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MITCHELL REED SUSSMAN, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in 1973 he graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He came to the west coast upon graduation from GW and in 1976 he graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law with Juris Doctorate


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Sussman Law

24 August 2018

The firm is a wealth of knowledge, top litigators at a reasonable price. I have had great results with my portfolio of properties. Could not ask for more.


Oasis Durst

24 August 2018

Is the smartest man I know, he will not tell you things that he can't do . Is straight up. Does not need your money, so not the issue. Getting the job done right is!!


Alen Kevorkian

24 August 2018

Truth be told if you want an expert, hire the best of the best. With over 30 years of experience in timeshare cancellation and a vast knowledge of the industry, Mitchell Sussman knows exactly what you need in order to get you out of a timeshare contract especially the shady ones. When we initially spoke to him, there was no doubt he knew what he was doing. After reviewing our contract, he explained the procedure and informed us what to expect. We were blown away with how he was easily able to go through the contract and help us cancel our timeshare. Prior to meeting with him we thought there was absolutely no way to get out of this horrible obligation we had been sucked into. Mitchell came to our rescue and knew all of the in’s and out’s. My wife and I are extremely grateful for him helping us. You are the undoubtedly the best in the business. More...


Leslie Benjamin

24 August 2018

Fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Mitchell Sussman is an expert in his field and a straight-shooter who gets the job done.


Lawyers.com User

23 December 2011

Mitchell has helped me navigate the water of the California real estate crisis. I have known him for 24 years and would recommend him to anyone with real estate issues.