriously, sometimes I can't believe that I get to do what I do. I love the people that I coach and I get to spend the rest of my time learning about things I am interested in.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I started getting chunky about 15 years ago. At some point during that period of my life, I blew up pretty quickly. Then, one day, while attempting to squeeze my large butt into my pants, I decided that the pain of doing difficult things had to be better than the pain I felt at that moment.
For about 10 years, I stayed in pretty good shape, with a few ups and downs. I didn't really know what I was doing (although I thought I did), but it worked well enough to avoid where I started.
About 5 years ago, I wanted to start doing something that allowed me to get more out of my life--more time, more enjoyment, more physical capability, and more independence. I wanted to do something useful for others, I wanted to be surrounded by other people that were constantly trying to make themselves better, and I I wanted something that gave me the freedom to forge my own path (I like solving problems and building things). So, I started Max-imum Fitness and Health.

Why should our clients choose you?

Every minute of the day is a chance to invest in your future, and the person you are today is a reflection of all your past investments. Every minute that ticks by, you are consciously or unconsciously contributing to the person you will become next. Those minutes are not trivial, how you spend them matters...especially during the actions that repeat every day.
A client should only choose me if what I just wrote resonates with them because that is what I help people do.

Services provided by Max-imum Fitness and Health


Private In Person Coaching

To provide the greatest value to my clients, I bundle everything you need into coaching packages. These packages are inclusive, so there are no upsells or add-ons. Every (12-week) program is customized to you and includes: -(3) 60 min one-on-one training sessions a week -Nutrition Coaching -Unlimited Support If you only calculate the per-hour cost of the training sessions, the cost of the packages total $50-$60/hr, depending on the package. Packages can be paid monthly or at a 10% discount by paying in full, up front. If you would like more information on coaching, you can check out my website and complete the coaching application.

Small Group Coaching

Enrollment for small group coaching is currently closed. You can visit my website and join my newsletter to stay current on program launches.

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