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Josh K.

18 November 2018

If you need someone to do your flower arrangements or transform a venue from "eh" to "HOLY COW!!!" then just use Kendra!  She knocks it out of the park each time we see her work.  We first saw her work at a friend's wedding and even took some flowers home which they lasted over a month with just water and sun light.  This means she is using great flowers and is worth every penny.  When it was time for our wedding we didn't even need to shop around or look, we just went with her.  Her cost and service are beyond great and she does an absolutely amazing job!  She'll listen to you and let you explore avenues and is very insightful during the consulting process.  Personally, I was blown away when I first step foot into the ceremony room after she was done and, again, when the room was flipped to the reception.  I still can't believe what she did and can't say enough about how grateful it was to work with her and thank her for just making our memorable truly that!  Trust us, she's the best so just let her do her magic because she won't disappoint. More...



26 October 2018

Kendra exceeded my expectations at every step of the process for my wedding! She is a pleasure to work with, prompt with communication, and a truly talented florist.
I wanted fresh flowers that were in season and an overall simple elegant look, and with little guidance Kendra captured exactly what I was going for. I was blown away.
I absolutely loved working with Kendra and highly recommend!


Marcia I.

26 October 2018

Kendra exceeded my expectations at every step of the process for my wedding! She is a pleasure to work with, prompt with communication, and a truly talented florist.I wanted fresh flowers that were in season and an overall simple elegant look, and with little guidance Kendra delivered the most amazing bouquets and floral arrangements. I was blown away. She captured exactly what I was going for.I absolutely loved working with Kendra and highly recommend! More...


Alyssa P.

15 May 2018

Kendra is incredible!! She was the perfect florist for our wedding and executed our vision flawlessly! I was so impressed with her professionalism, creativity, and ability to ensure everything stayed on budget. She was so easy to work with, even going above and beyond and hosting a centerpiece trial run at our venue many months in advance! When I wanted to make changes, she was always accommodating, and she understood the exact look I had in mind with very little direction. She arrived on time and with plenty of assistance so that no one else needed to help her, and then came back late at night after the reception to pick up the rental items and I never had to worry about a thing! On the day of our wedding I literally cried with happiness and awe when I saw the reception space and her amazing centerpieces--I was blown away by her work! Her pricing is also very reasonable given how talented she is. Highly, highly recommend her!! More...


C. M.

12 September 2017

I just received the most beautiful bouquet. Flowers are perfect, the arrangement is unique and creative. I'm very impressed and highly recommend!



2 July 2017

Kendra was a dream to work with! We had a very specific vision of our special day and Kendra understood exactly what we were looking for. She was incredibly thoughtful and kind. We met on a couple of occasions and never felt pressured to spend more than our budget which is more than I can say about the other florists we met!

Not only that but Kendra was extremely detail oriented. We loved that she brought in a test trial of the centerpiece for the walk-through. This was super helpful as we ended up making minor tweaks such as the vase shape. It was so nice to be able to envision the wedding day!

And the flowers were incredible works of art! She is truly an artist, and spent the time on our wedding day to ensure everything looked perfect. My only regret is that I couldn't find my wedding bouquet to keep!


Catherine K.

1 July 2017

Kendra was a dream to work with! We had a very specific vision of our special day and Kendra understood exactly what we were looking for. She was incredibly thoughtful and kind. We met on a couple of occasions and never felt pressured to spend more than our budget which is more than I can say about the other florists we met! Not only that but Kendra was extremely detail oriented. We loved that she brought in a test trial of the centerpiece for the walk-through. This was super helpful as we ended up making minor tweaks such as the vase shape. It was so nice to be able to envision the wedding day! And the flowers were incredible works of art! She is truly an artist, and spent the time on our wedding day to ensure everything looked perfect. My only regret is that I couldn't find my wedding bouquet to keep! More...



31 March 2017

Just Thanks!!!!!! First class service!! highly reccomended !! =)



2 August 2016

Kendra at Loves me Floral is a life saver.
I had previously met with a few other florists who weren't quite understanding what I was looking for, or were very expensive. I left the meetings with others feeling like I wasn't clearly communicating what I wanted, even though I thought I came very prepared- color pallets picked out, pictures of all of the bridal party attire, bouquet photo to follow visual direction etc.

After meeting with Kendra, I felt an immediate weight lifted off my shoulders. She seemed to really understand what I was looking for, as well as offer up suggestions of ways to improve my vision, and save money. She was priced fairly, and was equally organized as myself.

On the wedding day, we were supposed to meet her where our group photos would take place, but after I forgot a crucial part of my wedding dress at home (the string to the corset!) we were running behind a bit. She changed courses without batting an eye and delivered the flowers to the hotel we were getting ready at. She didn't have to change her plans from my mistake, but she did without question. I arrived at the venue as the rest of the floral was being set up and everything looked amazing. I was so happy with how the room looked and she had a very big part in that.

Kendra was so great- I would recommend her to anyone for any event in the Seattle area!



24 July 2016

I used Loves Me Flowers for my wedding flowers and I was extremely pleased with the results! Kendra was super flexible in adding and removing additional floral arrangements as I finalized my plans for the wedding, and she even brought me extra roses to scatter down the aisle because she had extras from a different event so that was a really nice gesture! The only thing that keeps me from a 5-star review is that my bouquet didn't quite match up with what I thought we had discussed, but it was still gorgeous and looks great in photos. More...


Alisha G.

10 July 2016

Kendra is THE BEST. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from my friends and very picky family about our flowers at our wedding on July 2nd. She just gets it. I said, "Make the colors more muted over here, but more punchy over there", and she totally got it. I said, "no greenery", and there was literally no shred of greenery anywhere - no leaves, no filler, no baby's breath - anywhere. I gave her height and shape and size dimensions for some special flowers for a special part of the ceremony, and they were exactly perfect. Bonus: she came in under our expected budget for flowers! Other bonus - the flowers really held up! They survived the ceremony, being jostled around for the reception (at the same location), and then they were shoved into another room for overnight storage. The next day, they were packed up into cars and driven an hour away, where they were used to decorate a family member's house for a post-wedding luncheon and they were still gorgeous. My mother took my bouquet (after all that), back with her to Texas (a 4 day drive from Seattle), and it actually survived the journey. Now she's making potpourri out of it. Thank you, Kendra! Pro-tip: If you want specific flowers, or a specific look, be specific with your florist. They aren't mind readers. Tell them what you want, and they will do everything in their power to make you happy. More...


La' Akea

20 February 2016

I've seen Kendra's work at a local cafe and knew I wanted her to do my wedding flowers. Kendra did not disappoint! She was quick to respond to emails and was really easy to work with. She listened to what I wanted and requested a pinterest link to see what style I liked.
She delivered the bouquets and wow...they were incredible! She also did my centerpieces and they were so gorgeous. Her quote was very reasonable. I am so happy to have her involved in my wedding and would not hesitate to recommend her.



9 December 2015

Kendra is amazing! The arrangements for my wedding turned out so beautiful. From the first initial meeting to the last month of wedding planning, Kendra always answered my questions and accommodated any change requests. I had few ideas what I would like for the wedding, during the meeting with Kendra she was able to listen to my ideas and provide feedback and add ideas to my vision. Besides floral arrangements, she also provided linen and chair cover rentals, which was a big time saver for me. Kendra is easy to work with, great communicator and professional. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wedding florist and wouldn't hesitate to hire her again for any future event. More...


La' Akea S.

28 September 2015

Kendra is amazing!!! I've admired her work for about a decade at Vivace Coffee shops. When it came time for our big day, I knew I wanted her to do my wedding flowers. Very nice to work with, pleasant and accommodating. I first thought I would assemble my own centerpieces, but three weeks out from my wedding there was no way! Kendra stepped in and picked up the pieces. Price was very reasonable and above all, it turned out perfect!! Thank you, Kendra, for making the day wonderful. More...



24 September 2015

We couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome of our wedding that Kendra produced on the day of. We ended up spending a lot more than anticipated but I guess flowers and décor aren't cheap, and we ended up with a LOT of both. Kendra was great to work with and we felt like she knew what we were looking for. She even brought ideas to the table to open our eyes a little more. Communication lagged a little bit and at times would have to follow up 1 or 2 times, but she eventually got back. Overall, very happy with the overall outcome and would recommend! More...


Brandon A.

14 September 2015

Loves Me Flowers is owned and operated by Kendra.  We went with her for our wedding because talk around Seattle is she is the best.  We didn't want anyone else... obviously!We met with Kendra a few times before we decided to contract her completely.  She took our ideas and helped us create the most memorable wedding.For being the best in Seattle, I feel she is EXTREMELY reasonable.  She made sure every details was perfect and nothing went without being addressed.Highly recommend.  I'll update my review with the wedding photos when they're completed. More...


Nicole b.

15 January 2015

I chose Kendra as my florist for my wedding after a friend recommended her.Our first meeting was productive and convenient. She was able to meet someplace close to my house, and we discussed all ideas and prices. She took my Pinterest Inspirations and typed up a detailed flower layout and quote. When I kindly let her know that the price was over my budget, she was able to adjust it so that it fit perfectly. Unfortunately, I never saw Kendra again! She arrived at the venue and dropped off all my flowers while I was busy getting ready. But they were all BEAUTIFUL!!! And everything looked JUST like my Pinterest dreams!Thanks again, Kendra! More...



11 August 2014

I'm so glad that I found Kendra to do my wedding flowers. I didn't know exactly what I wanted going into my meeting with her, but she helped me come up with a vision that was perfect. I am a very particular person, and she was great at answering my emails and meeting with me probably more than necessary to make sure everything was organized. I planned my wedding myself, and not having a wedding planner made me need people to help with various other design and set-up things the day of. Kendra was totally willing to do everything for me. From linens, to table numbers, to picture frames etc. she had it all covered. On the wedding day the flowers were absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Kendra is also more reasonably priced than other vendors I met with, for the same or better quality and service. Thanks Kendra for all of your work and making the design aspect of my wedding perfect! More...


Ann V.

22 April 2014

Kendra/Loves Me Flowers is fantastic. I could not be more thrilled with what she did for my wedding. When we first met, I walked through what I liked and the types of floral arrangements that I would like to have including what flowers, styles and colors I liked. We also discussed ways of making things most cost-friendly - what flowers she recommended, etc. Once she gave me a quote for my dream-scenario, I provided a lower budget and we discussed more options to bring the cost down. We emailed back and forth with a lot of different ideas that both were more budget-friendly and fit the theme of the wedding. She was more than willing to work with me, be creative and help me come up with great ideas so I would be happy.We also met about a month or so before the wedding so she could do a test bouquet so I could see what she did and make suggestions/changes if needed. This was included - she didn't charge me extra for this service. The bouquet she provided was gorgeous and I only made a small change. She was extremely communicative up until the wedding - making sure she had itemized lists correct, making sure design, flowers and options were right, etc. At my wedding, I was delighted in what she provided. My bouquets were amazing. My aisle flowers were so full and gorgeous that people initially thought they might be fake because they looked so perfect. I've seen florists sort of cheap it up with aisle vases by not filling the vases as full but my flowers with large and lovely and expensive-looking! I'm so happy. Plus, it's been three days since my wedding and my bridal bouquet, which has been through a lot, still looks every bit as a nice as it did when I first got it. More...


Michelle T.

11 March 2014

Kendra did my wedding flowers and decor  In October and it was AMAZING! She really helped me bring my vision to life. Flowers were one of the most important parts of my wedding day and everything was just perfect! Kendra is so sweet and down to earth and  she had really original and unique ideas. Her skill and artistry really made our day beautiful! More...



6 February 2014

Kendra is an AMAZING florist! She came recommended by a friend yet I had no idea how extraordinary her talents were! I met with Kendra once regarding our wedding then she recommended that I give her access to a private pintrest board I had for my wedding flowers. From there she took the arrangements I liked and kicked them up a SUPER notch! The one compliment I received all night long was how amazing our flowers were! They were arrangements that you would expect to see in a magazine yet they were at my wedding!! My second meeting with her was a demo in which she brought samples of arragements and at that meeting I was so excited for my reception to happen! I couldn't believe how she understood my vision from one in person meeting and by looking at my pinterest board!! Our wedding guests will not forget how beautiful our wedding was because of her amazing arrangements!! More...


C C.

26 January 2014

I used Loves Me Flowers for my wedding back in 2010.  I loved working with Kendra.  She was very responsive over e-mail, which was so nice when you're working with a ton of different vendors.  When I went in to meet with her to discuss ideas, I only really had one idea.  I kind of just described to her what I wanted the flowers to look like.  She was able to name flowers and show me pictures of the flowers to achieve the look I wanted.  She also worked with me on the budget.  She was able to help find ways to cut some of the floral costs.  I got many compliments on the flowers.The best part was that she made me a bouquet for the bouquet toss, so I wouldn't have to throw my bouquet and damage it.  And the person catching it got to take away a smaller version of my bouquet! More...



11 October 2013

Kendra did an amazing job on our flowers. And I was shocked that she came in UNDER budget on top of it all. She is straightforward, honest, and unbelievably talented. And super easy to work with!



27 July 2013

Kendra was spectacular to work with and produced arrangements that were beyond what I was expecting. Everything was done to perfection and we appreciated the flexibility she allowed us as we drew nearer to our wedding date. Flowers were one of my most important design elements and I'm glad we found Kendra to make my vision come alive! More...


Alrick F.

8 July 2013

Kendra is the owner and she is wonderful. Working with her has been very pleasant, despite my many mind changes and requests. I constantly flood her email with photos of bouquets, flowers, different shades of the ones I was thinking, etc. I would imagine that some florists may take longer to respond or be curt, but Kendra was neither. She was very sweet and happy to answer my questions and make sure we could get the flowers we wanted. I am the type of person who knows exactly what she wants down to the flower type, shades and size and Kendra warned me that not all flowers arrive in the color we order or want. However, when my peachy/orange cymbidium orchids arrived in a rusty brown/orange color 3 days before the wedding, Kendra immediately notified me (very professional) and told me that she would be ordering gold orchids that would still go well with our colors and bouquets, but won't be such a dark gloom on our overall floral feel. She was proactive and upfront in correcting something that was NOT her fault, but something that could not have been avoided. I really appreciated this about her because it did not cause me any stress and she had a solution for the problem and took care of it right away. More importantly, I had all kinds of ideas for the floral but didn't want to blow my budget on beautiful centerpieces. Kendra worked with me, teasing out what was most important to me for bouquets, ceremony arbor, reception décor and made astute recommendations that really helped bring my vision to life. We only met once in person early on in the planning process, but she was always available by email and phone. Her knowledge of what goes well together really helped make everything stunningly beautiful. When she delivered the bouquets (1 hr early too!) my bridesmaids commented on how beautiful the finesse and Juliet roses were. She also found the perfect mango calla lilies for us, and this was the one flower that I really wanted to be perfect, and incorporated them throughout all the bouquets in a very elegant way. 2 weeks before the wedding, I decided on having aisle centerpieces in trumpet vases for the ceremony. Kendra was able to accommodate this last minute decision and produced a wonderful centerpiece that everyone kept gushing about and taking photos of. She also added peachy/orange orchids inside the vase to liven up the look and do something bold and different outside of the usual green grass wrapped around the edges view. I loved her creativity and uniqueness of this aisle centerpiece especially. Lastly, my ceremony arbor was definitely one of a kind. I had not seen it until I walked down the aisle and I was floored to see how perfect and beautiful her floral expertise had made my wedding such a stunning affair. More...



27 September 2012

Kendra did an amazing job on the flowers!! With two meetings and a few e-mails, she totally got what I wanted and everything was so perfect, it was better than I even imagined. She is so talented and creates the MOST beautiful arrangements, I can't imagine using anyone else. She truly has a gift and I would recommend her to anyone. More...



25 September 2012

I had Kendra do bouquets, corsages, boutineers and some extra flower pieces to decorate our cake. Everything was gorgeous! She is a great artist and a lovely person. I felt comfortable meeting with her, and she was very accommodating. She delivered everything to our hotel, as scheduled, with no delivery charge, which was awesome. She usually took about a week to return emails, which is a bit slow to me, but I could always reach her if I needed to. She did a demo bouquet for me, which was a really great way to get on the same page about what I was looking for. She's very reasonably priced for what she provides in comparison to others. I highly recommend her! More...



29 June 2012

Kendra was one of my favorite vendors. The very first time we met, I felt like she understood my vision and I really trusted that should would do a great job, which she did. She is very organized and detailed so that I always knew what we had agreed upon and what to expect. She also did a complimentary centerpiece a few months before the wedding to make sure I was completely happy with how things were going to look. That was very helpful and allowed me to make some changes to the flowers to ensure everything would look great. On the wedding day she setup everything perfectly and the ceremony and reception looked amazing. I really think Kendra is the best! More...



21 September 2011

Kendra was awesome!! She is so friendly, and the flowers turned out exactly as we envisioned. They were absolutely beautiful!! She did a great job of listening to our ideas and also suggesting certain flowers that she knew would be perfect. Her prices are also very reasonable! I highly recommend this florist!! More...



27 August 2011

I shopped around what seemed like forever for flowers and it was so overwhelming for me and almost the last item on my list. Finally, I figured out what my budget was and let Kendra know and she was able to put together some beautiful options for me that fit into my budget and everything turned out beautifully. Although her shop is located North of Seattle she was able to deliver way down south of Tacoma, WA to Chambers Bay! The pictures turned out terrific!
Thanks Kendra!



5 February 2011

Kendra did a fabulous job with our flowers and decor. I got a ton of complementss on them. I even had a stranger ask for a print of my flowers from my photographer's website since they were so pretty. I trused Kendra with the design and just told her what a did and didn't like. Loves Me Flowers is a great company to trust with your big day. More...



10 November 2010

Kendra was absolutely wonderful! She completely got my vision and made it happen! She worked so well with everyone and she was in early to get everything set up and she was done before we even got there!! She is well worth every penny. She stayed within our budget and she even coordinated the linens and bought some lanterns for us to use! She is great and so easy to work with!! Thank you!! More...



6 September 2010

5/5 is not high enough for LOVES ME FLOWERS. Kendra is absolutely amazing - the best! She takes great pride in her work and is passionate about it - and it definitely shows in the final production! I met with almost every florist in town and found that a lot of them were overpriced, tired and almost like a "factory". When I met Kendra it was refreshing to see her passion for her work and a phenomenal level of customer service. She took a lot of time to talk with us to understand our "vision". Kendra also provides a free mock-up which helps you see your vision come to life - and also to make any adjustments if necessary. Flowers was the one thing I was REALLY picky about for our wedding and had a very distinct vision - she got everything 100% perfect! I would recommend her and use her again for events in a heart beat! She also made us the CUTEST ring bearer pillow out of spider mums and chair backs that were letters (our initials) - they look amazing in pictures. Kendra also really cares about her customer. Our wedding day was one of the hottest days of the summer - we were planning on using our ceremony flowers at our reception (doing double duty) but had a lot of hydrangea's in them (which look tired easily especially when it is hot). 2 days before the wedding to called me to discuss other options and we adjusted our flowers then to make sure the center pieces were perfect for the reception. It was amazing to have a vendor care so much that they reached out to me to discuss an option rather than having to chase her down. She is the best of the best in Seattle! More...



16 August 2010

Kendra was great! She went over and above throughout the planning process just to make sure that we had flowers the exact way we wanted them. She took my small amount of ideas and turned it into a beautiful project! She also handles all of our linens. It was so great to have someone take care of all of that - it looked beautiful! More...


Kris B.

6 October 2009

Kendra is a wonderful florist and super sweet too! She is very talented - and hip! Great ideas. Wonderful flowers and props. Many of the top wedding planners in the City work with her. She is great! More...



14 July 2009

Kendra is fantastic to work with! She patiently answered all my questions and was always full of options and suggestions. We ordered bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces through her. They all turned out lovely. The only minor issue was my bouquet looked fantastic, however, three rose heads fell out of it before the ceremony like either they were broken at the stem or just placed in the bouquet and fell out but otherwise it went perfectly. More...



11 March 2009

PERFECT! Kendra from Loves me Flowers could not have done any better! The flowers were amazing. In fact, some of them didn't even look real because they were so perfect. She did everything and more than she said she was going to do. I think my first tear (along with many others) was when the flowers arrived @ my parents for the Bride (me) and my girls! Absolutely amazing. She will do anything you want to make you happy. She will come early and be gone early after setting up the perfect ceremony and reception! She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Go with Kendra/Loves Me Flowers. More...



7 October 2008

Kendra exceeded all of my expectations and did an amazing job. The moment I walked into my venue I was blown away by how great everything looked.

Kendra did a great job working within my budget and taking notes on what I envisioned for our flowers. She never made me feel bad about being budget conscious or expressing doubt about the look of the flowers I had initially selected. She detailed everything I wanted and made helpful suggestions. She reworked my budget, incorporated my last minute changes, and provided excellent customer service. I think she really understands what a bride wants - she appreciates the significance of the flowers - and handles everything so gracefully. At one of our meetings she said something that made me have full confidence in her...she said something like, "it's important that you look at your bouquet and love it"

On the wedding day, Kendra dropped off our personal flowers at the hotel where we were getting ready and I was in awe of how beautiful my bouquet was...STUNNING! It was more than I had ever expected...the ribbon was perfect and she added little crystal beads to accent the bouquet handle. We didn't talk about any of this because I had just kind of given up on the details towards the end, but Kendra executed everything perfectly and made everything beautiful. The boutenniers were also amazing...Kendra added little accents of something (herbs or pine needles) that made the smell so good! The mothers' corsages were beautiful and the alter arrangements were just GORGEOUS (absolutely worth every penny!). Finally, the paper lanterns that I ordered through Kendra were more than I expected (also worth every penny!). I thought I was getting some plain white paper lanterns, but Kendra made them more than that - she hung them throughout the venue and had accented them with orange, yellow, and red ribbon to match my colors...so whimsical and sweet that perfectly fit the feel of our wedding.

My husband was not that excited about the flowers, but on the day of the wedding, he kept commenting on what an amazing job Kendra did - he loved it all!

Kendra is a sweet, graceful, and professional person. She is amazingly talented and everything she provided was so beautiful! You will not regret choosing her as your florist!



6 September 2008

I didn't have a lot of contact with this florist as my wedding planner worked with her and just relayed information to me, but I was really happy with the results. We were putting most of our money into our venue, so we wanted to not spend too much on the flowers. This florist was very flexible and the results were perfect. Initially she gave me a proposal in which I had a big, traditional bouquet and my bridesmaids had smaller ones. I asked her to give me a bridesmaid bouquet and to have the bridesmaids carry just 5 gerber daisies and she made it happen. Basically, whatever I wanted I got and I think we got a good deal. She also got us 2 bags of pink rose petals at a better price than the ones I had found on line (which were a good deal, but charged $35 for shipping!!!).

The fact that she was able to work within my pewny budget and the flowers were simple and perfect (and I didn't need to run to the market and try to do it myself) was great!



17 June 2008

Kendra of Loves me Flowers is amazing! My wedding flowers were what everyone asked about. She went above and beyond what I asked for, it was my favorite part of my day! Kendra had great ideas for working within our budget. I recommend her to everyone I know. More...



4 November 2007

Everything Kendra provided was GORGEOUS. We were on a tight budget and she had a ton of great ideas on what to do. I'd book Kendra for any event!


Nancy S.

28 February 2006

Although her specialty is weddings, where she "creates designs that are reflective of her clients' personal style, taste and heritage, owner Kendra Yaple is no slouch when it comes to smaller arrangements for birthdays, luncheons, get well wishes or "just because" occasions. Customers rave about her exceptional eye when it comes to choosing the right flowers, colors and materials. No job is too big or too small. Many satisfied customers describe Kendra's floral arrangements, including the bridal bouquet, as real highlights of their wedding. Loves Me Flowers is a business you can trust to get the job done with perfection. Call Kendra or email her at lovesmeflowers.com for a complimentary consultation. You definitely won't be disappointed when you choose Kendra Yaple, owner of Loves Me Flowers!PROS: Competitive Prices, Service You Can Trust