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At M.R. FITNESSFL our primary aim is to empower our clients to take charge of their own fitness goals. We utilize a habit coaching base method, which meets the client where they're currently at in their stage of change, and we then determine what habits that will need to be adopted in order to achieve the goals.


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Theddy Blanc

28 March 2019

With Mike, you will get personalized comprehensive training and nutritional counseling but what helps sets him apart from other trainers is how much he invests in your journey. He will take the time to find out who you are as a person and adapt your training and plan to get your exact goal. Since his training incorporates long term goals as well as short term, he will give his all to give adjustments in diet and workouts that will keep you safe, healthy and fit long term. The fitness, weight loss, muscle gain and health is great and everything I wanted but the discipline is what I was looking for the most. It took more than I had on my own to strengthen my resolve and mindset. Little by little mike helped me get there without my usual burnout strategies. As far as my overall life goals, this was the last integral piece that put me over the edge towards my dream in my career. It was a huge mental battle that last month when I came to him and Mike helped me win it more than anyone knows. This is the best I've felt in YEARS. More...


Gwenda V

26 February 2019

Great experience with Mike, he listens to what you’re looking to accomplish and develops workouts to reach your goals. He has great recommendations on nutrition and a training app with exercises created that is specific for you, so you can keep track. He also recommends logging in your food intake, so you can see the amount of protein, carbs, and fats you are taking in. I’ve been training with Mike for about a month and so far I have turned fat into lean muscle, increased my endurance, and have more energy. I highly recommend Mike! More...


Juniett Calonge

28 December 2018

First fitness trainer I’ve had so far, and glad I got M.R. Fitness who is driven to help you get results you are looking for!


Leer Dalia

28 December 2018

Mike is a wonderful, motivational, and helpful coach! My husband and I started going to Mike in October and are still training with him. We have seen so many results. From our inches going down, to become stronger overall, Mike definitely knows what he is doing. He is worth the investment. Mike focuses on form, eating habits, he writes fitness articles and shares them, he always motivates his clients to push harder and be stronger. Mike has an app where he tracks what you eat, updates your personalized work outs, and keep track of your measurements. He works around your schedule and one thing I truly love is that he does not focus on the numbers on the scale, but more so about how we feel, look overall, and muscle gains. Working out with mike was one of the best investments we have made. I would definitely recommend him if you are trying to make some healthy lifestyle changes, be stronger, and see results with your body and overall life. Highly recommended! More...


Andre T Johnson

22 November 2018

Mike is the best! His attention to detail, his professionalism and his training plans, motivates you and inspires you to strive for greatness and push pass your preconceived-self imposed limitations. I HIGHLY recommend him. Definitely gets a 5 star rating in my book. More...


Meychou Exius

29 September 2018

Unbelievable how fast I start getting results, extremely encouraging. Very motivating!!!!


Luis De La Paz

29 September 2018

Mike encourages you through knowledge, meal planning, and emphasising proper form while establishing and adjusting workout routines to fit your fitness goals.


Stephanie Ziccardi

29 September 2018

At first I was hesitant to start working with a personal trainer, but I have been with Mike for over a month and I can honestly say I do not regret this decision. Mike really cares about you and the goals you set for yourself, and truly wants you to succeed at achieving them. Although it has only been a short period of time, I feel that because of the constant guidance from Mike (and the 6AM workouts) I see myself becoming more confident in who I am. Best decision I've ever made! More...


wendy l.

20 September 2018

After meeting with another trainer I reached out to Mike via Thumbtack.  Mike was very thorough with his assessment and what our next steps would be.  He is no nonsense and your workout is spent working out no idle chit chat.  He explains why an exercise works and the proper way to do it.  All of my workouts have been sent to me so that I may also work out on my own. I have a nutrition plan to follow and expectations have been set.  Mike is always on time and even though I have signed up for semi private I feel that he spends time with me.  My workout is individual so I do not feel that he only has 1 workout for everyone.  Without reservation I recommend Mike.  His wife is also a trainer and she saw me doing something incorrectly and came over to correct me.  They are both awesome! More...


Anicetus316 .

30 August 2018

Very effective workouts, a great trainer, very knowledgeable on what works with your body I would recommend his coaching to anyone?


Nick Salce

30 August 2018

I’ve worked with a handful of trainer over the past few years. Mike is hands down the best. He listened to my goals, my likes, and dislikes and customizes workouts that i enjoy. I had numerous joint and muscle injuries from various hobbies and anytime i come in with an issue he creates excercises that work around the injury and actually helps it to heal. In the past couple months ive traded about 10lbs of fat for muscle and for the first time i enjoy the workouts on a consistent basis. More...


Melissa Roldan

23 July 2018

Best trainer


Bibiana Rodriguez

23 July 2018

Is awesome!!!


Ysania Eldred

23 July 2018

Mike is the absolute best!


Dolls OfValley

27 May 2018

Mike is the best professional strength trainer, period. I've been training since mid May and have seen dramatic results. My butt, thighs, and upper body (arms and back) are more toned and sleeker. I've lost about 3 inches off my waist line. The silhouette just looks better overall. He lives by a philosophy and he inspires you to stay disciplined, on track, and motivated. More...


sandeep koneru

14 February 2018

Mike is really a good trainer.He is an experienced trainer.very accommodating and a great motivator.Definitely recommend starting your journey with him.


Dee Branch

7 February 2018

Great personal training facility, has everything you need without the crowd


Chrisna Thomas

17 January 2018

M. R Fitness provides you with a very professional personal training experience. Mike is very knowledgeable in field and is able to work with you at any level of athleticism. You will be pushed to your limits at times but you will not regret it. More...


Yajayra Wojtas

27 September 2017

Mike is the best professional strength trainer, period. I've been training since mid May and have seen dramatic results. My butt, thighs, and upper body (arms and back) are more toned and sleeker. I've lost about 3 inches off my waist line. The silhouette just looks better overall. He lives by a philosophy and he inspires you to stay disciplined, on track, and motivated. More...


belinda sterile

8 August 2017

Amazing fitness coach. Really cares about you as an individual and your goals. He helped me change the way I thought about fitness and nutrition. My new motto is "a healthy mind will give you a healthy body." With his coaching everything is falling into place as I envison for myself. I needed that push. Thank you, Mike. More...


Katherine Marrero

8 August 2017

I started with Mike (M.R.FITNESS) in March of this year. I've been losing an average of 7lbs a month. As with every new challenge I was skeptical because of course I am overweight, but he makes you feel comfortable in the gym! I love his motivation to get me fit! He is very positive and helps you get through your workout even when you "don't feel like it". He holds me accountable for all of my goals, he has his own app which keeps track of workouts & you can also track food. He will make you send him screenshots of food being consumed(you'll learn to love that). There's honestly nothing bad I can say about Mike's training program, I'm motivated and more disciplined then ever. More...


E Pierre-Jean

7 December 2016

I have been training with Mike for 6 months. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He is focused on giving you a great workout based on your individual goals. My goal is not to lose weight but to stay active and build strength for general well-being. Mike developed a workout plan and detailed nutrition plan with calorie counts and suggestions for recipes specific to my needs. He also mixes up the workouts so that they don't get boring. Since training with Mike I look and feel better about myself. Thanks Mike! More...


Cathy Archer

5 December 2016

M.R. Fitness is quite impressive and offers comprehensive fitness services. I have not seen another program like Mike's who is the consummate professional. Not only does he keep track of your fitness goals, details of your weightlifting ability, your aerobic plan, and your daily diet intake, he sends daily messages to keep you motivated! He is a bit of a tough Trainer, but boy you see the results much sooner than expected! If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, committed, and prepared to work to make them happen, then there is no better choice than Mike and M.R. Fitness. More...


Reginald Saint-Fleur

30 November 2016

I have been training with Mike for a while now and I can say he cares about each individual client needs and is attentive to their limits.

He is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging. He pushes me further than I would if I were training on my own and ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. He encourages and motivates me to do better.

I’ve seen noticeable improvements in my fitness abilities since I've been training with Mike (especially when I stick to the fitness plans he's layed out and the suggested meal plans). I would definitely recommend Mike as a personal trainer to anyone looking to achieve his/her fitness and/or health goals.

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I educate my clients on the principles of nutrition and fitness, and I work with them to adopt the habits that are conducive to obtaining their goal.

The secret to getting your dream body is you being willing to make the sacrifices to obtain it.

Watching people go through a transformation on the path to achieving their goals, and knowing that I'm making a real impact in peoples lives is the ultimate reward.

I view my clients as walking billboards, so I go above and beyond to help them achieve their goals.



As a certified Sports Nutritionist, I coach my clients on daily nutrition for performance and health.