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Weddings are a HUGE responsibility and nobody knows better than us. We've been producing excellence for the past 5 years and understand the ins and outs of your Big Day better than most. We know that the cocktail hour lasts an hour, that the first dance is always a little awkward, and that no bride in the history of ever has been on time to their ceremony.


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Fionna Fantable

27 April 2019

Amazing photography for a great deal, Louis was very affordable and made the most of our time together. When I finally got my self portraits back I was shocked at the detail and editing quality, Louis did a fantastic job on my photos.


Mickel Munson

27 April 2019

Smart, funny and pays high attention to details, Louis has done a fantastic job on my wedding portraits! 5/5


Kenshiro Josephson

27 April 2019

Had a fantastic time working with Louis. It was a great time working with him because his energy levels are consistently high and his character spoke for itself. I seriously suggest anyone to go to him for any photography needs. More...


Roah Franklin

27 April 2019

Suggest that anyone who needs a reliable photographer go to Louis Cabrera for any of your photography, or editing needs.


Francis Hogerson

27 April 2019

Louis is a very motivated individual and has provided me top notch service during our photoshoot.


Rosangela Costa

28 December 2018

I really loved the job. Everything was perfect.


Kristie Virga

28 November 2018

WOW where do I begin talking about Louis ! He was the first vendor we booked for our wedding 2 and a half years ago. He was a fairly new business at the time, which made me nervous, boy did he deliver!! He worked so hard with us from our engagement shoot all the way to our wedding. He traveled four hours away to capture our beautiful day!! He made sure I got every photo I talked to him about, even the ones I forgot about myself !! Any time there was a photo op, he took it!!! We had less time than we thought to take photos and he still got everything I wanted and more. I could rave about Louis all day!!! We love him !!! More...


Samantha Brown

30 August 2018

Loved every experience working together with Louis was a blast! He quickly delivered my photos to me and was very consistent when I needed to talk with him.


nadroj aijem

31 July 2018

Recently helped my cousin Tara with her wedding and I have to say, I am very impressed at how her wedding album came out! Great work!