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Watertown, Connecticut

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Watertown, Connecticut



Get Up, Get Moving & Achieve Your Fitness Goals Today! Group fitness, personal training, online coaching courses and so much more. All from one place! Lifeweight Fitness in Watertown CT

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Victoria Hurst

26 June 2019

Cardio kickboxing is a great way to start the day or any of the weight training classes so nice to have someone looking out for my fitness goals


Kristina Nicole Corrette

13 June 2019

Fabulous class tonight! My first class here but had heard great things! I run, work out with weights and take barre class and this class kicked my butt!! Great great workout and even though I was new, Tony, the instructor, was great at making sure I knew what to do!! Great people ...great class!! Highly recommend for a great workout!! More...


Christopher Chu

13 May 2019

This is the place to go if you don’t want to have any anxiety about other people judging you. If you just want to get in some great shape this is the place. They push you but not shame you.


Peggy Shove Columb

13 October 2018

Love our Mon Wed Fri 9:00 classes, always different and challenging!


Pixie Dust-Chu

16 August 2018

This place is awesome! I love going and always look forward to the next workout. Great instructors and workouts. Everyone should try it.


Change. Think of the position you are in right now. You didn't get there in one day, and you wont change that in one day either. We are here to show you your best lifestyle possible. Through our services, we will help build your confidence while giving you incredible results.

Hearing people say we have changed their lives. Hearing people say "I've tried everything", only to have them achieve killer results in just months, not years. That is the best part, helping people.