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Here at Lee & Lee we strive to build excellence and pride for our clients and our employees. We believe a world where work is done honestly and with care is a better world to live in.
We are experts in kitchen and bath remodeling, down to studs remodels, and full home makeovers.
We want to help you design the home that you will live in for years!

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Karl Amacher

20 November 2016

I love the new office


Levi Lais

25 May 2016

PPG! The best brokerage in the state of Oregon!


Lee & Lee was founded in 2015, but Aime and Ryan have been in their industries for many years.

Aime - "I love the design phase, and helping create a kitchen or bath that I know is going to meet my clients needs but also make them warm and fuzzy inside!"

Ryan - "I enjoy elegant and efficient structural changes that can make a big impact. Opening up a wall between rooms can make a huge difference, but it's incredibly important that your contractor be able to know whether the wall is load bearing or not. I am that guy!"

Ryan worked for years in the industrial construction industry, and his daughter Aime works as a real estate agent. Pooling their knowledge together to make a property development firm just made sense. While they love building new construction, they've found that remodeling gives them a way to help clients more directly.

Aime's skill as a Realtor to identify changes that add property value brings that extra level of expertise to every project. Ryan's accrued expertise in all things structural makes our capacity to do things like additions and larger projects a piece of cake.