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Andy S.

3 January 2014

We actually stumbled on Masaoka Glass Design while window shopping after breakfast. The owner, Alan, was just opening up and invited us in. We were immediately taken with his gallery-cat Rusty (who is VERY friendly) and while petting the cat and chatting with Alan, I mentioned in passing that it would be neat to see the glass blowing process some time. Alan said there was glass blowing going on right then, and to come on back.So we got a very cool front row seat to the glass blowers making a large glass flower. It was very interesting, and quite generous of them and Alan to let us observe (and ask a few questions). Afterwards, we bought a couple of blown glass pumpkins that look great in our garden window (the light really brings out the different colors). For the quality and workmanship involved, the prices are pretty reasonable (I think they were around $20 for the smallest pumpkins, to $100+ for the largest ones). Beautiful glass ornaments (about 4 inches in diameter) were $24. It looks like the gallery rotates items in and out every few months, so the "holiday" themed pieces will probably be replaced with something else soon.Highly recommended! More...


Jane M.

19 May 2012

A small but exquisite gallery. Although it features Alan Masaoka's stained glass, there are also works by other artists including jewelry, paintings, sculpture, and other kinds of art. Quality is three tiers higher than you would expect for the location. More...

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