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James D.

10 August 2019

I've been sleeping on Lotsa Pasta. Here's the skinny... small local grocery with amazing meats, cheeses, crisps and of course pasta! Homemade pastas, pasta salads and a great deli. Their sandwiches are made to order as well! They have a great variety of premade meals, pizzas and even calzones. You've got to pop in and spend some dough (pun intended). Grab an Italian sub! More...


Angela D.

4 June 2019

The grocery store here is the only place in town to find some of the ingredients they sell there. The deli selection is amazing, and they've got a fantastic selection of fresh and dried pasta, oils, and canned goods (tomatoes, capers...). It's expensive compared to other stores, but sinc eyou can't get some items elsewhere, this is where I go. We got lunch there for the first time today. I was confused about how to do it, and I'm pretty sure we could have eaten and left without paying today if I hadn't specifically gone inside in search of someone to pay for our food. My husband's muffuletta was tasty, but not on typical bread for muffuletta. I had the fresh mozzarella panini, and it was...ok. The mozzarella was tasty, but the pesto was so bland I couldn't taste it. The bread it was on was really good, though! More...


Courtney S.

2 June 2019

Fast delivery service when you feel like staying in!  The food was warm and delicious once we got it.  I highly recommend!


Stephanie M.

12 April 2019

Fun store. Amazing deli. Nice imported food selection. My sole complaint is how heavily they mark up their products. We purchased pasta sauce here for almost $13 a bottle, hated it and then saw it at Kroger for $7 a bottle. When I return it'll mostly be for the deli. More...


Amy R.

27 December 2018

Love this store!  My hubby is Italian and this was the only place we could get salami, cheeses etc for a long time. Bread is so good and fresh. This is a great place for lunch. The turkey goat cheese panini is my favorite. Fresh soups and pasta salads abound!  Sandwiches are right around $6. Lots of frozen prepped meals available too. More...


Bill R.

26 December 2018

Louisville's own Market of the world.   For year Lotsa of Pasta has been me go to for Italian foods, but the also carry a full line of Asian, Latin foods.  The have the best fresh bread locals can find.  The deli case is always fully stocked.  Or stop onto the deli case for made to order sandwiches , pastas and soup.  My only knock is the cafe side.  They used to have a good selection of pastries, but now is mostly empty space.  Also the cafe side is kind of worn and dinghy. The restroom is especially dirty. More...


Carrie S.

27 September 2018

This  Louisville gem is one of the best grocers in the city. A family business with classic dips and frozen entrées and frozen sauces ready to make your life easier. The prepared food is delicious and perfect for a couple or single person household. You can also get a sandwich or some salads from the deli. At lists pasta it  is easy to find the ingredients that you normally wouldn't know where to look. I go here for all my spices and for my crackers. I think I'll swing by there for homemade pasta today. More...


Gwendolyn W.

10 September 2018

We've never eaten here but love coming in and exploring the market and bringing home all kinds of goodies. It's such a fun international market and the staff is great. One time they even gave a little cheese sampling. Such an awesome place! More...


Etienne B.

18 July 2018

I can't remember the first time I discovered this place. I think it was when I was working overnight, and during my trips home from downtown - when I was waiting for my bus transfer - I'd wander in to see what they had. Little by little, I found all they had to offer: from free coffee during certain times in the morning; the display of fresh bread in the window; the oil samples; finding a new favorite cheese. After a while, they became a favored spot for making an occasional shopping trip. Now that I'm retired, they are my go-to place at the start of the week and at the end as I prep for the weekend.You walk inside and find a cozy business which reminds me of those corner groceries I used to shop in with my grandmother and my mother when I was growing up. Why? Because there's an intimacy to Lotsa Pasta which is often lacking in many of the larger stores. You start recognizing the faces of the employees; I have a feeling in time, they'll learn yours if you're a regular. You walk in from the Lexington Road side and find the deli off to your right, a deli full of all types of meats and cheeses, as well as a nice selection of salads and relishes; the checkout - along with the fresh bread in the front window - off to the left, and in front of you are shelves of vinegars and oils, sauces and confections. A rack of spices and dried herbs - jars as well as smaller containers when you don't need a lot - are on one side. If you're in a hurry, there's prepackaged prosciutto, salami, cheeses, chorizo, etc. in a refrigerated unit near the checkout. And you can get your loaf of bread - be it sourdough, Italian or plain white - sliced behind the counter as you finish up your purchase. The deli service can vary depending on the time of day, but since your order is customized, I don't think you'll mind, and you can do some window or actual shopping while you wait.It's a bit overwhelming at first, but the more you go there, the more relaxed you feel, until you're delving deeper into the store to find more, like the frozen products along the back walls, where you'll find homemade soups and containers of pasta, all the things you'd need to make an Italian dinner or comfort yourself with something warm on a winter's night. The little cafe is attached and off to the left, someplace to settle in for a cup of great coffee or to enjoy your soup of the day and a sandwich (or half of one) from the deli if the day is too hot or too cold to sit outside at one of their tables. You feel relaxed. It doesn't feel as hectic as it might at that other coffee shop about a 1/2 block away on the Frankfort Avenue side!   This is one of those local businesses you want to see do well, but you almost hesitate on sharing it because you want it to be your secret place. But you know, I can't be that selfish. I want Louisville to know about it, as well as those who are visiting and find themselves on that side of town. Get a cup of coffee, get a custom-made sandwich; shop for the ingredients to make the family a pizza on a Friday night. You won't regret it. More...


Zec C.

17 July 2018

The meatball sub is amazing! Also purchased some of the products in the market which were all great!


Antonio C.

15 June 2018

Very good paninis. I stopped in for lunch one day. It's almost overwhelming trying to decide what to get because everything sounds and/or looks so good. I grabbed a number and before I was fully committed on my decision, they called my number  Very quick! I went with the turkey and goat cheese panini with sun dried tomatoes since I was on the clock so to speak lol I'm glad I did because it was delicious! I paired it with some of their tortellini pasta salad from the deli case. The tortellini salad was very good as well. Good mix of cheese tortellini, olive oil, cheese and I swear I saw asparagus in it as well. Great combo in my opinion. There are some inside seats as well as some outside to enjoy your food at. The store has a pretty good assortment of imports as well. I'll definitely be back and I definitely suggest giving these guys a try. More...


Linda J.

7 June 2018

Just moved from Chicago and so happy to find an Italian food store just like where I used to shop.


Ellen W.

16 April 2018

This store has the best pasta. You can buy it frozen and take it home. The stuffed shells are amazing! They have tons of choices and also great sauce in a jar. Just like Mom's! When in Louisville be sure to stop in. More...


Chris C.

10 April 2018

Chalk up this great find to some Yelpsearch. Lotsa Pasta is such a great place. Lotsa Pasta reminds me of Eataly but more intimate and personal. This is so my kind of place. As we walk in we notice the cheese case and deli. Even though we had just had lunch, I so wanted to order a sandwich. (I didn't though) As we made our way through the isles like a big kid in a candy store, I was excited at all the options. Canned Italian tomatoes, pasta, sauces, olive oil, pesto's, rice, seasonings, I could go on and on. Knowing we were only in town a couple of days before continuing our travels we planned on maybe picking up a couple of items. Well that changed as we got to the frozen items. They had several cases of fresh pasta that had been frozen along with several sauces. There were also soups, pre-made meals, desserts, dips and more. We ended up picking up a 4 cheese ravioli and a roasted chicken with sundried tomato ravioli. Our sauces were their homemade vodka and tomato alfredo. Throw in a package of homemade meatballs, some parmesean and grana padano and we have a few meals for our upcoming trip.We have since made both pastas and they were both excellent. I would love to come back here again to try a sandwich, prepared salad or some more items from their freezer. One thing is for sure, if we are ever in the area again, we'll be back! What a great place! More...


S. S.

7 April 2018

This is our new Saturday destination. We eat a pasta dish once per week. We pick out the ingredients (or one of their AMAZING pre-made frozen dishes) and then grab a sandwich from the deli.  There is a LOT of selection packed into a tiny space, but that is part of the ambiance. Very friendly staff. Highly recommended. More...


Sarah H.

21 March 2018

I love Lotsa Pasta. It's a specialty shop and little cafe in one and while the sandwiches in the cafe are ok, nothing to really rave about but decent enough, the store is wonderful. They have a great variety of dried and fresh pastas that you won't necessarily find in your regular supermarket and lots of cheeses from around the globe. They have an entire section of meals that you can take home to cook in your own oven like lasagna, pizzas, ravioli, and more and all of the ones I have tried have been great. They have dry goods like oils and sauces from Italy many other places which I think most people don't realize. While Lotsa Pasta certainly specializes in Italian products they carry lots of other international products as well so if there's something unique you're on the hunt for definitely look here! I've gotten a wonderful Mexican chorizo here before as well as some neat Asian sauces. This place has been around for years too. I can remember coming here with my mom when I was a little kid and getting a little bag of Jordan Almonds each time as a treat. They still have those too! If you have never been to Lotsa Pasta you should stop by and check it out! More...


Jacob P.

1 March 2018

Fantastic.The sandwiches on focaccia are some of the best that I have had. This is a true Louisville gem!


Jenna B.

10 January 2018

Fantastic selection of gourmet food. Their deli counter is amazeballs and the cheese selection is legit. I recommend the turkey and goat cheese panini, orzo salad and tortellini salad from the deli, black bean dip and Gorgonzola dip from the cold selection, cannoli from the cafe attached, and the fresh made mozzarella. The girlfriend and I usually hit them up for picnic munchies before heading to the park. More...


Steven Z.

17 December 2017

Lotsa Pasta is one of my favorite spots in Louisville. They have a counter that makes great sandwiches. I would highly recommend the Cuban! Lotsa Pasta also has a good variety of Italian meats, cheeses, homemade pastas, variety of pasta sauces, and some dishes that are basically just ready to warm up! This is a great local place to support! More...


Farrah D.

18 November 2017

I've been shopping at Lotsa Pasta for 15 years, which is about 13 years longer than I've lived in Louisville. When my husband was just my boyfriend, I learned about it through his mom and his nana, who was a great cook. They'd been shopping at LP for years at that point, following it from the Highlands to St. Matthews. Most times that he and I visited Louisville to see his family, we'd swing by LP to see what looked good and leave with some goodies.Now that we live in the Ville, I can go whenever I want/need. There are a couple things that I count on LP for in my kitchen--fresh pasta, both long and stuffed; and whole milk mozzarella (best cheese for baked pastas). I always have a stack of ravioli/tortellini in my freezer for quick dinners, and I buy fresh fettuccine when I'm feeling indulgent.LP also has bomb deli salads and cheese spreads. Their chicken salad is unique--it's bright yellow due to curry powder and gets a touch of sweetness from pineapple. The Gorgonzola spread is legendary, at least in our family. You really can't go wrong with anything in the cold cases. The deli and cheese department staff members are suuuper nice and helpful.The dry goods sections are also full of stuff that you often can't buy anywhere else in Louisville. More oil and vinegar varieties than anyone could ever need. Cannoli shells. Charcuterie. Pasta. Polenta. Cheese straws. I could go on--I didn't even touch on the varieties of cheese, spices, and fresh breads. We're lucky to have Lotsa Pasta in our city. More...


Leslie N.

8 October 2017

We stopped here before going to Shakespeare in the Park for picnic items. We got hummus and a type of cheese dip made in house. I preferred the cheese dip to the hummus but both were fresh and tasted nice. We also ordered Italian sandwiches from the deli. OMG that sandwich was delicious! So good. This is a nice place to come to buy gift basket items. They had a huge selection of speciality foods from around the world. It can be a bit pricy, but it is fair for what you get. More...


Milton H.

6 August 2017

Awesome market with a awesome deli. If you like pasta and overall Italian food you will love this place. Has a bunch of unique snacks and drinks as well.


Casey B.

31 May 2017

This place is a Louisville landmark.  Its a great specialty food store that you can get a good range of foods like greek caviar spread, herbs and spices.  However, I think its one of the best sandwich places in town (especially for lunch.)  You'll notice that in local Heine bros and other coffee spots will have their sandwiches delivered daily, but I'd recommend going to the store to get a sandwich made.  My goto sandwich there is either the roast beef panini, but mostly its the italian on cuban bread (you need to special order it but its goood.)  I usually get a specialty italian coffee soda with the sandwich -- also really good. More...


Lanissa E.

24 April 2017

My son and I ate here today.  We both ordered the lunch special, which consisted of 1/2 sandwich and cup of soup.  We both got the White Bean Chicken Chili.  It was delicious, very rich, and full of chicken.  I ordered my sandwich on wheat bread with pastrami and pepperoni.  It was very good, all ingredients very fresh.  My son got a meatball sub; it was quite tasty too.  The restroom was clean and well maintained.  The staff was friendly, especially the lady at the register where we paid.  My only complaint would be that the ordering process then having to walk to a separate room was somewhat inconvenient, but not inconvenient enough to make me not go back.  The food was delicious; give this place a shot! More...


Piper Eats

30 March 2017

If looking for a dinner idea stop here. This place has a great deli along with fantastic prepared foods. My favorites are chicken pot pie and chicken cordon blue. Great coffee shop. If in St. Matthews, don't miss Lotsa Pasta! More...


Phil S.

23 December 2016

Loads of great foodie gift ideas. Place was packed but the line moved along and everybody was in good spirits. Love their fresh pastes and the house brand sauce.


Bee Q.

12 August 2016

Like this place a lot. Love the Alfredo sauce and so many things to choose from them. Has never disappointed


James G.

11 August 2016

Probably the best deli sandwich in Louisville paired with the finest selection of Italian imported goods possible


Tiffany P.

3 July 2016

What's for dinner? Pasta. Lotsa Pasta!!Lotsa Pasta is an international food store on Shelbyville road. Five stars goes to the place with AMAZING homemade sauces and noodles!!I love all of their sauces, but some of my favorites are the marinara with cheese and the vodka sauce. Put that on some angel hair to really soak it up and OMG I'm in carb heaven. They also sell things at the shop to make it EVEN MORE wonderful like shredded fancy cheeses and Italian breadsticks.The ravioli a and stuffed pastas are also kick ass. They really know how to put in the flavor and make wonderful, tender, pillowy stuffed noodles. You really can't go wrong selecting anything from the homemade pasta section either.It you're a runner, make Lotsa Pasta your best friend. More...



14 February 2016

Love everything about this place! I like the little cafe area so you don't have to pick up lunch to go like you did a while ago. My favorite lunch is the muffuletta or liverwurst on rye and a cup of soup. I buy olives to go and pick up a half price loaf of bread on my way out. More...


Leslie W.

4 February 2016

Love, love, love, Lotsa Pasta. It's a Louisville institution and this is why - a variety of delicious, prepared foods; fresh breads; gourmet ingredients for your culinary adventures; and friendly and knowledgable staff. I could live in this storefront if they'd let me. I'd survive on focaccia, grilled portobellos, smoked mozzarella, farfalle pasta salad, plenty of olives, Ale-8-One, and imported chocolate. There's plenty of room (& a big, flat screen tv) in the cafe.The prices are what you should expect to pay for quality food sold by a small, local business. Is it cheap? No. Is it worth the cost? Absolutely! If you go at lunchtime, expect a wait. Try going a bit early or a little later. That primetime from noon until about 1:30 is slamming. More...


Angie M.

28 December 2015

Lotsa Pasta is consistently one of my favorite places to go for lunch. Inside they have a made-to-order deli for soups, salads, and sandwiches with an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and fresh baked breads. They also have a cooler full of the best goshdurn dadgum spreads (pimento cheese, beer cheese, Asiago walnut, dessert spreads, Benedictine, etc.) you ever did see! Seriously I get tore up about it.  The soups are always spectacular. No exaggeration, I am always impressed with the quality. These soups are made in-house as well. You'll find no watered-down porridge here, Lotsa Pasta is top notch. Some things are a little pricey (mostly the prepackaged stuff), but I've always left as a satisfied customer. More...


Sue H.

25 November 2015

Awesome food   love curry chicken salad and specialty items yu can take home to cook up later


Scott V.

22 November 2015

We live in Torrance CA and we're sent sauce and pasta from Lotsa Pasta in KY and its by far the best homemade Italian that we've ever had....


Christopher S.

17 November 2015

I don't miss a great deal about living on the East Coast but one thing I do miss is the delis.  There were all manner of delis catering to different tastes and varieties of ethnic foods.  I miss kosher delis and Italian delis.  Lotsa Pasta is actually pretty big (in my opinion, which I don't pretend is humble) for a specialty grocery/deli.  I am glad of this, if I get only one I am glad the one I get is fantastic. They have a great selection of sandwiches (I switch between the Italian sub and just a sandwich with hot Capicola ham and provolone.  If I am watching what I eat carefully I only get one cannoli.  They have a great selection of sandwiches, paninis, and Italian salads to choose from.  I don't dig olives but they have a great selection of those and cheeses.  What a friend we have in cheeses and you can find all your best friends at Lotsa Pasta.  This is your go-to place for fresh Italian style breads.  I am also a fan of their to-go food that is heat and serve; if you've been to my house and eaten an impressive Italian food I promise I didn't get it here.  I would never share something THAT good. More...


Megan A.

20 October 2015

I've been in Lotsa Pasta numerous times, but have yet to actually by something until today. They have a wonderful cheese, pasta, olive, and bread selection. They also have a good variety of juices I can't seem to find anywhere else, even though I don't drink it anymore. I think it's a neat concept and everything looks delicious, but I can get the majority of the same items at a farmers market or other local stores so I seem to never indulge. This time around I needed a quick bite to eat and remembered they had the deli. As one who does not frequent the place often for the deli I didn't realize you need a number. Another woman in more of a hurry helped me figure that one out quite quickly and I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with lettuce on wheat bread. What I got was an egg salad sandwich with lettuce on wheat bread. Should have noticed with the color, but what the heck, I ate it. I'd have to say it was quite fresh and was pleasantly satisfied, but still want to try that chicken salad someday. The staff is very friendly as are the patrons so no real complaints. I'll be back, but not sure if I'll purchase anything unless I need another quick bite. More...


Chris P.

23 September 2015

Pretty solid little shop. A little bit of everything. Small, yet great cheese selection. Tons of pasta ( obviously ) ... Nice dips and shmears. The potato salad is the jam. They also carry some asian products in a corner nook. I found some rare and very nichy items that nobody else is carrying in town. I've been here 3 times now. I'll be back here and there. Oh, and the Sheep's Milk Feta is stupid good. Customer service was pretty good. Nobody really seemed too " thrilled " to be serving people, but, whatever. The products were good. I got a chicken salad sandwich and everything was very fresh. OH, and they carry Chicago Flats. that's a very good thing =) More...



11 September 2015

I don't like the number system or the awkward standing among other confused patrons at the deli case; however, once you've had the food you quickly learn to deal with the "where do I go, what do I do" feeling at the counter. The price they charge for their sandwiches vs (insert any chain shop) makes you wonder if they even make any money selling them at Lotsa Pasta. I'll take it! Grab a turkey on focaccia and top it with one of their cheese options along with your favorite veggies and you'll be a very happy person. More...


Bruce E.

1 September 2015

Best kept secret in all of the room if you're looking for a specialty item this is the place to go



24 August 2015

An absolute favorite place to visit and purchase cheeses, breads, oils, specialty food items, etc. So nice to have this resource in Louisville. I especially love their gorgonzola spread, found in back upright refrigerated section of the store. But so much more there to love and to crave. Also try the coffee shop attached next door. More...



26 July 2015

This local spot makes a fantastic pesto and feta panini ... Often you can find this sandwich in the Saint Matthews Heine Brothers location off of Chenoweth. They also offer excellent options for catering/entertaining small groups. More...



28 May 2015

Sandwiches are great and so are their homemade pastas. We plan on going back to try some of their other options. Highly recommended for lunch


Andrea B.

9 March 2015

I love Lotsa Pasta. I can't speak as much to the "grocery" section as the only things I generally buy from that section are dips and frozen pizzas (both of which are very good). Mostly, I love this place for its sandwiches and ready-made pasta salads. The muffaletta and chicken salad sandwiches are both amazing but you really can't go wrong with any choice. They are inexpensive (about $5-7) and you can eat them in the cafe or take them to go. You can also get a carton of the chicken salad to take home, which you should, because it's so good. The pasta salads are really good as well, with a variety of kinds made fresh in house. This place is a great choice for lunch and while you're there, you can pick up sides for a upcoming gathering or dinner for the night. Definitely worth a visit...several visits! More...


Joy D.

5 March 2015

Lotsa Pasta is one of my favorite specialty grocery stores.  They have pizza dough in the fridge, any kind of cheese and toppings you'd want, or you can just pick up one of they're ready made ones to take home and bake.  They have all kinds of pasta, ravioli, tortellini, and sauces ready made to take home. Salsas, mustards, spices, oils, relishes and on and on.  While there I got a mustard based chicken salad sandwich and a cup of Asian chicken noodle soup from their deli and both were absolutely delicious.  Long live Lotsa Pasta! More...


Jim S.

26 February 2015

The fresh bread selection alone is enough to give them five stars as they always have a varied and fresh selection waiting to be sliced for you.  I enjoy their deli with hot and cold sandwiches, fresh soups, and tasty samples.  In the back of the store they have several frozen dinner options - my favorite are the frozen homemade raviolis.  There is a side-cafe to sit and eat your sandwich and outdoor seating with the weather is nice.  They also cater in a big way.  Everything they make tastes like mom (tried to) make it. More...



2 December 2014

One of a kind place. Great little store I can't do without; the ONLY french bread I will buy is here , its light and crisp and melts in your mouth; always have to have some mortadella with pistachio and spicy capicola, and a few other things I can only seem to find here like imported Italian spaghetti ,cremini mushrooms, and sometimes black truffles in the little jars. The little cold case by the checkout is like the contents of a foodie's dream refrigerator-foie gras and creme fraiche and other goodies. More...


Tony G.

8 November 2014

Louisville's premire purveor of anything Italian cuisine.  Thirty + years of building a reputation that started in a small Highlands(?) storefront. Fresh breads, great selection of  cheeses, and don't miss the super selection of Homemade Italian heat & eat meals. Nice quiet quaint area off the side of the food store to grab a fre soup & sandwich special. Other imported foods but limited. Very helpful, knowledgable staff. I've always been pleased with their quality. Parking is limited in the front of store and can be challenging. Just don't go there hungry...or eat luch there first because  when you get home you'll discover you've bought   such a wide variety of Italian foods you will be eating like  you were on vacation in Italy for a week. More...


Daniel W.

24 August 2014

Don't get to confused by the name, I couldn't find any pasta on the menu.  They do have pasta in the frozen section you can bring home and cook up.  All of it looked great too!  You have to walk up to the deli counter and order and then either take out or eat in the small cafe style room next door.  While you wait for your food you can shop around, sample some hummus, and/or sip on an expresso!!  Just about everything you can eat in the store are sandwiches which are pretty darn good.  I went traditional and had the Italian Sub with onions which was very fresh and very good.  My wife had the turkey and goat cheese panini!  It could have used some more turkey, but the goat cheese was very good on it.  Beer can be bought by the bottle as well. More...


Hunter G.

10 June 2014

Growing up in St. Mathews, Lotsa Pasta is just one of those names you get to know... whether or not you actually have any idea what it is. I'm oh-so sorry I waited this long to find out...At it's core, Lotsa Pasta is a lovely little world market and Cafe. Though the name would be indicative of an italian bloodline, you can stumble across decent Mediterranean offerings that drift beyond the bibbiduh-bobbbiduh-border.I stopped in for a quick bite, completely unaware of what I wanted. God bless the staff that have to deal with me in times of contemplation. I'm a talker... and luckily, so were they. I was given a lovely tour of their cafe menu, ultimately settling on some magical artichoke panini. I just.... I can't stop dreaming about it. I would attempt to break down the flavor profile, but I could hardly do it any justice.Pricing was fair, and given their medley of other cafe dining options, I'll surely return. More...


KeiKei B.

26 February 2014

This is my neighborhood joint!  I stop in here at least twice per week and I am always over budget.  Love it though and will continue to support my local Louie businesses!


Belle C.

23 November 2013

This place is a real gem. It has come to be one of our favorite places to eat and shop. First, their deli has some great choices. We have tried the meatball, the Italian sub, and the chicken panini. We have also tried the artichoke side, the meatball soup, the minestrone and the french onion soup. Everything so far has been very good. We love the fresh baked bread, especially if you buy it after 5 p.m. (the bread is 50% off). We've also brought home the frozen tortellini (cheese and the prosciutto), the egg spaghetti and meat lasagna. These make great, easy meals when you're too tired to do it all from scratch at home...or if you can't. We also love this store because it sells a variety of oils and spices. It also carries my favorite brand of tomato (Pomi). Plus, all the cured meat that you may not find in regular stores is easily accessible here. You can also get fresh pancetta sliced so you don't have to be stuck with Boar;s Head. We will definitely keep coming back and recommending this place to others. More...



5 October 2013

A beautiful day enjoyed by sitting on the outdoor patio. We ordered a caprese panini and roast beef panini. The roast beef was melt in your mouth good. The caprese was also delightful with buttery bread, smooth mozzarella, and fresh basil. We finished off the meal with a tasty mini tiramisu. We'd definitely return! More...


Jerrod K.

21 August 2013

In my opinion, Lotsa Pasta is a St. Matthews staple of life. Authentic grocery with the freshest of ingredients and frozen ready to go dinners for busy families. The deli is my favorite spot. I could stand and order all day long, but my bank account might not be able to keep up, remember it is in St. Matthews, it's allowed to be a little pricey. The price is well worth it. I highly recommend the Meat & Cheese Antipasto. 9.5/10 More...


Victor R.

12 August 2013

If you do homemade pizza, you owe it to yourself to try LP's dough. Seriously, it's tasty - and in white or wheat.I don't do a lot of "grocery" shopping here, mostly because you'll go broke if you do. But for quick sides or something tasty you want to bring to a party, you won't be disappointed.And really, try the pizza dough. More...



9 June 2013

Great deli and cool groceries. Staff was friendly and helpful. Ordered a panini to go and then got my groceries while I waited. Will be back!


Carolyn H.

5 March 2013

Fresh, gourmet, local, brand name, in-store creations - you name it, they've got it!  Grocery shop here for all your European international goodies.There is a deli counter with meats, cheeses, olives, salads, etc.  I always ordered a sandwich here - you can design your own and I highly recommend the foccacia bread.  I used to take it to go but now they have a small cafe space with tables and chairs. This place is REAL Italian.  Try this spot for your fresh ground herbs and spices, too. These days I enjoy their house made salads in the refrigerater case and if you need a frozen premade pizza, pasta entree, sauce or dip this is a great place to treat yourself.  Fast and friendly service, variety, highest standards of quality which have not wavered in my 13 years of shopping here.  Love it! More...



15 February 2013

I could live here.. I'm a foodie. Love to cook, love to eat. Lotsa Pasta has options for when I want to cook and when I don't. The deli is fantastic, the sandwiches are made on bread they make there too. LOVE them. The ready made food is awesome, we get the quiche a lot,and the raviolis are spectacular. I always spend more than I intend because I end up buying ingredients for the next dish, but I've never been sorry. Check it out, give yourself some time to browse. And get some bread. You'll thank me. More...


Annette B.

9 February 2013

Excellent prices on herbs and spices, house sauce on sandwiches is delicious.  I wish it were still a short walk away.


Hank K.

12 November 2012

Great prepared foods, deli and fresh pasta selection with terrific prices!



26 September 2012

If you are sandwich lover this is the place. Very fresh. Very unique place. You can purchase italian grossary also. Must visit place.


Julie P.

12 September 2012

I work around the corner from Lotsa Pasta so this is a business that I often frequent.  Their sandwiches are excellent. You can make your own sandwich, and just tell them what you want on them.  They typically don't skimp on the turkey or meat either. I often get the lunch special which is a great way to save and try some of their various foods. I have sampled their tomato creole soup and others that were amazing.  The half sandwich and cup of soup really is a great combo.  There is a small place to eat in the connecting area, where there's some baked goods to buy, and tv in the sitting area.  There isn't a great deal of space, but it's decent. There's also some outdoor seating area, if it's not hot, hot outside, too. More...


Emily Y.

17 August 2012

Still love this place, and was just remarking to my husband earlier tonight that we're very lucky to live just around the corner from Lotsa Pasta.  I don't know why but I had a craving last night for proscuitto.  (no, I'm not pregnant again).  And then, I had a craving for the proscuitto tapas dish that you can order at Mojitos--the one that comes with the bread and gherkins.  So since I couldn't sleep, I started researching proscuitto . . . and learned that Proscuitto di Parma is the gold standard.  Low and behold, Lotsa Pasta carries both the imported di Parma proscuitto as well as the saltier domestic.  (I purchased both, and my husband and I decided that we liked the--of course more expensive--di Parma because it was less salty and in general smoother and subtler tasting).  I ended up pairing the proscuitto with gherkins and their "rustic" bread.  (They sell jars of Maille Cornichons gherkins).  *Note:  the daily baked bread is %50 off starting sometime in the evening).  Also, since I was there, and obviously not counting calories, I also picked up a bit of their asiago almold spread--always a good decision. More...


Janice C.

10 July 2012

I have a friend to thank for my introduction to Lotsa Pasta five years ago, who took me there when I was up for a visit while still living in Lexington. Since then I've been back many times, especially after I moved to Louisville. I may go to pick up prosciutto (They slice it correctly -- paper thin! I have found this to be a near impossible feat for the behind-the-deli employees at several other places.), a favorite jam, an interesting pasta, delicious cheese, to take advantage of their cheap spices, and of course to munch on whatever delicious spread or dip they have out for samples.Recently, I ended up here on a Sunday afternoon for lunch after finding that my first choice (around the corner) wasn't open yet. I couldn't have asked for a happier accident that day. Although I'd bought several items from the deli case before, I had never had one of their sandwiches. I can only surmise that I must usually end up there when I've already eaten, because I HAVE noticed that their sandwiches look delicious before. I ordered a chicken and prosciutto panini and my boyfriend ordered the meatball sub. Biggest. meatball. sub. ever. Tasty too! The panini really hit the spot -- plenty of cheese, some spinach, chicken, salty bits of prosciutto, and a sundried tomato spread, all perfectly pressed between toasty, crispy bread. Add a S. Pelligrino limon soda and some tortellini salad, and it was the perfect Sunday lunch. As others have noted, the store is small and can get crowded, but it's packed with delicious treats (Did I mention the whole milk ricotta and fresh mozzarella? Yum.) and is about as close as you're going to get to a European shopping experience in Louisville. More...


Megan F.

26 June 2012

Just ate here for the first time today--well first time I ate a full meal here. Sometimes I feel like I come close to making a meal out of their chips and dips. Today's featured sample was the Asiago almond. I don't even like cream cheese-like spreads, but the bold ingredient choices cut right through my usual distaste for it. Needless to say, I always leave this store wanting to buy 5 different kinds and throw an hors d'oeuvres party.So like I said earlier, I did actually eat lunch here. They have a $6.49 lunch special which includes a half of a sandwich, pasta salad, and a cookie. I was stuffed before I could even get to the cookie. Awesome cheese options, which is usually where I feel let down at delis. Harvarti, mozz, smoked mozz, swiss, provolone and colby. I'd be happier if they added gouda, but what can I do? Apparently they give away free coffee between 8am-10am. Might have to come back and do some grocery shopping during that time. As for the sundries, most of the non-lotsa pasta sauces, spices and dried goods are way more expensive than you can find at Kroger or Trader Joes. The fresh pasta made in house seems to be a good deal though. And the bread. Boules, loaves, rolls, baguettes, they have it all. And after 5, the remaining bread is half-price. More...


Jennie D.

19 May 2012

I have a real respect for someone who can make hand made pasta!!! I bought a couple of bags at the farmers market this morning and had it for dinner tonight.  It was the garlic and herb one.  I cooked it for about 3 minutes and then I tossed it with olive oil, parm cheese and salt & pepper to taste.  Served it with a grilled steak and french baguette.  It was amazing!!!  It was only $2 a portion!! WOW!  I will definitely be back for more at the farmers market and I cannot wait to come to the location and shop for other things! More...



14 May 2012

Meat & Cheese. Great if you're a meat and cheese lover. They are not organic and not vegan friendly. Great for italian lovers. They have some great items to cook with but, once I started reading the lable, again not organic. More...


Amy G.

31 March 2012

I work next door. So, I frequent this place REGULARLY. Lunch soups, always on point. Sandwiches, duh. The best. A few grocery things that I love...their sundried tomatoes (not packed in oil) are the best little ingredient find and so cheap. Whole milk ricotta dolloped out in individual containers, amazing quality and you pay so little! Another great and cheap find is the thai chili sauce in the big bottle for $3.99. You get this anywhere else (except in an authentic asian grocery store) and you will pay out the yang. They do have a great cheese selection at pretty good prices...of course Trader Joe's is less and Kroghetto is more.  SO, I am happy to pay in the middle and not always have to "deal" with the Trader Joe creepers (you know what I am talking about...the people that creep around the aisles...usually leave the cart in the middle where you can't get by and they just stand and stand and stand and NOT move to the side....omg. have you not ever been to a food store before? anyway). I am happy to pay a buck or two more at Lotsa Pasta than deal with the madness that is sometimes known as Trader Joe's (I love you Trader J, but lord, sometimes it's just a bit much).I always hear people complain that Lotsa Pasta is expensive, and yes, they can be on things that you can definately get for far less at a big chain. This is expected. But, I don't go to Lotsa Pasta to totally stock up on pre-made meals or salad dressings. If you know what you are looking for, like certain specific ingredients: fresh peppercorns, fresh pasta sheets, dried specialty mushrooms, small fresh bags of herbs (flat leaf parsley, arugula, rosemary...enough to use in 2 meals for practically free!), oils and vinegars, and my favorite after 5 (I think) special of half price bread.This place is top notch and the best dishes out of my kitchen has SOMETHING from Lotsa Pasta in there! And Happy Anniversary Lotsa Pasta...you are a staple in Louisville! Cheers! More...


Ann P.

29 March 2012

I love the selections of breads, salads, antipasti, cheese and imported items. I wish there was a Lotsa Pasta where we live in Northern Virginia.  My in-laws are regulars at your establishment and love visiting when we're in town. More...


Heather Crabtree

26 March 2012

Lotsa Pasta pretty much has a bit of everything in it. This particular stop I decided on a few different cheeses and some basmati rice. Basmati is a rice grown in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and the word basmati is Sanskrit for “fragrant one.” ...Read full post on hctastestheville.blogspot.com More...


Shal V.

25 March 2012

This is a great store. It's small and a little cramped but has a surprisingly big selection of cheese, pasta, cured meats, dips, chocolates, spices, breads, oils and other foods. They also have ready-made sandwiches and other food that you can take home and microwave or bake. I tried one of their pizzas and it was delicious. When I went to Lotsa Pasta, they had a wine tasting. The service is excellent! I love these local-owned neighborhood stores. More...



14 March 2012

Yummy food- strange set up. Food was good and fresh. Went to the "cafe" portion expecting to get lunch. Had to go to the complete other side of the store to order, then all the way back to the cafe to pay. Then they brought me my food. Seems like it wouldn't take much for them to get a wireless mic system so THEY could call in the orders to the deli part & save us the back & forth trip. Nice outdoor seating though. $8 for large sandwich, cookie, bottled water- no sides. More...


Mike X.

28 February 2012

Whenever I land back in my hometown, I b-line it to this joint for some unmatched italian ice and meats to bookend my next meal. Highest recommendation.


C. T.

19 February 2012

Excellent!  Spent 4 days in Louisville and despite all the good restaurants there, we went to Lotsa Pasta the first day, and then everyday after that!  The Black Bean Panini is to die for especially when they put lots of jalapeño cream cheese on it!  They also have  international groceries and imported foods.  Quaint, colorful and delicious!  Doesn't get any better! More...


Raquelle Z.

11 February 2012

Love this place if you are looking for great food options to eat right away or take home for a nice meal this is the place to go. Lots of cheeses, quality meats, pasta,fresh bread, deli salads(my favorite is the Chipolte Chicken Pasta Salad), cheese spreads and dips, crackers, coffee, and desserts this is a fantastic find. They also have plenty of food magazines if you are looking for some inspiration for your food finds. This place is a gem! More...


Suzanne B.

22 January 2012

Lotsa Pasta is a gem of a place tucked away in the heart of St Matthews near Seneca Park.  With a wide variety of artisinal foods and exotic products, it's the perfect place to pick up the ingredients you need to create a culinary adventure, or just to try out the latest recipe you TiVo'd from the Cooking Channel.  From Italian or Kentucky-produced Pecorino-Romano, pancetta, or a wide variety of stuffed olives to fresh-made hummus and dips, pastas, and frozen foods made from scratch, making a selection at Lotsa Pasta can be overwhelming - but in a good way.The quaint merchandising is reminiscent of a small European market, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff make popping in for a quick meal or some ingredients, a real treat - for the taste buds and the psyche.  Lunch on the patio in the summer is a special treat, and I enjoy savoring a panini or wrap with a side of Salade Nicoise and a San Pellegrino as I enjoy people watching or catching up with a good friend.  As a grocery spot, lunch joint, or your new neighborhood deli, add Lotsa Pasta to your roster of places for great food! More...


Kelly Y.

18 January 2012

I finally found bucatini!  I have been on the hunt for bucatini for a while.  It is something I grew up eating but simply cannot find from a regular grocery store.  I found it at Lostsa Pasta today.  It's not expensive like they are on the web, only $2.19 for a 1 lb. package.  They even have those long, tubular, drink-straw-sized pastas that forms the base for that Greek casserole pastisio.  I ended up buying a few packages of bucatini and a can of white clam sauce.  Can't wait to try them! As for the rest of the store, I am quite amazed at the selection of cheeses, fresh pastas and olives.  There was a constant wafting of different fresh bread smells from the ovens....mmmmmmmm....fresh bread. More...


Christopher B.

27 December 2011

Lotsa Pasta rules! Incredible selection, great food, and friendly staff. The frozen lasagnas were a HUGE hit at our holiday party.


Rachel F.

27 October 2011

This place looks like it is not much from the outside, and don't get me wrong, it is not a big space, but wow, the selection of fun and intriguing foods, spices, dips, cheeses, etc that cover every inch is a bit overwhelming.I have eaten here (to go) twice and both times the food was very good.Awesome sammiches and paninis made to order with fancy things like fresh mozz, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and moooore. I do wish it was open for dinner and that there was any sort of indoor seating, but it isn't at all a restaurant, just a little deli where you order what you want, they make it, box it, and off you go. But the food just isn't a typical deli. The crab dip I bought was decent, but the hot pepper one that I sampled was divine. That and some crackers and your guests will love you forever!I will have to spend more time (and money) here some time to learn all about the cheese - they literally have a cheese guy. This may be a good excuse to throw a wine and cheese party. Hmm. More...


David I.

25 October 2011

Lots of local frozen pasta choices that are great for those "in a hurry, can't cook" days.  They also have a deli counter and a lot of international packaged goods.  Definitely worth a check if you like better quality items. More...


Bruce Jarrett

8 October 2011

Italian Sub the best out side of chicago!!. I can not pass it up if we order from Lotsa for lunch. I have tried all the other items and they are delicious as well but why screw around when I know the Bread, meats, cheese and Veggies will all be top notch. Far superior to Jimmy Somethings


Mark B

27 June 2011

First Visit. What a cool place, I had no idea what to expect when walking in. Big selection of meats, cheeses, pastas, and breads. There was also plenty of misc specialty items I didn't have time to peruse. I would recommend the store part to someone entertaining or cooking a nice meal for company... something of that nature. Expect to pay a little bit more, but also expect higher quality food than average as well. I was hungry before work at a nearby restaurant and decided to have the chicken pesto panini. At around six bucks it was plenty good and ready to go in less than 5 minutes. The bread was extremely tasty, nice and crispy and the cheese/pesto presence was just right. I would have preferred diced chicken breast, but the sliced chicken wasn't bad at all and was stacked pretty thick. The guys behind the counter were friendly and were helpful when deciding what kind of panini I could order. I'll definitely be back to sample other menu items and perhaps to try out some pasta. More...


Jessica L.

16 April 2011

The first time I shopped here, I spent almost an hour wandering around looking at everything and quickly filled up my arms because I was naive enough to think I wouldn't need a basket.  But how could I resist?  Fresh papardelle, portobello ravioli, spinach tortellini... all incredible.  And the cheese!!  AHHHH!!!!!!!  Sooooo gooooooooood.  The best selection I have seen in Louisville, by far.  Their house-made mozzarella and ricotta are possibly the best I've ever had.  Seriously, I was eating the ricotta by the spoonful.  If for no other reason, I'd go just for them.  ...sorry, I just drifted off into Happy Cheese Land.Every dish I have made with Lotsa Pasta ingredients has been superb (not to toot my own horn...).  I just wish it was closer to my house, but even with $4/gallon gas prices it's worth the trip.  Mangia! More...


Alyson C.

7 March 2011

Great place - tons of specialty items if only I knew how to cook!The great thing is they have tons of fresh, made daily pasta that's in the freezer for quick and easy dinner. delicious looking cheeses and fresh meatFYI: turkey, goat cheese and tomato panini is great - a must try! More...


Ms. S

22 February 2011

I had a delicious turkey sandwich on foccacia and it was large enough to share. My friend had an artichoke panini, which he said was very good. I have not had much else but the frozen chicken/mushroom ravioli made a great accompaniment to dinner one night. More...


Jonathan Davis

25 January 2011

Lotsa Pasta. Awesome Antipasto salad, and a pretty good variety of gourmet cheeses.



29 December 2010

Like a Food Library!. A fun place to browse and learn about great foods. Hooked on their breads and pasta salads. The best place to buy sun-dried tomatoes for your cooking at home. Soft, plump and chewy.


Andrew Saliga

29 December 2010

I'd eat there again. Looked for a local place to eat as I was driving through Louisville. Lotsa Pasta is a unique store and restaurant that has a large selection of meats and cheeses. The deli also serves as their kitchen. I ordered a portabella panini. It was good but it seemed a little bland. I can't commit to a thumbs up, but would love to go back and give it another try. More...


Carolyn Waskey Sheldon

1 December 2010

Artichoke panini. Artichokes,roasted red peppers, Gorgonzola spread


Viviana F.

9 November 2010

I LOVE this place!  I wish there was one here in Orlando!!!!  I just called them to see if they have Greek Mizritha cheese and they do!  That is hard cheese to find.  I'm making Cat Cora's Greek Cinnamon Chicken Stew when I come visit my family for Christmas and now I know where to buy the cheese!I've been going to Lotsa Pasta throughout the years and the service is always friendly and very helpful.  They go out of their way to help you find something or even order it for you if they don't have it.  If you want spices and dried herbs, this is also an excellent place to buy them. More...



4 October 2010

Refreshing Nook. This is a great place to shop for fresh ingredients if you like cooking as I do. However, what will surprise you is the quality of the food they have prepared for eating in their restaurant or carry out. The Italian sub is especially exquisite and a delight when you are looking for a refreshing take on a classic sub. A definite place to check out. More...


Adam C.

3 October 2010

Amazing! After hearing all about this place from coworkers and my girlfriend  I finally decided to give it a try. I guess the name just never made me want to go there. While they do have LOTSA PASTA, they have a ton of other great food too. Everything from ravioli with about anything you can think of inside, breads of all kinds, cheeses I have never heard of but maybe dreamed of once or twice. You could spend several hours in this place looking at the hard to find food items you can't get at your local grocery. To top it all off they have a deli that serves possibly the best panini sandwich I have ever tasted. If you are looking for something new and a little different try it for lunch it will become a go to place for lunch. More...


Matthew S.

13 September 2010

been going here since i was a kid.THE place in Louisville to get great European foods. their tortellini  salad is RIDICULOUS!


Melissa M.

8 July 2010

Can I give this place 6 out of 5 stars I went for the first time the other day and it was just fabulous! I either recommend going with blinders on and a list for those on a budget (that would be me!) or if you have time to kill, just go and browse their amazing selection of imported and local cheeses and a fabulous array of mouth watering fresh pastas! They have so many unique and gourmet items that I hardly knew where to start! Their spice selection is also varied and fairly priced. I've tried the cheese Manicotti and Tortellini and both my husband and I just loved it! We love to cook good food and it makes such a difference in dishes when you have quality ingredients! note: it is a bit pricey for those on a budget, so I recommend getting an item or two once a week for a nice dinner unless you have a larger budget. More...



29 June 2010

I Love This Place!. Awesome sandwiches at the deli, fabulous Italian grocery, deli has all the olives and Italian salads needed to bring real Italian food home.



8 May 2010

Great source for Italian groceries. Lots of things you can't get anywhere else in Louisville. Great selection of salami, prosciutto, and cheeses. Also lots of nice pasta, both fresh and dried. They will fill cannoli shells while you wait with their homemade ricotta filling. More...


Sean C.

5 May 2010

Grocery has an impressive selection of Italian (and various other European) goods. Pasta, cheeses, meats, sodas, candies, bread, olive oil, etc etc. You name it, they got it. The deli counter is great as well - I just had a mozzarella, tomato & pesto panini that was outta sight. More...


Floyd K.

15 March 2010

Great place to shop for pasta, spices, bread and much more.


Lauren O.

16 January 2010

Wonderful soups, salads, and sandwiches, a good selection of cheeses, and a wide & delicious assortment of fresh pastas, raviolis, dips, and spreads make Lotsa Pasta the best deli around. They're pricey, and this definitely isn't the place you want to be if you're just stocking up on essentials - you'll pay much more than you would elsewhere. For hard-to-find, ethnic, and/or locally produced ingredients, though, Lotsa Pasta can't be beat. Make sure to check out the spice rack, the fresh ravioli, and the fresh mushrooms! More...


Burt B.

29 August 2009

This place is a great place if you really love pasta. If you live in the Crescent Hill area, and you've had a long day at work and don't really feel like cooking, stop and grab a bottle of wine on your way home and swing by Lotsa Pasta. They have some of the best pasta. It's all fresh, and while I don't work there, I do know some of the people who do, and they are a great group of people. Freshness is key to their goodness, and the fact that they make it on site, makes it great. So steer clear of getting anywhere else. It just won't be the same. If you have a family, pick up a great lasagna. It will be more than enough. Some really good flavor combinations I've found (I eat there a lot.): Prosciutto stuffed torttilini with Alfredo Sauce and fresh grated Parmessian Cheese.Speaking of Cheese...  Their cheese section is amazing!  Whatever you need, just ask.  Olives..  they've got em.  If you're looking for a party idea, pick up some olives, hard salami, and crackers, and you're all set. More...


Jordan Nichols

22 July 2009

Great place to find a huge variety of cheeses, olives, pastas, and anything else your can think of for cooking. The cafe portion of the place makes quick, but tasty dishes. Would go there for a lunch panini


Mike Bliss

4 January 2009

The best selection of pastas just about anywhere. This is a real gem in St. Matthews. Nice, but slightly tired sandwiches. Top notch fresh pastas (and what a selection). Mediocre sauces. More...


Doug R.

10 December 2008

The selection of pastas, cheeses, deli goods and ethnic groceries totally blew me away the first time I visited. We usually buy a few of the calzones and take them home to bake them and they have been absolutely incredible. Have been able to find all the strange ingredients for recipes in our cookbooks here that we couldn't find easily elsewhere in town. Store has an attached restaurant that serves deli sandwiches, etc., that while the food is great, i just wish it was ran a little better, but my opinion of the restaurant bears no relationship to the high opinion I have for this great store. Just get your sandwich and go eat it someplace else that is nice. Wrote a review for the restaurant on my blog at ourserendip.com/WPBlog/?… More...


Doug Rivers

1 October 2008

I am not sure that this really constitutes a restaurant review because the main reason Lynda and I go to Lotsa Pasta is not the restaurant, such as it is, but to buy fresh pasta and sauces to prepare at home from the international food store that makes up ...Read full post on ourserendip.com


Victoria T.

11 July 2008

Incredible variety of cheese, pasta, spices.  Everything a well stocked kitchen needs can be found in this small shop.The freshly baked breads are fabulous.


Jay R.

10 July 2008

If you want fresh take home pasta, you have to try this place.  The goat cheese  and spinach ravioli is awesome.  For a twist, try the butternut squash ravioli.



17 March 2008

A fabulous little deli and food shop in Louisville - one of the best places around for interesting cheeses and international foods.


Jesse W.

3 March 2008

This is a great little specialty grocery, and they make some absolutely killer sandwiches. If you are looking for a quick and awesome lunch, look no further.


Cecilia C.

23 December 2007

YUMMY!  Their bean soup is delicious.  Don't go in the middle of the day ie. lunch hour....it gets very crowded and there's not much space to move around because the place is full of amazing food items :-)


Dianna O.

3 May 2007

Go now. Buy a sandwich from the deli. My favorite is the fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil. While you're at it, pick up a quarter-pound container of pasta salad or some olives. Take it to Cherokee Park and eat it on the picnic blanket you have stashed in the trunk. You can always go back later to stock up on the groceries. (Frozen meatballs are terrific.) More...


Jeff W.

3 January 2007

Lotsa Pasta was once one of the only places in town where you could find quality and imported foods.  While the city now has many places to get these, Lotsa Pasta is still one of the premier groceries in town.  Has a first-rate deli offering both awesome deli meats and cheeses, pre-prepared items, a HUGE cheese selection, and delicious paninis made while you wait.  The frozen pastas are incredible.  Highly recommended, I've been going for years. More...


Jim G.

6 October 2006

A great specialty grocery focusing on Italian items (but which carries a wider range). Lotsa Pasta has a deli and a line of frozen foods as well.